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Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Well none of this ice has melted even though it’s a little warmer – let’s report in and get some breakfast shall we????’

Good Morning Students!    HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????

TEDDY:   Sammy do we REALLY have to wear these ridiculous Valentine’s Day hats School Administration gave us?   I mean it’s NOT Valentine’s Day yet…..the only GOOD thing is that that danged gnome that was hovering over me last Tuesday is on the desk now!    Thank heavens!”

SAMMY:   Oh Teddy it’s just a couple of days a year that we have to look like idiots – it’s the least we can do for School Administration.   Besides, I think the gnome is cute.

Hi everyone – now that we have THAT out of the way – welcome to class……………………next week will probably be DIFFICULT since Teaser Tuesday is VALENTINE’S DAY and heaven only knows what the school powers that be will have us doing but we’ll be here regardless.     Let’s get down to business – how about we review the rules and show you badges up for grabs today?

I’m sure our fabulous Graphics Department will have special Valentine’s Day badges for NEXT Tuesday/Wednesday so stay tuned.

Our FAB multi-talented, multi-tasking Graphics Department


So who’s ready to see this week’s Teaser photo?????


Do your best and tomorrow we’ll see who gets what !!!     In the meantime, how about a rousing cheer from our rousing Cheer Team?

Valentine’s Day is almost here!
We wonder if the Pub will have RED beer?
Anyway, today is Tuesday and it’s time to tease you
We hope today’s photo will really please you
Before we go we just want to say
Sunday the 12th is Professor Teddy’s GOTCHA DAY!
Six years ago he found his home
Got his job as a Professor – no more to roam!
Both of our Professors are super cool!
They do a great job at Teaser School!!!!

Thank you – thank you Cheer Team………………..!!    Now who’s up for lunch??????

OK then – let’s go!!   

The cafeteria is open!  Step right up!

Today’s FABULOUS Menu:

See you here tomorrow for TELL ALL CLASS!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy too

Teaser Tell All Class


Time for Teaser Tell All Class !


“Uhhh…..Professor Sammy what’s going on??   Who is this guy standing next to me?    Did the Valentine’s Day Fairy come in and decorate the classroom overnight or what? ”

“Well Teddy, the guy standing next to you is the Valentine’s Day Gnome and he will be visiting us throughout February to help celebrate Valentine’s Day….he won’t bother us – he’s just decorating the room…….as for these ridiculous bows around our necks – this was School Administration’s fault.   We can’t argue with THEM!”

“Let’s just get class started!”

“You won’t catch us dressed up in PINK!!”  

OK OK – anyway let’s talk Teaser Tell All and WHO did WHAT yesterday.     First up we have to say we had a BUMPER CROP of First Commenters yesterday – FIVE OF THEM!   Drumroll please????

Our Firsties Were:  Sharon, Frank, Katty and the Weims, Ingrid AND Carole!

And each of you get one of these:


I was one of FIVE – yes FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser of January 31, 2023!!!

AND – ONE OF YOU FIRST COMMENTERS WAS ALSO OUR FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!     Wanna know who?   Well hang in there and we’ll tell you.

Here’s the Teaser photo from yesterday – it turned out to be guessed VERY quickly so if Graphics Department thought they fooled everyone they were WRONG!!!!!

This is NOT the Colisseum in Rome……..this is a colisseum in Pulia, Istria, CROATIA!!!!

WHO guessed it correctly???????????????????   Drumroll please……………….


That means they get the DOUBLE WINNER badge!!!!!

I was a FIRST COMMENTER and I was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of January 31, 2023!!!!


Now if you also guessed correctly you get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of January 31, 2023 but I was NOT first!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG – you get one of these:

WHAT? I was WRONG? Well I tried to guess the Teaser of January 31, 2023 but I guess I missed the mark!

Congratulations all winners…………………….Cheer Team?    Time to cheer!

Congrats class we had lots of awards
That will keep you from getting bored
FIVE First Commenters stepped up to the plate
Early birds all – none were late.
Sharon, Katty, Ingrid, Carole and Frank
They won the gold and broke the bank
Then Katty stepped back up to the plate
FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and her performance was GREAT!
Way to go class now let’s go eat
Miss Dingleberry’s food is hard to beat!

OK Class you  may go to the cafeteria now – see you there!

We’re ready for you!


See you next week stuents!

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Class Door Is Open!


“Finished with our security rounds – let’s head to the cafeteria!!”

It’s that time again!   But more importantly HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??

That’s right – you don’t just walk in the door and have a seat – you need to comment or you won’t have a chance for one of our Graphics Department’s fabulous Teaser Badges.   Bu now I expect those badges are “no big deal” for most of you but we still have them available for you.

Our Teaser today is a BEAUTIFUL location – but WHERE IS IT???   HA!   That’s for us to know and you to find out.    And we’ll show you that photo in a few minutes – first we need to go over the rules AND show you the badges you might win.

“Eggbert, why are you sad?”

“Because I NEVER win anything!!”

“Well Eggbert if you didn’t go to the little boys’ room when you first get here – and commented instead – you might win a badge… week give it a try – comment when you get here then visit the potty!”

“It’s too smoky in there for me!”

“Well THAT won’t be happening again I can promise you that!!!”

OK everyone now that we have THAT little matter settled, let’s get on with the Teaser shall we?   This is a Graphics Department photo.    AND here it is!

“Here’s the Teaser photo for this week”

Where Was This Photo Taken?

Give it your  best shot everyone……………………..let’s bring on the Cheer Team to build up some enthusiasm and get your brains in gear!

Here we are at Teaser Tuesday class
We’re on deck to give you some sass
Hope your brains are in gear and ready to go
We’re about to find out how much you know
We’ll be back tomorrow to see how you’ve done
Now buckle down kids let’s have some fun!

Good luck students – we’ll see how you did tomorrow!   But for now – let’s go eat…..

We’re ready for you – great specials today!


Good Luck Students!  See you tomorrow!

The Profs!

Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Another frosty Tuesday gang….but the school property is secure so let’s head inside!”

Hello Students!   Here we are ready for Teaser – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

Always remember before you sit down to make sure and comment because you MIGHT get a badge if you do……… if you’re all ready – let’s get underway!

Today we have a Graphics Department Teaser photo for you.   It’s super interesting too.   At least WE think so and hopefully it’s a toughie for all of you as well.     Before we start let’s review the rules AND the badges you might win.

“We’re READY!”

This week’s badges:

“Rodney and Leroy you two better sit down and behave or you’re headed to the Principal’s Office!”

Now – where were we………oh yes…………let’s talk TEASER PHOTO!    Security – please bring in today’s challenge!

“Here’s today’s photo Professors!”

“Where was this photo taken??????”

We Professors think this could be a toughie……………..prove us wrong and be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

“WOW – all we can say is we bet there are plenty of mousies down there to chase!”

Well see if you can come up with WHERE this place is OK?   That’s the name of the game.    Cheer Team?   Please come get these students’ brains working will you????

It’s a little cold if you ask us
But we’re here to cheer – not raise a fuss!
This Teaser today looks like it was made for cats!
Lots of hidey holes and plenty of rats!
We have a feeling this Teaser will be awfully tough
So prepare yourselves to feel a little bit rough!
Tomorrow we’ll be back to give you the scoop
Now pull yourselves together and be a SMART group!

Hopefully your cheer has inspired the students……..we see a lot of confused expressions and we’re not sure if that’s GOOD or BAD!   Let’s see a little enthusiasm from you class!!!

That’s better!

Now who’s ready for lunch a meal in the cafeteria??????

Step right up!  Time to eat!

The Menu of the Day:

Good Luck Students!  See you tomorrow for TELL ALL!

Your Professors……………………

Teaser Tell All Time!


It’s Time To Tell All!

Hi students.    Pull up a desk and make yourselves comfortable.   It’s time for us to tell you all about yesterday’s Teaser results.    Before we let you know who figured the photo out first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTERS OK?      We had TWO!   DRUMROLL PLEASE???


Well I see a lot of happy students for our FIRSTIES………Each of you First Commenters get a badge!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of January 17, 2023!!

Now we’ll let you know who our Guest Teaser was……………………… was our good student Kristiina and she sent in this photo from her homeland country:


A rather majestic building and someone thought it looked a lot like some of the buildings in Washington, DC.    Well we can say that we agree with that – we live about an hour outside of DC and a lot of the buildings are big square buildings with columns.    Anyway, THANK YOU KRISTIINA for sending in this photo.     Kristiina we’ll give you your thank you badge before we announce the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………..!

My photo was used on the TEASER of January 17, 2023. I got this badge of thanks for trying to fool the students!


Now we can tell you who our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was……………………ready?


Since you were a double badge winner Frank, you get one of our DOUBLE WIN badges this week!

I was a DOUBLE WINNER on the Teaser of January 17, 2023 I was a FIRST COMMENTER and I also was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!! WHOOPEEEEEEE!

If you also guessed correctly but you were NOT first, then you get a badge too!

I was right with my guess on the Teaser of January 17, 2023 but I was NOT FIRST RIGHT! Darn!

If you guessed but were WRONG -then you get one of these:

Well heck…..I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser photo of January17, 2023. Guess I’d better study harder next week!

“I thought my Superpup costume would give me an edge!”

Cheer Team?   Please do some cheering up – I see a lot of sad faces in class from the students who didn’t have a clue!

Howdy class here we are
Coming to you from our favorite bar!
A little brewski and hot dates with some guys
We took advantage of the sunny skies!
Two of you were FIRST COMMENTERS how about that?!
Sharon and Frank both got winners hats!
Then what do you know Frank came right on back
He was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER at the head of the pack.
Sorry we missed the celebration
But we never like missing free “libation” !!

Enjoy your hot dates ladies and we’ll see you next Tuesday BEFORE the bar opens!

READY TO EAT??????????????


We’re Ready To Serve!!

The Menu:


Your Professors and Staff