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Shopping Around The World and Friday Fill-Ins


It’s Double Duty Friday!  

Today we will be doing Friendly Fill-Ins which is a fun hop co-hosted by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader AND Ellen of 15andMeowing……….THEN we will be adding to that post, our “SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD” which is hosted by our porcine friend Bacon at his blog PIGLOVE.

Fill-Ins are one of the coolest Hops we know of because it’s so much fun to learn things about each other simply by filling in the blanks in sentences that our co-hosts give us every week.   What’s easier than that?   Sometimes I get to fill in and sometimes Mom gets to fill in and sometimes we both do.   Wanna play along?  Click McGuffy’s badge above and fill in the LINKY tool to join us.

Here are the FOUR sentences – two from each co-host…………..and I’m letting my Mom fill them in this week!    Her “fill-ins” are in BLUE.

1. For Easter (or Passover), I hide Easter eggs inside the house for my husband to find – it’s a long-standing tradition!

2. My favorite Easter (or Passover) treat is chocolate – I can’t deny it!

3. Lately, the song “Something About You” by Level 42 – it’s an oldie but I heard it on the 80s’ station on the radio the other day and it is stuck in my head.

4. The A-Z Blogging Challenge is an annual event I’ve never participated in – I seem to just be too darn busy with other things but it’s fun to see what others do with the challenge.


Thanks Mom – I guess by “BUSY WITH OTHER THINGS” means ME right?   Oh well………

Now, onward to the next thing which is “SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD”……………..this one is cool because every month our host Bacon gives us a project to research and provide a recipe for – like it could be “favorite dessert” or “favorite sandwich” – then we give the recipe for whatever it is that we make and a list of all the ingredients which includes the PRICES we pay for stuff – what’s so great about that you ask?   WELL, it seems there’s a HUGE difference around the world in prices of food so it’s kind of fun to compare prices PLUS it’s neat to collect recipes!

This month Bacon wants to know what our favorite “GO TO” menu/dish is.   Something our Moms or Dads make that they might do when they need to make something yummy for company, or a favorite meal that’s easy to make when you can’t think of anything else – that kind of thing.   In my house that could be a number of things……but the very EASIEST “GO TO” around here is when Mom makes her Chili/Tamale casserole because it takes her about five minutes to make it.   HAHAHA


Ridiculously Easy (aka LAZY) Chili/Tamale Casserole with Cornbread Topping

Mom here – just wanted to say that I keep these ingredients in my pantry at all times because sometimes you just want to throw something together at the last minute or you don’t have TIME to cook all day or you just plain want to dump a bunch of stuff in a casserole dish and make it EASY on yourself!!

Preheat oven to 375 and have your “whatever size” casserole dish ready to pop in the oven after you put your ingredients together.  I have a nice 3 quart round ceramic casserole dish that I use but use whatever size you want and upsize or downsize the ingredients to fit your family.   It’s just the two of us here and my husband eats this stuff like there’s no tomorrow while I have one serving!


2 LARGE cans of chili – your choice of types – we prefer Hormel’s HOT chili with beans ($1.95 for 15 oz. can)

1 can Hormel Tamales in chili sauce ($1.59 for 15 oz. can)

1 package cornbread mix – I usually get Betty Crocker or Jiffy brand – these are the little packages that you just add sometimes an egg and milk to – EASY!   ($.99 on sale)


I layer my tamales (after you remove the paper wrapping!!!!) in the bottom of my casserole but some people put them on top and others in the middle.   Doesn’t matter.    The put the cans of chili on top.   Put casserole in the pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes or until it JUST starts to bubble a bit.   Make your cornbread mix and pull your casserole out of the oven long enough to dump the cornbread mix on top of the casserole spreading evenly – pop back in the oven and cook until cornbread is done (look on package of cornbread you’re using for how much time AND you might need to adjust the oven temp too for the cornbread!).    This is absolutely DIVINE.   Simple YES but delish too.   Scoop out servings of the whole thing and if you are a chili lover, I guarantee you’ll have SECONDS!

OK Teddy – the blog is all yours dear boy!!!!

Well Mom, I think we’re DONE for today so I’ll just sign off!   

HUGS, Teddy

Say- is that chili done yet? Smells good!



Monday Sparks!



Mondays are the start of a week – who knows what that week will bring our way – but it’s a day we can use as a “launching pad” for a week that’s POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.   It’s our choice.   If we face it with positivity who knows what we’re capable of – but we want to find out so we start it with a powerful SPARK.    This is the idea of Annie at McGuffy’s Reader who wants everyone to be the light in their OWN lives and everyone else’s by posting an inspirational/positive/uplifting message every Monday to share.    When we heard about it, we were immediately ON BOARD.    If you’d like to join in the SPARK PATROL (!), just click on her graphic above and go to her blog, enter your blog address and share your inspirational quote or thought…………. what a GREAT way to start out the week………………..!

Here’s our contribution for this Monday…………….

Oh boy is this ever true…………most of us talk about how difficult and complicated things are when if you stop and think about it, we start out each day with a clean slate – a new chance – why do we insist on loading ourselves up with “STUFF” that simply drags us back down?    Live simply and do the things you MUST do, but just say NO to the things that aren’t really NECESSARY to do that complicate your life.    OH YEAH…………COUNT US IN ON THAT ONE!

Have a SIMPLE day!

From Pam and Teddy too………..

HUGS are simple!

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Double Duty Thursday!

Thankful Thursday with Brian and

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with Angel Sam

First let’s talk about Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.    All of us who want to share what we’re thankful for join in and link up and talk about thankfulness.    Click on his badge above and you can use the Linky tool and hook up too!     Today I have to say I’m very thankful that I have a nice cool house to live in – why?  Because we’re having days close to the 100s and that means HOT HOT HOT.   Makes me think of all those animals who don’t have a nice cool home and access to fresh water.   It’s sad isn’t it.   Makes us realize how GOOD we have it.

The second part of today’s blog belongs to my brother Angel Sammy……………it was his idea to begin writing poetry and sharing it on Thursdays and drawing everyone into the “game” by going through the alphabet each Thursday and write a poem about something starting with a letter of the alphabet.    This past year we started our third time through the alphabet but with a twist – this time you can either write a poem about ANYTHING starting with that week’s letter OR use one of Angel Sammy’s “prompt” words!     This week we’re doing the letter “E” and his prompts for that letter are:

(1) Earth  (2) Evil  (3) Escape  (4) Empty

Angel Sammy transmitted via his wi-fi connection at the Bridge the following for today’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!     If you wrote a poem and would like to share it, you can tell us you did and give us your blog link in my comments  OR you could even write your poem in my comments and we’ll be able to read it here…….either way, it’s fun to try your hand at writing a poem.  We hope you give it a try!     Here’s what I got from Angel Sammy overnight:

Hello My Friends!

Today is Thursday and it’s time for me to share the poem I wrote honoring the letter “E” as we upsh our way through the alphabet yet again!    I decided to use one of my prompt words – which one?  Well I chose the word EMPTY!

“E” is for “Empty”

by Angel Sammy Kimmell, July 12, 2017

Empty means there’s nothing there

It’s gone, it’s finished, nothing to spare

There’s empty words, empty brains (!) and empty hearts

Empty gas tanks, food bowls, and grocery carts!

NEVER empty was the cat food shelf in our kitchen

Even though brands of food I was constantly switching!

Empty means nothing there and that was NOT me

I lived my life on FULL and happy as could be

And that’s what I wish for you, that you’re FULL of love like me. 


Before I go, let me give you NEXT week’s prompt words – remember you don’t have to use one of these words – you can write a poem about ANYTHING starting with the letter “F” OK?    My suggested prompts are:

(1)  Feast  (2) Frog  (3)  Frosty  (4) Family

Be Happy!   Hugs, Angel Sammy

Thank you Angel Sammy………….I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with for next week…………AND now I think I’ll see if anyone has left a poem in our comments today OR a link to their poem on their own blog!!!!

But first a need a nap……tee hee………Love, Teddy



Thanks Angel Sammy for sending me this poem – I’ve printed it out and tacked it up above my bed to remind me to never get EMPTY and to always stay FULL!!

Now if you’d like to know what

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


Let’s Do This!

Here we are again – arriving at a Friday which means Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop!   This one is co-hosted by 15andmeowing AND McguffysReader.    If you click the badge above you will go to McGuffy’s and you can use the LINKY tool to enter your blog post link and have some fun with us!

Here are the questions for today – two from each of our hosts!    Mom gets the honor today – these are mostly “peopleized” questions so she’s the STAR today and her fill-ins are in RED.

1. A recurring dream I have is that I’m back in school (not sure if grade school or high school) and can’t remember WHERE my next class is!

2. Turn a rainy day into a day to catch up on reading or napping or getting in touch with old friends.

3. My small spot of poison ivy is driving me crazy!

4. Lately, I have been making more “light” meals because it’s been so hot .

Thanks Mom!    I have to say that it’s PROBABLY  my fault you got poison ivy – you’re always picking me up out in the yard when it’s time to come back inside on our walks and often I’ve been digging around in the leaves/greenery out there!    Sorry about that……..
I’ve been hearing some rumors that Mom is going to desert me on Monday to visit her sister – my Auntie Carol and her two pups.   One of her pups is Casey, and he’s just a baby – and quite small – and he’s able to get through the deck railings on Auntie Carol’s front deck which is where he and his brother Toby play!    Not good – he will run run run run like a crazy boy if he gets loose.   So Auntie Carol put one of those “blow up” collars on him like we have to wear after we’ve had a little “surgery” at the V.E.T./Stabby place.    It works perfectly – he can’t get through the rails!   Smart huh?
Sorry Casey Dood but you’re not gonna be escaping again with THAT thing on!!!    Casey is an “Imperial Shih Tzu” which is a SMALL sized Shih Tzu…….his brother Toby is the black/white Shih Tzu behind him.   Casey was almost BLACK until he had his first puppy cut – now he’s kind of taupe/gold/gray!    Mom will get to see him Monday.
Tomorrow is Bacon Caturday………….hope you’re ready for that…………..I know I sure am………………..so is Angel Sammy – he still visits me every single night when I’m asleep teaching me things and telling me things to help me.    I wish he was HERE for real but it’s not so bad having an Angel On My Shoulder either…….!!!


Love, Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Double-Up Blog Day!

We celebrate Thankful Thursdays with Brian AND we also have Angel Sammy writing us a poem for the letter of the alphabet we’ve worked up to which this week is the letter “X” !!   First up is celebrating what we’re thankful for with Brian and you can do that too if you’d like to joint his hop – just click on the badge below to be transported to his blog where you can use the LINKY tool to put your blog link in.   We can then all visit each other!   Yet another thing to be thankful for – Brian hosting this blog!

Click badge to visit Brian!

This has been a very thankful week…..we’ve complained a lot but “secretly” been thankful for all the rain we’ve been getting – no bad storms – just a lot of WET.   That’s making this a gloriously green and flower-full Spring and we’ve thankful for that.   Some Springs have been dry as a Fall leaf and the lawn and trees have suffered but not this year.   It’s my first year with a yard so I’m appreciating it.  Angel Sammy told me that grass is delicious and I took his word for it and tried it and YUM.    My Mom is thankful that when she was getting handfuls of mulch out of the wheelbarrow as she and Dad planted some foxgloves that the SNAKE she almost picked up with the mulch was SMALL and somewhat disoriented so it didn’t bite her.    It was just a juvenile black snake but for Mom – they’re all boa constrictors or giant pythons.   She screamed and refused to touch the wheelbarrow!   Poor Mom.

Now let’s move on to Angel Sammy’s favorite “during the week” post which is his own “Thoroughly Poetic Thursday”.     He is at the Bridge but he’s still writing poetry AND giving me poetry lessons in my sleep.   Maybe one of these days I’ll give it a whirl, but until then, shall we see what he came up with this week for “X”??

Greetings friends from the Rainbow Bridge!    Coming up with an X poem was tough…..but I did it……at least I think I did!    Also, just a word about “WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO AFTER WE GET TO Z????”.     I know there haven’t really been a whole lot of you who have participated in writing a poem on Thursdays the two times we’ve gone through the alphabet BUT those who have, have had a lot of fun with it.   Just like I have.   Just like Teddy has AND even Old Mom who used to write a whole lot of poetry in “the old days” (tee hee).    Anyway, I’m going to leave it up to you all what we do from here!    I polled you in October last year and at that time you wanted to do the alphabet AGAIN.   I’m doing the poll AGAIN just to be sure and leave you a space to present your own idea – and we’ll be ready to do SOMETHING when we get to Z in a couple of weeks OK?   OK.   Take a minute to do the poll – I’ll sure appreciate it!   My poem for today is right after the poll.


“X Marks the Spot”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell, 5/24/17

When I was still with you

I never had my doubts

You knew how to make me happy

I never had to ask and I never had to pout!

X marked the spot where my heart beat full of love

X-actly what it STILL does as I rest here up above.

X is where my tummy is, you loved to stroke my fur

X-actly the spot you’d pet and make me do a giant purr!

X is the empty place at home where I wish that I could be

X-actly the spot Teddy occupies now that my wings have set me free.

X will mark the place where I will be waiting for you one day

X-actly the way it should be though I had to go away.

I will shine down my love for all of you – look for me on my cloud……

Love is truly FELT, and not always said out loud.

Angel Sammy

Thank you dear brother……………!   My friends, please remember to answer the poll.    Never worry that your poetry “won’t be good enough” or that you “can’t write a poem” because inside all of us is a place – sometimes hidden – where we THINK poems all the time.   Let it fly free.    I’m learning that sometimes you can say something in a poem you wouldn’t otherwise say.   If you wrote a poem today on your blog, please put your blog link in my comments and we’ll visit you to read it!    OR, if you’d rather, you can write your poem in my comments and share it that way.

Until next week – where we’ll be thankful together AND write a poem too!!

Mommy helped me to a somersault JUST FOR YOU!

Love, Teddy

Love, Ze Poet Monsieur Angel Sammy!

Magic Bacon Time


It’s good to be King…..


I keep my nose tuned in even when I’m sound asleep – you never know when Mom is gonna be inspired to whip up a batch of bacon but I can COUNT on it every Saturday………………..


Yes Master Yoda…so do I !!


Here I am Mom……waiting in front of the TV (don’t want to miss Saturday cartoons) for my breakfast. 

MY share.....hee hee

Say – that looks about right – you can hold the eggs……not necessary – they’ll just take up room on the plate.


ALWAYS remember to thank the cook………..ALWAYS!


At ease Bacon Soldiers….no need to stand at attention…..leftover bacon is on the way!

May the Bacon Fairy Land In your Kitchen Today!


Happy Saturday!!!

SamPortraitWith Mom

The King and the Cook!

P.S.    You know, we don’t talk about it much but with Christmas coming I’m gonna give my Mom’s mystery novel a PLUG!   Many of you have read it – it’s available in paperback AND Kindle (for cheap)!    Just thought I’d MENTION that!   Click here for Amazon

Thanks for letting me toot Mom’s horn because she wouldn’t do it otherwise!!!  


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings and Salutations

Poetry Lovers


Here we are ready to celebrate the wonderfulness of yet another letter of our alphabet…………the letter “J” !    I agonized about this one all week………”J” is a swell letter of course but just not one that conjures up a long list of possibilities for me.

So here’s what I finally settled, on and I do hope you enjoy reading it…………………also, remember if you feel inclined to pawticipate in my Poetry Day, just post your own on your blog and you can post your link to it here in my comments if you like – – – OR you can even write your poem IN comments here and everyone will get to see it!   We can show the world we have a CREATIVE side and we are not just a bunch of PRETTY FACES right?  RIGHT!


By Sammy Kimmell, August 17, 2016

If I was a tiger I’d probably be a “wuss”

I could never bring myself to be a nasty, mean old puss

If I was a leopard I’d be spotted and so sleek

But when I opened up my mouth I’m sure that I’d just squeak!

If I was a panther I’d be a real black beauty

But my golden eyes would wink hello and I’d still be a cutie!

If I was a lion with mane all wild and free

I might be fierce and fast and big

But inside I’d still be ME!

When I was writing this one I kept thinking – “hey – all the BIG CATS are my cousins and I could easily have been one of the big guys in the jungle!”……..but these days, jungles are scary places for the big cats – even with laws to protect them, they are hunted and killed for their beautiful skin or to be someone’s trophy – or even worse, caught/captured and kept as a pet or stuck in a zoo or carnival never to be free – truly free again.    I’m lucky because I’m a cat with all the wonderful “cat ideas” and thoughts and traits but I’m SAFE in a home where I’m loved – captive?  No…..not captive – I’m where I want to be and I’m safe from predators and anyone who might want to hurt me just because I’m a cat.  

I’m Lucky and I’m Happy – Are You?


Now excuse me while I go pretend I’m a jungle cat….

I’m sure there’s an ankle that needs biting around here somewhere! 

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.  Next week is “K”…….eeeeeek!

Christmas Fun


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas………everywhere you go (oops…..this sounds like a song doesn’t it?!).    My little town of Warrenton puts on a great display down Main Street (all eight blocks of it) with little white lights in EVERY SINGLE store window – greenery around all the street lamps, and lots of window displays including some animations.

Here at my house, we have everything DONE inside and out.   My negligent Mom has still not gone outside at night to take photos of my outside lights but maybe I can get her to do that tonight.  Maybe.

Meanwhile I’m collecting a whole lot of Christmas cards of both type – ecards and “paper” cards – and my Mom and Dad only have a couple but I’m RAKING THEM IN!!!!    I’ve also had some surprise boxes arrive for ME from Scout friends – there are so many kind people in this world……..Mom won’t let me open a SINGLE thing until Christmas morning though.  HUMBUG MOM!

Here are just SOME of the ecards cards I’ve received!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have more – I have cards in abundance – and I’m thrilled about each and every single one of them – I thank everyone from the bottom of my old furry heart!

If you don’t have one from ME, forgive my oversight!   I’ve posted it before but am posting it again because it’s from ME to ALL of you with love……………………….forever.


Holiday Hugs, Sammy


The Bacon Has Landed!

My prayers were answered.....Dad came thru!

My prayers were answered…..Dad came thru!

Dad - you're a PAL!

Dad – you’re a PAL!

Morning Everybody!   Good Old Dad hasn’t let me down………….even though Mom isn’t here to  keep an eye on him (or me tee hee), he made bacon for me this morning like the Trooper that he is!   YAY DAD!



Don’t tell Dad but Mom actually counted the strips of bacon in the refrigerator so she’d know if he made bacon this morning – she’ll be home later today and you an bet she’ll be checking in the refrigerator to MAKE SURE Dad cooked it – two strips gone means I didn’t get mine – three strips gone means WOO HOO and Dad had his and I got mine too!


I suppose some of you sneaky cats out there think that I should tell Mom when she gets home later that Dad did NOT cook bacon for me – that he was a piggy and cooked THREE STRIPS OF BACON for himself!!!!  (then I’d of course look desperately pitiful and squeeze some kitty tears out of my eyes as I looked at Mom)………..maybe she’d make more bacon????????

No I won’t take advantage………..I’ll just be happy Mom is back.  That’s the MAIN THING………………


Don’t be afraid to proclaim yourself a member of the tastiest club on the planet!!!!

Love, The Baconator



Hello Friends!!

In the last several days three of my blog friends have nominated me to do the “Eight Photos of Happiness” blog tag  and today (now that Teaser is over with!) I’m happy to do that post.   There are so many things that make me happy this should be easy peasy right?

This blog idea was created by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet and it’s really a sweet “tag” as I’ve had fun seeing everyone else’s posts since it started going around.

First of all here are the three friends who nominated me:

Wag-n-Woof Pet


Clowie’s Corner


The rules for this tag are:

Thank the nominator and link to them (done – in fact all three of them!)

Link the creator (Ariel – done)

Post eight photos – the photos can be anything that represents  a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy AND a brief description why you chose it

Spread the “HAPPINESS” by nominating up to ten other blogs!

My 8 “Happy” Photos


This makes me super happy – this is my Super Sam drawing that Nellie (Cat From Hell) and her Mom Miss Barb made for ME.  Why does this make me happy?  Because I’ve been a BIG FAN of Nellie’s “Finish the Sentence” game ever since she started but until YESTERDAY, Randomizer had never landed on MY NAME!   My  sentence had been “If I were a Super Hero I would…….(and I said I’d like to wear a SUPER SAM cape!)   THANK YOU NELLIE AND MISS BARB – you made me HAPPY!

Sam Portrait  With Mom

My Mom – my best friend – she does everything she can to make me happy and moments like this really DO the trick!

I believe I'll have a little walkabout!

I believe I’ll have a little walkabout!

Being allowed to go outside with my Mom or Dad makes me happy….I love to eat grass….smell things in the breeze….watch cars go by……


It’s a little thing BUT it makes me VERY happy – TISSUE PAPER!

Sam Sunny Library

Napping in the sun makes me HAPPY!


My Mom says she'll share her recliner AND her Mother's Day with ME!!!!!!

Napping next to my Mom makes me HAPPY!

Early morning bird watching

Watching squirrels and birds from my perch makes me HAPPY!


My favorite treat – BACON – makes me HAPPY!

There are my eight “HAPPY” photos.  I could have shown a ton more because so many things make me happy including balogging, Cat Scouts, all my wonderful friends and most of all what makes me happy is that I’ve been here on earth for almost SIXTEEN YEARS…………….THAT REALLY MAKES ME HAPPY!

As for who to nominate – so many of you already have done this “Tag” post that I will leave it up to you ALL to decide if you’d like to share your “HAPPY” or not – if you would, please follow the rules and have fun with it.    I sure did!

LOVE AND HUGS (Happy ones!)

Oh yes.......I am one happy boy.

Oh yes…….I am one happy boy.