Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time!

YAY!  It’s Sunday!  Time to show ourselves off!   Every weekend we start our Sunday morning’s entertainment by visiting our fellow Blog Hoppers who are doing selfies.   This is a GREAT Blog Hop hosted by our buddies and pals the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    If you’d like to play along and show your selfie, just click their badge above and use the LINKY tool – fill it out – and you’re hopping along with us.

Mom and I were out for a yard cruise day before yesterday and she snapped some shots of yours truly in my harness…………looking around the front yard for deer tracks, rabbit poop, bugs, WHATEVER has been “left” there for me to find.   I didn’t find anything but I heard a squirrel and that’s why I look READY TO RUN in this photo!    Mom “dolled me up” with Lunapic again – used an effect called “REDBLUSH” – perfect for a ginger isn’t it?

Here’s the “original”

Sure is a cool effect……….did some strange things to the grass (which needs to be cut) and my furs…………..and kinda neat how it highlighted my leash too.   Anyway, that’s it for this Sunday’s ARTWORK-SELFIE!

A reminder for everyone that we are NOT having a Teaser this week so that means no Pre-Tease Monday.   My Mom and Dad are taking a little break – we will have blogs this week but no Teaser since Mom has to be at the computer to “manage” that one on Tuesdays!!!!    I know you’ll miss the Teaser but we’ll be back the following week with our usual SCHEDULE of PROGRAMMING!  HAHAHAHAHA

Love, Teddy




Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Shall We Hop Together?

It’s Sunday and you know what THAT means……………..all of us who join in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Blog Hop decide to show our fine selves off – just to remind each other how very handsome and beautiful we felines are!    We pose for our official photographers and WHAM – link up with the Kitties Blue (click their badge above to join in the fun) and before you know it, we’re visting each other to see ourselves in our SUNDAY BEST!

This week Mom doctored up this photo of me – I know you want to see the “REAL” me before I show you how she played around with it a bit to have some fun with Lunapic.

THEN she picked out some Lunapic effects and here’s what she got!

I like both of them…………..but then maybe I’m just a little too “full of myself” ???   Anyway, why not POP on the HOP and join us?   Have a GREAT Sunday!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie



It’s time for Selfies…..let’s HOP…..


Today, like every Sunday, we join in one of the FUNNEST hops around – hosted by our buddies at The Cat On My Head – the Kitties Blue give us a chance to show ourselves off every week.   My Mom always does some kind of artsy thing to a photo – don’t ask me why she wants to mess with perfection (tee hee) but she likes to so that’s fine with me.   At least it’s a photo of ME she’s “artifying”  !

Here’s the Kitties Blue badge and if you’d like to join up and hop along, just click on the badge and use their LINKY tool to do so!


And here I am in my artsy selfie JUST FOR YOU!

Yes, if you guessed it’s another creation you’d be right……I look like I’m just blended into the carpet!

Happy Sunday!

Ever feel like somebody is watching you?????

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


I’m ready to hop – are you?  

Every Sunday we join the fabulous SELFIE HOP at Kitties Blue’s blog – The Cat On My Head – it’s tons of fun…… simply MUST join in.   If you click their badge above you can go there and LINK up then you’ll be a HOPPER with the rest of us!

My Mom did her usual number jazzing me up this Sunday – she used Lunapic – a different effect though that she’s not used before called “STORYTIME”……..obviously her story was not that interesting because I seem to have dropped off while she was telling it!   Oh well……… least I’m comfy in Dad’s office chair right?

She sure does love that site…………..and I guess as long as she makes me look adorable I don’t care if she uses it over and over and over…………I think it’s way cool though how it made me look all soft and squishy and turned Dad’s black leather chair into something that almost looks like SNAKESKIN.

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s Selfie……………….!    Hope to see you hopping around the blogosphere today!

Oh yes – before I forget – a reminder of yesterday’s post which told you that I’m having the BACON HARVEST at the greenhouse here NEXT SATURDAY!    That’s right – if you remember last year we had a ball – we worked hard harvesting our bacon crop but then we are until we couldn’t stuff in any more food and had a ton of fun.    If you want to be here – please email me your photo in your best HARVEST GEAR (!) via email in .jpg format……….you can wear whatever you like, but I gave you some ideas yesterday so feel free to use them!     CLICK HERE FOR YESTERDAY’S POST WITH PHOTOS AND INFO ON THE HARVEST.

If you are unable to photo edit, you can send my Mom a photo and we’ll fix you up……..!

See you tomorrow for Pre-Tease Monday!

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


We Are Hopping with Kitties Blue Today…..

This is a wonderful and fun weekly blog hop hosted by our dear friends at The Cat On My Head…………… the Selfie Hop is in honor of FRIENDS FUREVER and Miss Sharon along with her two kitties Raz and Allie.    Miss Sharon’s husband Bill went to Heaven this past week after a very long struggle and we are all very sad to say the least……but Kitties Blue is honoring Miss Sharon by dedicating today’s hop to her.

My selfie today is interesting – Mom did it on Lunapic (yet again!) but we did something different than we ever did before and chose the “special art effect” option which took two minutes for the site to produce in the style which we had chosen for the photo.    They produce for us a “single shot” but also a collage that shows the BEFORE photo, the “special art effect we chose” and the final product.   I love it…………I hope you do too!

This is the collage…..

This is the final photo with a special border AND blue frame……..interesting effects!  Yay Lunapic!

Mom and I sent BIG HUGS to Miss Sharon

AND Big Hugs to Kitties Blue too!!

Love, Teddy and Mom too


Sunday Selfie


Time To Hop!

It’s us and we’re as usual joining up with the Kitties Blue for a Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!    The day we all put on our best “look” and focus the camera on US – so we can be stars – well, maybe not stars, but at least we can show ourselves off all around the blogosphere.    If you’d like to do the same, just click the badge above and visit them – use their LINKY tool and before you know it, people far and wide will be visiting to tell you HOWDY DO!

By now you know that my Mom is in love with Lunapic so just about EVERY Sunday she uses them to jazz up my selfie photos.   This Sunday is no exception.   She used an effect called “REDBLUSH” this time and what do you know – it wasn’t so WEIRD that you can’t tell it’s me – this time you can clearly see me – even if I’m close enough for you to kiss my nose in this photo!!

Yep – close enough for a smoochie!   

We are continuing our prayers for everyone effected by EITHER of the hurricanes……….Harvey or Irma……….ANY storm can be so very devastating and we will worry until we know all of you are SAFE.   If you are far away from the storms, be thankful you are spared this time around.     Everyone – please stay safe…………….

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Ready To Hop With Me?

Well I say “hop with me” but I really mean HOP WITH THE KITTIES BLUE at The Cat On My Head because they are the hosts for the weekly fun with selfies!    If you click their badge you’ll see what I mean – you can hook up to the Hop with their LINKY TOOL and be part of the fun!

My Mom seems to have a real THING about using to jazz up my photos when I think I’m perfectly adorable without jazzing up.    Wanna know something WEIRD about the effect she chose to jazz me up with today?   The name of the effect is “DEVILISH” !!!    The nerve of her right?    I’m a little angel so using something devilish just seems so wrong.   Oh well… is pretty cool looking even if it’s hot.

Mom said she felt she had to add a “cool color” border to keep my selfie photo from burning up the page!   Well……………!!   Anyway, hope you all have a happy Sunday – just remember to hop along with us at The Cat On My Head – where all the “cool cats” and “hot cats” cats like me AS WELL AS a bunch of other animals of all shapes and sizes,  share our pix on Sundays.

Love, Teddy