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Caturday (and yes it’s raining!)





I’m ready – the minute it stops raining and the sun comes out I’m outta here and heading to the end of the rainbow cuz there’s a pot of gold there you know…..yep – sure is.  When I get all that gold I’m gonna buy a GREAT BIG ISLAND where all of my blogging buddies can come for a free vacation any time they wanna………we’ll have all kinds of things to do, food to eat, games to play, EVERYTHING!  Not only that but I’d empty out ALLLLL the shelters in the world and bring all of the homeless animals to my island where they can call it HOME forever!     Daydreaming?  YES of course I am but it sounds nice doesn’t it?   FIRST THINGS FIRST THOUGH – time we had less rain and more sun.  So they say Monday we may have that.   If we don’t, I may go NUTS…….WACKY…….CRAZY…….like THIS!!!!


MEANWHILE,  it’s CATURDAY and we all know what that means!!!


My fabulous sign that My Three Moggies sent to my Mom for her birthday which was SPECIALLY made by Mollie and her Mom from their shop!   You too can have a fab sign with WHATEVER you want to say on it – just visit Mollie’s Boutique and SHOP SHOP SHOP!!   She even has some NEW stuff in the shop – like human Christmas scarves so you can give your human something special for the holiday.

So after I have my breakfast, Mom has promised me we’ll tiptoe to the Cat Scouts site and see if we can work on more merit badges.  Most of my pals have MORE than I do……not that it’s a competition or anything of course BUT I don’t want to be left in the dust when it comes to badges now do I ??

What are YOU doing this fine Saturday?  Anything exciting or are you planning on keeping your human’s lap warm all day???



PEE ESS – – – we’ve changed our blog theme for the month of October – – – getting in the mood for SAM-O-WEEN !!!

Wet Friday


Gosh we certainly had a WET Thursday and it looks like a WET Friday – just what we needed really since we were SOOO hoping that we’d have a pretty Fall before all the leaves just curl up and die on the trees!  Woo Hoo!   Plus since it was rainy all day yesterday I had LOTS of warm lap time with Mom (which you know I love)…………

Sam Closeup Lap

Gosh Mom – won’t you miss this next week when you’re gone????

Today I’m hoping to get my Mom motivated enough to help me with some more Cat Scouts badges but who knows – SHE seems to think she needs to clean the house and start thinking about piling clothes up in the guest room where the SUITCASES OF DOOM are sitting.  She’s got her priorities all messed up.  She should be thinking about me – not suitcases.

But back to the rain for a minute……….you know how I complain a LOT about the weather right?   Well yesterday afternoon the sump pump in the basement was chugging along – the rain was coming down in buckets – and about 3PM in the afternoon I decided I’d better be prepared for the worst…………………


Needless to say the worst never happened but let’s hope today doesn’t send me hunting again  for the snorkel.  I’d love it if we had a gentle soaking rain……not the GREAT FLOOD OF OCTOBER 2013 !!   My girlcatfriend Sundae lives on the water and the high tide has been worrying me a bit these last few days because they had as much or more rain than we did.   I called her on my CATCELLPHONE yesterday to tell her if she needs me to sail down and save her I will.


Yep – that’s me – the purrrrfect Cat Scout…………..”BE PURRRRPARED”…………!!!

Happy Friday Peeps!   Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Hopefully Wet Thursday


Hello everybody!   So we were promised rain today – and we NEED it – BAD.   No jokes from me about floating away or building an ark – WE NEED RAIN.   Everything is limp and dried up and pretty soon we’ll be seeing leaves just dropping off the trees and not bothering to turn pretty colors because they’re SO THIRSTY!

So I’m thinking I should do a rain dance.  You know – like the indian tribes do.  Only thing is I have arthritis and I’m afraid it would hurt my old bones to hop around like that.  So I’m just gonna think positively and WISH for rain.  That doesn’t hurt my shoulders AT all…….


Maybe not QUITE this much rain but SOME rain anyway!

Maybe not QUITE this much rain but SOME rain anyway!


There’s my house up on a hill safe from flooding so RAIN RAIN RAIN – it’s alright with me.  If it rains all day my parents will stay home anyway – which is a good thing.  That means I can rest easy – don’t have to guard the house while they’re gone……I can nap and relax.  Mom will probably be in her office working on some of the upcoming blog events to get ME ready (Tee hee) and Dad will be out in his shop or down in the basement tinkering.  I’m a bit unclear to this day about that “tinkering” thing because personally I think what he does is hide out somewhere and take a nap but hey – I can’t point fingers here – I’m the KING OF NAPS!

Last night my parents went out to dinner for their anniversary which was this past Sunday.  Their fave restaurant in town is packed to the gills on weekends so they waited until mid-week to go.  Did they think to bring their little fella a snackable from dinner?  Just a little morsel to say “we thought of you Sammy” ?  Heck no.  And the worst thing about that is that my Mom had seafood – which I adore…..she had calamari and she had soft-shell crabs – I could EASILY have packed away a bit of those I’m quite sure.  Dad had something called a mixed grill which was meat of three kinds but I’m not a meat guy.  MOM LET ME DOWN.

So, how about you?  What’s up in your house today?  Anything exciting?  I hope so, because other than dancing around hoping for rain, it’s liable to be QUIET and BORING around here today.  😦






Moody Monday


Here we go with another Monday morning!  After such a swell weekend (even if my parents deserted me briefly on Saturday) we start off another week with clouds and a possibly rainy day.  I’m thinking “who cares”…….rain or shine, my parents aren’t commuting to work like they used to and I’ve got nowhere to go so go ahead and rain!!

Sam Under Afghan on Couch
Just hanging out while Mom’s on the computer…..

I’ll probably just get under the afghan in Mom’s studio and keep an eye on her……….she makes a “tent” for me with pillows and I like hiding out there on a rainy day. 

I could just sit in the window seat and watch it rain (if it does of course) but there are always birds flying in and out of the trees – they’re fun to watch!

Early morning bird watching

When there’s nothing else to do – there’s always “birding” activities – rain or shine………

Or maybe I’ll find some other spot to be on a cloudy day…..

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

This is always a good spot….under my Dad’s chair at the dining room table.

Well, like I said, after having such a nice weekend, I can’t complain if there’s not much to do on a cloudy Monday morning.  At least I’m nice and dry and my food dish won’t get soggy in the rain!  HAPPY MONDAY PEEPS! Sammy

Love A Rainy Day

What a view!

Rain, rain.....no outside walks today! Indoor observations only.....

There will be no outside walks today – we have a nice rainy day ahead.  No complaints here.  You know what I’ll be doing all day – yep, visiting all my fave nap spots (other than Mom’s lap because she’s going to the dentist this morning). 

I thought about that little fox I saw yesterday morning and wondered if he was all snuggled in somewhere in the woods with his Mom this morning.  I hope so.  Some of you worried he might have been lost or on his own somehow but let’s hope he was just on an early morning outing with Mom close by.  The woods in our backyard begins pretty close to the house and Mom could have been right there near the firewood pile where the baby was and we wouldn’t have seen her.  Yep – let’s ASSUME that OK? 

I guess it’s not easy for animals out there who don’t have humans taking care of them…..although my Mom does her part with our three bird feeders; which are deer/bear/squirrel/groundhog feeders too… 🙂 🙂   But there are sooooo many deer this year and almost every time Mom drives anywhere around here she sees them in open fields or in people’s front yards or – sadly – on the side of the road having met with someone’s front bumper.  There are a lot of deer right around here because two houses down from ours is a small pond (which they call a lake).  So the deer have shelter in the woods and water and all the greenery to eat along with a nice mix of sunflower seeds courtesy of the birds!

Anyway, I guess my mind is wandering a bit this morning – here I sit looking out my window in my nice warm and cozy house and there are a LOT of animals out there looking for a shelter from the rain and wondering where their next meal is coming from.  All I have to do is hop down and wander over to my food station and eat! 

I’m lucky……………and spoiled…………as you well know!