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Memorial Day Activity


So yesterday was another hot and sunny day….lots of holiday activities going on around our neighborhood.  There was a big soccer game over at the elementary school, there were cookouts all over the place (ahhhh the smell of charcoal wafting through the air), and the little neighbor boys next door enjoyed their kiddie pool by having a contest to see who could splash the most water OUT of it when they jumped into it! 

I’m not sure how many of you have seen this photo I posted on my blog last year of my Cousin Toby (who lives in West Virginia with my Aunt Carol) in his back yard pool.  Toby loves the pool AND the water hose equally well:

Cousin Toby is a Shih Tzu and he loves playing in the water!

I think he thinks it’s a great big water dish. 

A small herd of deer came out of the woods this afternoon and ate some stuff from Mom’s garden – or – as she calls it – the “All You Can Eat Salad Bar”………

Deer helping themselves to sunflower seeds in the birdfeeders

So it really was an eventful day………..I didn’t do much except go out on the front porch with Mom a couple of times until I got too hot…..and watched her put some more Memorial Day patriotic decorations up – a big red/white & blue bow on our porch railing where the shiny banner is AND a red/white & blue windsock hanging from a tree branch in the front yard.  Turned out the deer who were munching in the backyard walked around to the FRONT yard after they ate and stopped in their tracks when they saw the windsock blowing around with its’ long streamers!  They had no idea what it was……their eyesight isn’t all that great……they stared for a minute then turned around and ran back into the backyard and disappeared in the woods!   Silly deer!

I told Mom she should hang some windsocks around her gardens so maybe the deer would go to someone else’s “All You Can Eat Salad Bar” for their meals from now on……..I’m so full of GREAT ideas aren’t I ?Happy Monday Peeps!Sammy


Love A Rainy Day

What a view!

Rain, rain.....no outside walks today! Indoor observations only.....

There will be no outside walks today – we have a nice rainy day ahead.  No complaints here.  You know what I’ll be doing all day – yep, visiting all my fave nap spots (other than Mom’s lap because she’s going to the dentist this morning). 

I thought about that little fox I saw yesterday morning and wondered if he was all snuggled in somewhere in the woods with his Mom this morning.  I hope so.  Some of you worried he might have been lost or on his own somehow but let’s hope he was just on an early morning outing with Mom close by.  The woods in our backyard begins pretty close to the house and Mom could have been right there near the firewood pile where the baby was and we wouldn’t have seen her.  Yep – let’s ASSUME that OK? 

I guess it’s not easy for animals out there who don’t have humans taking care of them…..although my Mom does her part with our three bird feeders; which are deer/bear/squirrel/groundhog feeders too… 🙂 🙂   But there are sooooo many deer this year and almost every time Mom drives anywhere around here she sees them in open fields or in people’s front yards or – sadly – on the side of the road having met with someone’s front bumper.  There are a lot of deer right around here because two houses down from ours is a small pond (which they call a lake).  So the deer have shelter in the woods and water and all the greenery to eat along with a nice mix of sunflower seeds courtesy of the birds!

Anyway, I guess my mind is wandering a bit this morning – here I sit looking out my window in my nice warm and cozy house and there are a LOT of animals out there looking for a shelter from the rain and wondering where their next meal is coming from.  All I have to do is hop down and wander over to my food station and eat! 

I’m lucky……………and spoiled…………as you well know!



Sam’s Friday Update…..

Funny Face Sam
How’s THIS for a “face” ???!!! haha

Happy Friday fans…here I am making my funny camera face.  Trying to cheer Mom up.  She’s not feeling too swell this morning.  Something’s “going around” I think.  I know she’s had to use her litter box more than usual the last day or two – – – or something like that!!  Anyway, I’m taking good care of her.  She isn’t helping me with my blog this morning so hopefully I don’t make too many mistakes.

She’s also a little upset about her garden.  I know she tells you all that she doesn’t mind when the deer eat her flowers but she woke up this morning and looked out to see about eight doe and their babies munching like crazy through all of Mom’s impatiens!  I heard Mom say “oh darn” – or maybe it was some other word starting with a “D” – not sure about that – but I think she’d been happy that the deer had been just eating sunflower seeds and leaving her flowers alone.  They are all “mowed down” now…………….
Know what else is happening in our yard?  The oak trees are dropping their acorns already.  It’s early for that to be happening.  I got conked on the head a few times yesterday in the backyard by acorns falling.  At first I thought the squirrels were throwing them at me from up in the trees but nope – they’re just falling on their own.  I’ll have to start wearing a HAT out there I guess!
I think I’ll go check my food dish.  Hopefully Mom has put some breakfast down for me.  Hey – a guy’s gotta keep his strength up right?
Happy Friday Folks
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Deer Like Sunflower Seeds!

Deer helping themselves to sunflower seeds in the birdfeeders

Mom tried to get this photo before the deer heard her but it didn't work so well.....there was a Mom and her two little spotted babies eating sunflower seeds!

So this was our morning excitement….a Mommy and her two little babies helping themselves to our squirrel proof birdfeeders (which the squirrels figured out ages ago!!).  Sunflower seeds seem to be the favorite food of ALL our creatures (except me of course). 

We haven’t had any rain here in a looooooooong time, and things are drying up including all the greenery in the woods so the deer are up in the yard helping themselves to EVERYTHING.  Mom calls her flower gardens “the all you can eat salad bar” because they LOVE the impatiens so much.  At this point Mom says “let them eat whatever they want” – after all, without any rain, everything looks pretty pitiful anyway! 

Except me of course……..I never look pitiful – unless I’m trying to get an extra helping of treats.  Then I can look downright heartbreaking.  Heh heh…..we cats are masters of communication when we WANT to be – including a wide variety of facial expressions to accompany our other forms of expression – like ankle biting, howling and yowling, chirping, and of course the old standby – hissing. 

I have a feeling there will be a lot more deer wandering the yard today so I’ll keep an eye out from my vantage point on top of the couch at the big window into the backyard.  Maybe I can even get Mom to take a DECENT photo of them to share with you.  It’s tough to capture them on film because they are on the alert and Mom can’t sneak out to the deck without a bit of noise when she opens the door.   I hope we get some rain soon – it might give the deer more green stuff to eat instead of just seeds.  I worry about those little babies!!! 

I’m just a softie……..of course I’m the most important bit of wild life around here but I DO worry about the wandering cats, the deer, and all other creatures…….makes me realize how great it is to be ONE SPOILED CAT.

Happy Sunday……………..Sammy