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Gimme Some “B” !


Just like cheerleaders……………… “GIMME A B”, “GIMME AN A”, “GIMME A C”, “GIMME AN O“, “GIMME AN N” ………..WHATZIT SPELL????    BACON!!!!!   (roar of crowd and tossing of pompoms).

Yep – today is “B” day in the Kimmell Household………Mom’s frying up that goodness right this minute and I’m READY………………..


Mom says she’s in the mood for bacon this morning too so that probably means she’s making LOTS!


MAMA MIA !!!!!!  Now you’re talking……..

But seriously, it would take us WEEKS to get through this (maybe)………..in the meantime, wanna see some of your favorite posters???  Oh sure you do……….





ALRIGHT – enough of this silliness – let the FEASTING begin!

Happy Saturday – may the bacon fairy land in your kitchen today.


Did I hear you say "breakfast is ready" ???

Did I hear you say “breakfast is ready” ???

Hear Ye, Hear Ye…..and MORE!


Hi Everyone!  Did you think you’d entered the Twilight Zone when you visited my blog yesterday morning?  Well, that was a bit of a last minute surprise – one I couldn’t prepare you for – but I had been asked to be the Judge in this very important dispute between two canines and I did my civic duty! 

To all of you who came over from here to see what the courtroom action and case consisted of (which was on Misaki’s blog ALL DAY yesterday!), thanks for visiting.  It was a long day but before I go further with the resumption of my usual blog, I need to announce my decision as judge on the case of Doggy v. Mollie.

Here Come Da Judge! The Honorable Samuel Kimmell

I, Judge Samuel Kimmell, Esq. am happy to announce the following conclusion to the case of Doggy v. Mollie which was held on Misaki’s blog yesterday.

Plaintiff: Doggy