Pre-Tease Monday


Yes it sure is!!   Welcome to class kids!

Today is the day we spend in class getting READY for the Teaser photo which will pop up tomorrow.   As of this moment in time, I don’t know if it will be a GUEST TEASER or a MOM TEASER so hang onto your hats – it could be anything.    One thing is FOR SURE though – you won’t know when the post will appear in your inbox.   It will come at a SURPRISE time.   Be alert.

The first person who comments on tomorrow’s blog is a winner – easy – they will get a special FIRST COMMENTER badge to show off to the universe!

Then of course it’s up to all of you to figure out WHERE the Teaser photo was taken and you already know that you have to guess the right TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the right STATE or COUNTRY depending on whether it’s in the USA or not!   SO, today is STUDY DAY………….it’s also “pump you up” day because our Teaser Cheerleader Suzie usually gives all of you some INSPIRATION with one of her famous (infamous?) cheers.    Suzie?  Are you ready?

Of course I’m ready
I’m always steady
I’ll shake my booty
And shout “ROOTY TOOTY”!
Last week we had an easy teaser
Lots of badges awarded – a real crowd pleaser!
This week might be a bit more rough
So buckle up – this might be tough
Study up tonight no parties allowed
Tomorrow let’s have an AWAKE class crowd!

Thanks Suzie – I’m sure everyone feels inspired now to show up tomorrow with their BRAIN batteries charged and ready to go!

Uhoh…….batteries overcharged maybe?

SO, we Professors will see you here bright and early or medium early or late early or WHENEVER the post goes live.    Sarge will be at the door to welcome you tomorrow!

Welcome you little rugrats!

Not sure if Miss Dingleberry has food plans for tomorrow but there’s always hope that she will come through again with some exciting goodie or another!    Meanwhile, class is DISMISSED for recess!



Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted

Bacon’s Shopping Around The World!


Huh?  Doesn’t Bacon Do “Shopping” ??

The answer is YES he normally does but he and his Mom are up to their eyebrows (do pigs have eyebrows???) for the next couple of months and WE are going to take care of “Shopping Around The World” for them for August and September!

This is your “EARLY” notice that this month’s “Shopping” post will be on August 31st – that’s right – the end of the month of August AND for this month we’re going to do:

Favorite Snacks!

Yep – we all sit in front of the tube and watch movies or just some mindless TV from time to time right?   Microwave some popcorn or SOMETHING to nibble on………….but do you ever make something kind of different?   Plate full of delish cheeses or some kind of chips and dip combo or maybe some yummy spreadable on toast?   Oh sure you do!   Well, share your favorite snack recipe with us this month.   GIVE IT UP – share and share alike.    All you have to do is tell us what your favorite snackable is, how do you make it, what do the items that go into the recipe cost and show us a photo of your final masterpiece.   Then LINK to our pal Bacon’s PIGLOVE blog and that’s that!   Easy Peasy!    It’s fun to see what stuff costs in different places in the world……AND we get some cool recipes out of reading everyone’s posts too…………….FUN…………………….

I’ll remind you a week before but put it on your calendar NOW while you’re thinking about it……………..favorite snack for this month’s Shopping Around The World post.

Let’s SNACK!   

Love, Teddy


Hopping With Sunday Selfies!


Time for Selfies!

We join Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head every Sunday as they and we hop around the blogosphere showing off our cute selves to the universe.    My Mom always gets artsy on Sunday with my Selfie portrait and this is no exception this week………….She used Lunapic to color me up THEN she added a GINGER frame with Pizap and last but not least remembered to cover up my PERSONAL PARTS with a nice daisy!


Now if you’d like to join in the fun, just click on The Cat on My Head’s badge below – head on over there, use the EASY PEASY LINKY TOOL, and put your blog link in then visit everybody to see their selfie photos!    Nice way to spend a Sunday right?

Hugs, Teddy



Good Morning Faithful Baconians!

It’s our favorite day of the week here in Baconia and I hope you too look forward to this day in your weekly schedule.    We gather together and rejoice at the JOYS OF BACON!   What’s better than that?   Well maybe a few things like catnip, etc. but we won’t get into that – we’re here to have BACON!

Firstly I want to thank my good friend Cat Scout Charles and his Mom Miss Inge for the FABULOUS card they sent to me and my Mom……………how’s this for totally cool???????

That’s obviously a replica of ME holding up the card – – – after all – – this time of day my eyes not very sparkly – at least until I’ve had my bacon – then they SHINE LIKE CRAZY!   HAHA

Thank You!!!

Now shall we have a bit of bacon to start things off???

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That ought to get those juices flowing fellow Baconians……………….take your pick……………should make your day much better and keep a smile on your face!!!!

Yep – that’s the smile I’m talking about!

May the bacon fairy visit you this morning and bring you EXTRA servings of the most PERFECT of PERFECTIONS – bacon……………..I’m hoping for double portions myself.   Mom?   Whatcha say????

Mommy helped me to a somersault JUST FOR YOU!

Have a fabulous Saturday!!!!   I know that I will!

Love, Your KING!!!!!


Friendly Fill-Ins


Let’s Fill-In….Shall We?

Friday is “filling in” blog hop day.    It’s a fun Hop co-hosted by McGuffy’s Reader AND 15andMeowing.    If you click the badge above you will be whisked away to McGuffy’s where you can use Annie’s LINKY tool and join up to play along with us!

I let my Mom do this week’s filling in……………..just kind of seemed like SHE’D have an easier time with these particular sentences than I would so LET ‘ER RIP MOMMY!    Her fill-in words are in BABY BLUE………..


1. Meetings used to drive me crazy when I worked – people would be late, people wouldn’t show up, people would sit like lumps and not contribute – I do NOT miss meetings now that I’m retired!

2. Rules should be treated like “guidelines” – not necessarily cast in stone – sometimes there’s a BETTER way than the rule dictates!.

3. The best time to take a vacation is in the Fall – we have ALWAYS taken vacations in the Fall, after school starts and there are no crowds ANYWHERE!.

4. I have learned that there are no guarantees in life – don’t take a thing for granted – ever.


Gosh Mom – so serious!   Maybe I should tell a joke now so everyone can SMILE again…………..hahahaha……………just kidding.   Thank you for being the filler-inner this week!    Hope everyone has a HAPPY FRIDAY…………….remember how Sammy used to complain about Friday being “cleaning day” here at the house?   Well, it still is, but unlike Sammy I don’t run and hide – I WATCH.   I find it fascinating to see my Mom and Dad in this big flurry of activity straightening, vacuuming, dusting, and the best part about it?   When they’re finished I can drag all my toys back out of my box and make a big mess and watch them all over again!   Tee Hee………….

Hurry up Mom…………I’m waiting for you to finish so I can take a nap in my torn up old red cube!!

Love, Teddy (aka Butter Bean)*

*Butter Bean is my new nickname thanks to my Dad.   When I went to the vet for follow-up blood work I found out I now weigh 15.30 lbs.   That’s up a whole pound since June.   My vet says I’m NOT FAT – I’m “big boned”………my vet is my best buddy now!  

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Two For The Price Of One Day!

Thankful Thursday AND Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

First up – Thankful Thursday Blog Hop with our good friend Brian.   THANK YOU for hosting this weekly event Brian – gives us all a chance to say out loud what we think in our hearts every day – that we are indeed thankful.    I’m thankful today that I will have my big brother Angel Sammy with me in spirit starting this Sunday when I begin a whole week at “Cat Scouts Summer Camp” !    We have activities every single day of the week until the following Sunday – I’m nervous since this is my first BIG Scouts event.   Angel Sammy has promised to be “on my shoulder” – it will be the first big event there he’s missed since he became an Angel.

The second part of today’s post is in fact FROM Angel Sammy – he transmitted his “Thoroughly Poetic Thursday” post to me via email from his Rainbow Bridge Laptop last night…………… it is!

Hello Friends!  Time for some poetry!

I’m so happy that I can continue to do these fun poetry challenges with all of you every week – we really do have excellent w-fi up here at the Rainbow Bridge…………and I write my poem in my spare time up here – usually right before I float away to dream land on my cloud at night!    We are working our way through the alphabet for the third time since I started Poetic Thursdays and this week the letter was the letter “H”.   Your poem needed to be about ANYTHING that starts with the letter “H” or you could use one or more of the prompt words that I give you each week.  

The “H” prompts I gave you last week were:

(1) Happy (2) Hobby (3) Heart (4) Home

I decided to write my poem for today using one of the prompt words – HOBBY!


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 8/3/17

When I was earthbound I loved to play

A made up game for every day

Hide and seek was one of my best

But in summer one hobby was better than the rest!

Butterfly tag was my specialty you see

I loved the challenge and I think they loved me!

They’d fly in range then suddenly UP and AWAY

I’m sure they knew if they were close they would pay!

When I was young I could leap way up high

Those butterflies flew right up to the sky

They were quite smart and played my game

When I got old though it just wasn’t the same

I never ever hurt them, I’d catch then let go

After all, watching them was the very best show.

Old age took away my ability to leap

But my love of the butterflies I could certainly keep.

One of nature’s beauties, delicate and light

Who knew I’d one day be like them and capable of flight!!


Here are some photos of me waiting UNDER our butterfly bush for those butterflies to visit – they always did – but they didn’t know I was hiding and WAITING – like a shark!   Tee Hee

Guess I’ll wait for more to arrive!

Hey there’s only one butterfly!!

Here we are !

Remember if you want to pawticipate in my poetry fun every week PLEASE DO.   Remember poems don’t have to rhyme to be poetry…………..any form will work…….you can put your poem in my comments here OR put your blog link in my comments so we can visit you and read your FABULOUS poetry.    

Next week we will do poems about things starting with the letter “I”………………….anything starting with that letter works OR you can use one or more of these prompt words if you want to!

(1) Imagine  (2) Idiot  (3) Iron  (4) Icky

So until next Thursday, I encourage you to give poetry a try……………’s fun……………HONEST!   

Bon Chance Mon Amis!  

Poet Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy!   And thanks to all of you for tuning in on double post Thursday!    See you tomorrow for Friendly Fill-In Friday………..and who knows what else…………it’s always something around here!


Love, Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Tell It Like It Is!

Hello Class!   First may I say that you all did VERY WELL yesterday………..many of you proved that you studied Monday night and came to class purrrrrpared to use your eyeballs and brains examining the Teaser photo.    You were READY too when we went live although it was TWO WHOLE MINUTES before we got our First Commenter(s)…………………(S)????  YEs – more than one clocked in during the same 60 period – wanna know who?????

Calvin and Oliver and Miss Csilla of Kolytyi

DOUBLE WINNERS!    Each of you gets one of these cutie badges!!

For Teaser of August 1, 2017 !

Also, before we go any further, Miss Dingleberry said to thank you for being exceptionally neat and clean with all that oooooey goooooey ketchup and mustard and relish stuff on your hot dogs yesterday.   There was only one “accident” and that was SOMEONE spilled ketchup on the slide and for one horrible second we thought someone had sliced open their leg and it was bleeding!   Whew!    We got the Ding Dong School duty doctor there quick just in case but the guilty student had ketchup all over their t-shirt so he was EASY TO SPOT and we knew he was alright.

Dr. Strangelove

Now – let’s talk Teaser photo………………our Guest Teaser was one of our bestest buds – the peeps at Friends Furever!    They have been having a very scary time these past weeks with “Daddy Bill” – he’s been in the hospital and has been very sick.    Mom Sharon and our pals Raz and Allie have been hoping he will get better so he can come home.   Before I award them their Guest Teaser badge, I’m putting the following badge up which links to their blog – if you haven’t done so, please stop by and give them some encouraging words – when someone you love is in the hospital, it’s worrisome to say the least!    Thanks my friends.

Just click the badge to visit them!

AND – here is your GUEST TEASER badge – thanks for the super duper photo which we will show you again before we tell all of you Teaser Fans WHERE it was taken!

For Sharon, Raz and Allie at Friends Furever for Teaser of 8/1/2017

The blacked out name on the hotel is “JEROME” and this is the rather famous – and HAUNTED – Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona, USA!    Here is the hotel’s link – they have a ghost tour but if you REALLY want to get spooked out, google this hotel and watch some of the videos people have made…….this building had a life as a hospital before it was a hotel and the halls and rooms are haunted……………..!!!


SO……………………………………….WHO was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday???????

Miss Annie of McGuffy’s Reader!

This is for you!!

For McGuffy’s Reader for Teaser of 8/1/17

There were a whole bunch of peeps and students who knew what hotel this was and where it was located and each of you who were RIGHT, get one of these!

For Teaser of 8/1/2017

If you guessed but were WRONG………..please help yourself to one of these little gems – our world famous GREENIES!

For Teaser of 8/1/17

What a fun Teaser that was too……………..My Mom and Dad stayed in a haunted hotel once – not this one but one here in Virginia!    The Wayside Inn – a very old coach stop in the 1700s is reputedly haunted and was even in a PBS special about haunted hotels.     It’s a beautiful spot and Mom and Dad often eat there when passing through Middletown, Virginia – but they have only stayed there once.   Did they see any ghosts?   No, but the owner at the time told them all about the ghost who haunts the kitchen, the one who haunts a certain room in the hotel, and the “maid” who is heard to clomp up and down the stairs all the time.

Our newest feature on the Tell All post is our little bouncy, fluffy, adorable, occasionally grumpy Cheerleader Miss SuzieQ who will present her congratulatory cheer then CLASS IS DISMISSED!

We had TWO first commenters this time!
I hope I can make their names rhyme!
Csilla and Oliver and Calvin
(what the heck rhymes with Calvin?)
OK so I blew that verse
I hope this one isn’t worse
Our First Right Guesser was Annie
Her guessing was uncanny!
The photo was from Friends Furever
Guessing where was a HUGE endeavor.
Our class was full of smarties
Now let’s go out and party!

Thanks as usual Suzie………you certainly got everyone pumped up for recess!

That’s All Folks!   

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Teaser Tuesday


Class Is Starting!

Good morning Class!    Are you ready?   Well before we get started remember to COMMENT ON THIS POST so you might be lucky enough to be FIRST to comment and win this!

THEN, when you get back, please take your seat at your desk and do not put your head down for a quick nap because we’re starting RIGHT UP with our Teaser today.

A reminder that in order to win a badge with a guess today, you must have TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE right as well as the STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) right.   The whole thing……….got it?   OK.    Here’s what you might win if you’re on the ball:




So now that you all know what the DEAL is today, and before I show you today’s FABULOUS GUEST TEASER photograph, would you like a little CHEERING up from our ever cheerful (mostly) Teaser Cheerleader Miss SuzieQ???????

Cockle Doodle Doooo
How the heck are you?
Ready to yell and compete?
Make your school day complete?
ALRIGHT then let’s get going
Your geography brain will be showing
Study hard and figure it out
Your name in my cheer I will shout!
So come on and surprise our Professor

That was a good one Suzie………….don’t you all think so???

Let’s bring our fabulous TEASER BODYGUARD in with the silver briefcase that holds the photo for today – it’s been well guarded so there will be no cheating/peeking until this very moment!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!


While you agonize over the photo so you can make a guess………………Miss Dingleberry has quietly brought her kitchen crew in and they have set up in the back of the classroom today a HOT DOG STAND!    That’s right – help yourselves to a hot dog with fixins and take it with you out to the playground for recess!    Remember to put your paper plates and napkins in the garbage can out there or else Sarge will be UPSET…..and we don’t want that right??????


Assistant Prof Teddy and I will see you all tomorrow!

We’ll find out who wins what!  GOOD LUCK!

The Profs!

Shopping Around The World


NO!  This is NOT the Teaser post – – – it’s coming – – – soon!

It’s Shopping Around The World with Bacon

It’s that time of the month…………..where we share recipes for something YUMMY and talk about how much it cost to MAKE the recipe so we can compare prices!   We also get some pretty fantabulous new recipes to try out from all over the world so it’s tons of fun.

This month’s “project” was to find something yummy that our humans make for these hot summer days……something maybe to take the edge off the heat or some “light” eating maybe.   Well my Mom says nothing speaks “light” eating like a cool salad and one of her most favorites is an ENDIVE SALAD.

Endive Salad with Blue Cheese and Walnuts
Serves 2 to 3 as an appetizer

1/2 cup walnuts (or pecans)    (Price for 2-1/4 oz. package $3.99)
2 tablespoons olive oil (we have on hand ALWAYS)
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar  (Price for 12 oz. bottle $2.99)
salt, freshly ground pepper to taste  (we have on hand ALWAYS)
2 [or 3] largish heads Belgian endive   (Price for ONE endive seventy-five cents)
1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese  (Price for 4 oz. package $3.99)

There are a billion recipes out there for all kinds of combinations – you can add apples, or pears, or pomegranates or all manner of fruit……………..but the one above is my Mom’s favorite.

After you arrange your endive on the plate, sprinkle the blue cheese (or gorgonzola if you prefer) on top, add chopped nuts, then combine the oliver oil, balsamic and pepper together and drizzle over top.  EASY PEASY but yummy.

That’s Mom’s favorite summer meal………….she makes quite a LARGE portion for herself but so what – it’s SUMMER!   HAVE FUN right?


My favorite Summer Salad is eating grass but sometimes that’s hard to find outside in our yard……………we have a huge yard but our grass is sad.   We’re working on it though – then I can have an endless all you can eat salad for myself!

We linked up to our SHOPPING host using his blog badge above – to visit Bacon, pop on over by clicking the badge!

Love, Teddy


Pre-Teaser Monday


Good Morning!

Yep – it sure is.   Time to prepare for tomorrow’s BIG TEST – will you know it or not?   Time will tell………………….first off let me say we have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow.   A photo from someone who enjoys trying to come up with a stumper for this class as much as WE do.    When you get here tomorrow, remember, first thing is to COMMENT!    If you’re first to comment you get a badge – simple as that!

THEN, we will show you the photo and you’ll have a chance to study it and figure out what town/city/village AND what state (if USA) or country (if not in the USA) the picture was taken in!   Got it?   Easy?  Well, maybe not…….after all, last week we fooled everyone!    Let’s see what happens this week shall we?

We’re ALL gonna study Professor Sammy – HONEST!

I thought you might appreciate hearing from Suzie today just to get you primed and ready for tomorrow…………of course sometimes she gets people TOO primed but let’s see what kind of mood she is in today!

Study buddies workin’ hard
Learning stuff, not playing cards!
Reading books not playing games…..
We wanna WIN
Not hang our heads in shame!
Up all night we’re learning quicker
Staying away from Daddy’s liquor!
Tuesday morning bright and early
In a good mood and NEVER surly
Just be here in time for class
Or Professor Sammy might kick your……cheeseburger.

Thank you Suzie…………….sort of.

Now, remember please that we will have our TEASER TUESDAY post go live tomorrow morning at some time that you do not know ahead of time so BE ALERT……………….

Yep – like that!!!!!

We want you to be ready to win a badge for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER or even the old GREENIE but whatever you do be here OK?    OK!   Miss Dingleberry might have some kind of special treat for after class/recess time – you never know.

Until tomorrow……………Prof Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted!!