Sunday Selfies

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I’m doing a Flashback Selfie today.   This time LAST year here’s what I was doing!

I guess I was helping Mom wrap presents and discovered the joys of tissue paper?   Perhaps – you know Angel Sammy was a BIG BIG fan of tissue.   For 17 years Mom gave him two pieces of fresh tissue paper every Friday when she cleaned the house.   He used it as his “home base” when he was in the living room.   Anyway, Mom thought she’d jazz this up a bit and add some Christmasy touches for my official SELFIE today.    Here’s the result:

Thanks Mom – this looks CHRISTMAS-IZED !!!  

And for you puzzle fans…………’s the puzzle of my selfie to drive you nuts!

 Click this MINI-ME and you’ll go to the puzzle……..

Happy Sunday!  

Love Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop

Hello everybody and Happy Sunday.    Today is Hop day……well one of the Hop days anyway.  This is the one where we all share our selfies with each other courtesy of our hosts, Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Want to have fun with us?   Just click their badge above and go fill out the LINKY form.  Pretty easy.   Then you can visit all the other selfie hoppers.

Mom and Dad were away for Thanksgiving as you all know by now and when Mom came back I knew she’d been around ANOTHER KITTY.   However, I forgave her because the “other kitty” was my Cousin, Railey.   Railey lives with my Dad’s brother and his wife in Maryland.    Whenever her Mom and Dad go to their cabin in the mountains for any length of time, she gets to go along!   Lucky her because the cabin is very nice (not that I would know but Mom and Dad say it is!!).   Anyway, Mom snapped her picture as she was sitting patiently waiting for her dinner dish to arrive.    She’s a sweet kitty Mom says – a little shy but she obviously ADORES her Dad (my Dad’s brother)……………she follows him everywhere.     So HERE’S Railey strutting her selfie stuff!

Obviously Railey knows all about lasers………..she’s got some nice ones don’t you think?   I also think she has a rather magnificent set of stripes on her tail.   So say hello to my Cousin Railey won’t you!

Have a super Sunday everyone………………..

Click little photo here to do a FUN jigsaw of this guy who lives in the Lost Gardens of Heligan (the photo we used this week for Poetic Thursday!)

Bunches of Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie and A Trip Report!

Happy Sunday!    First things first – today is the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our buddies at The Cat On My Head.   All you do is take a selfie of your fabulous self or some other fabulous “self” and post it on their Hop – click the badge above and fill out the LINK form – simple right?

Mom thinks I’m doing a lot of extra snoozing because I was at the kennel while she and my Dad were on a mini-vacation this past week……..well………..she’s right!    I didn’t sleep as well THERE as I do at home in the upstairs hallways where I can spread out and lie on my back and let it all hang out.    I know you’ve seen me in this position before but – well – who gets tired of seeing a BIG kitty lying on their back????   Am I right?   The totally hilarious thing is this – when I looked back a year ago at a photo of me (taken Oct. 29, 2017) this is what I found:

Now here’s the photo Mom took of me YESTERDAY!

Just more of me to love right?

Now, I promised that I’d talk about my Mom and Dad’s vacation last week.   They left last Monday after they dumped me off took me to the kennel where the Nuns who live there and operate the kennel welcomed me with open arms.   Then off Mom and Dad went to have FUN in York, Maine.     They flew up to Portland, got their rental car and then drove down to York.   They stayed in a VERY old Inn right on the ocean.   York Harbor Inn dates back to the 1600s!    Almost as old as my Mom and Dad!    Here’s their room and a photo of the outside of the Inn:

The food was fabulous – Mom must have told everyone in the universe this by now but she had lobster every single day.   She loves the stuff.  I bet I would too!    The highlight of their trip was visiting with Miss Ellen and her husband Mr. David from 15andMeowing.   They met them LAST year when they visited Maine and it’s turned into an annual event.   My parents said they had a fabulous time chatting and laughing over lunch.   They also all visited the Kittery Trading Post and took photos of themselves in front of the giant moose in the foyer of the Trading Post.   That is apparently also an annual event as they have photos of the same spot from LAST year.    The funny thing in this photo is it looks like the stuffed bear is whispering in Mr. David’s ear – My Dad should have sat there then HE would have known what the secret was the bear was telling Mr. David!

Mom also took some photos of the park area across the street from the Inn………it’s maintained by the town of York and was donated to them by a very well to do family many years ago.  The property and the house on it which is now a Nature Reserve are gorgeous.

Mom and Dad love going to Maine every October.   I think it’s good for them to have a little getaway……..good thing they didn’t stay long – they came to rescue me from the kennel on Thursday.   Whew!   Those Nuns would have hugged and kissed me into oblivion if I hadn’t been picked up and brought back home that day!    (HAHAHA)

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfies

WOO HOOOOO!!!!   Sunday is here and all of us get to do a selfie to share with the universe courtesy of our hosts the Kitties Blue!    Wanna join us?  Good- just click on the badge above and do it.   Then you’ll be one of the in crowd.   Tee Hee

My selfie today is a FLASHBACK.    Not that I have a lot of years behind me to flash back on but Mom didn’t have any NEW photos of me so we’re flashing back to the Sunday Selfie we did on September 17th last year………MY HOW I’VE GROWN!    hahahaha

The fact of the matter is that even though Mom used this photo as my Selfie in September of 2017, this photo was taken about a week after I was adopted from the shelter by my parents in February, 2017.   I was still in the “am I the luckiest kitty in the world to live here or not?!” stage.   The answer of course was YES YOU ARE – but here I am lounging on Angel Sammy’s favorite fleece blankie and no doubt I was dreaming about him – wishing I’d known him.    Now here’s what Mom did to that perfect fine photo of me to “artify” it up for that Selfie.    I prefer THE un-artsy version above myself!

You need sunglasses to look at this Mom!   What were you thinking?    Well, if you’re inclined to want to do a puzzle – I did one for you but something tells me it would be frustrating other than around the border.   Know what I mean?    Who’s for FRUSTRATION this Sunday?   Here you are:

Just click the mini-photo and have fun!

Speaking of Fun – Have a FUN Sunday!   

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfies

HAPPY HOPPING!!  It’s Sunday and time for the Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head.    How about joining in the fun?   Click on their badge above and HOP on in!    It’s always fun to see what our friends are looking like in their selfies on Sunday.   Some of us have set our cameras to snap a photo while we’re asleep – some get their Mom and Dad to snap one – some actually take their OWN selfies.   Doesn’t matter how you do it – just share and visit your friends and have FUN.

Here’s my Selfie –  The “before Mom Lunapic-ed version” the “Lunapic-ed” one and then of course my jigsaw puzzle version!

Mom’s little dirtball

Mom’s colorful little dirtball

Mom’s colorful little dirtball in a jigsaw puzzle!   Click photo if you want to go crazy and try the puzzle!


HAPPY SUNDAY!!   Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop

It’s time to Hop………..and we’re ready to do just that!    Hopefully we’re hopping with a bumper crop of other hoppers today – will you be one of them?   All you have to do is click The Cat On My Head badge above to go to our host’s blog and  fill out the LINKY TOOL.   Come join us!

Mom was dashing around the house this past week capturing me in my “signature” nap pose.  On the bed, on the floor, wherever it was that I became overcome with the SLEEPIES and did the belly up, Mom was there.   She never gets tired of that.   Obviously she has a tummy fixation!

Here’s the latest – this was me minding my own business this morning waiting for her to finish her shower so she could give me a SINK DRINK.

Just for funzies, Mom went back a year ago almost to this day and found this photo of me which you’ve seen before – taken August 4, 2017………just to compare the two photos.

I MIGHT have been a couple of pounds lighter but already I was making it known that I was going to be a BIG BOY…………..!   I say it’s just MORE OF ME TO LOVE!!!    Here’s Mom’s Lunapic version of my newest bed shot…………and of course a puzzle if you’re a glutton for punishment!

Lunapic’s “WATERCOLOR” art effect……Mom “toned it down a little” though as it was too bright for your eyes!   Here’s your puzzle:


Hugs and Happy Sunday



Sunday Selfie – Flashback

It’s Selfie time!    One of the “funnest” hops around and it’s hosted by our friends the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Why not hop aboard the selfie train with us?   Just click the badge above and fill out the linky tool and you’ll be part of the fun.

You know all these years have gone by and Mom said this morning that she doesn’t think she EVER used one of Sammy’s baby photos for a Sunday Selfie so we’re doing that today.   Sammy was a cutie when he was little……….bit old paws with extra toes and mesmerizing eyes (or as Mom says “mesmereyes”).    Anyway, here’s his baby photo all jazzed up by Mom.   This is a major flashback too because it was taken in 2000  – now that’s a while ago alright!    I think he’d approve of us “flashing back” for our selfie offering today……………

Another baby picture of Sam

That was obviously the original and here’s Mom’s Lunapic artsiness applied to the same photo…………………Mom used the “SUNSHINE” art effect on Lunapic because we like to think of Angel Sammy lying in the sun puddles at the Rainbow Bridge……………….

Rest easy in the sunshine Angel Sammy   

Love, Teddy