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Thoroughly (and Thankful) Poetic Thursday


Here We Are Again!

Thankful to be blogging still from the Rainbow Bridge……thankful that you all stuck with me even after I left for my cloud……thankful that you are my FRIENDS.    We are joining up with Brian’s Thankful Thursday and you can too if you just CLICK HERE and link up!


Now, let’s get POETIC!


Today is “G” day!  

If you want to participate in the poem posting today, just make your poem about something starting with the letter “G” and you can post it in my comments here, or put your blog link to your poem in my comments to share.   You’re WELCOME to join me in celebrating poetry.  Next week we’ll do “H”…….and on and on until we finish the alphabet!



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 1/26/2017

When I was young – a little kitten

With Mom’s plants outside I was quite smitten

I’d leap around like a crazy cat

I’d hide from Mom she really loved that!

My ginger head popped up here and there

Mom never quite knew when or where!

As I got older I learned to be calm.

Just watching the butterflies was my soothing balm.

Oh yes I’d chase them from time to time

But Mom allowed that – it wasn’t a crime!

Then came the day when I’d lie in the shade

By then the “fate” of our gardens was made.

The deer had discovered this bountiful treat

Everything Mom planted, the deer would eat!

So in the shade I’d stay with my nose in the air

I had not a worry, I had not a care.

Mom quit planting flowers it became too much work

The deer came along and pull out plants with a jerk…..!

So in my old age I’d simply sit by Mom

We both would relax, and enjoy all the calm.

At the Rainbow Bridge we have flowers and green

But my old back yard was the PRETTIEST place that I’ve ever seen.

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

I hope I’ll see you all NEXT Thursday when we do “H”…………I wonder what I’ll come up with for THAT one!    Come to think of it, I wonder what YOU’LL come up with too!!!!!


I’m a Poet, and I know it! 

Monsieur Angel Sammy


My Garden Update!



Sam’s Garden Update

Things are perking right along on the transition from Spring to Summer here……………as usual we go from wet cool to HOT HUMID without batting an eye!    The stuff Mom planted on the deck, front porch and the few things in the yard are growing like weeds (come to think of it, some of them ARE weeds!).   Anyway, I promised an update and this is it!

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Mom used to have a whole lot of garden plots all around our big yard until the deer became immune to all the sprays to keep them away and ate everything in sight.   Now most things are on the front porch or back deck with a FEW exceptions.    So far the deer having come up on the front porch (thank heavens) or back deck!   Here are just a few really OLD photos of how things used to be “pre-deer and other critters”:

Back Garden

Hostas – gone….deer love them!

Backyard woods, trail, bench

Bye Bye hostas!

My nice shady back yard hideaway (one of them!)

Back yard landscape area

Lots of "delicious" impatiens.....GONE!

Lots of “delicious” impatiens…..GONE!

So that’s just a few of the areas Mom used to work hard to keep up but these days – it’s a lot easier to go out on the deck or front porch and water with a watering can!

I like gardening too…………………..




Happy Thursday! 

Sam the Gardener



Photo Updates


Hi Friends!!    Mom went nutso with the flashy box yesterday – took tons of photos of the yard (before we get landscaping work done) and ME (I’m always the purrrfect photo subject….ahem) and the front yard and porch.  Yes she went nuts………but I indulged her.   She takes such good care of me I figured the least I could do is cooperate.

The backyard after 20 years is looking tired (like Mom is after taking care of it for 20 years) so a landscape architect is coming Friday to give us some ideas.   Here’s how the back yard looks NOW (it may take a minute for all the photos to load!!!):

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We have a BIG problem with erosion AND the back yard doesn’t have a “flat spot” where we can have our picnic table without propping the legs up on one end so it’s level……….Mom thinks a nice slate or paver patio………we’ll see what the landscape dude has to say.

Here is the front yard now – we don’t anticipate doing anything with it or the front of the house plantings but since she was flashy boxing herself silly, she took these.

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AND – the highlight of the photo show of course – here are some updated photos of me……….I’m not quite as “gaunt” as I was when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and began taking medication……….I’m still a couple of pounds down from what I was but I’m better off for it as my arthritis is so much better………..so there!

We had a beautiful day today –    high of 73 instead of upper 80s as it has been……..it was Spring again……..it even brought out some of Mom Nature’s creatures that we could have done without seeing like the brown snake in my backyard for instance.   Not poisonous but any snake is NOT a friend of mine or Mom’s.    Thank heavens Mom had her flashlight and saw it because it was dark at 4:15 (of course) when we were out for my usual morning walk.   You’d better believe we’ll make sure we ALWAYS have that flashlight from now on!!!!!!   EEEEEK!    It was only a couple of feet long but to my Mom they’re all 10 feet long and weigh 300 lbs. and would eat us in a minute.   SHE HATES SNAKES.    I’m not nuts about them either come to think of it.

That’s about it for my Thursday report!   Exciting huh?   HUH?   I can’t hear you!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy the Snake Charmer



Monster Mash



It’s monster day and when Mom was thinking about the fact that it was monster day, she remembered an old 1962 novelty song called “Monster Mash” that was super popular “way back when” – there was even a dance everyone did called the Monster Mash…………..humans are so weird aren’t they????  (hahahaha)

Anyway, we’re cleaning today so I probably will DREAM about helping out while snoring away in my basement.   Leave it to the humans to do the cleaning I say.  As soon as they’re done I’ll make sure and spread my floof and ginger hair everywhere again – I do what I can you know!   Besides, there may be some monsters (in the form of dust bunnies or other scary stuff) under the beds and I’m not in the mood for monsters today!


We had a SUPER windy day yesterday but my dear old Dad was still outside working in the yard while my Mom went to the dentist.   Dad had to “re-stack” the stacked stone garden wall around our front garden.  Every year the deer plod right through the garden and knock the walls down and every year my Dad re-stacks it………it’s a never-ending struggle!   Looks nice when it’s done though!

This is an old photo of the front garden after stuff has come up in it - just showing you the stacked stone wall.

This is an old photo of the front garden after stuff has come up in it – just showing you the stacked stone wall.

Mom is getting really ANXIOUS to start doing some planting but until the weather settles down we don’t dare do it……………….usually by now she’s got some stuff planted in the deck planters and she and Dad have mulched the planting beds but not this year………it’s been a real pain in the tushie trying to do anything outside……….maybe in the next couple of weeks.   Mom did get a couple of planters of yellow pansies which are hardy enough in case it goes to freezing at night (which it’s still doing once in a while) and they’re on our front porch but THAT’S THAT!    Even my two planters of catmint haven’t shown signs of life yet.   Mom watered them for the first time yesterday so who knows – purrrrhaps they’ll WAKE UP soon??

Hopefully Mom and Dad will be sitting in these on a warm day SOON!

Hopefully Mom and Dad will be sitting in these on a warm day SOON!

Speaking of waking – pardon me while I do anything BUT wake – I’m heading off for a pre-monster mash nap!

Hugs, Sammy


Rest-Up Monday


WOW…….what a weekend…………..parties all over the place and Mother’s Day too!   Well, this old guy really (and I mean REALLY) needs to rest up from all of that so that’s what I’m doing today.  Taking it EASY…………….

Yesterday was great though – we had a nice Mother’s Day – Mom and Dad worked out in the yard and it was a beautiful day for it.  Eighty degrees, sunny and a breeze……….purrrrfect!  Dad made breakfast for Mom (and me….bacon was on the menu) and I snoopervised the outside activity from the front porch (when they were in the front yard) and the back deck (when they were out back).   A guy’s gotta keep an eye on the old folks you know!

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Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser (as if I had to tell YOU that!) – so make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight so you’ll be ready to rock-n-roll tomorrow when the Teaser goes live!    You know we have AWARDS for guessing FIRST, guessing RIGHT, guessing SORT OF RIGHT and even for guessing WRONG!

Have a Rest-Up Monday yourselves if you can………I know it’s at the top of my “TO DO” list today!!    Oh – before I go, I got this sweet card form my friend Misaki this morning – better late than never right???   HUGS TO YOU BEAUTIFUL MISAKI!!


Resting Up For Teaser

   Yep – it’s what I do on Mondays!  


Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed