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Sam Sez: Happy World Cat Day !

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

Wearing my Halloween scarf to keep all the BAD spirits away for World Cat Day!!

Happy Third Annual World Cat Day to all my fellow cats and their families!  I’m not taking any chances that any bugaboo/bad spirits will fly around our house today by wearing my SCARY Halloween scarf…..you can tell by my expression in this photo just how much I love wearing it (hahaha). 

Anyway, it is World Cat Day and we’re celebrating it quietly here at my house.  I’ll be napping a lot and expecting extra treats of course.  I’ll also be thinking about all the cats in the world who aren’t as lucky as I am – and there are a LOT of them that’s for sure.  When I eat from my cat food dish I always think of those who have no food.  When I sleep I think of those who have no rest because they have to keep moving to survive.  When I get petted and hugged I think of those who have never known the gentle human touch.  

So fellow kitties – let’s all PAWS and say a little prayer of thanks for all that we have…..and hope  that one day life can be as good for others as it is for us!!!  

Happy World Cat Day Gang!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and grateful) Cat

Deer Like Sunflower Seeds!

Deer helping themselves to sunflower seeds in the birdfeeders

Mom tried to get this photo before the deer heard her but it didn't work so well.....there was a Mom and her two little spotted babies eating sunflower seeds!

So this was our morning excitement….a Mommy and her two little babies helping themselves to our squirrel proof birdfeeders (which the squirrels figured out ages ago!!).  Sunflower seeds seem to be the favorite food of ALL our creatures (except me of course). 

We haven’t had any rain here in a looooooooong time, and things are drying up including all the greenery in the woods so the deer are up in the yard helping themselves to EVERYTHING.  Mom calls her flower gardens “the all you can eat salad bar” because they LOVE the impatiens so much.  At this point Mom says “let them eat whatever they want” – after all, without any rain, everything looks pretty pitiful anyway! 

Except me of course……..I never look pitiful – unless I’m trying to get an extra helping of treats.  Then I can look downright heartbreaking.  Heh heh…..we cats are masters of communication when we WANT to be – including a wide variety of facial expressions to accompany our other forms of expression – like ankle biting, howling and yowling, chirping, and of course the old standby – hissing. 

I have a feeling there will be a lot more deer wandering the yard today so I’ll keep an eye out from my vantage point on top of the couch at the big window into the backyard.  Maybe I can even get Mom to take a DECENT photo of them to share with you.  It’s tough to capture them on film because they are on the alert and Mom can’t sneak out to the deck without a bit of noise when she opens the door.   I hope we get some rain soon – it might give the deer more green stuff to eat instead of just seeds.  I worry about those little babies!!! 

I’m just a softie……..of course I’m the most important bit of wild life around here but I DO worry about the wandering cats, the deer, and all other creatures…….makes me realize how great it is to be ONE SPOILED CAT.

Happy Sunday……………..Sammy