Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!


Fill In The Blanks!

This is a fun blog hop that is co-hosted by our friends 15andMeowing and McGuffy’sReader blogs.   They each give us two sentences with blanks to fill-in AND sometimes our Mom is the filler-inner and sometimes I do it!     Either way, it’s fun.   If you’d like to do some filling in, just click the badge below and it will whisk you off to McGuffy’s Reader where you can use Miss Annie’s LINKY tool and join in the fun with your blog!    Alternatively, you can answer the fill-ins on her blog in the comments – I’m SURE she wouldn’t mind!

The nature of this week’s sentences is such that it wouldn’t make any sense for ME – an adorable kitty cat (!) – to fill in the blanks so Mom is gonna do them this week.   Her “fill-ins” are in GREEN this week!    GO AHEAD MOM – TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!

1. My favorite cereal is Raisin Bran – has been since I was a little girl!

2. My prom was something my prom date (who would be my husband a few years later) and I decided to SKIP.   Instead we went to dinner and a drive-in movie – my parents never knew about that!

3. The funniest thing about my first marriage is that we eloped out of state because one of us was underage in Virginia – what an adventure THAT was!.

4. I cannot help every charity that I wish I could but I do what I can and always will.


That’s it for this week!   Thanks Mom……….maybe you could tell me the funny story of your elopement some time when I need a good “bedtime story” !!!  Tee Hee…………

Now, if you’ll excuse me Mom, I’ve GOT to take a snooze on the guest room bed!!! 

Happy Friday!  Love, Teddy

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday AND Whoops!


First Things First…….!!

Can you believe that yesterday was our blogaversary and MOM FORGOT?   Well she did………….now I have an excuse as I wasn’t around when the blog was started – I’m the new kid on the block and I’m PAWSITIVE if Angel Sammy was still living with us he would have known and told Mom.    But we did NOT get the “wake up” call until today with our friends at Friends Furever wished us a Happy Blogaversary!    GOOD GRIEF MOM!     I’m so THANKFUL that we have friends who pay attention to these things since Mom wasn’t!    That’s what I’m thankful for as we join up with Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY.    Want to share your “thankfuls” ??   Click the badge and do that right now before you read more!

Mom and Angel Sam started the blog on May 10, 2011.    To me that sounds like EONS ago but then I’m just a kid.    Mom posted a link to our first post here on our blog yesterday, which was rather pitiful, rather short, and had very little interesting information in it – which is reflected in the FEW comments we got back then!    We’ve come a long way baby – we have tons of followers, tons of fun, and have celebrated the blogaversary ON TIME every year until now.    Here’s the link in case you want a good YAWN.    CLICK HERE

Since we’re a day late, we won’t get too carried away celebrating – let’s just say the chances are SLIM we will forget again!    Tee Hee    Maybe just a WEE celebration?


Yummy choc/strawberry cake!

Now shall we move on?    Today is my brother Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post day – and he never lets me down – he always visits me the night before and brings me a poem he’s written for the occasion.    We are nearing the end of the alphabet again – this is our second time through…………but we will continue with a Poetry Day – we just might add a little TWIST to it which we’ll talk about after we get to “Z”!

Take it away Angel Sammy!

Greetings Poetry Fans!   Today we are celebrating the letter “V” !    If you have written a poem that you’d like to share with everyone, just put your blog link in my comments and let us know you want us to visit and see your glorious work – OR – you can post your poem right here in my comments if you like!   Put a little poetry in your life – you’ll be glad you did!

With Love from the Rainbow Bridge…………..Angel Sammy



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 5-11-2017

One thing that I totally do not miss

Is the vacuum cleaner’s whine and hiss!

At the Bridge we don’t need to daily clean

This place is the most orderly spot you’ve ever seen!

Monster machines in closets there are NOT

Wall to wall beauty is what we’ve got.

Back home on Fridays I knew the sound

When Mr. Monster would come around.

Our house was clean as clean can be

But Mom did “monsterizing” regularly!

When I got old and my hearing was failing

I got more brave and less scared of “de-TAIL-ing” !

That machine was a monster and I kept my tail under

If it had sucked up my tail it would hurt like thunder!

Nowadays from my cloud I can see little Teddy

Preparing to vacate when the vacuum is ready……

He hides in the basement until cleaning’s done

For sure that old monster is way far from FUN!

My Angel brother sure can write a poem can’t he?    Actually I have become a little more brave with the monster – when Mom opens the closet where it lives I watch until she plugs it in – THEN I run and hide.    I used to run the minute she opened the closet – I’m making progress!

Happy Thursday! 

Love, Teddy

Now that you finished reading my blog – why not stop by my friend Raz’s blog HERE and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  

Tell him Teddy sent ya!

Teaser Tell All Time!


Time To Tell All!

Yes indeedy – we are gathered here to give you the SCOOP on yesterday’s Teaser BUT before we do that, perhaps we should say WOO HOO for our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?   Of course we should – she was in there commenting one minute after we went live – how’s THAT for “on the ball” ??   Who was it who accomplished this feat?

Miss Csilla (kolytyi)

This is for you Miss Csilla:

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of May 9, 2017!

Now on with the show……………….Yesterday’s Teaser was from a good friend of One Spoiled Cat – someone we haven’t had a Teaser from in AGES AND AGES (hint hint) and hope to maybe get one now and again from her – why?  Because everyone loves her Teasers AND her Tell Alls………….have you figured it out yet?    Well, hang in there – let me show you the photo then we’ll show you the Tell All and you’ll figure it out alright!!

Here’s her “Tell All” !


YAY!   Michelle Lewis from My Three Moggies blog…………….Thank you for the photo an the Tell All Michelle……….and making us smile by mentioning sweet Angel Sammy too.   This is for you:

For Michelle of My Three Moggies for Teaser of May 9, 2017

Now who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????    That was our good friend and frequent flyer of the Teaser, Miss Carol (CarolMaeWy) and you get this Miss Carol:

We had SEVERAL others who guessed correctly too and you all get this:

AND those of you who didn’t guess correctly win a GREENIE!!!!!!

While Michelle didn’t tell us in the Tell All, just for informational purposes, the statue is of St. Vitus who is just one of MANY statues on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.   My Mom and Dad have been to Prague – a truly gorgeous city by the way.    They were on a cruise vacation that started in Prague and ended in Budapest.

So that’s this week’s Teaser all wrapped up!     Hope to see all of you NEXT week when we will be having another Guest Teaser for you – I wonder where we will be visiting next??????

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Jumping for Joy for Teaser Tuesday!!!!!

WHOOOOPS!!!!!!!!!   Know what we forgot?

We forgot that today was our BLOGAVERSARY!!!!   That’s right – Mom and Angel Sam started this blog May 10, 2011 with this totally BORING post!   (CLICK HERE)

Angel Sammy is gone but I’m here now and we’re still going strong……Mom is older and hopefully wiser, and I’m the new kid on the block having a ball – just like Angel Sammy said in his VERY FIRST BLOG…………..tomorrow we will talk a bit more about our anniversary that WE MISSED today…….DUH


Love, Teddy

Teaser Tuesday


Please find your seats class, it’s time to TEASE!

First item of business is for you to hurry and comment on this post – the FIRST person to comment (or persons if there’s more than one in the first 60 seconds after we go live) will win a special badge to share with the universe and show off your FAST FINGERS!!!!

THEN – come back here for the MAIN EVENT!   Go on – hurry up!   Sarge will be waiting for you!

Don’t make me wait ! I don’t LIKE to wait!

Bobby I see you wildly waving your furry little paw in the back of the room – did you have something you needed to say before we start class?

Yes Sir….I talked to my Mom about what I saw her doing and that it WAS my Dad but he had on a mask! She said it was a “grownup game” whatever THAT is.

Thanks Bobby – sounds like a reasonable (cough cough) explanation to me.    Grownups do things that we don’t always understand and if you’re HAPPY then we’re all HAPPY right class??




Now, could we have a little cheer to get our audience READY to guess?   Suzie?   C’mon in and get our hearts pounding!!!!

Ra Ra Ra
Sis Boom Ba
I’m not in the mood to cheer
I’d rather be at the spa
Just give the Teaser your best
Then take a little rest
While I’m here let me say this to Bobby…..
I think your Mom has a brand new “hobby” !!  (giggle)

Thanks Suzie……………..nice of you to give Bobby MORE to think about!    I’m sure you will be getting a call from his Mom later………………………….

SO – shall we bring Mr. Silver Suitcase on board now?    Time to see what delights he has in that SUPER SECRET suitcase he keeps with our Teaser photo of the week!

Yes sir….here’s today’s challenge!

Remember please that if you are going to guess you must tell me in what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) this photo was taken.    Now hurry – everyone is gonna be guessing and you want to be first don’t you???


If you are the first to guess right – you get this:

If you guess right but are NOT the first you still get this:

AND if you guess incorrectly – hey – you tried right?  You get this:

This has been a bit of a stressful class today so what do you say we take a little break and have a snack????

Yes we know you do!!!!!   Everybody have some cookies and hot chocolate and go outside for recess!

Teddy and I will see you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!

Don’t be late!

Hey – where did SHE come from?????!


Whoops….before we go…….. One of my newest friends is having a cool “challenge” on his blog – if you CLICK his link below you will find out ALL about it……… sounds like fun – we’re gonna see if we can come up with a story to submit!!!!    If you like challenges, you just might enjoy this one – LouisDogArmstrong and his cat brother Hazuzu are great pals.     Scroll down to the bottom of their blog post to see the rules for the challenge…………………..



Pre-Tease Monday!


Alrighty Then! 

Won’t you have a seat????

Good Morning class……….Teddy and I are here to get you warmed up for the MAIN EVENT which is tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser.    It is going to be a GUEST TEASER (no groaning from the back of the room please!).


In my humble opinion it’s not as much of a toughie as those piles of salt were last Tuesday that NOBODY guessed.    So I fully expect us to have a winner this week.   Don’t disappoint us now!

Tomorrow morning at a time that only Teddy and I know, the Teaser post will arrive in your inbox and you will QUICK LIKE A BUNNY WABBIT come here and first thing you will do (if you’re smart) is immediately post a comment.   Why?   Well because you would get THIS if you were the first to comment:

See?  You know you want it so be alert……………….then after that you can read the Teaser post and see the photo of your challenge for Tuesday and start giving it some thought – you will need to tell me what city/village/town AND what state (if USA) or country (if non-USA) the person who snapped the photo was when they snapped it.    OK?

Shall we ask our resident Cheerleader, the ever-exciting SuzieQ to come in and give us one of her rousing cheers???   Oh yes – let’s!!!!

IT’s Tuesday Schmooosday
and it’s time to study
Even if you’re hungover and feeling cruddy!
I know you’ve got a headache and maybe worse –
Just please don’t croak because we don’t have a hearse!
Figure out the Teaser and you’ll be our winner
Maybe I’ll diet and become a lot thinner!
You just might get lucky – you never know!
Then I won’t have to step on your ingrown toe!!

Thanks Suzie…………..heaven only knows what all of that means BUT no doubt you’ve inspired legions of Teaser fans and we’ll be getting correct guesses left and right tomorrow!

Class?    Anybody have anything to contribute to the discussion before we adjourn for recess?

Professor Sammy, last night I got up to go to the litterbox in the middle of the night and saw my Mom in the living room with a strange man and they were smooching! Should I be worried?

Well Bobby perhaps it was your father dressed up in a Halloween outfit he’d bought and he wanted to try it out on your Mom?

He only had on his underwear…….

Oh – I see – well, I suggest when you go home from school today Bobby you have a little TALK with your Mom.    Tell her what you saw and see what she says OK?

Now if there’s no other business or questions, then let’s call recess – I’ll see you all back here after recess and we’ll have our Sex Education class – our guest speaker today is BOBBY!!!!



We’ll be looking for you!

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy too

Sunday Selfie Hopping


Happy Sunday!   It’s Selfie Time!

We join Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head every Sunday to strut our selfie kind of stuff and today is no exception – you might think this is a weird selfie since it’s mostly of my rear end BUTT (haha) I set the timer then decided to have a quick drink out of the water faucet in the guest bathroom and WHAM BAM the flash went off and I was CAUGHT!     If you’d like to join the Hop, click the badge below and go to see the selfies – I bet I’m the only “REAR END SELFIE” today but you never know!   Just use the LINKY tool if you want to add your blog to the mix!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

With love, Teddy


Beauteous Bacon!



Ahhhh…..another day I get to smell the “Aroma of the Gods”……..BACON cooking!   Anybody else feel that way????


So you smell it too huh?


As you can see I have plenty of bacon already made……….step right up and fill up your plates and your tummies.



No need to run – have a seat and enjoy your bacon treats………….it’s not good to run on a full tummy.     We work hard being adorable all week long just so we can enjoy being treated to some bacons on Saturday right everyone?   Right!    Remember, if your humans have “convenient memory” and forget about the Decree – give them this as a reminder!!!!!!!

No sense beating around the bush – make it official!

This gets ’em every time!!!!!!   Good Luck!

Remember, Angel Sammy is watching you – he would want you to fight for your right to BACON!

See you next Saturday Bacon Fans!

Friendly Fill Ins!


Filling In Sentences on Cinco De Mayo!!

We are happy to join the Blog Hop every Friday known as Friendly Fill-Ins which is co-hosted by 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader.    It’s a favorite Hop of ours and if you would like to join in the fun and fill in some sentences they have challenged us with, please do!   Just click on the below badge to visit McGuffy’s Reader and use the LINKY tool and you’re IN!

This week’s sentences are below and Angel Sammy and I are feeling generous again today and thought we’d let GOOD OLD MOM fill in the blanks…………she needs something to do to keep her out of trouble (hahaha).   Mom’s fill-ins are in RED!

1. We still have a landline.

2.My most treasured piece of jewelry is actually SEVERAL pieces of jewelry:  My Mom’s wedding ring, my grandmother’s pearl earrings, and my OWN wedding ring that my husband David gave me.

3. This year, I have learned that the old saying “you’re not getting older, you’re getting better” is VERY VERY TRUE!   I’m loving life more now than ever before.

4. I would like to take a vacation ANYWHERE before this year is over.
VOILA!   Thanks Mom……….you did well………now what do you say we have a bit of a party for Cinco de Mayo???    There has been a lot of sadness with partings lately so we think a bit of a PAR-TAY might cheer everyone including us up!

Senor Angel Sammy

Senor Teddy

Don’t you just love Senor Sammy’s hat?   It’s a crazy hat he wore at a Cat Scouts Cinco De Mayo party when they had a “sombrero decorating contest”……pretty wacky huh?   On the other hand I look ADORABLE right?   Although not many one year old kittens have a moustache I suppose!

We could do a Mexican hat dance !!!!

We can smack a piñata with a stick and see what treasure pop out of it!

We can also enjoy some of the wonderful foodables that are traditional – here are some breakfast things AND some lunch/dinner things so take your pick – eat and drink to your hearts content then you can say you “DID” Cinco de Mayo with us today!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a PAR-TAY!     Thanks for coming by…………….it wouldn’t have been the same without you……………….!

Ole’ !

Senor Sam and Senor Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday Hop With Brian

Joining up with Brian’s Thankful Thursday hop – and you can too if you click on the badge above, use the LINKY tool and put your blog link in.   We have a whole lot to be thankful for including all our wonderful friends………and it makes us remember not only are we lucky to have the friends we have NOW, but we were lucky to know some of the friends we have had who are no longer with us.   Most notably, the last two friends of ours who are now gone – Angel Nellie and Angel Flynn.   We miss both of them more than we are able to express.

(graphics above from Ann at Zoolatry)

Today we also celebrate Angel Sammy’s “Thoroughly Poetic Thursday” with a poem celebrating the letter “U”!   If you have a poem to share, you can write it in our COMMENTS or you can give us your blog link where we can find your own fabulous poem for “U” !



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, May 4, 2017

Up and away the breeze will blow

Into the beyond where Angels go

Clouds awaiting up above

To carry the Angels in arms of love

Up is where we look to say our prayers

Our grief washes over us in darkest layers

But the light up above is bright and clear

Those who have gone are always near

Up and away one day we will fly

To join our sweet loved ones in the blink of an eye.

In honor of my friends……….(these are from Angel Sammy with Mom’s help)

Teddy here…………… turn to say a little something.    I’m the new kid on the block but in my short time here I’ve not only learned a LOT about my Angel brother Sammy, but about all of his friends who are now MY friends.    Having both Flynn and Nellie leave so soon after I got to know and love them has been hard!    They were both such special members of our “family” in this community of blogging and I’m a little young and inexperienced in these things but I feel this heavy sadness in my heart – like my Mom says she has in hers.    We’ve tried to honor both Nellie and Flynn in our blog at their passing but words just don’t seem to come to express adequately how we feel.    I think my Mom is still struggling with losing Sammy and I know I have BIG PAWS to fill in regard to that believe me!

Anyway, we just want to say that we love all of you – and we love all of those who have gone before – and we know that they are with us every minute of every day but the heartache is sort of always there……..I’m learning fast how to love AND how to let go – it’s a lot for a little guy you know???

I love you all like I love my mousie!

Hugs, Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Wow – What a Teaser!

Here we are!  Back in class to find out what/where/when and WHO with the Teaser yesterday!

It was a real toughie – so settle down in your seats class and let’s get to it.

First thing I will tell you is that we had a THREE WAY tie yesterday for FIRST COMMENTER!   Lots of people right there when the Teaser went “live” and piled on during the first sixty seconds so everyone who popped in at that minute gets one of these badges!    Who are we talking about:

Calvin and Oliver, Da Phenny, and Angel Nellie’s Mom Miss Barb!!!!!!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser May 2, 2017!!

Concatulations all of you!

Now let’s talk about that photo shall we?   It was a REAL DOOZY……………………it was sent in to us by our wonderful friend Miss Annie at ANIMAL COURIERS!     Thank you Miss Annie and before we TELL ALL, here is your badge by way of thanking you for the DOOZY!

For Annie of Animal Couriers for the Teaser Photo of May 2, 2017

Here are the two photos I showed you yesterday of the MYSTERY SPOT…………….

A close-up shot

A shot from a distance

This amazing spot is just one spot on the globe where you can see SALT being “mined” or harvested/farmed……………….and many of you guessed that but you did NOT guess THIS SPOT so I will tell you that it was in Gruissan, France down on the Mediterranean!    Annie sent me this link, but if you google this place you’ll see MANY more photos.    This one has a cool video from the air so you can really get a feel for what this looks like from “up there”.    CLICK HERE    Annie also sent a couple of other photos which I thought I’d save for the Tell All……….The water is pink from some type of chemical reaction with the salt – kind of pretty though isn’t it?   Annie said there’s a wonderful restaurant here too – the last photo with the boat is by the location of the restaurant.

So since nobody guessed this – even though many people knew it was a salt mining location just not the RIGHT ONE – that means we have no “FIRST RIGHT TEASER” or “RIGHT TEASER” this week but we do have a few Greenies to pass out!   Help yourselves please!

There’s always next week right?    Tell everyone not to feel badly about this please class?

Good try everybody!

Sure did fool me!

I studied and STILL didn’t know it either!

I didn’t know and NOBODY knew so don’t feel bad!

We’ll get together in class again NEXT Monday for the Pre-Tease and next Tuesday for the BIG TEST!    Is it a date?    Good!

Just FYI we have confiscated all weapons, alcoholic beverages and dictionaries of nasty words from the locker of one Miss SuzieQ – next week she should be SAFE to be around!

Your Favorite Teachers – Professor Angel Sam

AND Assistant Prof Teddy