Tuesday Teaser Class Is In Session!


Good Morning Class!   Hurry – Comment before you do anything else!

So here we are again, about to embark on our weekly adventure here in Ding Dong Geography class………..examining a photo to see if we can figure out where it was taken.   Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s tough.     Hopefully at the very least you will consider it challenging.

Just a quick reminder why we tell you to comment when you arrive – because if you are the first to comment you get a badge…..then the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser gets a badge, and everyone ELSE who guesses gets one, and last but not least – we have the GREENIE BRIGADE – those who guess but are WRONG – there’s a badge for that!

Alrighty already….I am trying for a badge this week PERIOD!

Everybody wants a badge………you might get one this week – you look pretty darn serious about it to me!!!

Truman and I had a study date last night…….

We sure did!

I’m glad you two studied together – I assume it was GEOGRAPHY you two were studying and not ANATOMY?????????????????????????????


Just kidding class.   Perhaps we should move on to refreshing your brains with our RULES FOR TEASER today??

You are all very good about following the rules but I like to refresh your memories every Tuesday and usually also on Monday.   Doesn’t hurt to keep reminding you.   Makes it fair for everyone too!

Totally GROOVY.

Let’s get everyone fired up a bit before we bring in the Security Guard with today’s photo challenge shall we?

Cheer Team Report to Geography Class – on the double!

tick tock tick tock

Where the heck is the Cheer Team?????

Not in their hot tub……..

Not in Sarge’s Hot Tub………..(thank heavens)

Not in Ding Dong Garden……

Sorry Professors!   We were out running laps around the school getting whipped back into shape – we all ate too much Halloween candy last week…….now we can barely fit into our uniforms!!!!!!   We’re going to jump around a lot as we do our cheer today – that will help!

Fire up the classroom ladies……..

We might be getting puffy
But we’re cute and oh so fluffy!
The Teaser photo is about to be seen
The Security Guard is setting up the screen
We hope you’re ready to start
And last night’s studying made you SMART
If you sit too long your butt gets numb
But if you study too long you’ll be SMART and not DUMB!!!
Rippy Tippy Tooooo
Good Luck To You!!!

I think the cheer team needs to hit the showers…..ewwwww.

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Now do your best to figure out where this photo was taken………….tomorrow we have TELL ALL CLASS and “all will be revealed” !!


Well all the information about the Teaser photo and who won what and all of THAT sort of thing will be revealed………….what did you think we meant?

We’ll drink to that – heck, we’ll drink to anything!

Alright now I think we’d better adjourn to the cafeteria.   Today is a HUGE SEAFOOD EXTRAVAGANZA by Miss Dingleberry and her crew.   So put on your lobster bibs and get ready to go on a seafood adventure!!   SEE FOOD – get it?  Get it?  Huh?   NEVER MIND!

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now THAT was totally delicious!!!!! 

We will TELL ALL !!!!   Your Professors



Pre-Tease Monday Class


Good Morning Students!   Everybody fatten up on Halloween candy?   Ready to fatten up on Thanksgiving turkey now?  

Well, we have some BRAIN exercise for you this week but no other exercise – perhaps we need to hire a GYM instructor here at Ding Dong School to whip all of us into shape!!    We can help with the brain fitness though because tomorrow we will test your ability to examine a photo and figure out where in this wide world it was taken.

The post tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday will pop up at an undisclosed time so watch out for it.  THEN when you get here – before you breathe or find a desk or even go to the rest room, you need to COMMENT.    If you are FIRST to comment you win a badge!


Then we have other badges – one for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, ANY RIGHT GUESSER WHO ISN’T FIRST, and SOMEONE WHO GUESSED BUT IS WRONG……….we’ve got something for everyone!

Remember we have rules for guessing – and we figure following these rules makes it EVEN STEVEN for everyone who wants to play along…………..!

We know the rules but some of our new students might not!

If you don’t follow the rules you might get in trouble…..tee hee

I know that our cheer team – who had a lot of fun trick or treating in their ballerina outfits – are here to give you a cheer to get you pumped up for guessing tomorrow…………ready?

Turkey day is coming fast
I hope Mrs. D’s menu won’t give you gas
Study hard tonight and you will probably do well
Don’t study at all and you’ll be mad as……heck!
We’ll see you tomorrow for some Teaser fun
We’ll cheer for you all – each and every one!

I’m gonna study

I promise to study too!

I’m going to crack open the books myself!!

We will be impressed if everyone studies hard and we have LOTS OF RIGHT GUESSERS tomorrow!    Make us happy won’t you?

Professors – is this a GUEST TEASER we’ll have tomorrow or one from our Graphics Department?

It is from our Graphics Department.    You all know that it might be HARDER than a Guest Teaser or EASIER – we aren’t giving you any hints so don’t ask!

Now – who’s up for lunch?????

Alright Students!   I cut you some slack last week because it was PARTY TIME with TEASERWEEN but this week – we’re back to a well disciplined army of sheep in line – got it?   Good!


Don’t forget – tomorrow Teaser is up at a SURPRISE TIME!   See you in class!

Your Professors!

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Selfie Hoppers!    Time for us to take a peek at each other showing off on a Sunday.    This is thanks to our Hop Hosts, The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Are you ready to strut your stuff along with us?   Then click their badge above and join in by using the LINKY tool.   Easy right?

I’m doing a FLASHBACK Selfie again today.   This is the closest one to the same date one year ago.   I was getting chubby then but of course not quite at my FBW (full body weight) now.   Still, I don’t look like I am not getting enough food around here.

That photo was taken November 9, 2017.    Mom jazzed that photo up back then with a Lunapic filter………..so it turned out like this:

She doesn’t remember which filter it was but then again it doesn’t matter right?  I still look ORANGE and the oriental carpet still doesn’t look very oriental !!!   Would you like a puzzle of this one?????   OK – you asked for it!

Click the TINY selfie photo and do the puzzle if you dare!


Since today is the official BLOG BLAST FOR PEACE, we also did this special poster……………..and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts too…………..




Bakin’ With Bacon In Baconia for Thanksgiving


Greetings Again From Castle Baconia!   I’m whipping up some delightful appetizers you could try out on your friends and family for THANKSGIVING …… and I’m using BACON.

Today I’m doing one of the EASIEST recipes EVER and I’m sure you’re going to be a hit when you bring this out from the refrigerator with a tray of raw veggies and some delicious crackers for your guests to dip into the DIP!    When I say EASY……..I mean it.

Bacon-Caramelized Onion Dip


  • 3 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled, with about 1/2 teaspoon reserved   (OK – true confession here – we used more than 3 strips of bacon….!!!!!)
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1-1/2 large yellow onions, sliced into thin strips  (OK – more true confessions – we used sweet onions because we still have them in our grocery but yellow onions are DANDY)
  • 1 teaspoon salt, divided
  • 3/4 cup sour cream (yes you can use LIGHT sour cream if you must)
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Chips and fresh vegetables for dipping


  1. Add the butter to a skillet over low heat. When the butter melts, add the onions and 1/4 teaspoon of salt.
  2. Allow the onions to cook for about 30 minutes over low heat. Stir the onions often as they cook. You may need to add a bit of water to the skillet if you find the onions stick. Scrape up and loosen any pieces that may stick. The water should evaporate as the onions cook.
  3. Remove the onions from the heat when they are golden and soft.
  4. Let the onions cool to the touch. Dice them into small pieces. Reserve about one teaspoon for topping.
  5. Add the sour cream, mayonnaise, remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt, and black pepper to a bowl and mix well to combine.
  6. Add the chopped onions and bacon crumbles and mix thoroughly.
  7. Add the reserved bacon and onions to the top of the mixture as garnish.
  8. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

I told you this was EASY PEASY!

You got that right!    Thanksgiving is a great meal for a gathering.    Spoil you guests with an array of light appetizers – you can afford to have them if you plan to serve them enough AHEAD of the “main event”………..and it’s fun – have a glass of wine or even an egg nog (it’s never too early in the season for that!) or hot toddy and enjoy some delightful little finger food.  I’ll be giving you MORE recipes every week so get ready to take notes!

Nothing better than a recipe that uses BACON – especially when your loyal and loving cat or dog (tee hee) gets to sample it!

See you next week for more ideas…………….it’s NEVER too soon to start planning your menu!

Friendly Fill-Ins!


Time to fill in the blanks!    This is a great Hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.   All you have to do is fill in the blanks in FOUR sentences on Friday – join in the Hop – and get to know each other better………….it’s always fun to find out new things about each other.   Wanna join in?  Click the badge above and fill in the LINKY form.   EASY right?

Today I thought Mom and I would BOTH fill in – – so if it was MY turn, my fill-ins are in BLUE and Mom’s are in GREEN!

1. One can hope that even though it’s raining today, Mom and Dad will let me go outside for some fresh air!.
2. Given the choice of vacationing at home or in Maine,  I would pick Maine – we go every year and we just LOVE IT!.
3. My Mom and Dad make me feel REAL LOVE.
4. I never go a day without thinking about how LUCKY I am.
So there you have it!     Our fill-ins!    I suppose many of you might be wondering WHY I have my “Bakin in Baconia” post up TODAY when we usually do it on Saturday.   Well, we can blame my Mom for that.   She was so excited to start the new “NOVEMBER THANKSGIVING SERIES” of recipes that she scheduled it to go live TODAY instead of tomorrow.  Oh well – so what?    You have a new recipe from the Castle one day earlier!     To make up for that – you get ANOTHER recipe tomorrow.     Sometimes mistakes lead to GOOD things – right?
Happy Friday from the wacky household I live in………………………….tee hee

Love, Teddy

Bakin’ in Baconia for Thanksgiving!!


Greetings from the kitchen at Castle Baconia where I am the KING (and part-time Chef)!

Now that October is gone and we’ve arrived at November, I’m shifting gears in the Castle – BACK to bacon where we belong and preparing you for “THE BIG EAT” which is Thanksgiving.    We celebrate it on different days in different part so the world but our Thanksgiving here in the Castle will be on Thursday, November 22.     Between now and then I will be giving you some totally fabulous ideas for recipes which INCLUDE BACON that you might like to add to your menu for “THE BIG EAT”.

First up is a VERY VERY Simple appetizer.   Trust me – you really should try this one because it’s just so darn easy.   The only thing that’s complicated about it is its’ name (hahaha).

 Honey Drizzled Apple Gouda Bacon Bites

  • 2 large Granny Smith Apples
  • Mild goat’s milk Gouda cheese (I recommend Chevrette mild goat’s cheese from Holland)
  • Thick sliced hickory smoked bacon
  • Honey
  • Fresh rosemary- finely minced
  • lemon juice
  1. Cut bacon slices into 4 equal parts and brown until crisp.
  2. Core and slice apples and place into a bowl of water with lemon juice to prevent browning.
  3. Slice cheese to fit onto apple slices.
  4. To assemble: Arrange apple slices on a serving tray, top with Gouda cheese, then bacon, then drizzle with honey and sprinkle with minced rosemary.

I think it’s the combination of the tart Granny Smiths (which we love at my house and which Mom always uses when she makes an apple pie) and the SWEET honey……the gouda just brings the two together.   Rosemary is one of those things you either love or hate so if you hate it, don’t use it in this recipe!

Doesn’t it just sound delicious??????    This recipe makes 24 little bites of goodness but you might want to have some extra ingredients on hand because they will go fast and it takes so little time to make more………..and more……………..and more.

Elastic pants are required to sit at our Thanksgiving table…….!!

I wear elastic EVERYTHING!

In the coming weeks I’ll share more ideas for Thanksgiving……………..so stay tuned on Saturdays (or maybe even Fridays – like today!).   There’s always something cookin’ up in the kitchen here at Castle Baconia!

Its’ GOOD to be King!  

BONUS POST – that’s right – since we usually do our Bakin’ In Baconia posts on SATURDAYS, and this one is going out on a FIRDAY, we will have an additional “Bakin'” post tomorrow with yet another fabulously exciting recipe from the Castle!   LUCKY YOU!!!!!!   

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday – actually this whole month is a THANKFUL month since we celebrate Thanksgiving – and that means TURKEY!    If you’d like to join Brian’s Hop, click the badge above and DO IT!   Just tell everyone what you are thankful for.    I’m thankful that Fall is falling – and it looks amazing outside finally with beautiful leaves and cool temps and Mom and Dad don’t mind being outside with me since it’s COMFY out there.    In summer they really aren’t too crazy about being in the HOTS while I lie under a shrub in the shade – there’s no room for them under there!   HAHAHA    Seriously though, we’re having fires in the fireplace now and that’s just super cozy and sort of a “cat magnet”.   I like it!

I’m also thankful that Angel Sammy sent me his Poetic Thursday poem and message so that I can share it with all of you!   Are you ready?  I am!


Hello my friends!    It’s that time again!    Fortunately the reception has been exceptional for wi-fi up here at the Bridge now that the air is cooling down on Earth and there’s not much disturbance in the atmosphere.  Makes it easier for we Angels to visit you there – did you know that?   Well it does.

Today is the day we get together to talk poetry.   Hopefully SHARE some poetry too – that is if you have written a poem for the photo I gave you last week.    I’ve written mine – and if you didn’t get around to doing that this week, I hope maybe you’ll join in with us NEXT week.   I’ll be giving you another chance to do that with another photograph to inspire you to write a poem in a little bit.   If you did write a poem – tell us you did in the blog comments and give us your link so we can read it………………OK?

Here’s the photo I gave you LAST week to write a poem about…………how did you feel, what did you think, what are your impressions after viewing this photo??


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    October 31, 2018

The breeze blows gently on the snow covered hill

Or is the sand shifting lightly as down the hill it does spill?

The wispy clouds seem to signal a wind up aloft

Ripples on the white ground make it look very soft

In the distance is a town?   Or cliffs?  Or a beach with more sand?

From this vantage point it feels like the lone person has command…..

Are they watching a ship arriving on the sea?

Or imagining the landscape if it just had ONE tree?

Is this a scene from the future when there’s just one person left?

When the land lies scorched and broken and humanity bereft?


OK – I can almost hear you all saying – “this one is so very serious Sammy, why??”………………….well, those of you who write poetry know that you write from feelings and thoughts and in this case with a photograph those feelings and thoughts could be just about ANYTHING – that’s why I give you a photo every week – it stirs something different in each of us!    This poem reflects how the photo made ME feel.   I hope you liked it !!

Now what’s up for next week?    How this this one?!?!?!

Interesting?  I thought so…………………conjures up some interesting thoughts – and that can lead to an interesting poem!!!    So can I count on you to play along with me next week?   Good!  

I guess I’ll be signing off for now then.   I’m meeting up with the “Bacon Lovers Club” for breakfast this morning.   I absolutely am not the ONLY cat here who was and still is a BIG FAN of bacon. 

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Forever And A Day…………….Angel Sammy



Oh Angel Sammy how I miss you…………we would have had so much fun together…………now we can just DREAM together.

Love, Teddy



TEASERWEEN Tell All and Costume Contest Winner!





Good Morning Students!    I know that today it might be a little troublesome finding a seat at a desk that isn’t already “occupied” by some kind of Halloween creature or decoration, but do your best!    We have Teaser Photo contest results and badges to award AND we have the winner of our TEASERWEEN 2018 Costume Contest to announce.    So it’s a busy morning!

I’m excited but the classroom is a little SKEEERY!

Do not be afraid……..just sit back and enjoy some Halloween fun!    Later on we will be visiting the cafeteria for our official HALLOWEEN LUNCH and Miss Dingleberry will be there to greet us with a rather frightening menu as you would expect for a Halloween meal.

Now, we must say again like yesterday that it’s wonderful so many of you dressed up for this occasion…………………you look fabulous indeed.

I think we’ll begin today with our TEASER EVENT from yesterday.    First of all we must congratulate the Student who was our FIRST COMMENTER!    Up bright and early and alert enough to be the ONE AND ONLY FIRST COMMENTER too!


Sharon of Friends Furever!

I was FIRST to make a comment on the TEASERWEEN blog from One Spoiled Cat on October 30, 2018!!!   WOO HOO BOOOO!

Concatulations to you Miss Sharon!    Then the Teaser photo was the next challenge and here’s the photo we had for our Halloween TEASER………………..

We waited to see who would figure this one out – we had a lot of peeps who guessed it was taken in Transylvania…..and indeed it looked spooky enough to have been BUT it wasn’t!    This is a photo of one of the TEN MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN THE WORLD…………..This is “Schloss Moosham”  (the Witches Castle) in Salzburg, Austria.

Built over 800 years ago, Moosham Castle looks like something straight out of a horror story mixed with a fairy tale. It is often referred to as Witches Castle, and the reasons are pretty clear. This was the location for the trials and executions of thousands of women who were accused of being witches. Now, their ghosts walk the corridors; the blend of witchcraft and ghosts is terrifying for anyone who ventures within.

However, the supernatural activity does not just end with witches and ghosts. The dead bodies of deer and cattle have been found in the area surrounding Moosham Castle, leading to speculation that it could be werewolf territory, too!

EEEEEK!!!!   Talk about spooky – so who guessed it FIRST???

CSILLA of Kolytyi !


Here’s your Special Badge Miss Csilla and concatulations!!

Now everyone settle down and we’ll let you know about the TEASERWEEN COSTUME CONTEST results………………

Alright students – settle down! 

Sarge you make a great Pablo Picasso………..well………….sort of!

We had a LOT of votes for the costume contest (110 to be exact!)  the voting was very close too……..!!   Everyone who entered really did an amazing job with finding a SUPER costume, but the students who received the MOST votes were:


Phenny and his brother Neilson!!   They look delicious don’t they???

Here’s your well deserved badge!!

Our winner will ALSO be receiving a SURPRISE PACKAGE OF GOODIES from Ding Dong Sheep School’s Professors – if our winner would pretty please email us their correct address we will send the goodie box ASAP!!!!


We Professors thank all of you who entered AND all of you who voted – this was TONS of fun!

I wuz gonna dress up in normal clothes as a non-gangsta but I couldn’t unplug my earphones……..

Let’s bring in our wonderful Halloween-costumed CHEER TEAM to announce our winners formally shall we??????

Four ballerinas and aren’t we cute!
We almost wore our birthday suits!
The Teaser was tough and the contest was fun
We’re here to honor the TWO that won!
First Commenter Sharon was on the ball
The second we went live she was ahead of you all!!
The costume contest was close but there could be just one winner…..
And Phenny and Nelly were dressed to look like our DINNER!
We’re proud of you all because you all looked so good –
The best costumes for sure in this whole neighborhood!!!


I bet by now everyone has worked up quite an appetite and I know Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria crew are going to have some special Halloween food for you to eat today – even better than yesterday’s FUN STUFF.     So shall we head down to the cafeteria??????

Hello Students and Professors!   Today’s lunch theme is “SOME LIKE IT HOT” and our cafeteria crew has a nice hot lunch with some interesting items available for you to enjoy.   You all look great in your costumes…..I hope you like mine too!


Move along Oscar….you’re holding up the rest of the lunch line!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While we all enjoy our Halloween Lunch (and recover from seeing Miss Dingleberry in her costume) may we wish all of you a very super duper HALLOWEEN……..and above all……..be careful trick or treating!

Your Not-so-Scary Professors!!

Teaser Tuesday and TEASERWEEN Voting Day 2


Teaserween Greetings Class!    We have a Teaser photo for you today AND it’s DAY TWO of voting for your FIVE favorite costumes!  The votes are coming in – if you’re in the contest, encourage your friends to stop by and vote for you…..

(p.s.  a hint – if you already voted but would like to vote again, you will need to use a different sign-in address….otherwise the poll won’t let you vote again!)

Will that be cheating? No? OK good!


Now – before you do anything – COMMENT on this post!   You want to get a FIRST COMMENTER TEASERWEEN badge right?    Yes?   Then COMMENT!

We have a lot to do today so please settle down and get ready to guess where today’s photo was taken.    It’s a special TEASERWEEN type photo but that’s the only hint you get.   You need to follow our special rules too and not use some program to figure this out – just see how you can do on your own!

I must say those of you who dressed up today do look smashing.   Some of you entered the costume contest too – so GOOD LUCK TO YOU………………………!    Even if you didn’t enter, you dressed up and that adds to the FESTIVE mood today!   We Professors hope more of you will dress up when we have tomorrow’s big TEASERWEEN bash!

Sam's Cousin Toby for Halloween

Now let’s get our Cheer Team in here to give us a rowsing cheer to start off class today shall we?????

Alright you sheep let’s see some hustle
Act like someone set fire to your bustle!
Take a look at that photo and guess
You might even win if you’re better than the rest!
Tomorrow we’re in costume and we can’t WAIT to see
What kind of costume will be on Miss Dingleberry!!

Would someone please page our Security Guard so he can bring in the Teaser photo for today????

Attention!  Security Guard to Geography Class Please!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where Was This Photo Taken??????   Be FIRST and you might win a FIRST Right Guesser Halloween Badge….guess right and you might get a RIGHT GUESSER badge – even if you guess WRONG you still get a Halloween Greenie badge!!   We’ll tell you tomorrow who wins what!

Now for DAY TWO of voting for your FIVE FAVORITE Teaserween Costumes!   Ready?

This is your last chance to vote in the contest and please remember you may vote for five favorites.    Tomorrow we’ll see who our winner is!    Now – who’s up for TEASERWEEN Lunch?

Hello Students…..please remember to keep your manners while standing in line getting your lunch!  We have a bit of a spooky line-up today…..just to get you in the mood for tomorrow’s HALLOWEEN extravaganza.  Enjoy!


Today’s Menu:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

   Good luck guessing and don’t forget to vote for your five favorite TEASERWEEN costumes!!  See you tomorrow………..Thanks to everyone for joining our fun today……tomorrow will be even more fun.


Pre-Teaser Class and VOTING DAY ONE!


Good Morning Class!   Time to get ready for tomorrow’s TEASER and also time for you to vote for your favorite costumes!

Yep – the poll is up for day one of voting and you need to know that you will get to vote for your FIVE favorites only!    There are a lot of costumes to look at from a lot of our students who all look fabulous so go through them and see them all then go back to vote.   Remember – FIVE OF YOUR FAVORITES TO VOTE FOR………………..

We are having a Teaser photo tomorrow – we wanted to do the Photo Fun in addition to having the final day of voting.  That way on Wednesday not only will we have a TEASER PHOTO TELL ALL but we will be announcing the WINNER of the Costume Contest.    The Contest Winner gets a surprise package from the Professors – and everyone who enters is eligible no matter WHERE you live.

Yes I thought you’d like that!!!!

So, having said all of that, let us remind you of the rules for guessing the Teaser Photo tomorrow:

You all know the deal – we just want you to use your EYES and not use a computer program to tell you where the photo you will see tomorrow was taken.   AND this week of course the students who earn a badge for guessing will get “HALLOWEEN STYLE BADGES” for Teaser.

Cool huh?    So this week you have a Classroom TEASERWEEN costume contest, a regular Teaser photo contest and special lunch in the Ding Dong Sheep School Cafeteria to look forward to.

Remember the Teaser post tomorrow will make an appearance in your inbox at a SURPRISE TIME…………………so be purrrrrpared!




We are also hiding the results so you can’t see who’s ahead – that will make this more EXCITING!!!!!  You won’t know until we TELL you who’s winning!!    WOO HOOO!!!!!!!

Makes it more interesting that way!

Now let’s see what our Cheer Team has to say today shall we???????

Tomorrow is a BIG BIG DAY
Teaser and voting Day Two come what may!
So many cute costumes you are about to see
You can vote for FIVE which is better than THREE!
The Teaser photo too will be a Halloween Treat
We hope it doesn’t scare you right out of your seat
Be ready to guess and have tons of fun

Scare us out of our seats???  Uhoh……

Now I suppose the next BIG THING today will be to head off to the cafeteria……………remember, tomorrow we will have a special Halloween meal for everyone AND you’ll get to see Miss Dingleberry in her Halloween costume.    Now that could be scary.    Who knows?!?!

Alright Sheep!  Line up!   Forward march……..single file…….present your order to the staff……..then sit down and you WILL ENJOY your lunch…..that’s an order!!!!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Your Halloween Teaser Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy