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Memorial Weekend Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    The Sunday before Memorial Day.    If you would like to share your selfie at the Hop – just click the badge above and go to our Host blog and LINK UP with the rest of us.

I’m letting my Grandpa be the STAR of our Selfie post today instead of me.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day in the US of A.     It’s a special day in some way for most people………Originally called Decoration Day for over a century, this special holiday was changed to Memorial Day by federal law in the 1880’s.  Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that celebrates the military who have passed away while serving on duty.   For that reason, today instead of it being ALL ABOUT ME, it’s going to be ALL ABOUT MY GRANDPA.   Just to be clear though, my Grandpa didn’t pass away while on duty – it was a few years after he retired.    Actually when he retired from the Air Force he went back to work at the Pentagon in his same office but as a Civilian – he just loved serving.

Mom has talked about him enough on the blog for you to know he was a career Air Force officer.    He loved being in the military and my Mom, her brother and sister enjoyed living in interesting places as they grew up.    My Grandpa was born in 1916 in St. Joseph, Missouri.    He and his sister were raised by their grandparents.    This is a photo of my Grandpa at his high school graduation:

Unfortunately I never got to meet him.     He passed away with multiple medical issues in October of 1992.    He’s buried at Arlington Cemetery in an area that’s relatively close to the Pentagon where he served his last active duty assignment before retiring.

We salute all those who lost their lives serving in the military and protecting us and our country.     My Dad was VERY proud to serve and I have a very special respect for anyone who has served.

Remembering My Grandpa and all who served……..

Teddy and Mom Pam

SPARK on Memorial Day


Although Annie at McGuffy’s Reader is taking a well-deserved break from hosting McGuffy’s Reader’s SPARKS on Monday, her idea to spread light and inspiration to start each week goes on.    We will continue to honor that idea and Annie by posting a quote that touches us and that we hope will touch those who see it as well.

Today is Memorial Day…………..and as a woman who grew up in a military household with an extremely patriotic father who spent his life serving his country, I have always carried in my heart admiration for those who choose to dedicate themselves to serving.    My Dad was a guy who would get teary hearing the Star Spangled Banner – who wore his uniform proudly every day of his active service and who was wholeheartedly patriotic.   I carry that spirit with me thanks to him.    I have his old footlocker which is filled with HIS memories, many of which relate to his career and once in a while I open up this treasure box and feel close to him once more and become “re-infused” with that love of country.   I’m sure I will do that all the rest of my days.

My spark is in the spirit of patriotism………………and love of my country…………and for him.

Love, Pam

Sunday Selfie


Happy Sunday!

We are as always joining in the Kitties Blue blog hop celebrating SELFIES on Sunday!    The Cat On My Head does this every single Sunday so we can show our best “views” with the world and if you’d like to also join in, just click on their badge below and enter your blog address on the LINKY tool – simple as that.

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Today Mom jazzed up my Selfie for the Memorial Weekend…………she couldn’t help herself………….She used a special Memorial Day filter Lunapic had THEN she added the frame with Pizap and VOILA – there I am – showing off my tummy for the holiday weekend.    Ready?

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, we are remembering a lot of things including my Grandpa………(as well as anyone else who has ever served their country).    My Grandpa was a career Air Force man and my Mom is very proud of him.    His casket flag is in “our” studio so I see it all the time.    He’s at his own Rainbow Bridge in Arlington National Cemetery.

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

This is my Grandpa two years before he went to the Bridge, escorting my Mom down the aisle when she married my Dad!


God Bless All Who Serve Their Country in the past, present and future

Love, Teddy

Angel Sammy Salutes You Too!

Memorial Day Remembrances



We Remember……………

Welcome to our Memorial Day Cookout…………….my friends Gracie and Raz and I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here!   While we remember the reason for this holiday and what it really means, we also find that we just naturally want to be with our family and friends to enjoy each other’s company for time moves so quickly, and we should enjoy the moments we are lucky enough to spend together!    That’s why we’re having this cookout – so we can have food, fun and share memories as well as MAKE new memories!

Me, Allie, Gracie and Raz welcome you to our Memorial Day Cookout!

Me, Allie, Gracie and Raz welcome you to our Memorial Day Cookout!

First of all I do hope you like the location we picked for us to have our cookout…………….we have a beautiful spot along the water in a nice park where they have all kinds of things to do and see……….but mostly it’s just peaceful by the river.  Let’s start off our day together with some yummy breakfast – what do you say??

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Now we can do whatever we wish – play volleyball anyone?   How about a dip in the pool?   Work up a bit of an appetite because before you know it the BBQ grills will be hot and we’ll be putting goodies on to cook – BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, sausage and there’s baked beans and all kinds of desserts!    The BIGGEST surprise I have for you though in the food department is that my buddy Raz and our mutual friend Pete have brought their famous (to Cat Scouts!) FISH FRY TRUCK to the park and anyone who wants the very BEST of fresh seafood, make sure and visit them because they’ve got it all!!!!!

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THE FABULOUS FISH FRY TRUCK !!!!!!  Step right up and place your order now!!


If you get tired and just want to relax in the shade………………

All work and no naps makes for a LONG day!

All work and no naps makes for a LONG day!

AND – don’t forget to stop over at Gracie’s place HERE and Raz’s place HERE for more Memorial Day memory-making!

We hope all of you had a fabulous time with us today and tonight when you get home, light a candle of remembrance for all those who gave their lives for their country.

Make New Memories…..With Love……Sammy


P.S.  Tomorrow is Teaser!!!  Don’t forget!!

Memorial Day !


Hello Everybody……………….today is the day we remember all those who have fought for our country in the military or in any other capacity to make us the “land of the free”.    Before I bring on the Memorial Day Picnic goodies (of course I have food!), I want to take a minute to  remember my Grandpa………….my Mom’s Dad was a career Air Force officer and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.   My Mom has the flag that draped his casket and keeps it in her studio in a case so it stays beautiful forever.

Grandad's Flag

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

This is my Grandpa two years before he went to the Bridge, escorting my Mom down the aisle when she married my Dad!

My Mom wrote this poem in memory of her Dad several years after he passed away……………


Pamela June Kimmell

Time has softened the razored edge of loss

His final breath is no longer my first memory

I can see things now that I couldn’t see then

For I was young and always right

Now I appreciate the words of wisdom he spoke

For what they really were…..

A Father’s hope for his daughter’s happiness.

We hope all of you have a special day of memories and love – and however you choose to acknowledge or celebrate it,  remember the reason for the holiday!

NOW – on to my Memorial Day Picnic/Party!!!!

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Now if you want to continue with some fun – head over to my friends Raz from Friends Furever AND Gracie from Goodness Gracie – because THEY have even MORE Memorial Day fun in their blogs!!!!    Just click the posters for each blog and ENJOY YOUR DAY!


Me, Allie, Gracie, Raz

Me, Allie, Gracie, Raz

See you all tomorrow for TUESDAY TEASER!!!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy