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Teaser Tell All Time


Welcome back for the Tell All students………..!

I’m pleased to report that our Guest Teaser fooled EVERYBODY with the Teaser photo yesterday.     It was a very tough one indeed because not a hint was to be found in the photo (although the guest had erased any hints there were!) but still – nobody got it correct.

“Of course we didn’t get it – not even a TEEEEEENY WEEEEEENY clue!”

So that made it more fun – you got to test your eyesight out!

Let’s start with FIRST COMMENTER shall we?    AND when I say “FIRST COMMENTER” (singular) I mean it because at 7:55AM yesterday (EST) there was one and only one commenter in the first minute of class………………WHO?????????????????????

“WHOOOOOO indeed!”


The One and Only First Right Guesser was………


Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Here is your badge Miss Sharon and you aren’t sharing it with ANYBODY ELSE………………….quite a feat indeed…………………….

Woo Hoo! I was the ONE AND ONLY First Right Guesser on the Teaser post of October 19, 2021 !

“I need my beauty sleep……so I wasn’t there early!”

Now let’s talk about the Teaser photo.    First of all our GUEST TEASER was our very own student MISS INGRID and she submitted a REAL Teaser of a Teaser that really could have been just about anywhere so a TRUE TOUGH TEASER.    Here it is one more time AND under it is the UNRETOUCHED photo of this place which does have a clue or two of sorts in it.

Even knowing there’s a Microsoft facility there probably wouldn’t have lead anyone to the location of this photo as I guess Microsoft is EVERYWHERE (!) but there’s also at the bottom of the photo a black post with an “M” on it which stands for “METRO” which is the transportation system around the metropolitan Washington, DC area…….even that wouldn’t lead most to guess the location – this photo was snapped from a hotel room in CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND.


I sent in a real whopper of a photo for Teaser Tuesday on October 19, 2021 and NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT! YAY FOR ME!

All of you who tried and didn’t guess right – you know what you get !

I guessed wrong OR didn’t even know what to guess on the Teaser post of October 19, 2021….at least I get a cute badge!

Cheer Team?  I think we need some cheering up around the classroom…………………..everybody except Miss Ingrid that is!!

Holy cow I can’t believe!
Is it true or do our eyes deceive?
NOBODY GUESSED the Teaser right?
Miss Ingrid’s photo was out of sight!
But we did have one winner yesterday who was QUITE the flirt
Miss Sharon was FIRST COMMENTER because she was alert!
Next week we have our Halloween classes
You all better make sure and wear your glasses!!!

Don’t forget now – anyone wanting to be in the contest next week get those photos in…………………………..we will have a voting poll with every entry and you must choose your ONE FAVORITE out of all the photos – that will happen next Tuesday……….then Wednesday we’ll let you know who the winner is with the most votes!

Now who’s up for breakfast or lunch????????????????????   Let’s see what’s on the menu!

Hello Students… about something to eat?   Enjoy!

Today’s MENU:


Your PROFESSORS – Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Class Is BAAACK!


“Well Security Team – it’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween around school – but all is well – let’s report in!!”

“Good Morning Students!   TIME TO COMMENT!”

It’s good to be back.   Nice break – and breaks are good – but routine is comfortable.     We’ve started decorating the classroom for Halloween.    Remember we’re having a Halloween Costume Contest and the deadline for entering is coming up!

Here are the entries we have received – if you sent one and your name isn’t on this list – well – I guess we didn’t get it!!!    Please send by October 22.

Already entered:

June, The Weim Brothers, Penny, Bunty, Garfield, Benjamin & Dalton


Hope you decide to join in the fun.    NOW – speaking of fun – let’s get class started shall we?     First off we have a GUEST TEASER for you today.     We think it’s a toughie – you may not agree with us but it’s definitely got possibilities in the TOUGHIE department.    Here are the rules AND the badges you can win.   We’ll have SPECIAL badges for next week’s class.

“Glad to hear we’ll have a chance to win some cool ‘Ween badges next week!”

Here’s the Teaser!!!!

WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN?????????????????


Good luck………………we’ll see how you all did tomorrow!

“Well if you ask me – that’s not a tough Teaser….it’s an IMPOSSIBLE Teaser!”  

We’ll see tomorrow how impossible it is I guess…………….meanwhile, I hope your plans for a costume for next week’s class include a “NICE BABY MASK” because you certainly look like a holy terror without one!    HAHAHAHA

Cheer Team?    Want to take a crack at cheering these grumpies up for us???

Halloween is coming soon
You can dress up like a pig, the President or a baboon
Our contest will be fun and crazy
So get a costume – don’t be lazy!
There’s a prize for the winner from Amazon
So the contest is coming and the pressure is ON!!!

Thanks ladies – I think.     Now let’s head on over to the cafeteria for some chow…..well…..not really CHOW but breakfast or lunch – sounds better doesn’t it??

GREETINGS STUDENTS!   I’m trying out costumes for TeaserWeen this year.  This might be the winner.   Now please enjoy your lunch or breakfast!


OK Everyone – we’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!   GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors

No School Today!


NO SCHOOL TODAY!   We’ll be back October 19 so keep on studying (and you can sleep in late too!!).


Don’t forget to send in your photos for our HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST……………….we have two entries already.   Hope to see one from YOU!    

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Class


Hello-ween Students!    Time for us to TELL ALL………………….

Yesterday the Graphics Department thought they were being smarty pants and posted a photo that SHE figured might be a challenge.    In less than five minutes it was guessed.  So much for challenges!!!

“Tee Hee……you called the Graphics Department SMARTY PANTS……hahaha!”

So glad you thought that was funny……………..will you feel this happy when I tell you that NONE OF YOU GIGGLERS WERE Right Guessers NOR were you FIRST COMMENTERS????

Now let’s carry on.



Timmy, Sharon, Ingrid and Cecilia!

Woo Hoo for you hoo…….and here’s your badge:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser photo of October 5, 2021!!

AND…..very shortly after class began, we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and it was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS so this lucky student gets the DOUBLE WIN BADGE this week!



YAY for you Timmy…..and here’s your badge for being a DOUBLE!

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of October 5, 2021! I was the FIRST COMMENTER AND the First Right Guesser…..lucky me! AND Leo is handing me a glass of champagne!

We’ll give you the scoop on the Teaser photo in a minute but first let’s award badges to all of you who were RIGHT but didn’t guess FIRST on the Teaser:

I was RIGHT with my guess but I was NOT the First Right Guesser on October 5, 2021…….there’s always next week!

AND if you guessed but were TOTALLY WRONG – well – you still get a badge!

I guessed on the Teaser photo but I was WRONG with my guess on October 5, 2021.

NOW!  I bet you want to know about the Teaser Photo??


The Minister’s Tree House, Crossville, Tennessee

Created by order of God himself (or at least that’s what the believing constructor claims), the Minister’s Tree House is world’s largest tree house. Minister Horace Burgess had a vision in which God told him if he builds a tree house; he’ll never run out of material. He didn’t. Indeed, there was always enough of wood to keep on building, until finally, a gigantic structure stood in the middle of the forest. It did only cost $12000 but has over 3000 square meters. There’s a church bell inside, large halls and many rooms. After being open to visitors for years, the house was closed in 2012, because it violated the fire code and was considered dangerous by the local fire department.

“Well – all that stuff is swell but I wanna know about the Halloween contest again!!”

You can send in your photos any time you want to between NOW and October 22.

WHO is ready for breakfast or lunch in the cafeteria (besides us!)??

Students – breakfast and lunch are now served!

Today’s Choices:




Teaser Tuesday Class Time


“Fall is definitely falling…..there’s a chill in the air…..let’s go get some breakfast and report in!!”

Happy Tuesday Students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

Never forget – first thing through the front door to school you need to comment THEN have a seat.   You may be a FIRST COMMENTER!    You have to comment in the FIRST SIXTY SECONDS to get a badge.

We have lots to do today – we have our regular Teaser of course BUT we also have our first information poster to show you about our Halloween Costume Contest for this year.   So let’s get to it shall we??

Here are the rules for Teaser AND the badges you might win if you are lucky!!

“Oh boy!   I didn’t enter last year but I think I might this year!!”

Today’s Teaser photo is provided to us courtesy of our Graphics Department – now you probably have noticed how EASY the last few Graphics Department Teaser photos have been and I’m thinking this one will be no exception!    Ready?

“Yeah…we’re ready….ready for a bottle!!”

Where Was This Photo Taken?????

Now, let’s get the Cheer Team to do their thing before we talk about Halloween shall we???????????????   Ladies???

The Halloween contest is coming soon
You can dress like a ghost, a bum or baboon
This year we get to help judge
Briberies are accepted but it won’t make us BUDGE!
We’ll vote for the best so make it good
So you can show off your PRIZE in your neighborhood!!

Here’s what you all need to know about the contest – please pay attention to deadlines and rules – we won’t accept any late entries!!

“Thanks for serenading us with your excitement Freddy but it’s time for lunch!!”

Hello Students!  Time to have a nice breakfast or lunch to get your little gray cells working on the TEASER photo for today!    Good luck guessing the Teaser AND with the costume contest too!

The Menu:

Good Luck Students!  See you at regular class time tomorrow!   

Your Professors