Love A Rainy Day

What a view!

Rain, outside walks today! Indoor observations only.....

There will be no outside walks today – we have a nice rainy day ahead.  No complaints here.  You know what I’ll be doing all day – yep, visiting all my fave nap spots (other than Mom’s lap because she’s going to the dentist this morning). 

I thought about that little fox I saw yesterday morning and wondered if he was all snuggled in somewhere in the woods with his Mom this morning.  I hope so.  Some of you worried he might have been lost or on his own somehow but let’s hope he was just on an early morning outing with Mom close by.  The woods in our backyard begins pretty close to the house and Mom could have been right there near the firewood pile where the baby was and we wouldn’t have seen her.  Yep – let’s ASSUME that OK? 

I guess it’s not easy for animals out there who don’t have humans taking care of them…..although my Mom does her part with our three bird feeders; which are deer/bear/squirrel/groundhog feeders too… 🙂 🙂   But there are sooooo many deer this year and almost every time Mom drives anywhere around here she sees them in open fields or in people’s front yards or – sadly – on the side of the road having met with someone’s front bumper.  There are a lot of deer right around here because two houses down from ours is a small pond (which they call a lake).  So the deer have shelter in the woods and water and all the greenery to eat along with a nice mix of sunflower seeds courtesy of the birds!

Anyway, I guess my mind is wandering a bit this morning – here I sit looking out my window in my nice warm and cozy house and there are a LOT of animals out there looking for a shelter from the rain and wondering where their next meal is coming from.  All I have to do is hop down and wander over to my food station and eat! 

I’m lucky……………and spoiled…………as you well know!



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    • Hi Miss Ann – I’ve missed hearing from you!!! I hope you and your family are OK. I know you’re super busy with your poetry workshops (so says Mom) and grandkids (eeeeek!) but I’m happy you can stop in and see what I’m up to from time to time as well.

      KITTY HUGS (and kisses)


  1. That’s sweet of you, Sammy, to think of the animals out searching for their food. My mom does the same thing. She’ll say: “Sundae, you are such a lucky kitty. You have a nice warm, dry place to live with people who love you and make sure your food bowl is always full”. Or something like that. I don’t pay much attention until she says the word “food”. 😉
    Enjoy your rainy day. I’ll be sitting on my window seat, looking out, too!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….too bad our window seats don’t face each other so we could make faces and do sign language to each other….. 🙂 At least we can communicate through my blog!! I hope you have a wonderful day too….

      Kitty Hugs and Smiles


    • So glad you find no fault with my rainy day policy Miss D !!! Most humans AND animals I know love the occasional rainy day…..kinda freshens things up! Hope you have a beautiful fall day there…..I just bet you will:)



  2. Sammy, you and your mom are really wonderful to be thinking about all of God’s creatures out and about. I know they appreciate the rain because it’s sometimes the only way they can find water. You are wonderful to keep water and food for them at your house! Love, Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound) P.S. foxhounds don’t kill fox, by the way, we only find them and bark


    • Hi Terrell Trio (plus Mom of course)! Well the creatures are getting plenty of water to drink today – and plenty of water to take a bath in too – it’s raining HARD so all those low spots will be filled with water and certainly the bird bath will be. I’ve had a great day so far watching out the windows…..Mom just got home so now my day is COMPLETE!

      Hugs to ALL of you


  3. I’m late. Again. Since I don’t get an update on my email address I wait until Mom posts you blog on Facebook and then I get it. this morning I did just that, early on, and saved it to get back to it right after whatever I was doing at the time. I don;t multitask all that well and plum forgot about it until just now.

    The animals out there are out there because that is where they where born and where they find their food and where they die. To us, and to you, it may seem like a tough break for them, but they manage, When droughts come they have a hard time, and many die. That is unfortunate, but it is natures way of keeping things right, who knows?

    It is good to think of them though, and I do myself from time to time, You’ve a big heart, Sammy.


    • Hi Uncle J………..I know it’s nature’s way but I still worry – can’t help it – as an animal too I guess I just worry about my fellow buds! Big heart? Yeah I guess I do have one of those…..and I’m kinda glad I do – makes me even MORE like my Mom!! 🙂



    • I know! It’s quite amazing isn’t it Isobel……both lovely ginger boys with such similar markings…..and both with BIG personalities. There’s got to be a special spot in the next life for them – Cat’s there already and Sam will join him one day. Hopefully in the DISTANT future! Meanwhile I treasure every day I have with my guy.



    • WOW! Deer in the city huh? Now that’s really something… friend Isobel and her cat in Britain have foxes in their city…..I guess we animals get our food and shelter wherever we can these days…..Thanks for visiting me by the way – Mom and I signed up for your blog too……seems like there’s always going to be something going on at YOUR place with more than just one animal in charge 🙂 Of course, I’m an “only cat” so this whole joint is operated and coordinated by yours truly (well, I like to think so anyway!).

      Your New Friend Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


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