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SPARKS on Monday


Monday is here – again – isn’t that great?   A new week………a Monday for us to use as a springboard to the rest of our week.   A chance to maybe read something that pumps up the volume and gives us something to focus on the rest of the week and who knows – maybe always and forever?    SPARKS is the idea of our host Annie from McGuffy’s Reader – she felt there just wasn’t quite enough light to go around in this world and that if we shared some ideas/thoughts/inspirational quotes maybe it would hit someone’s heart and mind “just right” that it would light up some dark corners for them and everyone else!     Want to join in?  Please do – just click on the graphic above and go to Annie’s blog – fill out the LINKY form and join us.    Inspire………….!

My SPARK today says it all.    I won’t even add to it as I usually do with my own thoughts because Hemingway said it best…………it needs no further explanation.

Make today the start of a GOOD week……….. 

Love, Pam


SPARKS on Monday


Monday is back again…………!    Time to start another week with a dose of light – some focus maybe………letting us see that there is a whole NEW week ahead and it’s our choice to spend it in the light or not.    SPARKS is hosted by my good friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader……….her idea was that within each of us is the ability to be engaged in our OWN life – we aren’t just blobs waiting to be pushed and pulled along – we have our own power within.    Sharing a quote or a photo or an idea every week helps!     She’s right……….this blog hop is a great way to start our week.    Thanks Annie for hosting this Hop.   If you want to join in just click on the graphic above and join in spreading some light with us all.

My quote this Monday is a little different from most of the ones I’ve posted on previous Mondays.     But it still is totally ME and it still may “register” with you!

I guess all of us – if we’re honest – can say that our lives weren’t exactly what we thought they would be back when we used to read fairy tale stories that always had happy endings.   But you have to admit that if you’re looking back and recognize all those bumps in the road of your life, the bumps just MIGHT have made you stronger as a person.    You may not have figured you’d be HERE when you had dreams of your future but know what?   THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.    It is your life path.    So what we have to do is make it OURS.  Own it.   All the good, bad and ugly of it.    We are stronger because of it.    Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way but that’s because we’re choosing to see the negative side of it.

Anyway, that’s what I think………….and I really do believe that I am now, where I was MEANT to be…………….

Thanks again Annie for a chance to stand up on my “life soapbox” for a little bit on a Monday……….now I’m going to make today and the rest of this week MINE !!   Happy Monday everybody.

Love, Pam

SPARKS for Monday


Time to put a little SPARKLE in our week!

SPARKS is a wonderful Blog Hop – the brainchild of my friend Annie from McGuffy’s Reader.   Her idea was that a wonderful way to start off our week would be with a little inspiration – a little push – a little shove – a little OOOOMPH to make us ready to face another week of life in this world we live in.   Inspiration comes in many forms and we can share inspiration with everyone however we want to in this Hop.    I enjoy looking for quotes that “speak to me” and hope that because they resonate so loudly within ME, maybe they will reach others in the same way.    If you’d like to join this Hop, just click on the graphic above – it takes you to Annie’s blog where you can use the LINKY tool and join us!

This quote that I found for today is maybe one of my favorites of all time……………..how can we learn new things – stretch our imagination – connect with great ideas and great people if we don’t “leave port”……..a safe harbor is one thing, but never leaving it to see what the world has in store for us would be a shame………..we are “built” to explore.

Have a good week everyone………………put a little sparkle in your life and everyone else’s – take a chance…………!

Love, Pam



A Christmas “Spark”

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone…………………and secondly, thank you Annie of McGuffy’s Reader for starting up this SPARKS Blog Hop because it has allowed those of us who have joined the Hop to share uplifting and inspirational thoughts on Mondays – your idea of bringing a little light into a sometimes dark corner of our day or week has certainly done just that and then some.   What better way to start a week than with light and love?    If you would like to join in this wonderful Hop of Annie’s – just click the graphic above and join in.

My SPARK for today is in honor of Christmas and the LIGHT that comes from remembering the reason for the season…………it really is all about love – the love that the the star in the night sky foretold of the coming birth of the Savior……..AND it’s about the love that we have for our fellow man.    The more love and light there is, the more we will actually SEE the path we are on and move in the right direction.

We don’t have to wait – we should love all year round !   


Holiday Hugs, Pam

It’s the THOUGHT that counts!

SPARKS on Monday


Time For A Spark To Start The Week!

“Sparks” is a great blog hop started by my dear friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader as a way that we can share some uplifting thoughts or ideas which we believe can bring some LIGHT not just to us, but others.    We share our thoughts on Monday in this Hop and invite you to join in the fun and inspiration we share with each other every single week.    Just click on the SPARKS graphic above, and you can enter your blog link containing your “spark” for the week.   You never know WHO will connect with your spark and perhaps change the course of their day, week or even their life by reading your thought!

My Spark this week is another quote from one of my favorite writers – Maya Angelou.    So many things that she has said in her teachings and writings have touched me through the years and I hope it will “speak to you” as well.

This is I suppose a variation of “think before you speak”…………..but I have a feeling all of us can remember a time when someone said something to us that STUCK with us – whether it was a good feeling or a bad feeling.   We touch those around us in many ways – our actions AND our words.   Words are powerful – it’s important to be aware of that power before we use it.

I hope someone will be sparked by Ms. Angelou’s wise words…..I know that I certainly have through my many years since I first read her work.    I wish you a fabulous week!

Hugs, Pam ♥

SPARKS On Monday


Sparks on Monday Blog Hop is the wonderful idea hatched by our good friend and wonderful writer Annie McGuffy………….her thought is that if more people would share an uplifting, inspiring thought, idea, experience with others, it just might give someone else the SPARK they need to carry on – move forward – try a new way of looking at life or just give them a BETTER day!

I loved the idea and we are hoping that SPARKS work to bring the power of positivity into everyone’s life as they join in or participate in this BLOG HOP of Annie’s.   If you think you just might have a thought you’d like to share, hop over to McGuffy’s Reader by clicking the SPARKS graphic above – join in the Blog Hop and be a part of this “power” !

This is my SPARK for this Monday – this truly speaks to me in many ways but it’s ALWAYS been my belief that people cross our path for a reason – we learn from them, we’re inspired by them, we change because of them, or we simply are touched in some way by meeting them.   They may be in our life for a minute, an hour, or longer – it matters not – but our lives are touched and sometimes only after they are gone do we realize something in OUR lives is different because of them.

I have to admit, I’ve had some truly tough lessons learned at the hands of others in my many years but I LEARNED from the negative and reached out for more positive because of those lessons.   Just be OPEN………you may be surprised by the realization that every person you meet is bringing you SOMETHING………..

Happy Monday! 


SPARKS on Monday


Be A Light……..

Monday is the day we light our fire for the week and hopefully – just maybe – light it for someone else as well!    This is a new blog hop hosted by Annie at McGuffy’s Reader………and the purpose is to share an inspirational thought, quote, photo, idea that will SPARK the imagination or hope of everyone who reads it.    Seems like a good way to spread some “happy” as well as some hope in a world that often doesn’t seem to have any of that available!     We thank Annie for starting this………it’s growing………..and it’s also nice to know that maybe something you’ve said in your SPARKS post has touched someone in a positive way.

If you’d like to join in the Hop – just click the SPARKS graphic above and go to McGuffy’s Reader, fill out the LINKY form and you’re in!   Along with the rest of us!

Here’s my thought for the day – or for the week – or forever.

Be a spark……or a mirror……and spread the light.

Happy Monday, Pam

Sparks on Monday….


Time for Monday SPARKS! 

Our friend Miss Annie at McGuffy’s Reader started a new post idea for Mondays – last week was the FIRST of many “SPARK” posts to come.    We participated then, and we’re participating today too with another bit of “SPARKLE” for the world……………..the idea is to post something that lights up the day, the life, the thoughts, the energy for those who read it.   Adding a little spark to the way we think………….if enough of us sparkle – who knows just how LIGHT the world will get!     If you’d like to join in – just click on the SPARKS poster above and go to McGuffy’s to add your sparkling thought to the Hop.

Here’s our SPARK for today and thanks Miss Annie for hosting this GREAT idea!

Love and SPARKS from me and Mom!  

Love, Teddy

Monday Sparks!


Let your “spark” light up the darkness!

“Sparks” is a new and inspiring “Hop” from our friend Miss Annie at McGuffy’s Reader.    Her idea is to bring some LIGHT inspirational quotes, thoughts, and most of all energy to this world we live in by posting some spark-power every Monday on our blogs.  Social Media is a powerful place – sometimes good and sometimes not so good but hopefully the things we post on Mondays for our “Sparks” will have a positive effect on everyone.    It seems to have become “easier” to be negative, but maybe we can turn that around with some powerful LIGHT in the form of Annie’s “Sparks” ?

If you’d like to join in the Hop, just click on the logo above and link up with an inspirational thought, some positive power, some light…………….here’s ours:

Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

Me and my Teddy!