Teaser Tell All


DING DONG – time for class!

Alright!  Settle down…..the Professors are HERE!  

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you don’t have to behave!!!

Shall we begin?     First of all, remember you all may exchange Valentine’s Day cards after Geography class is over before or during your special Valentine’s Day FEAST that Miss Dingleberry and her kitchen staff have prepared for us today.   It’s a HUGE buffet and you will be fill to the tippy top of your little heads by the time you’re finished!

I’ll give you the scoop about the Teaser so we can hit the buffet table ASAP – I assume you’re as hungry as WE Professors are…………….

First of all, we had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday – TWO!    Who?

Phenny and Annie!


You each get one of these!!

Phenny and Annie were both FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Feb. 13, 2018!

The Teaser turned out to be a pretty easy one – at least we assume so because almost everyone figured out where this Teaser had been taken…………..AND apparently something WE didn’t notice, the statue on the right of the photo says where it is!    DUH………..

Central Park, in New York City!    The Walter Scott statue says Central Park but we couldn’t see that when we posted this as the Teaser……….but a whole lot of you figured this one out.   HOWEVER, only one of you was FIRST to figure it out and that was (DRUM ROLL PLEASE………………..)

Annie of McGuffy’s Reader !

This is for you Miss Annie…………..you win TWO badges today!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Feb. 13, 2018 !

Congratulations all FIRSTIES!!

A whole pile of you also guessed Central Park and if you were in that pile, you get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of Feb. 13, 2018

If you were one of the few who didn’t guess this one right, you get this:

OOPS….I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of Feb. 13, 2018

Well done class!    I know our cheerleaders are ready to strut their stuff and give the winners a cheer!

We had winners on Valentine’s Day
Goodie for you and we’re cheering to say
Two First Commenters we had this week
Annie and Phenny now isn’t that sweet?
We think Miss Annie was right on the money
Because she was also FIRST RIGHT GUESSER so congrats to you Honey!
Happy Day of Love to all of you in class
If we had some champagne
To YOU we’d raise our glass!!


Well Done Students!

Now, I know you’re all waiting for the BIG EVENT – the wonderful buffet that Miss Dingleberry and staff prepared for us today…………………please be orderly as you go up to get your plate of food and remember you MAY (just this time) go back for seconds!

Before we eat, Freddy has something to give Miss D from ALL of us!

Gosh….thanks Freddy…..I – er – um – don’t know what to say except you can have an extra dessert!!

Let the FEAST begin!

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And to drink…………



Happy Valentine’s Day to the best students EVER! 

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy




Tuesday Teaser


Quick!  Comment on this post!  You might be first!


Man oh man this is like being in the Army!

Time for the Teaser!    You all look alert and ready for class today.   Now I’m sure you all want to know if Sarge is OK – he had that little – er – um – ACCIDENT yesterday when he began his cheer but fortunately it was only his pants that were injured.   Sarge is at this moment resting comfortably in the school Jacuzzi in the teacher’s lounge.

So let’s get down to business – the business of TEASING.    Today we have a photo that is NOT a Guest Teaser………..that’s all I’ll say about THAT.    But it will be up to all of you to figure out WHERE that photo was taken.    You will study it and then make a guess based on what you see in the photo or what you THINK you see and will also follow these rules!

If you are the FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, A WRONG GUESSER – you will win an appropriate reward/badge to show off to the world!

Tomorrow as you all know is Valentine’s Day so we will be celebrating in class…………..Miss Dingleberry will have special snacks for us too – she and her cafeteria staff are working on that today so we won’t have a snack today.




Now you all have a good breakfast at home every single day before you come to school so I know you’re not STARVING – and our cafeteria staff is hard at work to make your Teaser Tell All/Valentine’s Day special so just be BRAVE.

I’ll be brave…….sniff……

Let’s have our fabulous Security Guard come in with today’s photo so we can get going on the TEST OF THE DAY – WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN???????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE in the world is this????

Now to spur you on and get you going, here’s a cheer from our fabulous cheer team – I know it’s a highlight of class for us every Tuesday – so COME ON IN TEAM!!

Rickety Rack Rickety Rack
We’re excited – you can’t hold us back!
Today is Teaser and we’re cheering for YOU
But where the Teaser is from we have no clue.
Hope you studied like good boys and girls
This photo could be from ANYWHERE in this whole wide world!
Do your best and tomorrow we’ll say your name
If you aren’t a winner you’ll have no claim to fame
Ricky Ticky Too
Good Luck To You!

Thank you Team!

I swear this class grows bigger every day……….

Even though we have no big snack today, I can’t turn you loose for recess without something WARM in your tummy so please have some hot chocolate……………I brought it in from the teacher’s lounge.

Hot chocolate bar

Your Profs, Angel Sammy and Teddy too

SPARK on Monday


A Monday Spark……

Time for a bit of SPARKLE – it’s Monday – but it’s also the last Monday we will have before Valentine’s Day so we are sharing a thought in honor of that occasion…………!   This is a GREAT Blog Hop hosted by our good friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader.    She thinks (and we agree!) that the world can sometimes be a little “short” on inspiration in a positive direction.    Lifting the spirit, directing us to move forward within our own inner power, adding some light to dark corners.   She’s right – it works and that’s why we encourage YOU to join the Hop – just click Annie’s blog badge above and link up.   You’ll be GLAD you did.

Here’s our thought for Valentine’s Day…………………


We hope you are enjoying the RIDE……………even if LOVE has left us too soon – the experience of LOVE is a forever thing……………..always and forever in the heart.    Enjoy every single minute of it and relive it when you need a WARM HUG.

Hugs, Pam


Pre-Teaser Monday (and more…)


YES it is, and we are just starting class at Ding Dong School so take a seat!

It’s Monday and time for us to get you pumped up for tomorrow when it will be up to you to take a close look at a photo and tell us WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN???!!!    It might sound easy but trust me – NOT NECESSARILY!     True we have some easy ones but often we have toughies.

Remember first of all that whoever is FIRST to comment tomorrow is a winner…………what of????   This:

Last Tuesday we had THREEEEEEEE First Commenters and each of them got a copy of this badge!     So when you arrive tomorrow – comment first then take a seat for class.

Gosh I wanna win that badge so I’ll be here EARLY!

Me too! I’m gonna even skip breakfast to get here EARLY!

We have other badges that you can win too………..if you’re FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, if you are a RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST and if you are WRONG!

Just to remind you of the rules for tomorrow when it comes to making a guess:

So are we all set on the rules?

All set on the rules and DETERMINED to win!

Now you know that normally Suzie and company don’t give you a cheer on Mondays………….they save it up for Tuesdays and Wednesdays…………but our very own Sarge thought you might appreciate a little ENCOURAGEMENT for tomorrow as only HE could provide……………….Take it away Sarge!


uhoh………….wardrobe malfunction……….Sarge thanks for trying – suggestion get those pants to the school seamstress ASAP and you might want to go to the school Jacuzzi and soak a while – no doubt those legs are sore!

Well, tomorrow the girls will be here and they don’t do any ATHLETIC moves other than shaking their pom poms so no danger of “issues” for them.

Now – who wants a snack?



I brought my OWN snack!

Yeah I’ve got that Valentine’s Day hairnet again….remember – no jokes!   I’m going to have a SPECIAL Valentine’s Day snack for you on Wednesday……..don’t expect these little treats all the time now – it’s because they pay me EXTRA to provide something CUTE to you on SPECIAL school days!


See the sign?   Wash hands FIRST!  

Then come back for popcorn OR cotton candy – you have to choose ONE!  

After all this stuff is expensive you know!

We’ll see you all tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!   

Profs Angel Sam and Teddy



Today is Teddy’s FIRST “Gotcha” Anniversary!

One year ago today, my husband David and I made a trip to our local shelter to meet a sweet 11 month old ginger kitten they had added to their website as being “adoptable”.     We had waited a few months after helping our sweet Sammy to the Rainbow Bridge before we felt ready to adopt again and when I saw this little boy – I knew we HAD to go see him!

He was a real cutie……..he was larger than Sammy had been at almost one year old – but he was just the SWEETEST little guy – he was just SO HAPPY!    The shelter helper took him out of his cage there and let me hold him and he made biscuits in my lap the entire time – he just never stopped…..even when I put him down on the floor to play with him – he hugged my legs and looked me straight in the eye and I could “SEE” him saying “PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!!”


This past year has flown by………..as time does…………and we can’t believe we’ve had Teddy in our lives now for a whole year but it’s been a FUN year and a happy year and two hearts that had been broken when Sammy left healed quickly as we realized Teddy was definitely the best thing that could have happened to us……………and we also felt strongly that Sammy had sent Teddy to us to raise with the love HE had known for almost 18 years.

Every day is an adventure with Teddy………..and we know he will keep us YOUNG (well……maybe not younger in years but younger at heart!)………and we hope it’s at least for as many years as we had with our beloved Sammy.

So while we’re not having a party here with food and balloons (well – maybe a few!) – we are celebrating the day by giving our little guy all the hugs and kisses he will tolerate – because……..

Today is HIS day (and ours too!)

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Love, Mom and Dad

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Happy Sunday!

It’s time to hop along with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head – just as we do EVERY Sunday.   I hope you are a “hopper” too – but if you haven’t been joining us OR you’re ready to take the plunge for the first time, just click their badge above and go link up!     It’s definitely “THE PLACE” to be on Sunday.

This week Mom snapped this photo of me while I was lounging on a chair in the Guest Room.    I think I’ve told you all before we call this chair “The Granny Chair” because it used to belong to my Dad’s Mom.   She’s been at the Human Rainbow Bridge for many years but her comfy chair is still here and I LOVE it.    It’s a great nap spot……….Mom has an old quilt on the back and a nice soft baby quilt under me and a couple of kitty pillows around……..it makes for a MOST enjoyable snooze spot.   I look relaxed don’t I???

Here’s the BEFORE MOM MESSED WITH IT photo of me:

And after she played around with the photo using Lunapic’s “CONNECTIONS” art filter, here’s what she came up with!    I think it looks rather oriental don’t you?

Hope to see you at the Hop……………….!

Happy Sunday with Hugs, Teddy

Another friend – Sister Kit – from BriansHomeBlog has flown off to the Bridge……please visit Brian’s blog to leave a message if you wish…..click Kit’s badge below:

Bakin’ in Baconia!


Come Bake With Me!!!

It’s me – Teddy the King of Baconia in his very own kitchen in the Castle here in Baconia.   Every Saturday I sneak in (well I don’t have to sneak since it’s my castle) and give the Castle Chef the day off while I mess around in here getting flour everywhere and creating some fabulous bacon delight to share with ALL OF YOU!!

Oui…..and guess who cleans up zee mess????!!!!


I am going to show you a GEM of a breakfast item to make using – of course – BACON along with some other yummy items including tortillas to hold the whole thing so you can eat them!

Apple Bacon Breakfast Burritos


  • olive oil for the pan
  • 4 strips apple wood smoked bacon (actually ANY bacon will do – it’s just the extra apple flavoring in applewood bacon that’s extra nice)
  • 1/2 cup apple, peeled and cut into small dice
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped onion
  • 3 eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • 4 small flour or corn tortillas
  • 1/2 cup grated Gruyere or Swiss cheese


Serves 2
In a small mixing bowl, whisk the eggs with a bit of salt and pepper, and set aside. Line a small bowl with foil and set aside.

Over medium heat, cook the bacon in a large saute pan, until it starts to brown.  Remove it from the pan, pour any excess bacon fat into the foil covered bowl (to throw out once it’s cool), and add the apple and onion to the pan. Over medium heat, cook until the onions are soft and slightly browning, about 4 minutes. Crumble the bacon and combine it with onion and apple. Season to taste with salt and pepper and set aside in a bowl.

Place the tortillas in the same pan. Over medium heat, let them warm for about 30 seconds, and then pour 1/4 the egg mixture on top of each tortilla.  If some egg slides off, just scoop it back onto the tortilla with a small spatula.  Sprinkle 1/4 of the cheese onto each egg covered tortilla.  Then sprinkle 1/4 of the apple-bacon mixture in the center of each one. Use a small spatula to fold the tortilla into thirds, making a burrito. With the seam side up, turn the heat to low, cover, and cook until the burrito puffs up a bit, about 3 minutes.

Just double or triple the recipe if you’re making more than FOUR total tortillas……….and let’s face it – you know you’ll want to!!!!

Toss a burrito our way pretty please?????

How could you resist those faces?  Make some BACON!!

Nothing worse than having a grumpy face to look at – solve the problem with some bacon!

Until next Saturday, I, King Teddy of Baconia wish you all the bacon you can eat!

It’s good to be King….when there’s bacon!!!!

Friendly Fun Fill-Ins


Time for all of us who join in this Blog Hop every week to FILL IN THE BLANKS!    This is a totally fun Hop too – co-hosted by our friends Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing.   It’s EASY too – just fill in the blanks in the sentences and join the hop (click on the badge above) – couldn’t be easier right???  Right!

My Mom is filling these blanks in this week…………her words are in BLUE!


1. The Winter Olympics are my FAVORITE Olympics sporting events – especially luge, ice dancing, bobsled, and ski jumping.

2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is   “ALWAYS” with Richard Dreyfus……which is an older and not very well known movie but it tugs at my heart every time I see it.   There are so many others – this is just my current “romantic” favorite.

3. Recently, I had an odd experience when  I was about to call my sister and the phone rang and it was her calling me – actually this happens to us frequently!.

4. I believe that love  is forever…..even after LIFE stops.


OK Mom!   Thanks for taking over the fill-ins……….besides, I’m too young to be able to answer #2 – I’m not even two years old yet so what’s “ROMANCE” ?????????????????

Well, snoopervising you on this blog was exhausting Mom so I’m gonna do my SNOOZE THING!

Love, Teddy


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


It’s Double Up Thursday!

First part of our post today is Thankful Thursday with Brian – he hosts this wonderful Blog Hop every week where we all hop on board and tell the world what we are thankful for – YOU can join us – just click his badge above……….I do have a few Thankfuls this week to talk about – first is that my Dad is recovering from his surgery a week ago JUST FINE and is going for his follow-up with his doc today!    I’m also thankful that we have NOT received a lot of snow but then again, that was a mixed blessing – because instead of SNOW, we got ICE – and ice is worse than snow really.    Two days this week we had sleet fall and pile up on roads, tree limbs, sidewalks – it was not a good thing!    Looked pretty but ice is bad for those who HAVE to be out in it!

Ice-covered trees !

Also as usual, I am thankful that Angel Sammy’s email arrived with his poem for this week…….as busy as I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge he never lets me down and gets his Poetic Thursday poem to me ON TIME!     Here it is:

Hello to my friends!   Happy Thursday!

I’ve been watching the weather you all have had – not just my brother Teddy but EVERYONE – I’d say this has been a most interesting winter wouldn’t you?    Up here at the Bridge the weather is perfect ALL THE TIME but down where you are – well – NOT SO MUCH!    Anyway, if you’re out in bad weather stay safe – if you don’t HAVE to go out – don’t.   Take the advice of an Angel!

This week I gave you this photo to use as your inspiration for a poem.    The idea is to look at the photo then write a poem – long or short – any poetic form – based on how the photo makes you feel, what you see, or what you think about when you see it.   Easy?   Well yes – even if you aren’t normally a poet – just give it a try – trust me – it’s fun!

“Rough Seas”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell, February 7, 2018


Do you ever feel like a ship on rough seas?

Days when you fail but have tried so hard to please?

Wishing for the calm of things going just right?

Hanging on to the ropes and sails with all of your might?

Then it can change in an instant to calm and secure

Your compass is right and your judgment is sure

Remember that life has its’ share of surprise

You know not what awaits you when you open your eyes.

Through rough seas or calm waters your life’s ship will roam

When the wind in your sails wanes you can be sure that you’re HOME.


Now it’s YOUR turn.   If you like, you can leave your blog link in our comments here so we can go read YOUR poem inspired by the photo OR you can write your poem IN our comments – however you want to do it, I hope you will take a chance – write a poem – let your imagination fly!  

Here is your photo for NEXT week’s Poetic Thursday………………I hope you have some fun with this one too…………..


This will be a most interesting poetic challenge wouldn’t you say?    I’ll look forward to seeing all of you poets next week…………..!    Until then – be THANKFUL for what you have…………

Hugs, Angel Sammy

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Thanks Angel Sammy.   I always look forward to Thursdays – I feel you with me ALWAYS but I like to see your poems and get your emails on Thursdays.   See you next week!!

Love, Teddy

P.S.   Extra Fun………..remember that great photo last week of the stairs in an old almshouse?   We created a jigsaw from it – if you’re interested in putting it together just CLICK HERE !

Good Luck….this will be a TOUGHIE!

Teaser Tell All


Step Right Up!  Time to TELL!

We’re READY Professors!!

Yes you all look alert and anxious to hear the scoop about yesterday’s Teaser.   We’ll start by telling you WHO our FIRST COMMENTERS WERE – did I say “COMMENTERS”???  Yes I did – because we had THREE within the first 60 seconds after we went live yesterday…………………


Timmy, Clowie, and Csilla !

THREE FIRSTIES? Suzie will have a FIT!


This is for you three!

Timmy Tomcat, Clowie and Csilla ALL got a FIRST COMMENTER badge on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018 !

And now we will tell you WHO sent in the photos for the Teaser yesterday – NOBODY!!!!!     They were photos my Mom found and here they are one more time:

These are photos are of a place only about 90 minutes away from MY house – this is beautiful downtown OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA!!!    A very happening place.

My Mom SAID that’s where it was……can she get a RIGHT GUESSER badge?????

Everyone who guessed RIGHT gets a RIGHT GUESSER badge but only ONE person gets a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge and who is the lucky winner of that this week?

CAROL of Home Sweet Home Wyoming!


This is for you!

For Carol as the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018

A whole bunch of you were RIGHT GUESSERS – including little Bobby’s Mom – and all of you who guessed OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA, Virginia get one of these:

I wasn’t FIRST but I still guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018!

Were you WRONG?   Don’t feel bad………….you still get this:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of Feb. 6, 2018 but I still got this GREENIE!


Now I’m sure everyone is anxious to hear the Cheer Team put our winners’ names in their cheer for today…………………GO CHEER TEAM GO!

Three FIRST COMMENTERS is what we had!
Totally cool – we’re oh so glad!
Csilla, Clowie and Timmy who was a “firstie” AGAIN!
Ya have to be QUICK around here to even get IN!
Then came the first to guess it RIGHT
Only one so there was no fight!
Who was that you might want to know?
It was CAROL in Wyoming who stole the show!
Congrats to the winners you’re all really swell
But you STILL can’t go home from class until you hear the BELL!!!!!

That’s right – nobody leaves until the Professors say so!!!    But you don’t want to leave ANYWAY because good old Miss Dingleberry comes through again with a snackable today…………..ICE CREAM SUNDAES that you can fix yourself!    That’s right – on the table at the back of the room you can have any kind of sundae you want………..what a deal huh???


We ALL do!!!!!!!!  

See you next week for another TEASER! 

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser


I think I hear the school bell – we’d better sit down before Miss Grumpy Marge comes in!

I foresee some demerits coming your way if Marge hears you!!!

I heard that! Two demerits for you!

Hello Students……FIRST – a reminder to COMMENT – you might be FIRST!  If you are you’ll win:

Shall we move forward with class?   Good.   Just as a reminder to those of you who need one that the rules for today when it comes to guessing WHERE the Teaser photo was snapped are STRICT – here they are for you to tattoo on your arm so you REMEMBER!

Do your best – that’s all we ask.    We know how easy it is to have your computer figure out where the photo was taken but we think it’s more FUN to just plain use your eyeballs and brain (assuming you have those).

Gosh I’m the class dunce and even I have a BRAIN!!

Today we have a TWO-PHOTO-TEASER.     Two photos from the same place.   Maybe that will give you TWICE the hints or maybe it will be TWICE as hard.   We will find out today won’t we?!    If you are the FIRST to guess correctly where the photos were taken here’s what you get:

IF you’re RIGHT but you aren’t FIRST:

And if your guess is WRONG…………….well…………you get this:

Let’s get the show on the road shall we?


The first part of today’s “show” is special because Suzie and her girls have a big surprise for you……………

Holy mackerel look who’s here!
Bobby’s with us to jump and cheer!
We decided to invite him to join our group
He’s not only cute but he’s one brave troop!
So now we are four and we think you’ll agree
Bobby fits right in and suits us all to a “T” !
Flippity Flappity Foo Foo Flobby
Welcome to our new Cheerleader Bobby!

Congratulations Bobby and good luck – I think you might need it.

Let’s bring in our wonderful and “oh so efficient” Security Guard who will display TWO photos for your viewing enjoyment this morning – as soon as you think you know where this is, GUESS AWAY!    Tomorrow at the TELL ALL we will hand out awards……….you know you want one!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

IDEAS???  Where is this????

Hmm……this is a toughie!

Good thing I gots new eyeglasses yesterday so I can SEE the photos!

I’m REALLY concentrating!!

Miss Dingleberry made us a Mexican feast today.   Don’t ask me why she chose that but she did and I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.   Maybe she’s adding a little HEAT to our diet since it’s colder than cold outside?     I would still suggest you NOT add any extra hot sauce.    You might have ISSUES on the bus on the way home from school today!

I’ll bring some extra toilet paper wiff us on the bus home!



**** and good luck on the ride home today on the bus ****