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Sunday Selfie and Puzzle!


Time for the Selfie Hop!

Sunday is Selfie Day and who is the host?   Well it’s our old friends The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!     If you click the badge above you will magically be transported to their blog where you too can join in the Selfie fun by posting your link to a photo of YOU, YOU, YOU!

This week I’m repeating a previously shown Selfie………why would I do that you might ask?    Because I have a special treat for any of you who are jigsaw puzzle lovers – I have turned the below Selfie into a puzzle.    If you click the “CLICK HERE” link under the photo you will have a chance to piece together a 140 piece puzzle of this very photo.    You use your mouse to click on to pick up a piece then place it in the center space to “build” the photo.    My Dad just tried it and – well – it took him 55 minutes to do it.    WHOOPS.    Anyway, don’t feel obligated to do it but I know there are some jigsaw fans out there who MIGHT have fun with it so go for it.    There’s a “clock” that will show your time.    If you choose to do the puzzle, let us know in comments how long it took you.    It’s NOT an easy puzzle.   Trust me.    We do puzzles at Cat Scouts and I am using that same software which is on Jigsawplanet.com.    Very cool!


CLICK HERE  (for the puzzle)

NOTE:    You need to click on “START A NEW GAME” at the screen…I did the puzzle twice with different numbers of puzzle pieces…… but YOU should click on START A NEW ONE!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Time for a Selfie!

Hello everybody!   First a quick thank you for all the sweet notes from you yesterday on the anniversary of Sammy becoming an Angel.   It was a sad day around here but our hearts were full of all the love and memories you shared with us of our guy.

As for today’s selfie – well – we always join this Hop because it’s FUN, and our friends The Cat On My Head host it and it’s cool to join in and visit everybody who participates!  Would you like to join in too?   It’s EASY PEASY – just click on their badge above and you’ll be there in a second – LINK up and that’s it!

Today’s Selfie is one that Mom did NOT do any Lunapic art effects with – we thought it was pretty funny just the way it is.   One of those “laser eye” shots – Mom saw me curled up on a chair in the guest room and of course I gave her the “FIRE EYES” effect which is better than anything Lunapic could do!

Tee Hee

Happy Sunday!   See you tomorrow for the PRE-TEASER Monday!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop Time!


Time To Hop With Kitties Blue at

The Cat On My Head!

It’s that time again – the day of the week when we post photos of ourselves OR a “Guest” who is willing to be the sacrificial selfie (!!) for today.    This week it’s ME again.   If you’d like to join in the fun just click on the badge above and use the LINKY tool to hop on board the Selfie Train.    Make it easy for your friends to visit you and “ooooh” and “aaaahhhhh” over your selfie shot.

Mom did another Lunapic work of art this week for me using the “QUIRKY” art effect – do you think she’s trying to tell me something using that particular touch?   Hmm….I’ll have to think about that.

Here is the Lunapic version………………and I’m including the “pre-Lunapic” photo too.

“Quirky” ???  Well maybe I am just a bit!

Still “Quirky” but maybe a little less “artsy” !!

I also am VERY excited that I received my adorable holiday art from my buddy Marvelous and his very talented Mom Miss Barb……………she has offered one free graphic to everyone who would like one AND has some others that she is offering to those who will donate to MARG’S ANIMALS……..a very generous offer indeed………and the designs are ADORABLE!    Please visit Marv and his Mom and see for yourself by clicking HERE!!

Thank you Marv and Miss Barb!

Happy Sunday to all of you……..new friends and old friends……..I’m just thankful that you visit little old me!!

Love, Teddy the Butterbean

Sunday Selfie Hop


Let’s Go Hopping!

It’s Sunday and that means Sunday Selfies hosted each week by our good friends the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   We all love to show off on Sunday – so we hop on board the Hop Train and before you know it, there’s all sorts of people to visit and selfie portraits to see!    If you click on the badge up above you will go to their blog and see for yourself how easy it is to join up – and share your selfie with all the rest of us!

This week Mom used a photo that I had on my blog of ME snuggling in a blankie/bed that had been a gift to Angel Sammy before he went to the Bridge on Dec. 2 last year.    It was his favorite nap spot and when I “adopted” it after I came to live here, Mom was delighted……..a little teary but delighted.   Most of the time I like to “rotate” around the house in my 3 or 4 favorite spots for naps but this blankie is in the living room where the fireplace is, and now that we’re having fires – well – do I need to tell you how extra comfy it is there??

Mom used Lunapic to jazz it up a bit but I’m showing you the “starting point” photo too……………..and I hope you will consider hopping along with all of us today!!

Mom used Lunapic on this and I LOVE the colors!!

Here’s the original – amazing what art filters/effects can do isn’t it?   

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday……………..and if you’re not joining the Hop today – make plans to do it next week………..it’s tons of fun!

Love and Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie


Happy Sunday Selfie Hop Day!

Sunday is the day we all share photos of ourselves – sometimes REAL selfies that we have taken ourselves and sometimes photos of us that we’ve had a bit of HELP taking………….and today my selfie will be one of those – taken by another!     If you want to play along and share your photo with all the rest of us selfie hoppers, just click the badge above and go to our host – The Cat On My Head – and fill out the LINKY form and you’re in!

There’s a story behind my selfie today………………….last Thursday my Mom and Dad had a visit from two super good friends of theirs from southern Virginia.   Miss Dianna has a blog called These Days of Mine and also has two kitties – one named Sundae and the other named Gypsy!    They drove HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS just to come up and see ME ME ME (well, my Mom and Dad too…..).     Miss Dianna is a super photographer……..she loves to take photos of the wild horses on the beach down at the Outer Banks but Thursday she took photos of a WILD GINGER BOY (me) instead.     Mom has known Miss Dianna for many years and they met through their BLOGS – how about that!!    Mom and Dad have visited them before too but this was the first time they’d been here since I was adopted.

This first one is my official SELFIE then the others are just of me with Mom or with Miss Dianna and a photo of the four of them having lunch downtown in a restaurant………

AND this is the photo before Mom “Lunapic-ed” it !!

Here’s me in Mom’s lap taken by Miss Dianna:

Here’s a couple of a very SQUIRMY me allowing (!) Miss Dianna to hold me, with Mom and Dad AND Miss Dianna’s husband JR taking the photos:

And this is a photo of Mom, Dad, Miss Dianna and her husband having lunch together in downtown Warrenton……………no they did NOT invite me………..yes I did pout about that!

And a couple more of ME ME ME…………………..

So while today is a Selfie Blog Hop day – I thought I’d toss in some FREEBIES just for the heck of it.   Who knows – I may turn some of these into future Sunday Selfies………….!

Thanks for visiting me Miss Dianna and Mr. JR…………………we all had fun !!!

Happy Sunday! 

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop



                                                                                                    Time to Hop!

Every week we join the Kitties Blue for their “Sunday Selfie Blog Hop” – what a great chance to strut our own personal stuff for all the world to see – some of us are talented enough to do a real SELFIE – taking a photo of US all by ourselves but some of the rest of us need help from Mom or Dad!     Sometimes we look right at the camera but other times – well – not so much!     Anyway, it’s fun and if you’d like to join in that fun, just click the badge above and go to The Cat On My Head, fill in the LINKY form and you’re in!

My selfie today is done from a photo Mom snapped of me as I was out enjoying the Fall leaves and cool day a couple of days ago.   I was looking right at Mom until she snapped the shutter……HAHAHA   I like to keep her on her toes!    I’m also showing you the “original” not messed around with photo……..Mom did use a Lunapic art effect called “Storytime” on my photo THEN added the green frame with Pizap.    That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

So that’s it for another Sunday…………hope to see you showing yourself off next week on The Cat On My Head’s blog!    Is it a date????    Oh good!!!

                                                                                        Hugs, Teddy (aka Butterbean)

Sunday Selfie Hop


Let’s Go To The Hop!

It’s Sunday and that means the Selfie Blog Hop at The Cat On My Head!   My friends the Kitties Blue host this one every single Sunday…………….and it’s always fun to see who’s the STAR of each of the blogs that pawticipate in the fun.   Of course here at my house I’m ALWAYS the star because I’m an only-kitty……………..if you’d like to join in the Hop – just click on their badge above and fill out the LINKY tool……………..then you’ll be one of the “IN CROWD” !

This Sunday Mom was at it again – – – using Lunapic to jazz me up………….this is a photo of me in the front yard with Dad enjoying a Fall day…………..First Mom added the curly edges with Pizap, then she Lunapic-ed it and now it looks very artsy!   I’ve included the “original” so you can see just what a rather dramatic effect one art effect at Lunapic did to me (and Dad’s legs!).

Have a HAPPY SUNDAY all!

Yep – this is the original and those eyes are my LAZER eyes staring at a squirrel in a tree!!!

Happy Sunday Hopping!   

Love, Teddy

P.S.   A reminder that if you want to come to our Halloween Edition of Tuesday Teaser on Halloween, Oct. 31st and be in a costume, you need to submit your photos to me and Mom by October 29th so there’s still plenty of time.   We will include your photos when we show our Teaser Classroom that day……I’m sure it will be interesting to say the LEAST!   Our Cafeteria Supervisor Miss Dingleberry will have some special Halloween treats for us too.   EEEEEEEEK!

Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time!

YAY!  It’s Sunday!  Time to show ourselves off!   Every weekend we start our Sunday morning’s entertainment by visiting our fellow Blog Hoppers who are doing selfies.   This is a GREAT Blog Hop hosted by our buddies and pals the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    If you’d like to play along and show your selfie, just click their badge above and use the LINKY tool – fill it out – and you’re hopping along with us.

Mom and I were out for a yard cruise day before yesterday and she snapped some shots of yours truly in my harness…………looking around the front yard for deer tracks, rabbit poop, bugs, WHATEVER has been “left” there for me to find.   I didn’t find anything but I heard a squirrel and that’s why I look READY TO RUN in this photo!    Mom “dolled me up” with Lunapic again – used an effect called “REDBLUSH” – perfect for a ginger isn’t it?

Here’s the “original”

Sure is a cool effect……….did some strange things to the grass (which needs to be cut) and my furs…………..and kinda neat how it highlighted my leash too.   Anyway, that’s it for this Sunday’s ARTWORK-SELFIE!

A reminder for everyone that we are NOT having a Teaser this week so that means no Pre-Tease Monday.   My Mom and Dad are taking a little break – we will have blogs this week but no Teaser since Mom has to be at the computer to “manage” that one on Tuesdays!!!!    I know you’ll miss the Teaser but we’ll be back the following week with our usual SCHEDULE of PROGRAMMING!  HAHAHAHAHA

Love, Teddy



Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Shall We Hop Together?

It’s Sunday and you know what THAT means……………..all of us who join in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Blog Hop decide to show our fine selves off – just to remind each other how very handsome and beautiful we felines are!    We pose for our official photographers and WHAM – link up with the Kitties Blue (click their badge above to join in the fun) and before you know it, we’re visting each other to see ourselves in our SUNDAY BEST!

This week Mom doctored up this photo of me – I know you want to see the “REAL” me before I show you how she played around with it a bit to have some fun with Lunapic.

THEN she picked out some Lunapic effects and here’s what she got!

I like both of them…………..but then maybe I’m just a little too “full of myself” ???   Anyway, why not POP on the HOP and join us?   Have a GREAT Sunday!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie



It’s time for Selfies…..let’s HOP…..


Today, like every Sunday, we join in one of the FUNNEST hops around – hosted by our buddies at The Cat On My Head – the Kitties Blue give us a chance to show ourselves off every week.   My Mom always does some kind of artsy thing to a photo – don’t ask me why she wants to mess with perfection (tee hee) but she likes to so that’s fine with me.   At least it’s a photo of ME she’s “artifying”  !

Here’s the Kitties Blue badge and if you’d like to join up and hop along, just click on the badge and use their LINKY tool to do so!


And here I am in my artsy selfie JUST FOR YOU!

Yes, if you guessed it’s another Lunapic.com creation you’d be right……I look like I’m just blended into the carpet!

Happy Sunday!

Ever feel like somebody is watching you?????

Love, Teddy