When It’s HOT Outside, I Dream of…..SNOW!

Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow
When it gets too hot outside I just think of THIS !!!

Happy Friday everybody!  It’s been so very hot, hot, hot here lately I asked Mom to post this picture of me today just to remind everyone (including me) that summer is passing quickly and before you know it….well….need I finish that sentence??  I tried a couple of times to lie in the shade on our front porch yesterday but it was just so hot, even the SHADE was too hot!  It’s also very “wet” – humid Mom calls it.  Whatever you call it, it’s not all that great to be outside these days. 

Last Winter Mom took this photo of me as I was following her out into the yard….I was “cheating” and instead of hopping through the deep snow (like I sometimes do!) I was walking in HER footsteps.  Sneaky huh?!  I actually like the snow…..maybe not quite as much now as when I was younger but I still like it.  
Today is supposed to be super hot AGAIN….I will probably just stay inside today and think of cooler days ahead…..Hey – maybe I’ll ask Santa Paws to bring me a sled this year??? 
Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (trying to stay cool!!)

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    • Hi Miss Ann…..Mom told me that you like snow – maybe because you never get it down there in Floridaland??? I’m glad you liked the picture – it’s one of MY favorites too…….it’s easy for me to walk in the snow since I have snowshoes for feet.



    • Uncle Jerry I hope you feel better soon………I’m glad you liked the picture of adorable me following Mom in the snow. I follow her everywhere she goes….her “little shadow” is what she calls me.



  1. I remember when we had ice and snow here in coastal North Carolina last winter, I wondered if the summer was going to be record-breaking hot. And it is! Between snow and ice and tornadoes and drought, it has been one wild year. I am hoping the hurricane season gives us a break!


    • Hello Miss Trish….thanks for visiting me this morning – especially since you are SOOOOOOO busy (Mommy told me that!). It is super hot here again this morning so I think I’ll have to look at this snow picture a LOT today to stay cool. I hope you and your dogs (and fish) stay cool yourselves today down there in North Carolina!



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