Meandering Monday Musings

Napping with Mom on the recliner

Say - this isn't a very flattering pose....I look tubbier than I really am!

Say…..this photo makes me look like a fat boy.  I’m not really.  My doctor says I’m at a good weight.  Twelve pounds and a few extra ounces.  I think I look kind of casual and relaxed – got my feet jammed under Mom’s leg so they’re nice and warm.  You know, it won’t be long until snow time.  Last year we got a bumper crop of snow and it wasn’t pretty…..we lost a lot of BIG tree limbs because we had some very wet and heavy snows.  So much snow in fact that I couldn’t even go out and play in it like I usually do.  After Dad got the driveway cleared off with his snow blower (noisy!) machine, I could at least walk around on it….but getting through the yard was impossible.  Here’s a few shots of LAST winter:

Sam looking mighty small in the snow

Hey Mom! Wait for me!


Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

Here I am Mom....where's my sled??

What made me think about snow today?  Not sure….it’s not like it’s cold or anything – going to be in the high 70s today in fact.  I guess we’re luckier than some people who get HUGE snows every winter.  Mom had a friend who used to live in North Pole, Alaska (yes there really is a town called North Pole!!).  They had LOTS of snow there.  But people didn’t make a big deal about it like they do here.  They were used to it I guess.  Here, when there’s a couple of inches of snow everything STOPS.  They close schools and nobody goes anywhere……we just sit and wait for snowplows to eventually get to our neighborhoods.  But one thing’s for sure……’s nice and cozy with the fire in the fireplace and Mom’s lap to snooze in.

Hmm….winter means Christmas……Christmas means Santa Paws……and that means presents!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy……bring on winter – I’m ready………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


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  1. Good morning, Sammy,
    You sure look cozy in that picture with your feet tucked under your Mom’s leg. Maybe I’ll try that with my Mom one day.
    Snow….brr! I like to look at it through the window though!
    Happy Monday, Sammy!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…happy Monday to you too. Yeah – the leg tuck is a great way to keep the old tootsies nice and warm. Give it a try! Mom and I were just looking at that BIG ship your Mom showed on her blog this morning – wow – imagine traveling around on that! I think I could get used to that…..yeah, I’m SURE I could…..then I could get a Captain’s cap and a sailor suit and a life jacket and a…….oh nevermind. I’ll stick to Mom’s recliner (no danger of getting seasick).

      Love, Sam


    • Yeah somehow I think all that rockin’ and rollin’ and rockin’…..and…..yikes! I believe I’ve just totally talked myself out of the boat thing. I still think I’d like the sailor’s hat though!



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