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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time for SELFIES.    Before I do my selfie I want to make mention that I lost a good friend this past week – she was a friend to so many of us in the blogosphere.    She was a beautiful kitty named Allie at FRIENDS FUREVER blog.     She had a long life full of love.     Along the way she lost her sister Ellie, her Human Dad Bill, and recently her “husband” Mauricio from THE CAT ON MY HEAD.     I know they are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge…………that is a comfort for her Mom, her brother Raz and her sister Noelle and really for ALL OF US who knew her.

I’m sure Angel Sammy was there to help Mauricio welcome Allie “home”……………..

Now on to Selfies……………….they are of course hosted by Mauricio’s family at THE CAT ON MY HEAD and if you want to join in the Selfies – just click their blog badge at the top of the page and link up with us.

My Selfie today is another RECENT (last week) photo of me in my front yard enjoying the GREAT outdoors.

I was more than likely looking at a squirrel or bird here…….not at Mom taking my photo!!!!    A rather boring photo so we jazzed it up a LOT and made it more interesting using Lunapic’s “NOUVEAU” art effect!     THEN we made a puzzle for you.

Here’s the puzzle:

Click this little mini-me and you will get your puzzle – ought to be tough with all those shapes and colors thanks to Lunapic!   Tee Hee!!

Happy Sunday Friends………Love, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins


Here we are – we arrived at another Friday which means time to fill-in the blanks!  Our hosts are Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.    Ellen at 15andMeowing had to help one of her sweet cats to the Bridge yesterday so she’s taking a few days off.    We have hooked the badge above up to Four-Legged Furballs so if you’d like to join us, click it and fill out the linky there to share your sentences.     If you’d like to send a little note to Ellen about her kitty Tallulah – a new Angel now – just click Tallulah’s beautiful “FOREVER” badge below:

Here are today’s sentences and Mom and I took turns again filling in the blanks.    My blanks are filled with GREEN words and hers are filled with BLUE words!!

1. I get to do whatever I want every week.   I LOVE BEING RETIRED!!!

2. So far, 2019 is quiet for us – but it’s early so who knows what’s next!.

3. I will never tire of being spoiled – it’s my destiny.

4. Can you believe that I will be THREE YEARS OLD in March and that I was adopted February 12, 2017?    Time flies when you’re having fun!


There you have it – me and my Mom filling in the blanks.    We are also sending very big hugs to Miss Ellen and her husband David.   It’s such a heartbreaking thing having to help a pet to the Bridge even knowing it’s the best thing for them.   Mom still has dreams about Angel Sammy’s last day.    Mom says she really believes this:

And that’s FOREVER…………..

Love, Teddy


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello Friends!   Ready to spread the word about what you’re thankful for?   Good – then it’s a good time to link up to Brian’s blog and share.   Click his badge and join in with us!!!

I’m thankful this week that we did NOT see any snow…….rain yes……so far, snow no.   We even got into the mid-40s today which is a far cry from one degree earlier this week.   Thankful – yes I am because I was able to actually go outside with Dad and stay longer than 2 minutes.    No he wasn’t the one who wanted to come in so quickly – – – it was ME!!!    BRRRRRRRR!

Also I’m thankful Angel Sammy came through via email from the Rainbow Bridge, with his poem for this week.   I look forward to it – do you?   You ought to join in and play along with him on Thursdays.


Happy Poetic Thursday Friends!   Thanks for stopping by………..

I had to giggle a little this past week at my little brother Teddy – he was absolutely NOT happy about the snow.    You all who have known me a long time may remember that I LOVED snow.   I had no problem with cold feet unlike Teddy!

Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

I musta been nuts back then…..

Actually I wasn’t nuts – I just enjoyed playing in the snow.   Mom would use her snowboots to stomp out a little “maze” for me in the snow – that was a lot of fun…………..anyway, maybe Teddy will get to love snow like I obviously did.   Here at the Rainbow Bridge we can watch YOU enjoy snow but we are in the sunshine every day.

We also have a little time to do fun things like write poetry………AND I’m going to share the one I wrote based on last week’s photo – then give you a NEW photo to think about and write a poem for NEXT Thursday.    Here’s the photo I gave you for this week’s fun:

“Where’s The Toof Fairy?”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     January 23, 2019

Mommy tells me I should just slow down

Quit showing off and being a clown

But a friend gave me a bunny toy and I wanted to share

So I ran fast as I could without looking WHERE

I tripped and I fell and I bumped my fang!

Will I still be able to run fast without that thing?

Will the girls giggle at me for my lopsided smile

Will my fang grow back after a little while?

I think I’ll ask the Tooth Fairy if she can help me

Maybe she could bring me a brand new toofie???

My bunny will comfort me when I sleep tonight…….

I hope dinner is soft because I sure can’t bite !!


When I saw this photo I thought it was a really adorable little imaginary creature and as I looked at it longer I could see so many “things”……….some of you told me this past week that you thought the critter had captured a live bunny and broke his tooth trying to eat it.   I couldn’t wrap my head around that (!) so I went with my initial feeling which was it was a baby creature who accidentally broke his little fang while playing with his bunny stuffed animal.    Maybe the CRITTER TOOF FAIRY can help him!

So did you write a poem?   If you did, please tell us you did in comments and give us your link…..we’d love to see what YOU saw in the photo.     Speaking of seeing things, here’s next week’s photo so you can begin thinking about it and preparing to share another poem with us next Thursday………..

Oh I bet I know one person who wouldn’t mind tackling this……………..my Mom!!!     So let’s see what you poets do with this photo next Thursday shall we?    I’ll be back again to see what you’ve written…………give it a whirl!

Hugs from Heaven, Angel Sammy

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!


That was a goodie Angel Sammy and I’m with you – I think Mom would have that big old banana split GONE in about five minutes.    I wouldn’t mind having a few slurps of it myself!    See you next week……………

Hugs, Teddy

p.s.  Our friend Tallulah…one of the cats at 15andmeowing, is going to the Bridge today.  Please stop over and give a hug to Mom Ellen – she will need it.  

Sammy will be there to hug her on her arrival……..

Teaser Tell All…..Pirate Style!


AHOY Mateys!   Come aboard the Good Ship Sheep Dip! 

It’s time for the Teaser Tell All – Pirate Style!    ARRRRRGH…………..(excuse me, I’ve got a cough)     We had a whopper of a Teaser didn’t we?   Almost made you want to walk the plank instead of figure it out right?    Well, Terrible Ted the Pirate and his sidekick Angel Sammy the Devil  are here to give you the TEASER SCOOP.

In case you think we’ve lost our minds – today is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY in the blogosphere and we at Ding Dong School pawticipate in that…….so there.

Now – where were we………..

Oh yes…………Teaser………….The first item of business is to let you know WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday – and our Cheer Team was overjoyed to hear that there was only ONE First Commenter this week.   Just one!    Who???

The Pirates at FRIENDSFUREVER!!!!  

Arrrgh!   You shall not have to walk the plank Friends Furever!!!!  Here’s your BADGE!

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of September 18, 2018!!!!

THEN we waited and waited until SOMEONE guessed it!    Here’s the photo again:

A mighty beautiful sight, she is………..a pirate island in the middle of the ocean……well, not OUR pirate island but maybe someone’s!     Where was this photo taken????   Well this is BIRD ISLAND in the Seychelle Islands in the Indian Ocean.    Seychelles is actually a REPUBLIC and Bird Island is just one of a LOT of islands in this group of beautiful places.   If you’d like to see more and find out more about this particular island too, CLICK HERE.

And WHO was the lucky Pirate who guessed where this was FIRST??????

MISS CSILLA of Kolytyi !

 ARRRRRGH!!!!  This little beauty doesn’t have to walk the plank either since she was right!   Here’s yer badge!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 18. 2018!!

AND some others guessed it too – each of you take one of these of your very own:

I guessed the Teaser correctly BUT I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on September 18, 2018. DARN!

Then there some others who guessed but were WRONG – we will give you a break – we are kindly pirates (sometimes) and you will not have to walk the plank but you DO get one of these badges:

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of September 18, 2018 but I got a badge anyway!!

Now can the LOSERS walk the plank Professors??????

 Normally everyone who didn’t guess and just showed up for the food would have to walk the plank…..BUT…..in the spirit of KINDNESS (some pirates are kind believe it or not) we won’t make you do that today!!

I was a little bit scared that you might make us (gulp) do the plank thing!

Now let’s celebrate by bringing in our Pirate Cheer Team to do their THING!

Don’t we look CUTE
In our pirate suits?
Today we have it easy
No need to get all queasy
I know that you are glad!
Our friends in all kinds of weather!
Miss Csilla makes sleuthing an art!
Now pardon us if we go
We’re having our own pirate show
We installed a plank on our hot tub
Then afterwards we’re getting backrubs!

I assume the Cheer Team’s Hot Tub room is closed to the general public?????   DARN!

Alright class……………today Miss Dingleberry has prepared some pirate food in the cafeteria so enjoy yourselves then sail home on your pirate ships and return in your regular clothing tomorrow!!

OK you scurvy scaliwag sheep, prepare for a pirate’s feast!   Do not stick your sword into the pirate in front of you, and do not eat your meal using your sword to cut things up.   Got it?   Good!!

Today’s Pirate Menu

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for a FUN class today Pirates!  

Your Professors………

P.S.   Before we leave – here’s a wonderful and fun event for you to put on your calendar in honor of EVERYBODY’S friend, Madi who went to the Rainbow Bridge last week….She wanted one last FUN time with everyone and here it is – hosted by our friend Raz from FRIENDS FUREVER.

Please join us on Wednesday, September 26 when we host a special Blog Hop for Madi Come Laugh With Us.  Post anything you want to do with a Box…such as stand up comedy, a joke or pun,

Recite a poem…karaoke, just a picture with a box, etc…anything goes no rules except RED!     Red was Madi’s FAVORITE/SIGNATURE color!   She also loved boxes so that’s included in the Hop too – use your imagination!   Have fun with it – Madi wanted everyone to make this Hop fun.
There is a link set up at Living Laughing and Barking in our Backyardso Madi’s Mom and Dad can see all your wonderful posts.
Angel Sammy, Mom and I made this for Madi………..with love.



A Sadaversary


One year ago the First King of Baconia departed his Kingdom for a HIGHER GROUND – the Rainbow Bridge.    December 2nd he joined several of his “besties” who had left just before he did – and they all got their wings within days of each other.

Sammy was a very special guy – how can I know that when I never met him?   Well, I know it because my Mom and Dad talk about him all the time, and once in a while call me “Sammy” instead of “Teddy” which of course I don’t mind…….not one bit…..Sammy left big paws for me to fill around here and I’m doing my best.

Mom wanted me to put the link up to the post she wrote the day Sammy left…………..it was a surreal day because it was also the day of the wonderful Blog Hop started by Sammy’s friends Easy and Madi and with help from Dory who set the HOP up for them.   The idea was for Sammy to hop in his balloon and visit anyone and everyone who signed up in the Hop – they could tell him a little about where they lived and he could “see the world”………….nobody knew that it was going to be the day Sammy became an Angel……….other than Mom and Dad.

Here’s the link to that post – the old Blog Hop is no longer available to see but this is the post Mom did that day – just click the Angel Sammy graphic below:

I don’t really need to go on and on and on about Sammy – most of you knew him better than I do – he was “one of a kind” – like all of us are, only somehow he seemed larger than life.   He will always be my best friend and my big brother and one day I know that I will join him at the Rainbow Bridge – like all of us will………….including my Mom and Dad…………

Here are a few more “bacon-related” graphics of THE KING………….I thought you might have fun seeing them again!

Lots of fun and lots of bacon………………..and life goes on.    It’s just a little different now without Sammy.

You Are Missed Dear Sammy…….always and forever