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Fearless Friday


It’s FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!!!!  The best thing is that I have no more introoders on the calendar until – well – who knows when?!   Yesterday the drapery measuring/making lady came in the afternoon so that was my “disruption” for the day but the reason my post is titled “Fearless” is because that’s what I was………….my Mom about had a fit when right in the middle of talking to the lady I appeared!!   That’s right – you heard it here first – I came out of my hidey hole and right out where everyone could see me – I stared down the lady – stood right there while she said stuff like “oh he’s gorgeous!!!” and “he’s got such beautiful coloring!” and last but not least “oh he’s got extra toes on his paws!”……………..Mom and Dad just smiled……….there I was……….brave and bold……….allowing a stranger to see me.   A relatively unheard of thing in my 14 years believe me.

Yes, decorator lady, I AM gorgeous....especially stretched out on my tissue!

Yes, decorator lady, I AM gorgeous….especially stretched out on my tissue!

I’ve let a couple of people SEE me but not many………that’s right – a house full of cat stuff including mounds of toys and piles of treats and tissue paper around but “where’s the cat??” – that’s what everyone who comes here wants to know!!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Piles of cat toys is a dead giveaway that there’s a cat in residence!!

I’m nowhere to be seen……………….but I came out for the lady yesterday and Mom and Dad are proud as punch!

I realize that’s no big deal for most of my cat friends – you aren’t a scaredy cat like me – but it’s worth bragging about as far as I’m concerned.

little happy facelittle happy facelittle happy face

I have to admit, that today I’m definitely going to catch up on my “Z’s” though……………….so much excitement around my house – power washing, decorator ladies, well I’m ready for rest……….after the cleaning monster machine gets put away Mom promised me NO DISTURBANCES for the whole rest of today.

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


It may be FEARLESS Friday but it will also be SLEEPING Friday!

Have a super day!




Sam’s Aunt Carol

Today I’m getting a visitor!  One of my favorite visitors….my Mom’s sister, Aunt Carol is stopping by on her way home from visiting her daughter in Richmond.  Aunt Carol is one of the only humans other than my Mom and Dad who I’ve allowed to see me and who I’ve played with.  I guess I just can tell she’s an animal lover and she speaks softly and doesn’t scare me like most other humans.  See, normally when the doorbell rings or I hear a strange voice in the house, I go hide in my “safe place” which is in the basement.  I’ll come back out and be my usual crazy self when I sense danger is gone.  Well, when Aunt Carol first came here I was just a baby – and she came down to my safe place and found my hiding spot and coaxed me out and talked to me…..I could tell from her voice she was “safe”…..so from that day I trusted her and I’ll come play with her on the stairs (our game is hide and seek!) when she visits us. 
Mom says it’s a big joke with people when she tells them about me – everyone calls me the invisible cat because they know I’m “around” but never see me!  Not with my Aunt Carol…..she KNOWS I’m real because she’s SEEN me…………..up close and personal. 
So she will be here around noon.  She and Mom are going out to lunch together so I guess I’ll just have to wait until its my turn to play with her.  Sigh….I guess I can’t ALWAYS be #1 around here!