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Mom’s Back!

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

All is right in my world....Now I can RELAX - Mom's home!

Hi Everybody!  Boy is it nice to get back on the computer since Mom’s back home….Dad’s a swell guy but doesn’t do so well when it comes to cyberspace.  HAHA

We’ve had a BIG problem with my blog lately – and we reported it to WordPress….they said they are “aware of the problem and working on it” but you know what THAT means…..anyway, people are telling us that they see a “gray screen” on the email notices that come to say I have a new blog posted.  What a pain.  Not just that but WE don’t see notices from most of you whose blogs WE read and subscribe to.  Weird huh?  They say it’s not effecting everyone but it sure is effecting us – hopefully not all of you.

Mom said she had a good time with “the girls” and having a little break from me and Dad but it sure was dullsville around here without her I tell ya.  Dad’s lap is just not as comfy as Mom’s, and he sometimes doesn’t understand what I’m saying to him!  What’s with that?  Doesn’t everyone who has a cat know how to speak “CAT” ???? 

I learned one thing though while Mom was gone……there’s going to need to be a little remedial training session around here with me and Dad.  Either that or Mom’s NEVER allowed to go away without us again!  🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled and VERY Happy Cat

Sam’s Friday Update…..

Funny Face Sam
How’s THIS for a “face” ???!!! haha

Happy Friday fans…here I am making my funny camera face.  Trying to cheer Mom up.  She’s not feeling too swell this morning.  Something’s “going around” I think.  I know she’s had to use her litter box more than usual the last day or two – – – or something like that!!  Anyway, I’m taking good care of her.  She isn’t helping me with my blog this morning so hopefully I don’t make too many mistakes.

She’s also a little upset about her garden.  I know she tells you all that she doesn’t mind when the deer eat her flowers but she woke up this morning and looked out to see about eight doe and their babies munching like crazy through all of Mom’s impatiens!  I heard Mom say “oh darn” – or maybe it was some other word starting with a “D” – not sure about that – but I think she’d been happy that the deer had been just eating sunflower seeds and leaving her flowers alone.  They are all “mowed down” now…………….
Know what else is happening in our yard?  The oak trees are dropping their acorns already.  It’s early for that to be happening.  I got conked on the head a few times yesterday in the backyard by acorns falling.  At first I thought the squirrels were throwing them at me from up in the trees but nope – they’re just falling on their own.  I’ll have to start wearing a HAT out there I guess!
I think I’ll go check my food dish.  Hopefully Mom has put some breakfast down for me.  Hey – a guy’s gotta keep his strength up right?
Happy Friday Folks
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat