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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Double Bubble Blog Post Day!

Thankful Thursday AND Poetic Thursday too…..

Thankful Thursday is hosted by my friend Brian and it’s our chance to let the world know all the things we’re thankful for.   I look back at my week and remember all the thankfuls and share them here – you can too if you click on their badge and use the LINKY TOOL to join in the thankfulness.

I’m thankful that my Mom got her little skin surgery taken care of yesterday with no problem – my Mom has more than a “passing” relationship unfortunately with The Evil C……skin cancer is so easy to take care of when caught early and Mom’s an early bird.    She will have more surgery next month but for now – all is well.    I am taking good care of her post-surgery believe me.   I didn’t even make her take me outside for walks when she got home yesterday OR this morning – Dad is on “TEDDY DUTY” !!!

As for my other thankful – it’s the usual – what’s the usual?   The usual is that I got an email from Angel Sammy with this week’s poem and NEXT week’s photo inspiration.   He just never, EVER lets us down does he?!    Below is his email to all of us:


Hello Fellow Poets and Fans of Poetry!  

It’s time for our usual Thursday gathering – sharing our poems we wrote this past week of course based on the “photographic inspiration” that I give you on Thursdays for you to think about.    I know more than a few of you wondered WHY I was giving you another monkey photo for this week when not that long ago I gave you the “monkey with the camera” photo.   Well, monkeys are pretty interesting little characters with such expressive faces – and they give me ideas for fun poetry and I sort of thought they might do that for you too.   That’s why this was your inspiration this week:

I think this is a great photo……………these two are totally enjoying that wedge of watermelon.  I love the one guy taking a taste and I’m guessing the other one has just taken a chunk out of the top!   So many animals enjoy watermelon – bears, elephants, just about EVERYONE loves it.    Anyway, here’s my poem based on this photograph AND after my poem I’ll give you a photo for NEXT week.   You have a week to come up with a poem of any type to share with all of us.   YOU CAN DO IT.   

“Summertime Treats”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell       August 16, 2018


On a hot summer day when your energy is low

I recommend off to your refrigerator you should go

Hopefully inside you’ll find a treasure

Which will benefit you in ways you cannot measure!

A nice cold watermelon hopefully is there

Just slice it with your knife – be sure to take care!

The pink goodness is juicy and sweet as can be

All feelings of discomfort from the heat will flee!

Each bite is delicious and better than the last

It also reminds us of summer days of the past

Playing in the sprinkler and giggling with glee

Mom brings out the watermelon and sets the FUN free!

All manner of humans and animals alike

Agree that watermelon is BEYOND a delight…………….

(put it on your Mom’s grocery list after reading this poem!)


That’s my little ode to watermelon and these two little guys who are happily devouring their summertime treat totally inspired me.    Now I’m going to give you what I hope will be an inspiring photograph for all of you for NEXT Thursday.   If you wrote a  poem for this week like I did above, just tell us in comments that you did and give us your link so we can visit and read it ASAP!

Here’s your inspiration:

Oh boy – this one ought to be fun right?    Good luck – remember, if you think you can’t write a poem -you’re WRONG.   Just let your imagination take you away – poems don’t even have to rhyme – they are just our thoughts on paper!  

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Have some fun with poetry…..see you next Thursday!  LOVE, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy………………I really look forward to hearing from you every week and reading the poem you have written…………..I also love everyone else’s poems.    Make sure and let us know if you wrote one so we can read it!!

Happy Thursday Friends…..Hugs, Teddy



Teaser Tell All Time!


Attention Class!   Time for us to pass out the awards!

That’s right – we had a good Teaser yesterday did we not?   We had some super great guesses and they continued all day even after someone already guessed it correctly……but before we get to that, let’s talk about WHO WAS FAST TO COMMENT yesterday shall we?

We had TWO students who were both here in the first 60 seconds and they were:

ME? ME? Was I one of them????

No you were not – but these two were:

Katie Isabella and Phenny !


And they each get one of these:

I was one of only TWO students who were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of August 14, 2018! YAY!


Then we got down to the mission at hand…………….waiting for the first person who figured out where the photo had been taken chimed in……………………..want to see the photo one last time????

Pretty photograph isn’t it?    The only actual clue in this photo was perhaps the super tall tower.   It had a slightly ORIENTAL flair to it and that’s what some of you noticed but that STILL didn’t give it totally away.    We had all kinds of guesses about places in the Far East…………….but where was this TRULY?    It is a photo of downtown Taipei, Taiwan.    The Professors’ Mom lived outside Taipei in the early 1960s (yes she’s old as dirt) and while she didn’t take this photo, she was rather stunned to find it online as it certainly is NO longer the Taipei she remembered.   This is what she remembered:

Her Dad was stationed there with the US Air Force and they live there for two years…………..interesting place indeed.    But it was a FUN Teaser wasn’t it……………and who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER who knew it was Taipei, Taiwan?????


Phenny !!


This is for you Phenny:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 14, 2018! WHOOPEEE!

AND there were several others who guessed correctly AFTER Phenny did…………………..if you were one of them, please have a copy of this one for your collection:

Darn! I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of August 14, 2018. Maybe next week???

And if you guessed but were wrong – you STILL get a little something for trying!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of August 14, 2018 but I got this GREENIE for my collection anyway!

BRAVO FOR ALL OUR WINNERS and actually for all of you students who came to class and gave it a try yesterday.    YAY FOR YOU!

Our cheer team is here to honor our winners as usual………………..let’s bring them on in so we can get to LUNCH today.   I believe it’s BURGER day………………………

We made it through another class
With nobody asking for a bathroom pass!
We’re here to honor all the winners
And hand out hankies to all you sinners!
First Commenters were there and got their spot
Phenny and Katie Isabella were FIRST and HOT!
Then we waited to see who’d guess right
And it was Phenny AGAIN who flew high as a kite!
Congratulations to you all and we’ll see you next week
If you win a badge then, we might give you a TWEAK!

Well I’m sure you’ve inspired everyone to study hard for next Teaser class…………… why not to take a dip in Sarge’s hot tub?

We’re ALREADY there!!!!!!

The rest of us are going to have a little lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s efforts to keep our energy level high………………today is Burger Day.    Have a good lunch then you may hop on your bus for home.    We will see you next week in class students………….please bone up on architecture, geography, and interesting places because no doubt we’ll have one for you next Tuesday!

Miss D – Professor Teddy and I would each like THE WORKS please!   With fries!

Crunchy fries

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Time


Good Morning Students!  Have you COMMENTED yet??????

We wouldn’t want you all settled in your desk chairs BEFORE you’ve taken a moment to hang up your jackets and backpacks AND commented.    Heaven forbid.    So now that you ARE at your desks, we trust you’re ready to buckle down and concentrate on the TEASER today.

This isn’t a Guest Teaser photo today…………’s one of my Mom’s.   She’s not a GUEST after all – she’s our Chief Graphics Consultant, Chief Food Distributor, and Power Behind the Throne.

First thing we’ll do is remind you YET AGAIN of the rules of the game here.    It’s a lot of fun to examine a photo and figure out WHERE the photo was taken but we have rules about that too!

Rules are groovy…….

Yes we think they are too.   Maybe not quite as groovy as the music you’re listening to but groovy nonetheless!

We have badges for those of you who are lucky ducks today in class…….

Well this duck may be lucky but she’s not what I mean by lucky ducks!

What I should have said is that if you are FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER or WRONG GUESSER today you will get a badge…………….and here they are:

Swell badges right?   You KNOW you want one (or more) of these so buckle down and get ready……………tomorrow we’ll have a TELL ALL class and you’ll find out who wins what.   Also you will find out the details on the photo we have for you to examine today.


Let’s see if the Cheer Team can squeeze out a better cheer than they managed yesterday shall we?   I didn’t ask, but I expect there was a BIT too much partying this past weekend for some (or all?) of the team members.

Tuesday’s here and so are we
We’re in a hurry though because the hot tub is free
So let’s get going and have some fun
This cheer is for Ding Dong students, each and every one!
Boomalacka Boomalacka, Ra Ra Ra!
After class join us at the spa
Win a badge and we’ll call you SMART
Have Hot Food for lunch and you might have to………….burp.

Well Cheer Team I have to hand it to you – somehow when you get yourselves into trouble with your cheer, you managed to SQUEEEEEZE out of it somehow.   You are right though – today for lunch Miss Dingleberry has HOT FOOD on the menu.

UHOH…..I’d better hand out TUMS – I’ve got a big supply I can share!

Let’s get our Security Guard in here with today’s photo so you can begin studying it and getting your guesses in – after all the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today is getting a badge remember??????


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!


So there’s your challenge…………..and Professor Teddy and I wish you GOOD LUCK………………both with the Teaser and with your tummies after you have today’s lunch.    Miss Dingleberry has added EXTRA hot sauce today to FIRE YOU ALL UP!

Fruit juices

Professor Teddy and I will see you here tomorrow for TELL ALL CLASS!  

Professor Angel Sammy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


It’s Double Post Day For Me!  THANKFUL and POETIC all in one!

First up today I want to join Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY Hop.   You can too in fact if you click his badge and fill out the LINKY FORM – you can become part of this fun Hop where we tell the world what we are thankful for.    For one thing I’m thankful to have heard that the two kitties you were trying to help find a FOREVER for – Pingo and Polo – are in fact fine and have a new home so they will be safe.   Thank heavens for people who step up and help in times like this.   We hope you will give us all the details Brian but we heard things were OK for the boys and that TRULY made me more thankful than I can say.    I’m also thankful that my Mom and Dad are being so patient with me as I try out my newest method of trying to stay outside LONGER than they want me to.   What am I talking about?   Well as you all know I go out only on a harness and leash and only if one or both of my parents are with me snoopervising.   Sometimes they will let me just go under my little garden tree and SIT – without them holding my leash.   I’ll stay there for 15-20 minutes or MORE while they sit close by on the front porch.    If they decide they want to come in before I’m ready to come in I will NOT NOT NOT NOT mind my Mom when she calls me to come out from under my tree.   NO I WILL NOT.   In fact, when she reaches under to get my leash I go LIMP.   TOTALLY LIMP.   A twenty pound totally limp cat weighs at least twice that (hahahahahaha).   I don’t cooperate in the slightest and in fact I WHINE like a little kid when she pulls on my leash and lie there like a limp dishrag.   Sooner or later she (or Dad) has to crawl on the dirt to get to me under the little tree (not easy for two old people!) and even then it’s a real PAIN to try to pick my 20 lbs. of LIMP up and carry me up to the front door.   YES I’M BEING STUBBORN.    It’s what I am.   (insert evil giggle here).

I’m thankful Angel Sammy didn’t let me or you down because I did hear from him overnight with his poem and message for today so TAKE IT AWAY ANGEL SAMMY!


Hello Friends!  It’s time for poetry!

I look forward to Thursdays because I really do love playing this game we play with me giving you a photo and a week to study the photo and figure out what kind of poem you will write to share today with everyone.   I have to be honest – I usually write my poem at the last minute – just before I transmit it from my laptop via wifi at the Bridge down to Teddy.    I do better with “top of my head” poem writing.   I think I got that from my Mom.   When she was writing her mystery novel some years ago that’s how she wrote it – top of the head with no prior plan – just WHATEVER FELT RIGHT.   I hope you are joining in the fun and you have a way that works for you when writing a poem!    Just remember to share with us – in our comments with your link OR your poem itself.  

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to write about and share today:

I just love this artwork.   My Mom says she and her brother would hop in a rain puddle no matter whether they had raincoats and boots on or not.   It was just what kids did.   The puddle calls to you and you OBEY!    This little boy (or girl) in the photo is having a blast.   Puddles are made for that.   Here’s my poem based on this photo:

“Puddle Dancing”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell      August 8, 2018


Off the school bus and heading home

Short way to the house no time to roam

Raining heavy, umbrella like a bubble

Puddles everywhere – I’m gonna get in trouble!

The “call” of a puddle is something all kids hear

“Jump in me!”, “Splash in me!”, their words are quite clear!

The bigger the splash, the bigger the mess

I know when I get home, I’ll have to confess

Puddles and mud spell trouble AND fun

After I’ve made a huge mess, home I will run

But until I’m satisfied that I’ve made the BIGGEST splash

I’ll stay here and play then run home like a flash!

When Mom opens the door with her hands on her hips

I’ll give her sorry eyes and a kiss for cheek or lips

Then she’ll tell me the story about when she was small

Each puddle she’d pass would be tempting and CALL

“Come here little girl – “Jump in me – I insist!!!”

Because puddles back then AND now are impossible to resist!!!


I used to absolutely love playing in puddles after a rainstorm when I lived at home before coming to the Bridge.   First thing after a rain storm out I’d go and I’d make sure and visit every puddle – sometimes have a slurp of water – and if worms were in the puddle OH BOY did I have extra fun!    Teddy is different – he goes AROUND puddles.   He loves mud but not crazy about puddles.   HAHAHA    I think Mom would prefer him getting WET to getting MUDDY!  

Now did you write a poem?  I hope you did but if you didn’t – I have a NEW photo to inspire you for next week so PLEASE think about joining in the fun and write a poem – YOU CAN DO IT!

FUN?   I think so……………………..everybody loves watermelon on a hot day right?     OK – that’s your photo for next week………..think about it then write your poem and share it next Thursday!    Until then remember Angels are watching out for you……………’s what we do now we are at the Rainbow Bridge!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thank you Angel Sammy……..your poem was fun and you’re right about puddles – you loved them and I’m more of a mud/dirt kind of guy.    One thing we have in common among many things though is that we both love that our Mom and Dad kept a watchful eye over us when we were outside.   It can be dangerous outside……..but I do love it like you did!

Hugs, Teddy


Pre-Teaser Monday Time!


Time To Get Ready for Teasing Tomorrow!!

Hello Students – we hope you had a satisfactory weekend experience – we did – and we are READY for the teasing to begin tomorrow.   We’re here today to prepare you for that.   You DO want to win a badge don’t you?   Of COURSE you do!

First thing to remember about tomorrow is that the instant you get here, you need to:

Ohhh….Ohhhh….I know what we have to do FIRST – can I say????

Yes you can……………………….what do you all do the second you arrive at Ding Dong School on a Tuesday morning Tommy?????


That’s right.   You must comment because if you are the first (or one of the firsts) to do that you will win this:

Then we’ll remind you of the rules for the Teaser guessing game…….and we are very strict about following those rules too – we want everyone to have an equal chance to win a badge.   That can only happen when everyone uses the rules.    What’s up to win?

So you can study the photo and come up with a guess and if it’s right you get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, if you’re right but not first you get a badge anyway and if you’re wrong you can have a little GREENIE of your very own.

And if you act up in class or meow too loudly, you might get to wear this DUNCE CAP that I’ve had like FUREVER!

Our wonderful and oh so talented Cheer Team will give you a big cheer to get you in the mood for guessing tomorrow and in fact, they are here TODAY to get you in a “pre-mood” for guessing.

We’re here to have some fun
We spent the weekend enjoying the sun!
Remember to arrive in the morning quite early
If you’re late Sarge can be rather surly!
And Madge can get rather cranky
And make you cry and blow your nose on your hanky!
So study up and be here at the start
Show the others you’re QUICK and SMART!
See you in class in the morning…..
This is your Final Warning!!

Thanks team……………I believe you’ve got everyone stirred up to the point they will be ALERT and READY for Teaser class tomorrow – we can’t tell you what TIME we’ll start class though – that’s the tricky bit – we have our post coming up for class at a SURPRISE TIME every week.   NOT when we usually post……………so keep your eyes on the prize (or your computer screen).

That’s VERY sneaky not to tell us when to be here!

Yes we know it is but that’s PART OF THE FUN!!!!

Now – who wants lunch?    Miss Dingleberry left some sandwiches for us in the back of the room today……………….she’s getting a lot of catering done for tonight’s “PARENT-TEACHERS MEETING” here at Ding Dong School.    Lots to do for that but I told her to just bring the sandwiches and leave them and we’d help ourselves – her Asistant Chef was just a tad – well – intimidating last time he served us!!!   Remember him??

Yeah he’s not gonna be here……………..just don’t be a big pig and take more than you can eat OK?    And we’ll be back tomorrow at a SURPRISE time to see how well you can GUESS the Teaser photo tomorrow which is a GUEST TEASER by the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Students!   Professors Angel Sam and Teddy too

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Double Blog Day – THANKFUL Thursday and

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

First up – Thankful!

Thursday is our chance to share what we’re thankful for courtesy of our host Brian – we hop on board and tell each other our “thankfuls” !   If you’d like to join us, PLEASE do – all you have to do is click Brian’s badge and join in the fun.

I am thankful ALWAYS for the usual things like a happy family and a wonderful home, but I usually have a little something else to be thankful for and today I have a “silly” sort of thankful because today, I, Teddy Kimmell (Butter Bean), caught my VERY FIRST skink!    What’s a skink?

One of these guys and we have them around our house and in our garden (never IN our house though!).    They will sneak in the garage when the door is up and one of my favorite territories to prowl about in is my garage.   In fact, it’s my favorite nap spot too since my hammock is in one of the garage windows!   ANYWAY, Mom and Dad thought I was being awfully strange earlier today when they were calling me to come in from the garage so they could take me out for a walkabout in the yard on my harness.   I wouldn’t BUDGE from under Mom’s car.    Dad got down on the floor of the garage and saw me under there with a dead skink and I was NOT going to give up my treasure!   No no no………and Mom didn’t want to take a photo of the poor little skink so you’ll just have to take my word for it – I’m two years old and this was a FIRST success at hunting.    I am a mighty hunter……………..

Now, I must say that I am also thankful that my Angel brother Sammy got his email sent last night so I received his poem for today.    I always worry that wi-fi might not be working up at the Rainbow Bridge an he won’t get his poem to me in time but he’s never let me down!    Here’s what I received from him:


Greetings from the Bridge!  It’s time for poetry!

Happy Thursday everyone.   I hope you are joining us today to share a poem you wrote based on the photo that I gave you last week to use as inspiration………but even if you didn’t write one – you can enjoy visiting everyone who has written one – they will be leaving comments in our blog comment area that they have with a link to their poem.  Check them out – we have some GREAT poets here in the blogosphere!    If you’ve not joined in please do – just use the photo I provide to give you some ideas of what to write your poem about……photos can bring all kinds of inspiration.   Every week we gather on Thursday and I share the poem I’ve written and also give you a new photograph to use as your poetic inspiration for NEXT Thursday.    Fun?  You betcha.   

Here’s the photo I gave you last Thursday to use for this week………….and then my poem follows.  

“Riding in Style”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell      August 2, 2018

Years ago when railroading was king

Luxurious trains traveled on rails that would sing

The muffled sounds heralded a luxurious ride

The passengers on board were full of pride

Timetables were met and compartments were clean

Luxury ’round every corner fit for the Queen.

Meals prepared by chefs, valets at beck and call

Train life was perfect for one and all.

Books have been written about the romance of the rails

Mystery and intrigue were among all the tales

“Murder on the Orient Express” is a memorable mystery

A favorite mystery read that’s been popular through history.

I just daydream about a ride on a beautiful train such as that…..

And wonder if perhaps they would welcome on board a CAT ???


I think riding on one of those luxury trains would be FUN – my Mom and Dad thought about doing that back many years ago when they planned their honeymoon.   They settled for getting Eurrail passes and doing their travel through Europe on their honeymoon on “regular” trains as it was a little expensive on the Orient Express.   I wonder if they allow pets????   Probably – I mean who’s going to tell some rich person they can’t bring their beloved pup or kitty on board?????  

Anyway, let’s get down to the material to inspire you for NEXT week……………I picked out a photo that might give you some fun when you write your poem to share next Thursday!

Fun huh?   

Please join in our fun – give it a try – write a poem based on what you see in the above photo or what you feel when you look at it.    Trust me – you’ll have some fun with it.    Until then, I will remind you again that those of us at the Rainbow Bridge are looking out for you every minute of the day………we have some recent arrivals here – if you have had to say farewell to your beloved pet, know they are happy and healthy now and with you ALWAYS.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy…………..I liked your poem this week.  I sure would like to ride on a beautiful train and have some adventure………..until then, I guess I’ll just have to hope that Mom doesn’t make me give up my prize skink.    Actually, maybe I should let her have it.    It’s now at the Rainbow Bridge thanks to ME.

See you all next week with another poem from Angel Sammy AND to read YOUR poems too!

Until then…….I’ll snooze!

Hugs, Teddy

An urgent P.S.  

We were just at Brian’s Home Blog linking up our Thankful and Poetic post for today when we read the story of these two kitties named Pingo and Polo in South Carolina who are in desperate need of a home.    This is a story we’ve all heard before but it’s so compelling we just had to share with you……….if anyone can help of course Brian would want to know ASAP.     CLICK HERE

Tuesday Teaser




After you’ve commented, please take your seat and prepare yourself for Teaser Class.   The Professors are coming down the hallway now so EYES FORWARD…………

Good Morning Students – shall we get the Teaser started?

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you – we think we have a good one for you to agonize over so hopefully you boned up on geography, architecture, topography and every other kind of “graphy” you could think of to be on top of your game this morning.

Before we get started, I want to remind all of you students of the rules – if you don’t follow them, everyone is not on equal footing and it’s only fair that we all give each other a chance to win a badge on Tuesdays.   Ok?

It’s fine to search for images using certain details in the photo but please don’t load the photo up in some sort of image search to try and find it the EASY way.   Life isn’t EASY so why should TEASER be?

We want a classroom full of HAPPY!

Any questions???

I haz a question….what’s for lunch today????

Now Tommy you know that the Teaser part of class is way more important than filling your tummy up with food – trust me when I say Miss Dingleberry has prepared lunch for us today so just concentrate on Teaser and the food will follow in good time!

*Whispers* Tommy got in trouble….nanny nanny boo boo……tee hee!

Before we show you today’s tricky Teaser photo, perhaps we should rev up your engines with a rowsing cheer from the Ding Dong School Cheer Team!!

You want a cheer that’s “rousing”
When we were out last night carousing?
We can barely do a leap!
We hardly had any sleep!
Well we will do our best
Then crawl off to get some rest.
Good luck to this special class
We hope you all will pass
Tomorrow we’ll feel up to cheering
We’ll be cute and so endearing.
Sorry to be such a drag
But our energy is starting to SAG!

Well I’ve had to have a little talk with you all before about too much partying – and just think what a bad example you set for class too!    You all go home, rest up and be on your game tomorrow OK?    OK!!!!

HAHAHA the Cheer Team got in trouble!!!!!

Perhaps we should go ahead and have our Security Guard come and show everyone the photo now………………please study the photos and do your best…………..and tomorrow we will let you all know who our FIRST COMMENTER(S) might have been, and who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, who else guessed right and who gets a GREENIE!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

WHERE were these photos taken and if you know what this structure is – tell us that too!!

Now for the part of the class that you all wait for so very patiently (usually).   Time for Miss Dingleberry’s lunch-o-the-day!

Miss D – your Profs would like two “THE WORKS” to go please!



SPARK on Monday


Monday again?   Yes it sure is.   Time flies………….and so do SPARKS sometimes.    SPARKS was started by a friend and blogger who is no longer blogging – Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.  We hope Annie returns one day when she’s able and ready but until then, because so many of us enjoyed sharing some inspiration on Mondays, we are still posting our SPARKS.

This one is about many things – maybe you will interpret it in a way other than what it said to me – which is about choice, about relationships, choosing friends, choosing your battles in life – MANY things can be read into this one.   So I hope it brings SOMETHING to you!

See what I mean?    There are some great “messages” in this little rhyme.    Think about it!

Love, Pam


Sunday Selfie – Flashback


It’s Selfie time!    One of the “funnest” hops around and it’s hosted by our friends the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Why not hop aboard the selfie train with us?   Just click the badge above and fill out the linky tool and you’ll be part of the fun.

You know all these years have gone by and Mom said this morning that she doesn’t think she EVER used one of Sammy’s baby photos for a Sunday Selfie so we’re doing that today.   Sammy was a cutie when he was little……….bit old paws with extra toes and mesmerizing eyes (or as Mom says “mesmereyes”).    Anyway, here’s his baby photo all jazzed up by Mom.   This is a major flashback too because it was taken in 2000  – now that’s a while ago alright!    I think he’d approve of us “flashing back” for our selfie offering today……………

Another baby picture of Sam

That was obviously the original and here’s Mom’s Lunapic artsiness applied to the same photo…………………Mom used the “SUNSHINE” art effect on Lunapic because we like to think of Angel Sammy lying in the sun puddles at the Rainbow Bridge……………….

Rest easy in the sunshine Angel Sammy   

Love, Teddy


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Two Hop Thursday – Thankful Thursday and Poetic Thursday all in one!

We will start with THANKFUL Thursday.    This week we’re THANKFUL that Brian, our good buddy who hosts Thankful Thursday, is keeping the Thursday tradition going even in the midst of some other scheduling changes on their blog.   We have been thinking about changing some things up too but haven’t instituted any changes yet.   Brian has, but here on Thursdays we will still be thankful together.   If you’d like to be thankful in public (!) – click the link above and join us over at Brian’s.   BUT FOR NOW BRIAN, THANK YOU FOR HOSTING THANKFUL THURSDAY!

I am of course always thankful that Angel Sammy is able to join us through the magic of his wi-fi connection from the Rainbow Bridge because he’s always written a poem for us on Thursday and encouraged all of us to join in that fun by writing one yourself based on a photo he gives us all every week – – – – a photo that’s meant to inspire you to write a poem based on the photo!    Well, he’s sent his email – I got it last night and I’d like to share it with all of you!


Happy Thursday Friends!  It’s time for a poem!

Glad to be with you to read and write a little poetry today everybody.   I hope maybe this week you decided to use last week’s photo and write a poem to join in our fun.   This Hop is designed to get you to stretch your creativity a little especially anyone who has ever said “I can’t write poetry!!!”……….because trust me – YOU CAN!    Every Thursday I give you a photo to use as inspiration for the following Thursday when we get together and share.    You just let us know in our comments here if you wrote a poem, give us your blog link OR you can even write your poem and share it HERE in our comments!    Give it a try – you just might find you’re a poet after all!!

Here’s the photo I gave you last week for inspiration – after the photo you can read what my poem this week is – actually – for the VERY FIRST TIME – I asked my Mom if she’d like to write a poem for this photo.   She took ballet when she was very young like many little girls do.    I thought she’d enjoy writing about her ballet memories.   After her poem I’ll give you a photo for NEXT week…..

“Graceful As a Swan”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell’s Mom Pam     July 25, 2018


Back stage waiting for the signal to “fly”

Ballerinas so graceful – they dazzle the eye

White swans on point, long legs will dance

Choreographed to perfection, nothing left to chance.

Many years have passed since my ballerina days

My body has changed in unflattering ways!

It wasn’t my choice to take ballet

I’d rather be joining with my friends to play

Recitals would come around each year in the Fall

I’d always be in front because I was so tall….

All eyes on me as I did my very best

This “swan” preferred to be in the audience watching the rest!

Yet I wanted to please Mom and my friends so I’d try

But this tall, thin ballerina was a swan who couldn’t fly !



Oh Mom……..poor you – you also took tap dancing I know AGAIN you were always stuck in front of the class for recitals since you always were about 6 inches taller than anyone else!    Thanks for being my POET this week…………hope you had fun writing it and hope everyone else enjoyed reading it.

I have a doozy of a photo for everyone for NEXT week’s poem.    Just study the photo and it will inspire you in some way by the look of it, the feel of it, the color of it – maybe an old memory triggered or a dream you had.    Remember that poetry doesn’t HAVE to rhyme either.   There’s a million poetic forms and you can invent your own if you want.   I hope you’ll play along with us!

Here’s your inspiration………………..

This will be a FUN one don’t you think????   I hope you will write a poem this week and share it next Thursday…………………I’ll be back here with my poem to share with you!   

Until then, remember all of us at the Rainbow Bridge are always with you – especially when you need us the most.

Love, Angel Sammy

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!



Thank you Angel Sammy………….I bet Mom enjoyed writing a poem for you this week.   I hope our friends wrote one too.   I’ll be checking comments and blogs to read them.   I know you will be peeking at them too.

Hugs, Teddy