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Well Everybody – yesterday was quite a whirlwind with me heading off to Downton Tabby in my “Earl of Kimmell” outfit (thanks for all the compliments) – I had a lovely time – met “Liz” (or Queen Elizabeth to those who don’t know her as well as I do)……and Gracie looked lovely as she was our hostess for the day.  Now it’s back down to earth.   It’s just GOOD OLD ME today – minus the “Earl” thing.




It is Monster Day but that’s ok…….I think the house could use a little “monstering” since I’ve managed to leave toys here and there, my tissue needs changing because I’ve been tearing it up on the floor this week, and there’s a fair amount of cat fur in various locations.  So I’ve given Mom the GO AHEAD on the monster out of the closet thing.  I’ll just hide in the basement.  That works for me.

We were going through old photos yesterday (me and Mom) and I saw this one again and thought it might be fun to show it here on my bloggy.  I hadn’t been living here with my parents very long – and I think this was the first time Mom put me up on the footstool in the living room – I was impressed with how BIG I felt WAY up there on the footstool.  Everything looks mighty big to us when we’re little doesn’t it?   HAHAHAHA  I’ve come a LONG way since these days…….I was probably about 8 weeks old – the shelter didn’t know for sure how old I was when I was brought in.  All I know is I’m glad they DID bring me into the shelter and I’m glad my parents showed up shortly thereafter and couldn’t resist my poor pitiful “kitty eyes” !!!!!   We know how to snag a home don’t we gang??????

I know I'm only about 18 inches off the floor but wow - what a view from up here!

I know I’m only about 18 inches off the floor but wow – what a view from up here!


I hope you all have a FAB Friday……….!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Make Believe….


Happy Monday Morning!

This morning I’m having a little fun with some of my Mom’s paintings that I look at every single day hanging on the walls of her studio (where my duplex is!).  I look at the painting and decide WHERE I would want to be if I was “there”………

For instance, if I was “in” this picture, I’d want to be up in the tippity top of that red lighthouse – spying out a little window and watching the seagulls swoop around on the beach!

If I was in THIS picture, I’d want to be up in the woods at the edge of the big rocks – watching the waves (and again probably keeping one eye on the seagulls just in case one landed right in front of my nose!!)….

This one is super easy…..I’d be lying on this great front porch….maybe even sitting in that rocker…..just hanging out – maybe even napping!

This one is a little tougher – it’s an old covered bridge – but I think it would be neat if up in the rafters of the bridge was a spy spot I could have climbed up to; maybe even some convenient birds nests up there too so I’d have plenty of “entertainment” !

I think if I was in this one I might be peeking out one of the windows in that great big white house……watching the sailboats sail by:

And in this one, if I was here, I’d……………….wait a minute!…………hey hey……….with THIS picture, I don’t have to “imagine” – this is NOT one of my Mom’s paintings, this is a photo of my house and I live here NOW and chances are I’m on the front porch – lovin’ life and wishing my Mom would quit snapping photos and come sit with me up here on the hill!

If you could pick one of the paintings above to be “in” – which one would it be and where would you be if you were there?????

Happy Make Believe Monday………….and don’t forget tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday………..!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

The Calm AFTER The Storm….


Happy Saturday!  Well, we’ve been having something we really needed – RAIN – but when I was wishing for some rain, I wasn’t really being specific enough I don’t think…….I should have SPECIFICALLY wished for quiet rain.  Not noisy, stormy, wind blowing, lightning every two seconds, thunder continuously rumbling rain.  So it’s my fault………

It’s my fault that I spent the entire day Friday sleeping.  Not that I minded doing that you know – after all, you’re talking to The King Of Naps here – but because I was awake most of Thursday night – I slept most of Friday.  A guy’s gotta get his beauty sleep.  It’s not easy maintaining my lustrous coat with it’s red and white stripeyness!  It takes REST!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


So you’ll forgive me I’m sure if you get a fairly short blog from yours truly this fine Saturday morning right?  We had MORE storms during the night and in fact it’s raining right now but at least it’s quiet…..that means I’ll be doing the same thing I did yesterday for most of today.

Hey – a guy can’t get too many catnaps……………am I right???????

Kitty hugs, Sleepy Sam 😀

Sleep-In SAMday


Since yesterday my parents deserted me all morning were gone all morning to the Street Fair in town, today they promised to stay home and have a nice lazy day. 

That means naps for ME, playing with ME, pampering ME, taking ME outside, giving ME treats…..it’s SAMday – not Sunday. 

There will be:

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)


And some couch-potato-ing:

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch



And last but not least, I’ll be visiting the “Grandma Chair” in the guest room for a little of this:

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


So – you get the picture yes?  While I’m doing this, my parents will be reading the SAMday paper, having SAMday breakfast together on the back deck, and reading.May you all have a similar kind of day…..of course since I won’t be there with you it can’t be a SAMday for you like it is here, but I’m sure you’ll have almost as much fun as if I was spending the day with you (tee hee).

Kitty Hugs

SAMday Sam

A Visit To A Favorite Spot


As much as I like naps on rainy days……yesterday was FAR from rainy and I had very few naps!  It was a really pretty day – more like a summer day really because the sun was shining and it was HOT and HUMID. 

Mom mowed the lawn and I supervised.  Then outside we went.  We walked down into the woods a little ways – many years ago when I first came to live here, Mom had a path lined with wood that led down to the little creek.  There was a GREAT BIG tree down there that had fallen years before.  Mom would put me up on the tree and I liked to walk all the way down it then back to where Mom was sitting on the tree.  We did that almost every morning……….today she carried me down there to see “our” tree and it was all covered with poison ivy!  It sure didn’t look as BIG now as it did back when I was little!  So, we came back up the trail and sat on the swing Mom and Dad put along the trail so they could sit in the shade at the edge of the woods on a hot day.  That was fun……..I sat at one end and Mom at the other and we stayed for a looooooooong time. 

Can you see the bench in the woods just down the trail a little bit?  It’s hard to see it but it’s there on the right side of the trail.  Anyway it was nice and cool there. 

Before I knew it, I was feeling drowsy……Mom noticed and since it was also getting very “buggy”, she picked me up and brought me inside and I completed my first BIG nap of the day in a sun puddle on the stairs!

Ahh....this spot will be sunny for AT LEAST another hour!

So as you can plainly tell, I enjoyed my day yesterday and today is supposed to be just as nice.  So nice I think Daddy’s going flying this morning……..so if you’ll excuse me, I’d better go help Mom pack a lunch for him to take to the airport.   Maybe I can mooch a piece of cheese or even better, a little taste of salami while she’s making his sandwich!

Tee Hee…………happy Thursday peeps!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy