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Sunday Selfie AND World Cat Domination Day!


It’s a big day…..June 24 is Cat World Domination Day!  

This is a special day started by our friend Angel Sparkle to celebrate the wonderfulness of cats and the photo/badge above is Angel Sparkle’s sister Summer who took over being in charge of their blog when Sparkle went to the Bridge.   Summer does a great job posing doesn’t she?    If you click her badge you can go visit her and see what she’s posted about this BIG DAY in the kitty blog kingdom.   She’s having a BIG HUGE giveaway too – man oh man the prizes are fabulous!

It’s ALSO Sunday Selfies day with The Cat On My Head and we have a “double selfie” for you today at the end of our blog today.

Back to kitties though……………my Mom is a kitty person…………she grew up with dogs in the family as her Dad didn’t like cats so that was that.   The MINUTE Mom was on her own and had her own apartment you can guess what she got right?   A little ginger kitten she cleverly named “Pumpkin” (there must be a bazillion ginger pumpkin cats out there!).    She was not supposed to have pets and was found out – but Mom’s sister Carol took little Pumpkin and found him a home near where she lived.   Ever since then, Mom has had cats wherever she lived and no matter what else was going on in her life.    She had some gray tabbies along the way but she always had a soft spot for ginger tabbies.    WE ROCK…….that’s what Mom says anyway.

Here are just a few of Mom’s many cats of the past:

Ricky…..a sweet ginger boy who Mom had many years ago and bottom photo is his sister Linda Sue


Sweet Charli – a dear sweet girl who Mom adored…..

My Angel brother Sammy who started this blog with Mom!

So Mom is definitely a cat woman and she “converted” my Dad from a dog guy to a cat guy.    Now I have to say that even though we believe cats totally dominate (!), my parents BOTH love dogs as well.   In fact, they are animal people PERIOD.

We want to thank dear Angel Sparkle for starting World Cat Domination Day and thank dear Summer for carrying on the family tradition.   It’s great to have our VERY OWN DAY to celebrate all things wonderful about cats and why WE RULE!

Yep – it’s a fact – just ask Garfield…..he knows!

And last but not least…………here is my Sunday Selfie which we do EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY with our friends at Kitties Blue – THE CAT ON MY HEAD.    You should consider showing off your fine self in a selfie today since it’s such a BIG DAY in the world of cats but even if you’re NOT a cat, a selfie is in order.   Just click their badge below to join in the Sunday fun!

I thought because it’s a special day, I would use as my selfie, a photo of me and my Angel Brother Sammy……………..even though I didn’t get to meet him, I feel him in my heart every single day.    We will always be “together” and one day we will TRULY be together but before that, I have a whole lot of living to do!    He will be with me every step of the way!

Happy Sunday

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie



Sunday is here again and that means SELFIE time!   Every Sunday we join The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and this Sunday is no exception.    Why not join us?  Click on their badge above and fill out the LINKY form – that’s all there is to it and you can strut your stuff with us.

Mom and I were out in the front yard for a walk two days ago and it was hot hot hot – I took a break and hopped into the front garden which Mom says “really isn’t fit for photos” since she hasn’t weeded and mulched it yet BUT I like it just the way it is.   I like to get under the dwarf Japanese maple and hide.   Sometimes I’m invisible – sometimes not.   Later when things are blooming more, I will be the amazing invisible cat every time I go in there but just now – there are gaps in the “cover” !!

Here’s my photos before Mom got carried away with Lunapic:

And after she let Lunapic have its’ way with me this is what we wound up with:

For those of you who are gluttons for punishment – here’s a jigsaw of this photo – hope you have a load of patience with you today!   HAHAHA



Happy Sunday, Teddy

Sunday Selfie


Sunday!   Time for the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our good buddies the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    We just post a photo of our fabulous selves and post it on their blog using the LINKY TOOL and strut our stuff.   Couldn’t be easier than that right?   So why not join us?  Click their badge above and GO FOR IT!

My Mom took a couple of photos of me yesterday – one WOKE ME UP from a floor nap in her office and the other I’ll save for another time – it was just a photo of my butt while I was enjoying a SINK DRINK.

This was the one she tried to SNEAK while I was asleep…………..What is this Mom?   Candid Camera?????    She used her favorite editing program, LUNAPIC, and the Storytime Art Effect.

We hope you are having a perfectly fabulous Sunday wherever you are………………..

Yep – I had my lasers on – think she got the message that I didn’t want to be disturbed??????

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie


YAY!  Sunday is here and it’s time to strut our stuff.   Kitties Blue sponsors this fun hop and we have been a part of it forever.   Wanna join us?   Just click their badge above, fill in the LINKY tool and we’ll check you out!

Mom decided to use one of my first few photos she ever took of me when I came to live here after they adopted me.   That was February 12, 2017.   Time flies when you’re having fun!!   I was already almost one year old but I kinda knew I’d found a pretty darn good home.

Lunapic strikes again!    Mom only uses that these days…..I think she’s tried EVERYTHING…..LOL   Oh well – as long as I still have my stripes she can jazz me up any way she wants to!

Happy Sunday!!!    Love, Teddy

My Birthday Selfie and Pawty!


Happy Sunday!

Welcome to a double duty Sunday – it’s Selfie Day with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head so be sure and hook up to that – we always do, and today is no exception!    This photo of me posing for my birthday portrait as I turn TWO is my Selfie today.    Click their badge to link up and show yourself off too!!

But the second duty of the DOUBLE duty is that it’s my birthday and I’m glad you came by to help me celebrate it!    If you’d like something to eat – I’ve gotcha covered……if you want some entertainment – I’ve gotcha covered…….and if you want to take a snooze because that’s what we like to do most of all – I’ve gotcha covered too!

We have all kinds of foodables…….just belly up to the buffet table and help yourself to anything your heart desires!!!

I have breakfast stuff………..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have lunch/dinner stuff………

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t forget desserts!!!!!……………..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And to wash it all down????………..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh you must try everything……it’s all good and Mom, Angel Sammy and I tried to include a little bit of almost everything that we thought you’d like!!!    It looks like some of you are having some fun – so keep up the good work!

I am so happy to be Two.    I don’t really remember turning One all that much because I’d only lived here with Mom and Dad a few weeks when I turned One.    By then I knew that I was one very lucky boy but now that I’m a whole year older I can say that I couldn’t be happier if I tried!!!!

I’ve perfected the BACK NAP….

I’ve perfected the SINK DRINK……

AND I’m good at taking Dad for a walk!

Mom brushes me, hugs me in her arms, plays red dot with me all the time, and lets me go out to the garage to hop up in my window seat any time I want to!    I hope I can be here with my parents at least as long as my Angel Sammy brother was………..or even longer!

Now – who needs a snooze?   I’m getting just a little bit tired from all this good food – aren’t you????    Oh wait – before we all pass out – I think we should have some birthday cake………..please join me – you are my friends and what are friends for if not to get FAT with right?    (tee hee)

YAY!   Now – who’s ready for a nap?   Before we snooze, may I say how much I love all of you for being my friends and visiting my blog and having fun with us SEVEN DAYS A WEEK at One Spoiled Cat.  

Love and Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to HOP!    Every Sunday we join the BLOG HOP for Selfies hosted by Kitties Blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.    Fun way to show off every week………and we usually do something artsy with my selfie just for fun.    Want to join in?  Click their badge above and fill out the Linky Tool………..EASY!

Mom used Lunapic to add some pizazz to my photo – I was lounging on her bed and had SEVERE Laser Eyes but she said it was just my INNER GLOW.    HAHAHA………….OK MOM IF YOU SAY SO!

Here’s the BEFORE Lunapic photo

And here’s the AFTER Lunapic………..colorful?   Yeah sure is!!!!!   I still have my glowing eyes but they don’t look ELECTRIC like they did in the original photo!   This is more like candlelight.   HA


LOVE, Teddy

Sunday Selfie and Puzzle!


Time for the Selfie Hop!

Sunday is Selfie Day and who is the host?   Well it’s our old friends The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!     If you click the badge above you will magically be transported to their blog where you too can join in the Selfie fun by posting your link to a photo of YOU, YOU, YOU!

This week I’m repeating a previously shown Selfie………why would I do that you might ask?    Because I have a special treat for any of you who are jigsaw puzzle lovers – I have turned the below Selfie into a puzzle.    If you click the “CLICK HERE” link under the photo you will have a chance to piece together a 140 piece puzzle of this very photo.    You use your mouse to click on to pick up a piece then place it in the center space to “build” the photo.    My Dad just tried it and – well – it took him 55 minutes to do it.    WHOOPS.    Anyway, don’t feel obligated to do it but I know there are some jigsaw fans out there who MIGHT have fun with it so go for it.    There’s a “clock” that will show your time.    If you choose to do the puzzle, let us know in comments how long it took you.    It’s NOT an easy puzzle.   Trust me.    We do puzzles at Cat Scouts and I am using that same software which is on Jigsawplanet.com.    Very cool!


CLICK HERE  (for the puzzle)

NOTE:    You need to click on “START A NEW GAME” at the screen…I did the puzzle twice with different numbers of puzzle pieces…… but YOU should click on START A NEW ONE!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Time for a Selfie!

Hello everybody!   First a quick thank you for all the sweet notes from you yesterday on the anniversary of Sammy becoming an Angel.   It was a sad day around here but our hearts were full of all the love and memories you shared with us of our guy.

As for today’s selfie – well – we always join this Hop because it’s FUN, and our friends The Cat On My Head host it and it’s cool to join in and visit everybody who participates!  Would you like to join in too?   It’s EASY PEASY – just click on their badge above and you’ll be there in a second – LINK up and that’s it!

Today’s Selfie is one that Mom did NOT do any Lunapic art effects with – we thought it was pretty funny just the way it is.   One of those “laser eye” shots – Mom saw me curled up on a chair in the guest room and of course I gave her the “FIRE EYES” effect which is better than anything Lunapic could do!

Tee Hee

Happy Sunday!   See you tomorrow for the PRE-TEASER Monday!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop Time!


Time To Hop With Kitties Blue at

The Cat On My Head!

It’s that time again – the day of the week when we post photos of ourselves OR a “Guest” who is willing to be the sacrificial selfie (!!) for today.    This week it’s ME again.   If you’d like to join in the fun just click on the badge above and use the LINKY tool to hop on board the Selfie Train.    Make it easy for your friends to visit you and “ooooh” and “aaaahhhhh” over your selfie shot.

Mom did another Lunapic work of art this week for me using the “QUIRKY” art effect – do you think she’s trying to tell me something using that particular touch?   Hmm….I’ll have to think about that.

Here is the Lunapic version………………and I’m including the “pre-Lunapic” photo too.

“Quirky” ???  Well maybe I am just a bit!

Still “Quirky” but maybe a little less “artsy” !!

I also am VERY excited that I received my adorable holiday art from my buddy Marvelous and his very talented Mom Miss Barb……………she has offered one free graphic to everyone who would like one AND has some others that she is offering to those who will donate to MARG’S ANIMALS……..a very generous offer indeed………and the designs are ADORABLE!    Please visit Marv and his Mom and see for yourself by clicking HERE!!

Thank you Marv and Miss Barb!

Happy Sunday to all of you……..new friends and old friends……..I’m just thankful that you visit little old me!!

Love, Teddy the Butterbean

Sunday Selfie Hop


Let’s Go Hopping!

It’s Sunday and that means Sunday Selfies hosted each week by our good friends the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   We all love to show off on Sunday – so we hop on board the Hop Train and before you know it, there’s all sorts of people to visit and selfie portraits to see!    If you click on the badge up above you will go to their blog and see for yourself how easy it is to join up – and share your selfie with all the rest of us!

This week Mom used a photo that I had on my blog of ME snuggling in a blankie/bed that had been a gift to Angel Sammy before he went to the Bridge on Dec. 2 last year.    It was his favorite nap spot and when I “adopted” it after I came to live here, Mom was delighted……..a little teary but delighted.   Most of the time I like to “rotate” around the house in my 3 or 4 favorite spots for naps but this blankie is in the living room where the fireplace is, and now that we’re having fires – well – do I need to tell you how extra comfy it is there??

Mom used Lunapic to jazz it up a bit but I’m showing you the “starting point” photo too……………..and I hope you will consider hopping along with all of us today!!

Mom used Lunapic on this and I LOVE the colors!!

Here’s the original – amazing what art filters/effects can do isn’t it?   

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday……………..and if you’re not joining the Hop today – make plans to do it next week………..it’s tons of fun!

Love and Hugs, Teddy