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Snow? Seriously?

Snow and Pink Sky - Pretty Combination

Snow? Seriously? Already?

OK, well, you know I like snow – I’ve said it before here on my blog – it’s pretty, it’s fun to play in (or follow my Mom around in) BUT when we get a snow when there’s still lots of leaves on the trees – well – it’s not GOOD!   This morning the weather guy said we MIGHT get our first snow tomorrow….yep….a wet, sloppy kind of snow and that means broken limbs on the trees or even worse, a tree just plain falling down from the weight. 

This photo was from last year…..the tree in the center (one of four that go down the driveway) is a bradford pear and they are the last things to dump their leaves in the fall.  As of today for instance, a lot of the oaks and maples have begun “shedding” but the bradfords are hanging onto their leaves still.  ALL OF THEM.  They’re pretty trees but very brittle and breakable and when we had an early snow last year, one of the trees actually split in half and lost all the branches on one side!   It came down right across the driveway so OLD DAD had to get out there and cut the limbs so they didn’t block the driveway.  All four of those trees lost limbs….it wasn’t pretty…..!!!  The dogwood and two maples in the front yard were very badly damaged too.  The tree trimming/removal companies out here had a LOT of work to do for people dealing with damage and we were one of their customers.   

Let’s hope that IF it snows tomorrow it’s just a light coating….one that goes away quickly…..you know, the kind that’s nice to watch and look at but disappears when the sun comes out.  I sure don’t want any of the trees to be hurt – Ouch…..hmm…..I wonder……can trees feel it when they get hurt? 

So that’s another thing I have to worry about……….hurt trees.  Well, it’s premature to worry about it – after all – the weather people are wrong ALL THE TIME.  Maybe this is one of those times???

I’ll be back with a report tomorrow (of course)…………

Sam, One Cat On Snow Alert