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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday Hop With Brian

Joining up with Brian’s Thankful Thursday hop – and you can too if you click on the badge above, use the LINKY tool and put your blog link in.   We have a whole lot to be thankful for including all our wonderful friends………and it makes us remember not only are we lucky to have the friends we have NOW, but we were lucky to know some of the friends we have had who are no longer with us.   Most notably, the last two friends of ours who are now gone – Angel Nellie and Angel Flynn.   We miss both of them more than we are able to express.

(graphics above from Ann at Zoolatry)

Today we also celebrate Angel Sammy’s “Thoroughly Poetic Thursday” with a poem celebrating the letter “U”!   If you have a poem to share, you can write it in our COMMENTS or you can give us your blog link where we can find your own fabulous poem for “U” !



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, May 4, 2017

Up and away the breeze will blow

Into the beyond where Angels go

Clouds awaiting up above

To carry the Angels in arms of love

Up is where we look to say our prayers

Our grief washes over us in darkest layers

But the light up above is bright and clear

Those who have gone are always near

Up and away one day we will fly

To join our sweet loved ones in the blink of an eye.

In honor of my friends……….(these are from Angel Sammy with Mom’s help)

Teddy here……………..my turn to say a little something.    I’m the new kid on the block but in my short time here I’ve not only learned a LOT about my Angel brother Sammy, but about all of his friends who are now MY friends.    Having both Flynn and Nellie leave so soon after I got to know and love them has been hard!    They were both such special members of our “family” in this community of blogging and I’m a little young and inexperienced in these things but I feel this heavy sadness in my heart – like my Mom says she has in hers.    We’ve tried to honor both Nellie and Flynn in our blog at their passing but words just don’t seem to come to express adequately how we feel.    I think my Mom is still struggling with losing Sammy and I know I have BIG PAWS to fill in regard to that believe me!

Anyway, we just want to say that we love all of you – and we love all of those who have gone before – and we know that they are with us every minute of every day but the heartache is sort of always there……..I’m learning fast how to love AND how to let go – it’s a lot for a little guy you know???

I love you all like I love my mousie!

Hugs, Teddy


Angels DO Eat Bacon!


Yes We Do!


Even here at the Rainbow Bridge, every day is a Bacon day – not just Saturday like it was back at my house………….Mom would often make it more than just on Saturday but here, every day bacon is available on the all you can eat Rainbow Bridge Breakfast Bar!    You can guess who is always FIRST IN LINE right?



Neither are THESE two!

Neither are THESE two!

This guy can be as adorable as he wants but it won't get him to the head of the bacon line!

This guy can be as adorable as he wants but it won’t get him to the head of the bacon line!


It's ME!   Angel Sammy!

It’s ME! Angel Sammy!

It’s kind of understood up here that because I was the King of Baconia in my life, I have a few privileges up here and being first in line is one of them.   Another one is free dry cleaning at the wing-cleaners and that’s why I don’t have mine on in this photo.   I have to pick them up on my way home after breakfast – they should be looking MIGHTY FINE now all cleaned up!    You see, there’s flowers everywhere and blooming trees and lots of long grass so we have stuff flying in the breeze all the time and it can get stuck in our wings.   So the wing-cleaners take care of that for us.   They do a good job too!

A reminder for everyone back home – SANTA PAWS IS COMING TO TOWN…………better check and make sure you’re ready.   You know he does a “fly by” here just because he has connections with us Rainbow Bridge Angels – but he doesn’t have to deliver presents to us because we get whatever we want and need ANYWAY, so he just flies over to wave and bring us Christmas cheer!



Everyone loves to see Santa!


This is my Mom a bazillion years ago as a little girl seeing him for the first time (I wonder if she’s thinking “why is his beard falling off?” or maybe “what the heck is that thing on his nose?”).    She was maybe two or maybe one who knows.  I think SHE was impressed though – until she noticed what Santa was going to give her as a prize for visiting him anyway – a straw with a balloon on it????   WHAT??????

So I’ll see you all here tomorrow right?   Eating bacon with the guy who introduced many of you to the wonderfulness of bacon……………..no need to thank me – it was my pleasure to do that!   See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfies at The Cat on My Head!




Hugs, Angel Sammy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



We are so thankful to be starting the Alphabet ALL over again with “A” this week – thanks to all of you who wanted to continue this poetic fun and start over!   You can Click Brian’s badge above to join the THANKFUL Blog Hop!


Hello poetry fans!   Here we go again with the alphabet starting obviously with the letter “A”!


Now that I’m an Angel

I want you all to know

The Rainbow Bridge is beautiful

AND we never get any snow!

It’s sunny, bright and cheery

We’re happy as can be

There’s nothing but God’s beauty

Far as the eye can see.

We spend our days doing good things

We help out back at home

We try to remind our families

That they are not alone.

We know that we were truly blessed

To be part of your family

But our time did come and we were so tired

Our souls longed to be free.

We’ll always be there with you

We’ve loved you from the start

If you sit very quietly, you’ll hear us in your heart.

We’ll wait here until you join us

Arriving at the gate light as a feather

Then we will all be happy

Because we’ll be TOGETHER.

Did you write a poem today for “A”?   If you did and want to share it, please leave your blog link in my comments so we can all go visit and read your poem OR just post your poem here in my comments and we’ll read it here!    I’m so excited to be starting the whole alphabet again…………..and who knows – maybe we’ll do it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

Also in the coming days Mom is going to try to share more of the things you sweeties sent in to her when I left for the Bridge………they are just too beautiful NOT to share……..don’t be sad…..be happy because we kitties love Christmas time and even though some of us are gone we will definitely enjoy watching you back here opening presents and making a big old mess with wrapping paper and stuff OK???


Je Suis Sammy le Poet!!  Merci Beaucoup!!

Oh Mon Amis I forgot to tell you something fabulous.   You know I’m a Cat Scout (now Angel Cat Scout) and I was HONORED to discover that there are now special items in the Cat Scouts Store with my fabulous face/artwork done by the Denmaster at Scouts!!!!   That’s right – and you don’t have to be a Scout to order them or anything else in the store – so take a peek.   I love the drawing of ME……………Thank you Denmaster for honoring me!



Tuesday Teaser


Hello Class! 

Ready for THE BIG TEST today?   I hope so.   I think I’ve got a DOOZY for you.


Please remember that whoever is the FIRST PERSON to comment on this blog (yep – this very one you’re reading now!) will be winning a badge we call the FIRST COMMENTER badge…….sometimes it’s one person sometimes it’s a four-way tie….if a tie, each of you gets a badge!    So make sure and comment – – –


As you know, I am now residing at the Rainbow Bridge……as of last Friday morning in fact.   I’m still not allowed to show you any photos from here but trust me – it’s swell.   I am also working on redesigning the badges again – but that will take some time.  I’m pretty busy up here.   So for now, we’ll use the “old” new ones.     HAHAHA

SuzieQ is upset because Dr. Strangelove no longer needs to give health updates for me here in class and you know she had a TERRIBLE crush on him.   For all I know they’re dating outside of the Teaser forum but if they are, that’s HIS problem not mine (just kidding).    Anyway, let’s bring the little lady in so she can get everyone READY to guess shall we?????

The Prof has gone to the Bridge Now I have the key to the class Refrig! Do you want a soda or treat? Now I can control what you EAT! Me and the Doc said goodbye For about ten seconds did I cry There's plenty of fish in the sea And they all are in LUV with me! The Doc was pretty darn OLD I kissed him and got a BAD COLD So I'm now looking for love I'm flying free as a dove If you're young and cute And dress up swell in a suit I'll give thanks to the Prof up above!!

The Prof has gone to the Bridge
Now I have the key to the class Refrig!
Do you want a soda or treat?
Now I can control what you EAT!
Me and the Doc said goodbye
For about ten seconds did I cry
There’s plenty of fish in the sea
And they all are in LUV with me!
The Doc was pretty darn OLD
I kissed him and got a BAD COLD
So I’m now looking for love
I’m flying free as a dove
If you’re young and cute
And dress up swell in a suit
I’ll give thanks to the Prof up above!!

OK Suzie……..at least you didn’t use any “questionable” words in this one…….as for your dating situation, somehow I think that hardly inspires our class to guess on the Teaser which one MIGHT expect the Teaser Cheerleader to do but if we can help you with your love life.   SWELL………….

Now, let’s get Mr. Silver Briefcase in with the photo – I know you’re just DYING to see it and make your guess FIRST right?

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!


Remember you must give me town/city/village and state if in the US or country if not………..OK?   You have to give both or you won’t be a WEEEEEEENER!   hahaha

hotdogNot that kind of wiener!!!    Anyway, just make sure you give a complete guess.

Here are the prizes you can win……………………If you comment first:


OR if you guess RIGHT first:


OR if you guess RIGHT but aren’t first:


OR if you are WRONG AS CAN BE – you still win this:


SO get going gang – let’s hear those answers popping into the blog comments – – – I’m ready – – – now that I’m living at the Rainbow Bridge, I’ve got lots of time to concentrate on YOU!


OK Mom – Very funny – yes I am wearing wings in this picture but not my ANGEL WINGS!


That’s more like it!

The Angel Prof

Tune in tomorrow for the Teaser Tell All and see who wins what!

The Farewell Tour



Friends, we perhaps should have told you before now – but sometimes sad news ON TOP of other sad news is just that much more sad.    The loss of our buddy Easy this week was overwhelming for all of us so I didn’t want to tell you about ME, but now I must……………….

This morning I am heading to the Bridge to join my friend Easy and my predecessor here in my home Eddy, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many of our friends who have gone before.   I have been very sick for very long and I am tired and ready to rest………..my leaving will not be sad – it will be me moving on to that beautiful place we call the Rainbow Bridge.   I will be welcomed by many I’m sure…………….and I will STILL be in your hearts if you find a little spot for me!

Miss Ann at Zoolatry made this beautiful badge – you will see it today around the blogosphere…………but she also wrote a poem which I’m including.

 A Poem about Sammy
Now I lay me down to sleep,
angels near to guide my feet.
I’m not afraid, I do not fear,
my life’s been good while I was here.
It is time to leave, to cross my bridge,
to reach toward my rainbow …
When I come to heaven’s door,
I’ll see the friends smiling who went before.
Waiting to welcome me home again.
Where I began, where I now end.
So I will now leave, I will cross my bridge,
yes ~ I see my rainbow …
My Mom will write more later today – probably this evening as I finish my AMAZING DAY visiting all of you who are part of the lovely blog hop that dear Easy and Madi planned for today.   Of course then we didn’t know Easy would have left so suddenly – but he’s in our hearts always and I like to think he’s joined me as I visit all of you today on my COME FLY WITH ME tour!    I’ve already visited many of you and will continue to do that all day today…………you make my heart so full of love.
I will continue blogging but might take a little time off – you know I need to check into my suite over the Bridge – they’ve reserved the “BACON SUITE” for me.   Just right wouldn’t you say?

Your forever friend, Sammy


Thankful AND Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Oooh La La!


Today is my “combination” day – it’s my poem day and it’s also Thankful Thursday so I am doing BOTH in this one post!

If you have written a poem to join me on Poetic Thursday, you can either post it in my comments so the universe can see it OR, post your blog link and say you have a poem posted there – we will hop over and read it FOR SURE!    Write a poem for someone today – I promise you will make them VERY  happy if you do!

First though is my poem of the week.   Today we’re celebrating the letter “W” in the alphabet.   You know I thought of a million things I could write about that start with the letter “W” but because lately I’m having “old guy” health issues and think a lot about my future, I settled on this poem to share with you – my dear friends.


By Sammy Kimmell, 11/17/16

My Daddy flies his plane up in the sky

Where birds and planes and angels fly

In common they all have just one thing

They fly through the sky using their “wings”.

When I was a kitten all tiny and new

The years up ahead were abundant – not few

With age came wisdom about many things

Like the eventual day when I’d get my wings.

Through all the years I’ve not once feared the day

When my guardian angel kitty would come to me and say…

“Dear Sam you have lived a long life full of love

now we want you to come join us at the Bridge up above.

Your work here on earth as companion and friend

Has been perfectly grand but soon it will end.

We have work for you there – and one day when you’re ready,

You’ll come back to Mother Earth for another life, strong and steady.

Your wings they await you – they’re beautiful – made of gold

They will bring you good health, you’ll be young again, not old.

When your time it is here, I will be by your side…..

From this earthly life, you will rise and you will glide

To the Rainbow Bridge we’ll go and be safe as can be

Watching over all your friends and your Earth family.

From this day forward until your time has come,

I’ll be right by your side until your last day is done.”


Dear friends, I hope this poem doesn’t make you SAD……………..because we all know that our time will come and we will go to the Bridge and see all our friends we’ve had to say farewell to for so many years.    I don’t intend to go soon but you never really know……….and I wanted all of you to know how I feel about that.    Life is GOOD……live every minute of it!    I sure intend to…..

Next week we will move on to a REAL toughie – the letter “X”!    EEEEEEEEEK!    Talk about a challenge!

For the second part of today’s post, I will tell you this thing that I am thankful for…………………..I’m thankful for my Mom and Dad – I could not have been adopted from the shelter almost 17 years ago by more loving and caring humans – NO WAY……..I’m living a dream life…………and I love all of my friends and every single day I’m here, I celebrate it.    If you’d like to share what you’re THANKFUL for, just visit Brian’s blog by clicking HERE and join the hop today!



Merci Beaucoup for coming by today to see my “W” poem!

Happy Thankful Poetic Thursday  

Monsieur Sammy, zee poet!


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Let’s Do it! (write a poem that is)


Ah yes……..the wheels of time are moving quickly now as we sneak up on the end of the alphabet – hence the end of our exercise in writing a poem for each letter!   But let’s not dwell on the END of something – let’s enjoy the moment and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE out a poem to honor the letter of the week – the lovely letter “R” !   


By Sammy Kimmell, 10/13/2016


Rainy days are messy

I have to stay inside

Rainy days have thunder

That noise can make you hide!

There is one thing that’s NICE though

About a rainy day

When rain stops and the sun pops out

Something SPECIAL comes our way!

Mother Nature’s paint palette

With all the colors bright

A ribbon of color across the sky

Brings smiles of pure delight.

The rainbow is so beautiful

Stretching from ridge to ridge

A reminder too that our friends are smiling

From across the Rainbow Bridge……..

Now, next week we tackle the letter “S”………………gosh………….I know someone whose first name starts with an S……….hmm……..!!!!   Meanwhile, if you have written a poem today for “R”, put your link in my comments here so we can visit you and read it OR just write your poem in comments here and we can read it HERE……….stretch that imagination and write one!

Happy Poetry Day

Surprise someone with a little poem today!

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee "R" today and next week we shall do zee "S" together, oui???

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee “R” today and next week we shall do zee “S” together, oui???

Hugs, Monsieur Sam, le poet

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day



Graphic by Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey

A Day To Remember………………….

Those who came before me……….who loved my Mom and Dad as much as I do………who left to wait for the rest of us when our time comes to welcome us with open arms.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for being part of my Mom’s life – and keeping her heart warm until I came along!

Love, Sammy

Special thanks to Zee and Zoey and Deb Barnes for creating this special day to honor their rainbow kitty Jazz……we are happy to join in their blog hop today for this occasion.

Melting Thursday


Hello!    We are MELTING………..well not “WE” but our area is getting some good sunshine and temps in the 40s so all of this snow is slowly but surely disappearing.  We still have over a foot of it on the lawn but the streets are looking good so there’s HOPE after all – at least for us.   Some places got a lot more of Jonas’s white stuff than we did so we hope they fare as well as we are………


We hope maybe that’s our annual quota of snow so we won’t get any more……………fat chance right?

My parents were finally able to drive out of our neighborhood yesterday – which was a good thing because even though Mom had stocked up on EVERYTHING before the storm came, we were almost (gasp) out of Gerber’s Beef Baby Food which is what I take my pill with!

SAMGERBERYep – they don’t know it but I could be their new poster child.  It’s the only thing Mom has found that I will eat that icky pill in…………..and trust me – we tried EVERYTHING!

Now something serious for a minute………………one of my oldest and dearest and cutest friends, Alfie (also known as Gaylord) from Mollie and Alfie’s blog went to the Bridge a few days ago.   Their Mom has a wonderful online (Etsy) store with all kinds of wonderful handmade and FUN things for pets.   I have a lot of their stuff in my house – toys and placques – nip mats too – everything is wonderful (there’s a link to the store on my sidebar).   My heart was broken to learn that Alfie had gone but then I realized when I read their blog that Alfie the Angel only has ONE ANGEL WING right now because he has a mission to stay here and drive his sister Mollie crazy – which is how he will earn his SECOND Angel Wing.   I’m sure he can do this too as he and Mollie were FAST friends.    Please visit Alfie’s blog if you haven’t already…………and his store too – they have links on their blog to the store as well.   Alfie was a dear boy – he and Mollie were “the two Blondes” on the other side of the Pond…………Click on Alfie One Wing’s photo to visit:


I will miss you Alfie………..

Now – please resume your regular internet surfing because that’s it for my blog for today!  See you tomorrow peeps!

Love, Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Welcome to Tuesday – the day we all look forward to every week (well at least I hope you look forward to it and don’t DREAD it!).    Today we have a fabulous Guest Teaser photograph for you and while I’m not sure it’s what you would call EASY, I think it might be EASIER than last week’s.

Mr. Silver Briefcase, would you please bring the photo in for display to all our Teaser-a-holics?????

Reporting for Duty!

Reporting for Duty!

Now let’s have a little CHEER from Suzi Q our Teaser Cheerleader – she likes to shake her pom poms for all of you and spur you on to GREATNESS as you study the Teaser photo!



Here’s today’s photo………..remember, I must know what CITY and what COUNTRY/STATE this scene was snapped – got it?     Here’s today’s goodie!


Now if you are the FIRST to COMMENT on today’s blog (even if you aren’t guessing) you get one of my NEW 2016 badges – this one to be exact!

First Commenter!

First Commenter!

If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for today’s Teaser, you get this:

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

If you guess RIGHT but are not the FIRST one to do so, you get this:

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

If you are NOWHERE NEAR right……..or close but “no cigar”, you get a new 2016 version of the GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

So – what are you waiting for – GO FOR IT!    Good luck!!   Tomorrow I’ll tell everyone the scoop and let you know who wins what!

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser

Hee Hee......it's ME in here!

Hee Hee……it’s ME in here!


On a SAD note……….it breaks my heart that I’ve lost another good friend.   Yesterday my super good buddy and fellow Scout and Ginger boy, Sammy Pilch lost his sister Stinky to the Bridge.   She had not been eating well, had a problem with her eye, and then developed breathing problems so she left for the Rainbow Bridge where she is at peace – she’s also joining there her sister Lucy who left for the Bridge not that long ago……we know Stinky’s family is broken-hearted.   Please stop by and leave a message for Sammy’s Mom and their family HERE.