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Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Welcome Poetry Fans!

Today we are focusing on the letter “F” as we make our way through the alphabet each Thursday!  

“F” brings to mind many things…..food, fun, fur, FOOD (oh did I mention that already??)

butttttt in the end I decided for my “F” poem on this little ditty:


Friends love you always and forever

Friends will let you down – NEVER

Friends come in all kinds of sizes

Friends stick by from sunset to sunrises!

Friends are humans, and also anipals

Friends can be guys or friends can be gals

Friends live near but some live far

Friends visit us online or sometimes by car!

Friends are the BEST – I love them ALL

Friends pick us up when we have a fall

Friends are exciting or sometimes quite calm

AND my VERY BEST FRIEND is the lady I call MOM!

Ta Da!  I pulled off another one right?   And I got Mom’s name in there so I’m expecting lots of extra treats once she reads this little gem.   So – how about you?   Did you write an “F” poem today?  If you did, and you wanna show it off, you can either write it out in Comments here OR even better, put one on your blog and give us your link in comments so we can go to your bloggy and read your FABULOUS “F” EXTRAVAGANZA for THURSDAY!!!!!   GO FOR IT….trust me, if I can publish a bit of a lame poem like this one, you can too (hahahahaha).

Happy Poetic Thursday!

Ooh la la!   Monsieur Sammy, Le Poet Extraordinaire!!!!!

Ooh la la! Monsieur Sammy, Le Poet Extraordinaire!!!!!

Melting Thursday


Hello!    We are MELTING………..well not “WE” but our area is getting some good sunshine and temps in the 40s so all of this snow is slowly but surely disappearing.  We still have over a foot of it on the lawn but the streets are looking good so there’s HOPE after all – at least for us.   Some places got a lot more of Jonas’s white stuff than we did so we hope they fare as well as we are………


We hope maybe that’s our annual quota of snow so we won’t get any more……………fat chance right?

My parents were finally able to drive out of our neighborhood yesterday – which was a good thing because even though Mom had stocked up on EVERYTHING before the storm came, we were almost (gasp) out of Gerber’s Beef Baby Food which is what I take my pill with!

SAMGERBERYep – they don’t know it but I could be their new poster child.  It’s the only thing Mom has found that I will eat that icky pill in…………..and trust me – we tried EVERYTHING!

Now something serious for a minute………………one of my oldest and dearest and cutest friends, Alfie (also known as Gaylord) from Mollie and Alfie’s blog went to the Bridge a few days ago.   Their Mom has a wonderful online (Etsy) store with all kinds of wonderful handmade and FUN things for pets.   I have a lot of their stuff in my house – toys and placques – nip mats too – everything is wonderful (there’s a link to the store on my sidebar).   My heart was broken to learn that Alfie had gone but then I realized when I read their blog that Alfie the Angel only has ONE ANGEL WING right now because he has a mission to stay here and drive his sister Mollie crazy – which is how he will earn his SECOND Angel Wing.   I’m sure he can do this too as he and Mollie were FAST friends.    Please visit Alfie’s blog if you haven’t already…………and his store too – they have links on their blog to the store as well.   Alfie was a dear boy – he and Mollie were “the two Blondes” on the other side of the Pond…………Click on Alfie One Wing’s photo to visit:


I will miss you Alfie………..

Now – please resume your regular internet surfing because that’s it for my blog for today!  See you tomorrow peeps!

Love, Sammy

Nip Anyone??


Oh imagine my surprise when I got a comment on my blog today from my good buddy Nerissa (yes he’s a boy cat with a girl cat name) saying he’d nominated me for a BRAND NEW AWARD!   Not only that but I’m one of the very first to receive the award, along with the others he nominated in the same blog post today.  That’s such a HUGE honor…..HUGE.

What’s so totally awesome about it is that it’s an award his peep created in honor of their one year blogaversary AND obtaining their own domain too!  Yes – Nerissa has his OWN domain now.  My Mom thought about doing that for ME but she already has a website and paying for two websites was a bit much……so for now we just have my WP blog PERIOD.  ANYWAY, back to Nerissa – the new award is called the “Bring On The Nip!” Award….now there’s an award we cats can truly appreciate right?   Here’s what it looks like – cool huh?

All I need to do is thank him – a million thanks Nerissa…..link to him (done), tell you all something that I want to celebrate or something good that has happened, and then I can pass the award on to anywhere from ONE to TWELVE others! 

What do I want to celebrate?   Well, just the other day I blogged about how much I love my friends here in the world of pet blogs.  I meant what I said.  I do really love all of you and especially that I now have friends ALL OVER THE WORLD.  So what do I want to celebrate?  I want to celebrate my friendships with all of you. 

Well, since it’s a “nip” related award, it seemed to me that I should pass it on to some cat friends – after all, catnip simply doesn’t “do it” for dogs does it??? 

Sundae of These Days of Mine

Alfie of Mollie’s Dog Treats

Cody of Cat Chat

Bailey of Bailey Boat Cat

Nellie and Kozmo of Cat From Hell

Texas, Milou and Kitshka from Texas Cat NY

I’m sure this award will FLY around the internet like most do, so while I could nominate bunches more, I’ll not hog them all!  

I also want to take a minute to remind all of you that there’s a fabulous DIFFERENT kind of contest going on over at Doggy’s Style where you have to tell a little story in no more than 50 words and incorporate five words that Doggy says MUST be in your story!  Trust me – this is a challenge…..but it’s a lot of fun AND there will be two winners.  Winners get credit at Mollie’s Dog Treats online store where there are homemade yummy dog treats AND some gorgeous bandanas to wear!  Way cool huh?  Contest ends November 13th so check it out ASAP by clicking on Doggy’s link above.   I entered (well, Mom actually wrote it but I kept her company while she did). 

We all love a contest right?  Even if you don’t want to enter the contest, check out Mollie’s blog because you might want to buy something ANYWAY!

So that’s about it for me today………I’m happy to report we did NOT get the “possible snow” the weather guys said we might get yesterday.  Still, I thought it was too cold to go outside so stayed in with my Mom while Dad made a great big pot of chili and built a nice fire in the fireplace.  We’had a nice, cozy day.    I’m thinking today will be more of the same. 

Made your Christmas Wish List yet?  Well, maybe TODAY is a good day to start it gang……..I’ve got my list started and a heated window seat is at the tippy top of it!

Early morning bird watching

Hey Ma…..how about one of these perch things with a heater built in??? Huh??? Maybe Santa Paws will bring me one???? Hint Hint?????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀


Teaser Tell-All, Etc.

Sam Loves His Friends!

And the winners of the Tuesday Teaser photo guessing contest are.....(may I have the envelope please!)

Hi everyone!  Well I told you when I posted that Tuesday Teaser photo that it might be TOO EASY and I guess it was…..almost everyone who guessed was right!  Mom and Dad were on their honeymoon and were going from Paris to London on the final leg of their trip.  They had to take the Sea Link Ferry Boat from Calais, France to Dover, England and YES those are the White Cliffs of Dover.  BRAVO!  Here’s who guessed correctly:

Miss Ingrid from Conscious Cat

Miss D from The View Out Here

Miss Elsie of Nerissa’s Life

Miss Layla of Cat Wisdom 101

AND…….my friends Miss June and a new friend Miss Susan Mullen!

OOPS – this just in – last night after I went to bed, I had another winning guess from Nellie and Kozmo at Cat From Hell

You all ROCK…………I’ll try to make it more of a challenge next Tuesday – you guys are just too darn good! 😉

Now – I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.  We did around my house.   My parents exchanged little presents (flowers for Mom and a goodie bag of stuff for Dad) and cards of course…..and I gave Dad my card too.  What did they get for me?  Well, I got a brand new piece of RED tissue for my tissue collection (stolen from Dad’s goodie bag by yours truly)…..and the way way cool curly ribbon thing from the outside of the bag (also stolen by yours truly).  I also got some brand new treats which I didn’t like (I tried to bury them in the carpet).  I also got to take lots of great naps ALLLLLLLLLLL day including several on Mom’s legs while she read a book.  My parents are planning to go out to dinner but not tonight – their favorite restaurant is always crazy busy on Valentine’s Day so they’re going to go Thursday after the place gets back to normal.

SO – it was a grand day……..and thanks to everyone for playing Tuesday Teaser.  Oh – and also thanks to all of you who sent me special Valentine’s Day greetings – – – I love you too!

Sammy – still feeling the love!!!  🙂