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Sunday Selfie Hop


HOP TIME!    The Cat on My Head is the place to be on Sunday to show yourself off……..and if you want to join in, just click the above badge and find the spot where you link in and DO IT!  Easy huh?

I’m afraid while my Mom has her blogging mojo back, her camera mojo is NOT bad so we have no new photos of ME – the famous Nurse Cat who has faithfully stayed by her side as she recovers from hip surgery.   You’d think I deserved at least a blurry photo that’s new right?  Wrong.   We are reduced yet again to flashback photos of me – at least we try to find one that’s about this same week in a previous year.    Gosh Mom.    Let’s get with the program huh????????     Maybe by NEXT Sunday?

This little gem is from February 4, 2018 and was the first actual walk in the snow I’d had.    Not too thrilled about it am I….you can tell.    I’m just standing there frozen in place (not literally of course – at least not yet – if I’d stood there another minute or two MAYBE).    I am not a big fan of snow.   Angel Sammy loved the stuff but me – no thanks.   I’m on walking it when it’s about like this February photo – just a sprinkling – but any more than that I’m not interested in.     SO, of course Mom decided to do a puzzle of this boring photo for those of you who enjoy puzzles!


Now you probably noticed we didn’t “artify” the photo – didn’t make it crazy colorful or anything with our usual LUNAPIC effects but we thought the puzzle was maybe hard enough with all that snowy grass around me.     It might be boring but it still can be fun right?

Much better than that cold snow……..ZZZZZZZ   

 Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday – actually here in the States it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY and since that’s a big deal for us…………I’m doing my usual FLASHBACK Selfie and a Super Bowl photo of me that Mom did for the Cat Scouts Super Bowl party later today.     I’m rooting for the New England Patriots!    FIRST UP though, is to thank our friends at Kitties Blue for hosting the Hop – our chance to join all the other peeps who decide to take a selfie and post it for the world to see and it can be yours too if you click the badge above and link up to The Cat On My Head!

Here’s my Super Bowl shot…………………….

AND, here’s my FLASHBACK photo from this same time last year…..obviously we had a bit of snow on the ground and I don’t appear to be impressed (just as I’m not impressed TODAY!) and the second photo is me AFTER a brief tiptoe on the snow outside that same day – February 4, 2018.

I was already becoming famous for my belly up shots.    HAHAHA

Now for you fans of the jigsaw puzzle, Mom and I made what we think might be a toughie for you – it’s a jigsaw of the snow photo and without a border, etc. and so much snow/grass it might take a little longer than usual to do????    Just click the MINI-ME below for the puzzle and GOOD LUCK!

 OH BOY!   Snowcat!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday…………..Hugs, Teddy

Snow? Seriously?

Snow and Pink Sky - Pretty Combination

Snow? Seriously? Already?

OK, well, you know I like snow – I’ve said it before here on my blog – it’s pretty, it’s fun to play in (or follow my Mom around in) BUT when we get a snow when there’s still lots of leaves on the trees – well – it’s not GOOD!   This morning the weather guy said we MIGHT get our first snow tomorrow….yep….a wet, sloppy kind of snow and that means broken limbs on the trees or even worse, a tree just plain falling down from the weight. 

This photo was from last year…..the tree in the center (one of four that go down the driveway) is a bradford pear and they are the last things to dump their leaves in the fall.  As of today for instance, a lot of the oaks and maples have begun “shedding” but the bradfords are hanging onto their leaves still.  ALL OF THEM.  They’re pretty trees but very brittle and breakable and when we had an early snow last year, one of the trees actually split in half and lost all the branches on one side!   It came down right across the driveway so OLD DAD had to get out there and cut the limbs so they didn’t block the driveway.  All four of those trees lost limbs….it wasn’t pretty…..!!!  The dogwood and two maples in the front yard were very badly damaged too.  The tree trimming/removal companies out here had a LOT of work to do for people dealing with damage and we were one of their customers.   

Let’s hope that IF it snows tomorrow it’s just a light coating….one that goes away quickly…..you know, the kind that’s nice to watch and look at but disappears when the sun comes out.  I sure don’t want any of the trees to be hurt – Ouch…..hmm…..I wonder……can trees feel it when they get hurt? 

So that’s another thing I have to worry about……….hurt trees.  Well, it’s premature to worry about it – after all – the weather people are wrong ALL THE TIME.  Maybe this is one of those times???

I’ll be back with a report tomorrow (of course)…………

Sam, One Cat On Snow Alert


Meandering Monday Musings

Napping with Mom on the recliner

Say - this isn't a very flattering pose....I look tubbier than I really am!

Say…..this photo makes me look like a fat boy.  I’m not really.  My doctor says I’m at a good weight.  Twelve pounds and a few extra ounces.  I think I look kind of casual and relaxed – got my feet jammed under Mom’s leg so they’re nice and warm.  You know, it won’t be long until snow time.  Last year we got a bumper crop of snow and it wasn’t pretty…..we lost a lot of BIG tree limbs because we had some very wet and heavy snows.  So much snow in fact that I couldn’t even go out and play in it like I usually do.  After Dad got the driveway cleared off with his snow blower (noisy!) machine, I could at least walk around on it….but getting through the yard was impossible.  Here’s a few shots of LAST winter:

Sam looking mighty small in the snow

Hey Mom! Wait for me!


Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

Here I am Mom....where's my sled??

What made me think about snow today?  Not sure….it’s not like it’s cold or anything – going to be in the high 70s today in fact.  I guess we’re luckier than some people who get HUGE snows every winter.  Mom had a friend who used to live in North Pole, Alaska (yes there really is a town called North Pole!!).  They had LOTS of snow there.  But people didn’t make a big deal about it like they do here.  They were used to it I guess.  Here, when there’s a couple of inches of snow everything STOPS.  They close schools and nobody goes anywhere……we just sit and wait for snowplows to eventually get to our neighborhoods.  But one thing’s for sure……..it’s nice and cozy with the fire in the fireplace and Mom’s lap to snooze in.

Hmm….winter means Christmas……Christmas means Santa Paws……and that means presents!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy……bring on winter – I’m ready………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


When It’s HOT Outside, I Dream of…..SNOW!

Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow
When it gets too hot outside I just think of THIS !!!

Happy Friday everybody!  It’s been so very hot, hot, hot here lately I asked Mom to post this picture of me today just to remind everyone (including me) that summer is passing quickly and before you know it….well….need I finish that sentence??  I tried a couple of times to lie in the shade on our front porch yesterday but it was just so hot, even the SHADE was too hot!  It’s also very “wet” – humid Mom calls it.  Whatever you call it, it’s not all that great to be outside these days. 

Last Winter Mom took this photo of me as I was following her out into the yard….I was “cheating” and instead of hopping through the deep snow (like I sometimes do!) I was walking in HER footsteps.  Sneaky huh?!  I actually like the snow…..maybe not quite as much now as when I was younger but I still like it.  
Today is supposed to be super hot AGAIN….I will probably just stay inside today and think of cooler days ahead…..Hey – maybe I’ll ask Santa Paws to bring me a sled this year??? 
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (trying to stay cool!!)