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Beautiful Bacon!


Greetings Fellow Baconians!   Let’s Do Some Bacon!

Remember to present the above decree to your human should they feel they need not provide you with an adequate supply of bacon on BACON SATURDAY!   Those of you who are not CATS, please feel free to mark through the word CAT and substitute whatever species you are – you have my royal permission!

I received a NEW item for our bacon repertoire from the beautiful Katie Isabella who knew???? This looks DELISH!

Oh yeah!  

Other items on today’s agenda include these snackables:



Bacon just goes with EVERYTHING…………….and I do mean everything.   Doesn’t matter WHICH meal of the day or if it’s a snack even – it’s just tasty stuff 24/7.   I should know – I’m the KING OF BACON thanks to my brother Angel Sammy who passed the crown on to me when he left for the Bridge.    Too bad we couldn’t be CO-KINGS together before he left!

What a team that would have been!!!

In case you were wondering – this year’s crop is moving along nicely in the greenhouse.   If you want us to, we can have a harvest party like we had last year.   Just tell me in Comments!

Our Greenhouse Garden Gnome is keeping watch!

Enjoy Bacon Saturday!

Love, King Teddy



Teaser Tell All



It’s That Time Again!  Ready?


I’m ready!!

Me too….me too….me too!

Alright then class.   Let’s start with “first things first”………………we had a TIE for FIRST COMMENTER on yesterday’s Teaser………………WHO?

Da Phenny

Oliver and Calvin


You each get one of these doo-dads!!

Now let me tell you WHO our Guest Teaser was yesterday.    It was sent in by the Mom of one of my good Cat Scouts friends.   Charles is my buddy and pal and his Mom is Miss Inge!    This is for you Miss Inge and Charles!     Thanks for the fab photo………….

For Inge Mallory for the Teaser photo of 4/18/17

Here’s the photo from yesterday again:

Isn’t this a fabulous looking place?   It’s a HOUSE…..that’s right.   It’s known as the “Mushroom House” (guess why!  hahaha) and it’s located in perinton, New York.   It’s been featured on many house/garden programs on TV and actually is CURRENTLY for sale.   Want more info on this amazing structure?    CLICK HERE    You can just google Mushroom House and a few sites will pop up that have details on the sale if you’re interested (tee hee).

Who wants to live in a bunch of mushrooms??? Not me!

Thank you for your commentary Sarge………..Ahem – where was I?   Oh yes.    Let’s talk about who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   It was my good friend Clowie!   That’s right – Clowie from Clowie’s Corner was the first to guess it correctly!    WAY TO GO GIRL!   This is for you:

AND a whole bunch more of you figured this one out so each of you who DID and guessed correctly will get this:

There are always a few who try valiantly to guess correctly but don’t QUITE make it and we did have some of THOSE today and you all get a little something too!

Everybody Happy???

OOPS…..well we can’t please everyone right Teddy?


There’s always next week ya’ll
So don’t get weepy and bawl
Dry your eyes and blow your noses
Whaddaya want – a dozen roses?
You just have to study HARDER
Don’t be a LATE STARTER!
I’ll be here again next week
Another cheer for you I’ll SHRIEK!


Assistant Prof Teddy and I will See You Then Class!

Hugs, Angel Professor Sammy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Double Bubble Thursday – TWO Posts in One!

First we celebrate Thankful Thursday with Brian at his blog HERE and this week I want to say that I continue to be thankful that my little brother Teddy is making my Mom and Dad so happy.


He’s a laugh a minute and smart as a whip – he talks CONSTANTLY and Mom and Dad get a big kick out of it…….GO TEDDY GO!    If you want to join in Brian’s “Thankful” Hop, click his badge and go – use the linky tool and hook your blog up!


NOW we tackle Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


Today we are writing poems that are about something beginning with the letter “K” !


“Krispy Kreme”

by Angel Sammy Kimmell 2-23-17

What a delicious dream

Is a donut from Krispy Kreme

Mom can’t just walk by them

She simply HAS to buy some!

At home she finds a spot

Where Dad thinks they are not

It is a sinful need

Perhaps it might be greed!

But she hoards them like a treasure

Tasty goodness such a pleasure!

When she eats one she gets a smile

When at last they are no more

She will travel back to the store

And begin all over again……..

With her TASTY, KRISPY sin !!


If you have written a poem today and would like to SHARE it – you can either put the link to your blog where your poem is located in MY comments so we can follow you and read it, OR you can even just post your poem in my comments here!   Either way – WRITE A POEM TODAY – you’ll have fun with it I bet!   We sure do……………

Thanks for stopping by for a little POETRY!


Oui Oui – it’s ME!  

Monsieur Angel Sammy


Friendly Fill-Ins Friday!



Time to “Fill-Er-Up” !!

Every Friday we join in the jointly hosted Friendly Fill-ins that are put together by McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing!    It’s a blog hop and each week they give us four sentences with blanks in them and we fill in the blanks!  Fun huh?   Well it is……..if you wanna join in the fun click the badge above and go to McGuffy’s and hook yourself up with the LINKY TOOL and fill-in!

This week’s sentences are below and my answers are in RED!

1. All my illnesses and arthritis (and it used to make me feel old but now I’m over the Bridge and young again!)makes me feel old.

2.Being an Angel and running free and floating on clouds makes me feel young.

3. I have  been looking for a kitty for my parents to adopt – the search goes on! .

4.  Being an Angel   is  really wonderful except I miss my Mom’s warm lap! .
There you have it!  Another filling in exercise completed.    I hope everyone is planning on having a super duper weekend – because it’s time to start thinking about that!   Everyone around my area here in Virginia is thinking about the Inauguration and the horrible traffic jams there will be EVERYWHERE.   We’re an hour PLUS away from town but it will be insane here too – trust me……traffic is getting worse and worse even out here!    No traffic problems at the Rainbow Bridge though.   Our clouds have automatic pilot and we just think where we want to be and WHAMMO we’re there.   I’m sure a lot of people wish they could do that when they have to commute to work………..thankfully my peeps are RETIRED!   No traffic to worry about.   As for me………..
 Wake me when it’s over purrrrlease!


See you tomorrow for Bacon Caturday!


Hugs, Angel Sammy

Bring on the Bacon!


It’s Been A Tough Week

(not really but it got your attention – right???)

It’s BACON day……..


I not only “has a happy” I has a brand new Bacon Meme that my buddy Toby from The Wrecking Crew  made for me!    Whatcha think?   I’ll add it to my growing collection of bacon memes from my friends…………..If you click on the Meme it will go to Toby’s blog (just in case you don’t know him – you can visit him!):


Toby and I are both ginger doods……He’s on the LEFT and I’m in my King of Baconia crown on the right! 

AND, I also received a photo from my Auntie Carol (my Mom’s sister) showing that her shih-Tzu Toby (yes another Toby!) is becoming a real bacon lover too…………he seems to be QUITE fascinated by the commercial on his TV!


Looks like the wonderfulness of bacon has made it’s way into my Cousin’s home in W. Virginia…………………….!




This is one of our favorite graphics......makes me giggle and proves there's no shortage here!

This is one of our favorite graphics……makes me giggle and proves there’s no shortage here!

The weekend is off to a roaring start – our temperature has dropped a bit and the humidity has come down a lot and we can BREATHE outside again (that THICK air is tough on an old guy like me!) – so yesterday I spent a lot of time on the front porch snoozing………..Today I plan on doing the same thing.

Mom! That's not ME - that's the sleeping cat sculpture!

Mom! That’s not ME – that’s the sleeping cat sculpture!

Silly Mom…………..this is me checking out a possible nap spot for today’s nap sessions on the porch………..

Maybe here?

Maybe here?

But right now, I think I’ll go back to the kitchen to see if my bacon is ready…………………Mom’s making those adorable bacon-pancake thingies – you remember the ones?


Hmm….on second thought maybe I should try one of those pancake thingies with bacon in it……………….could be good……………maybe with a tiny dab of maple syrup on it???   Yah I know I shouldn’t have sugar but a TINY DROP won’t hurt!!!!

Happy Saturday !!!!!!

Happy Saturday !!!!!!

Bonjour……..!  Monsieur Bacon Boy!


If you’re as CRAZY for bacon as I am – join my club!   This is our official badge!