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Many Thanks (and I DO mean many!)


I am such a lucky cat.  I have made so many truly great friends since I began blogging.   My Mom and I want to pass on some majorly huge hugs to two of our mostest favorite people for many reasons, so here goes!

First of all, we should have thanked Miss Caren of CAT CHAT a few days ago when she very kindly did an incredible book review for Mom’s new kids short story fable book called “Rainbow Forest Fables”.   It was an amazing review and Mom’s just tickled pink (imagine how funny she looks!!).  Here’s the review she wrote if you’d like to read it:

Secondly, we must thank our sweet friend Miss Dianna of These Days of Mine  for giving One Spoiled Cat blog (that’s ME!!!!) THREE new blog awards!  That’s right – THREE new ones!   They are:

Genuine Blogger Award

"Genuine" is a VERY nice thing to be!

The Genuine Blogger Award is way cool isn’t it?  It doesn’t have any “stipulations” to fulfill for acceptance so we’ll just post it in my BLING section!

Miss Dianna also awarded us the HUG Award!

Hug Award

What a NICE award - everybody needs a HUG (and hope!)

I love hugs and I think we should ALL have hope so this is a special award too.  All I have to do to accept this one is pass it on to at least one other blogger…..that will be easy (I’m passing it on to three other bloggers though):

Pedro the Cat – this is one of my best buddies.  Pedro the cowcat and I seem to be on the same wavelength (scary thought huh?).  He’s ever so much fun to follow and always up to something (like me). 

Cat Chat – Miss Caren and her cat Cody are special peeps!   They always have great tips, swell book reviews, funny stories and photos of the ever handsome Cody (!) and Miss Caren is involved in all sorts of great causes on behalf of animals. 

Cat From Hell – Nellie and Kozmo have become my friends recently and it’s Kozmo who is my “partner in crime prevention” with the Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Nellie is the Queen of the site though – and I’m sure is in fact Queen of her entire household!   They have lots of friends and I’m glad to be one of the “newer” ones!

And my third award is The Sunshine Award….and we cats love our sunshine puddles don’t we?!

Sunshine Blog Award

I love sunshine and I love this pretty award!

The Sunshine Award requires that I answer some questions so here we go!

Favorite Color:   Red!  (Mom’s fave is purple)

Favorite Animal:  Cats of course (Mom says “ditto”)

Favorite Number:  ONE because there’s just ONE cat in this household (Mom agrees)

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage:  Water (Mom likes milk best if you can believe it!!)

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  I don’t have a PAGE on Facebook but Mom’s there – however she doesn’t “tweet” !!

My Passion:  NAPS!  (Mom’s are writing and painting and ME)

Prefer getting or giving presents? Getting of course!  (Mom likes to GIVE best though)

Favorite pattern:  Tiger stripes  (Mom likes quilting patterns)

Favorite day of the week:  Any day my Mom’s home (Mom says her favorite is Wednesday which is grocery shopping day!)

Favorite flower:  Mom and I both like roses bestest!

Wow…..this is a blog blog huh?  Sorry about that but I’m just so excited about my new awards AND we wanted to properly thank Miss Caren for the super fabulous book review for Mom’s book.  Mom was at a big book fair in Lumberton, NC last weekend and sold a lot of copies of “Rainbow Forest Fables” so it was nice to have such a super review of the book so she could “brag” at the event.  Tee Hee

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I’m due for a nap.  It’s exhausting posting all this stuff.

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

I'm dreaming about awards....LOTS of them!

Until tomorrow gang! 

Sammy, One Happy Blogger…………….

Sam’s Grandpa

Old Family Photo

Our "military family" many years ago

Sam very graciously allowed me to “borrow” his blog today in honor of Veteran’s Day.  He never knew my Dad – Dad passed away in 1992 after a lifetime of serving in the Air Force.  This old photo is one of my family together at a park in Germany when my Dad was stationed in Weisbaden in the 1950s.  That’s my sister Carol on the left, my younger brother Mike and I are perched atop an obviously elderly (or tired!) donkey and of course my parents standing behind us.   Our family moved frequently during my Dad’s long career.  This was his first European assignment and I have a lot of memories of attending kindergarten, our backyard with its’ fruit trees, and the BIG German Shepherd that lived behind our house who scared my little brother to pieces every time we TRIED to play in our sandbox out back! 

But the main reason I chose this photo today is because my Dad looks so handsome and proud in this photo.  He always looked so grand in his uniform.  Always.  He loved every minute of his military service too.  He loved it so much in fact that when he retired from the Air Force, he almost immediately went back to work in the same office in the Pentagon as a civilian!  He was in “Personnel” (called Human Resources these days) and really enjoyed helping manage soldiers with their careers. 

Because I spent many years in a military family I of course met a lot of folks in various branches of the service.  I can’t say that I ever, ever met anyone who wasn’t proud to be serving their country.   Every time I visit my Dad’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery, I walk past lines of memorials to those who spent time serving and protecting the rest of us.

My Dad’s now serving and protecting his own little piece of heaven now, but for the time he was here – with me – I certainly always felt safe and very proud to be his daughter.  Today I want to thank every single person who has ever served their country in any way – military or civilian – for it’s YOU who have made our country what it is today.  Bless you.

Pam and Sam


Me And Mom

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Betcha can't walk by me here on your bed without giving me a belly rub Mom!!

I have more news!  Yesterday I added that page on my blog for Mom….if you visit the blog home page you’ll see the link on top called “Mom’s Stuff”.  I was thinking about putting a bunch of her artwork on there BUT settled on one oil painting and one photo with a link to her website so you can if you wanna see ALLLLLLLLLL of her stuff.  Am I proud of my Mom?  Yeah….of course I am!

My Mom and I have a really close relationship.  Not that I don’t love my Dad ‘cuz I do – but I follow my Mom around everywhere she goes and talk to her all the time – she “gets” me more than Dad does; maybe because I’m the first cat he’s ever been around.  Mom’s an old hand at understanding feline stuff.  I have to admit that Dad’s come a long way since I came to live with them almost twelve years ago though – – – I didn’t think I’d be able to train him but after a lot of work I have to say he’s come along rather nicely!

Still, there’s nothing quite like my Mom’s lap for a nap…..and she’s the one who mostly keeps my litterbox nice and neat (I have a “thing” about that you know!).  She and I used to have our special time in the early morning while it was still dark.  She took me out on my leash and we’d walk all around the yard together ….. sometimes I would come over to her and put my paws up on her leg and ask her to pick me up and carry me – just so I could snuggle with her.  We’d watch the big airplanes flying overhead with all the flashing lights – and Mom would watch for shooting stars!  We don’t do those “in the dark” walks anymore though……now that we have our “visiting cat” Stevie, she stops by in the early mornings for her daily handout and I don’t like to be out there with her around – I’m working on being better about sharing my Mom but I’m still not very good at it!!!!! 

Anyway, I’m a very lucky guy to have great parents……but I am really attached to good old Mom. 

Happy Friday Peeps!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Mama’s Boy

Deer Like Sunflower Seeds!

Deer helping themselves to sunflower seeds in the birdfeeders

Mom tried to get this photo before the deer heard her but it didn't work so well.....there was a Mom and her two little spotted babies eating sunflower seeds!

So this was our morning excitement….a Mommy and her two little babies helping themselves to our squirrel proof birdfeeders (which the squirrels figured out ages ago!!).  Sunflower seeds seem to be the favorite food of ALL our creatures (except me of course). 

We haven’t had any rain here in a looooooooong time, and things are drying up including all the greenery in the woods so the deer are up in the yard helping themselves to EVERYTHING.  Mom calls her flower gardens “the all you can eat salad bar” because they LOVE the impatiens so much.  At this point Mom says “let them eat whatever they want” – after all, without any rain, everything looks pretty pitiful anyway! 

Except me of course……..I never look pitiful – unless I’m trying to get an extra helping of treats.  Then I can look downright heartbreaking.  Heh heh…..we cats are masters of communication when we WANT to be – including a wide variety of facial expressions to accompany our other forms of expression – like ankle biting, howling and yowling, chirping, and of course the old standby – hissing. 

I have a feeling there will be a lot more deer wandering the yard today so I’ll keep an eye out from my vantage point on top of the couch at the big window into the backyard.  Maybe I can even get Mom to take a DECENT photo of them to share with you.  It’s tough to capture them on film because they are on the alert and Mom can’t sneak out to the deck without a bit of noise when she opens the door.   I hope we get some rain soon – it might give the deer more green stuff to eat instead of just seeds.  I worry about those little babies!!! 

I’m just a softie……..of course I’m the most important bit of wild life around here but I DO worry about the wandering cats, the deer, and all other creatures…….makes me realize how great it is to be ONE SPOILED CAT.

Happy Sunday……………..Sammy

Sam’s Morning Cruise


Good Morning Gang! Hey, I’m feeling pretty darned chipper this morning. Mom and I had a nice cruise around the yard in the semi-darkness and cool morning air. I of course had my harness and leash on (my Mom says “let’s put on your sweater!” when she puts my harness on….HAHA)…….and we had just been outside for around five minutes when I spotted a VERY unusual looking cat in our yard!  Wasn’t one of the frequent visitors like my semi-girlfriend “Stevie” or that nasty gray and white cat from next door….this was someone new.  I was most curious to get closer but Mom said NO WAY.  Why?  Because she said the unusual black creature with the white stripe down its back was NOT a cat.  It was something called a skunk.  Not sure what a skunk is but Mom says we don’t mess with them and we stay AWAAAAAAAY from them!  The skunk thing saw us too and we all stopped where we were and stared at each other for a bit – then the skunk thing ran off. 

Mom says seeing the skunk around her gardens might just be the answer to who has been munching on her flowers!  We know it’s not the deer because she sprays some stuff on the flowers that has kept the deer away…….but Mom says nobody makes a skunk spray (in fact, she said skunks do their OWN kind of spraying!!). 

Anyway, that was this morning’s excitement…..after that, I guess the rest of the day will be boring……then again, that just means more NAP TIME!  Nothing wrong with that!

Where'd that funny looking black and white cat go????

Where'd that funny looking black and white cat go????

See you guys tomorrow morning!  Same time – same place!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (wondering where that skunk thing is)