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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!     As you all know by now, I always start off my post on Thursday with something I’m thankful for then go on to share Angel Sammy’s THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY post with you.    First let me say if you’d like to join in Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY Blog Hop – please do – click his badge above, fill out the LINKY tool and share your thankfuls with all of us.   Thanks Brian for hosting!

My biggest thankful is actually a big thankful from ME and my MOM.    Both of us are thankful that her annual oncology visit was good – her blood work was perfect and she is “good to go” for another year.   This is a huge thankful.   My Mom has had multiple battles with cancer and after a year spent on a treatment regimen back in 2006 she has been cancer-free.   She will ALWAYS have annual checkups by her oncologist but hopefully never get cancer back.   This is a HUGE HUGE Thankful from both of us.

Now shall we move on to PART TWO of today’s blog post?    Angel Sammy’s THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY – and here’s the email post I got from him last night with his instruction to share it with all of you – his friends!


Happy Poetic Thursday Friends!

Hope you’ve had a good week since I last visited and gave you another photo to use as a “springboard” to a poem to share this week with all of us.    I am hoping that some of our friends who haven’t ever written a poem before give it a try this week.    Those of you who DO participate, thanks for having fun with me.

If you have written a poem, please put your blog link in my comments here so everyone will know to visit your blog to read your work OR put your poem IN our comments – either way – share your poetry because lots of us LOVE poems – especially original ones!

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to use as inspiration for writing a poem – followed by MY poem to share with you.

“Flying Free”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell     April 19,2018

Watching eagles soar and glide in the air

Seemingly at peace without a care

Riding the currents and watching below

I wonder if they know that THEY are “the show”!

I used to think it would be an amazing thing

To no longer be grounded and take flight with some wings

To join birds in flight like airplanes in the sky

Not earthbound but FREE – “I can fly!” “I can fly!”

When I became an Angel and wings I did grow

It took me a while to learn the air’s flow

There were crash landings and tears until I got really good

I could fly where I wanted around my “neighborhood”

But I’ll tell you a secret and I promise it’s true

I’d turn in my wings in a minute if I could come back to YOU!


Well, I think probably my poem isn’t DIRECTLY related to that photo but it’s about flying and those people popping out of that plane and hoping that their parachutes open when they should INSPIRED my poem anyway.    I know I can count on my wings FOR SURE………but taking a leap of faith like them?    No thanks!  Even though my Dad flies a plane I know he would only fly IN one and not OUTSIDE of one!!!  

Now, how about next week.    Want to see the photo I’ve picked out for all of us to write a poem about?  

Fun?   I think it will be………………let those imaginations take flight!    I’ll look forward to your poems next week………………until then know that I miss you and you will always be my friends.

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Love, Angel Sammy


Isn’t that a cool poem Angel Sammy wrote?   I think it would be so much fun to fly…………..but given a choice of having wings and being an Angel OR staying right here with my Mom and NOT flying, I think I’d choose being right here, right now.

Until next Poetic Thursday, Hugs to all of you from ME!

Napping in the Granny chair!



Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday!   This is our “two for one” day you know……………first up we join Brian’s THANKFUL THURSDAY Blog Hop by telling our “thankfuls” for this past week.    You can join in with us by clicking his badge above and doing the LINKY form…………in the meantime I can tell you that I am VERY GLAD that my Mom saved me from a “difficult” situation yesterday.   I thanked her by giving her a big sloppy kiss after she rescued me.   And I didn’t squirm around in her arms when she picked me up and I am normally a world class squirmer.   That’s because I knew she’d “saved my bacon” …….what am I talkin’ about?   WELL, yesterday Mom and I were in the front yard and she decided while I was sniffing around in the grass and poking around in the leaves that she’d do a little weeding in the front stone garden.   She dropped my leash and pulled up some whopper-sized weeds then looked over at me and she saw that I had ventured beyond the EDGE of the front wooded area and through the big pile of leaves Dad blew in there last Fall……..I was dragging my leash behind me and headed right into all the sticker bushes/vines like I was TOTALLY FEARLESS.    Well, that didn’t last long because I managed to get into a spot that was so full of sticker vines that it was like being in a cage.    I couldn’t even MOVE!     Meanwhile Mom went AROUND all the leaves into a clearing and hiked through the deep leaves and other sticker bushes up to where I was trapped.   Yes I MIGHT have had a panic look on my face……yes I MIGHT have squeaked a little for her to help me…..yes she got scratched by the stickers as she pulled them out of the way so she could get me out……and I was so grateful let me tell you!    Poor Mom almost fell in the deep leaves though on the way out of there – but she had ME in her arms and she wasn’t gonna let go and managed to catch herself before she hurt herself (or me!).     See?   How’s THAT for a THANKFUL story this Thursday??!!

Now, onward to Part Two of today’s blog post and that’s presented by my Angel brother Sammy – it’s his THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY day and he always emails via his Rainbow Bridge laptop a poem to share with all of you – based on the photo “inspiration” he gives us all the week before.   Every Thursday we have a new photo and we write a poem about the photo – what we see, feel, etc. when we look at the photo.   Those of you who are participating in this challenge are SO GOOD!    It’s so much fun to read your poems!

So without further delay, I give you the contents of Angel Sammy’s email !!


Happy Thursday Poets!

Hope everyone is ready to share a poem with us today – I have mine written………..after I share my poem I’ll be visiting all of yours so be sure to leave a note in comments that you have one for us to see at your blog link OR write your poem in our comments – either way you do it is FINE.    We’ll be anxious to read what you “saw” when you looked at the photo I gave you last week.

Here’s the photo followed by my poem!

“Market Day”

by Angel Sammy Kimmell     April 11, 2018

Listen to the calls of the market sellers

Shoppers huddle under their wet umbrellas

Fresh, new produce right from the farms

Customers purchases in bags hang from their arms

The aromas all mingle in the open air

Smiles on faces are everywhere

The best of the best all on display

Who wouldn’t want to shop this way?

In a commercial grocery you never really know

Is everything fresh as the stamped on dates show??? 

It’s hard to know how old those lettuces are

It’s hard to tell if those oranges are up to par

You can’t always ask for a sample to taste

At the farmers market you know your money you won’t waste

An open air market with sellers who care

The bounty of the earth they are eager to share.


Farmer’s Markets are EVERYWHERE.    You are supporting your local farmers if you purchase there, you make friends with people who are proud to show off the fruits of their labor, you get the freshest food at the most reasonable prices.    Farmers can tell you if their food is TRULY organic vs. a sign at a grocery claiming that.    Anyway, my Mom and Dad always try to visit the markets when they travel.    A loaf of fresh bread and a chunk of fresh cheese makes a very good snack while walking through a city or hiking a hill.    This photo is a great example of the FEEL of market day just about anywhere on earth that you can find one.    The Farmers Market here in our small town is every Tuesday and Saturday.   You can find my Mom and Dad there.   You betcha!

I have another photo for you for NEXT Thursday…………your mission is to write a poem based on this photo………you know the drill – and I can’t wait to see what you write!

So good luck writing a poem for this one………………………….!   I’ll have mine ready to share with you next Thursday.   Until then, have a wonderful week…………..I’ll be watching you from the BRIDGE!!


Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy


Oh boy – I love the photo for next week.    Ought to be something to see what people write about that one………..scares me just looking at it!     See you all next week (or tomorrow!).

Love, Teddy

I love watching stuff come out of this machine!!

Teaser Tell All


Hello Class!   You did well yesterday with the Teaser!

 We really teased you with that photo and we’ll give you all the details in just a little bit……BUT FIRST………


We had TWO co-firsties yesterday.   Two popped in almost simultaneously in the first 60 second period and they were:


Miss Jackie (Two Devon Cats) and Miss Annie (McGuffy’s Reader)


Here are your badges ladies – you each get one!  Concatulations.

I was one of two FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of March 27, 2018!

Shall we move on to who our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was??????   Here’s the photo:

A bunch of you examine this photo really closely and determined it just plain looked “too good to be the REAL Parthenon” in Greece……………guess what……… were RIGHT about that.   This is a Parthenon built in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE back in 1897 for their Centennial Exhibition – it is now an art museum.    Here is a link for more info CLICK HERE.    Isn’t that VERY VERY cool?

SO – who was the person who figured this out before anyone else did?    None other than my gal pal Katie Isabella!

Katie? Really? Wasn’t she FIRST COMMENTER recently????

Yes she was – lucky duck – er – um – I mean cat!

This is for you Katie!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 27, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

Then we actually had SEVERAL MORE who guessed the right Parthenon.   There are apparently Parthenons in OTHER cities but this one is the one in Nashville, so if you got it right, please have one of these for your VERY OWN!

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of March 27, 2018! BRAVO!

Then of course if you were WRONG with your guess…………well……… know what YOU get……………….a GREENIE!!

OH NO! I guessed incorrectly on the Teaser of March 27, 2018 but I got this swell badge ANYWAY!

Cheer team?   Would you care to do a little cheer for our winners (and/or losers) this week????

We’re still dressed up
In our Easter gear
To give you yet another Easter cheer
We had two First Commenters, yes it’s for real
Jackie and Annie you can go ahead and squeal!
Then lickety split we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER
Katie Isabella impressed our Professors!
Congrats to you all – even those with Greenies
At least you TRIED so you aren’t big weinies!
May the Bunny visit you Sunday and bring you some candy
Those nice sugar rushes sure do feel dandy!


Thank you ladies……………….well done…… why don’t you go to the locker room and get those butterflies and eggs and baskets out of your hair and go get a treat on the playground from Miss Dingleberry!

SO there you have it – winners and losers for the Pre-Easter Teaser yesterday.   Speaking of pre-Easter………………wasn’t that some meal Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria crew fixed for us yesterday?   I am so full I couldn’t eat another meal like that until – well – maybe Easter Sunday!    So, we’ll just have a special treat today – it’s a nice sunny day so head on outside for some…….

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll put an Easter peep on top of your cone to “Easterize” it!

Traditional peep or bunny peep??????

Happy Easter and Passover to our very own Teaser PEEPS!   See you next week.

Your Professors, Angel Sam and Teddy too……..

Teaser Tuesday


It may be snowing (or raining or sleeting) but SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!


HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??????  You’d better! 

You might win THIS if you are FIRST!!

YES we have our Santa hats on – couldn’t find any other winter head-warmers to wear to school today!

We will warm all of you up with a “hot seat” of a geography test here in a moment – a photo that you will be able to study and guess WHERE IT WAS TAKEN – that should keep you busy for a while!   Today’s Teaser is not a Guest Teaser but it is (WAIT FOR IT…………………..) A “GUESS TEASER” !!!      Sorry about that – rather lame little joke wasn’t it.

Here are the rules for you folks who want to take a stab at the test this morning………………..

If you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER BUT  NOT FIRST or a WRONG GUESSER………you will get one of our fabulously collectible badges to show off!!

I studied!

I hope maybe THIS week I guess right!

I cracked open the books too!!

Study? Me? Groovy…..

Let’s get on with it shall we?   Before we begin I am happy to announce that the Cheer Team did in fact get excellent report cards for their service to Ding Dong School this past semester……a suggestion was made that they permanently throw away from their book collection, “How To Insult Your Audience In Ten Easy Lessons”, “Living Dangerously as a Cheerleader”, and “Cheerleading for Complete Dummies”……………..they have agreed they no longer need those books to help them write their cheers.

Hip Hip Hooray
We celebrate today!
Our report cards were good
We can stay in the “hood”
Your Teaser today is pretty
Makes us sing a seaside ditty
We haven’t got a clue
But hopefully some of you do….
You might win a badge
Or perhaps a date with Madge!

Now we’ll QUICKLY move on to asking our ever vigilant Security Guard if he would please bring in the Teaser photo for today so you can get to work!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE WAS THIS SNAPPED??????????????????    Tomorrow we will be back with the TEASER TELL ALL and you’ll find out who wins and who loses and who just comes here for the food.   HAHAHAHA

Food? Food?

Yes food – Miss Dingleberry is in the hall outside the classroom today because of course we have SNOW on the ground and heaven forbid you students get COLD FEET so step right up and have a snack and we will see you bright and early tomorrow!

That’s right – you just get SNACKS today –

the stuff your Mom won’t allow you to have!!!  YAY!!!!!

Good Luck !   Your Profs, Angel Sam and Ted

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Is it Thursday already?  Yep it is……..time to talk about being Thankful – which I am and always will be.     If you are wanting to talk about how thankful you are just join in the Thankful Hop hosted by Brian – simply click the badge above and go sign up!

I’m thankful that we did NOT get snow from either of the weather systems that caused havoc north of us…………what we DID get was tons of wind – powerful wind – lots of our neighbors lost shingles, siding and trees…….we lost ONE big oak down in our woods, and had a lot of “little stuff” to clean up out of the yard.   So I’m THANKFUL too that we didn’t have damage to the house.

My Mom is thankful that she won a contest at The Evil Squirrel’s Nest blog………there were three random pictures posted and the project was to write something, draw something, or otherwise somehow make a cohesive story or whatever out of the three photos.    Someone else won the actual competition but Mom was in the draw for the “random winner” and her number was picked!  So she has a new badge on our website from the Squirrel.    YAY for Mom!    This was her entry HERE.

Now the second part of our Thursday post is always what I get from my Angel brother Sammy who sends in his Photo Poetry Challenge via email from the Rainbow Bridge – this week of course he didn’t let any of us down – I got his poem and I’m sharing the email I got from him courtesy of “Rainbow Wi-Fi” below!


Hello Friends and Fellow Poets (or Readers!)   Time to share a poem!!

We were watching from the Rainbow Bridge as many of you had yucky weather to deal with – you know we have no influence over the weather but we were hoping everyone would be alright and thank heavens most of you were.    We only have gentle breezes and sunshiny days at the Bridge you know – we are lucky but then the price we pay for that beauty is having to be physically apart from our beloved families…………we are ALWAYS with you in spirit though!!

Here is the photo I gave you LAST week to use as your “inspiration” for this week’s photo poetry……………….I hope you were able to find time to write a poem inspired by this wacky little photo???   If you did, please share your blog link to your poem in my comments here OR write your poem IN our comments.   We’d love to see if you had as much fun as I did with this photo.

“Capturing Humans”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell, March 7, 2018

A professional photographer is my job at the zoo

I use my camera to take photos of you!

I try to take photos of things fascinating

Like groups of loud humans congregating

They move in herds or occasionally alone

They usually have a thing on one ear they call “phone”

They chatter away with their group like WE do

They giggle and point when they come to our zoo

They don’t seem to notice that we find them amusing

They do funny things that we find so confusing!

They have something we don’t – why can’t they see?

They can roam at will……..and we LONG to be free.


Sometimes it makes us sad that so many animals are in cages but zoos are doing a better job of giving animals in captivity more natural habitats AND because endangered animals are taken care of in zoos, they are PROTECTED !     That’s a GOOD thing!    But still I wonder how many of them see humans roaming freely and wish they could do that.   Probably more than we will ever know……………………..Now did you write a poem this week?   If not, I hope you will consider doing one next week – you can write one – I know you can.

Here’s next week’s inspirational photo……………I bet you can do something with this one – we’ll compare poems next week OK?    It’s a deal……………………

This one will be interesting………

So I will see you here next week on Thursday…………..I’ll be anxious to read your poems……………..C’mon now don’t let me down!    Meanwhile know that I am watching out for all of you – my friends – from the Rainbow Bridge.

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy.    I can’t wait to read everyone’s poems for today as we visit our blog buddies AND just wonder what they will “see” in next week’s photo – what I see scares me to death!    HAHAHA

Love, Teddy

This is as close to WATER I want to get – forget surfing!!!

Friday Fill-Ins and Dr. Seuss!


Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday AND Filling In Sentences!

We were happy to see that the sentences with blanks that we get from our co-hosts for this fun Friday Fill In Hop contained some Dr. Seuss related goodies – after all, we can’t let Dr. Seuss’ birthday pass without honoring him right?   I think Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing were WELL AWARE we’d all want to something Seuss-related and they were right.   Thank you both for hosting the Hop every week.    We love it.    If you’d like to join in the fill-in fun, click the badge above and it will take you to McGuffy’s Reader where you can LINK UP!

Mom is doing the filling in today…………..and her fill-ins are in RED……….



1. My favorite Dr. Seuss book is Green Eggs and Ham – but honestly – I loved them ALL

2. The most interesting person I have ever met is tough to pick out of all the interesting people that I’ve met but I think I’d say Bob Hope – I worked at Mutual Broadcasting Radio many years ago and met a lot of celebs but he was the BEST of the BEST

3. Besides books by Dr. Seuss, my favourite book as a child was “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter.

4. Lately, I have been working on cleaning closets and cupboards – all the places where we store things then promptly forget where they are!


Thanks Mom……………..well done!   Now here are a few Dr. Seuss-related goodies for your entertainment……………….


Me and Angel Sammy – the “important THINGS” !!

Mom wants one of these!!!!!


Thanks Dr. Seuss for (as my Mom says) “a lifetime of fun” !!

Love, Teddy

P.S.  Sunday (March 4) is my 2nd birthday and you are all invited to my party RIGHT HERE!   I’ll feed you food and cake and I’ll still participate in Sunday Selfies with The Cat On My Head…….I hope you will do that too!

Me with my Angel Brother on my FIRST birthday!!

Thankful and Poetic Thursday



I Am Thankful………….!

Time to be hopping along with Brian on his Thursday Blog Hop……..thanks again Brian for hosting this chance to share with the universe what we’re all thankful for.   If you want to join us – just click on the badge above……..visit Brian and hook up to the Hop!

Since this is the last “Thankful Thursday” before my birthday on March 4th, I want to say just how THANKFUL I am that I am celebrating my SECOND birthday here in my forever home with my Mom and Dad.   Last year I had only lived here with them for about 3 weeks when I had my FIRST birthday.    Now I’ve lived here a whole year since then and I know just how nice it is to have food, fun, and forever so I can really RELAX on this birthday right?    I’m also thankful Angel Sammy arranged my adoption – because I know in my heart he did JUST THAT!

Second part of our blog today deals with POETIC THURSDAY – Angel Sammy sends me an email transmission to post for him with his poem and a new photo for NEXT week’s poem.   I look forward to that every week – I hope you do too?

Here’s what I got from his cloud last night!


Hello my friends………time to share some poetry!

Thursday is when those of you who are playing along with my challenge to write a poem each week inspired by a photograph that I give to you SHARE those poems either by giving us a link to your poem on your blog OR where you can post your poem in our comments on this blog!    However you want to do it – we want you to give this challenge a whirl.    When you look at a photo, you get an impression of something – a feeling, a memory, an emotion – can be anything that pops into you head upon seeing the photograph.    The fun then is to turn THAT into a poem!    Here is last week’s photo that I gave you to work with, and then my poem from MY impression of the photo:


By Angel Sammy Kimmell  February 28, 2018

I stood on the bridge watching the setting sun

Feeling relaxed as the day was done

As the sun slowly sank on the earth’s horizon

My cell phone rang courtesy of Verizon

“Yes?” I said irritated at the noisy ring

Until then all I’d heard was birds on the wing

“Time for dinner” my Mom said and I turned to leave

But the sight that awaited me I just could not believe!

As I’d stood on the bridge letting my thoughts take flight

The tide had come in as day turned into night

I was trapped on the bridge for I could not swim

I’d walked out to this bridge on an “unthinking” whim

Thoughts of tides or times or dinner just hadn’t occurred!

If Mom had warned me, I just hadn’t heard!

What to do, what to do, I just couldn’t THINK

One thing for sure, my bridge would not sink!

So I called Mom back and told her the tale….

She reminded me of something which just couldn’t fail

I had been so lost in my thoughts that I forgot one BIG thing

I was an Angel now – and Angels have wings……………………….


Tee Hee.   Yes it’s a bit of a silly and fun poem this week – not moody as my poems sometimes are……….but that’s the thing about writing a poem – you can truly write about ANYTHING – you can describe how you feel, what’s in your head, something you can’t “speak out loud but can write about”……….and that’s why I say – GIVE IT A TRY!    I’d love for you to do that.    I also hope you liked my poem this week.     I can’t wait to read yours too!

Here’s my photo challenge for you for NEXT Thursday……………if you didn’t write one for today – see what you can do with this photo and I’ll see you next week OK?   


Now this photo is gonna be tons of fun right?   

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Love to you all – Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy!   I liked your poem and I think that photo for next week ought to get some creative juices flowing with our followers – even those who haven’t written a poem before – maybe they’ll enjoy coming up with something.

Happy Thursday To YOU!   From Teddy

On a sad note……..we had to say goodbye to yet another friend – the beautiful and sweet Kali from CANADIAN CATS blog.   She and her sister Shoko ran the household together along with their Mom and Dad and we know they are missing Kali – so are we – Angel Sammy is making sure she feels “at home” at the Bridge along with all the other Angels.  

You are missed…….Teddy and Mom


Teaser Tell All


We’ll Just Tell It Like It Is!

Hello students………………’s class is all about handing out awards and giving you the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser photo………..which was a real doozy but STILL was guessed by more than one of you!

Was it ME????

Or ME????

Well boys – sorry to say it wasn’t either one of you but let’s start at the beginning………………first of all who was FAST ON THE DRAW and got here ahead of everyone else to make a comment????   We had a TWO WAY TIE!

Phenny and Csilla !


Each of you gets one of these fabulous badges!

Two First Commenters on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 and I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!

Who was our wonderful GUEST TEASER this week?   Well, we threw you a curve ball on that one because it was the same person who was our Guest last week – Miss Annie at Animal Couriers!


My photo was the Teaser on One Spoiled Cat’s Tuesday Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018!!

Where was the photo taken?????   And WHO was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER???????

This was the photo……………and it is the Basilique Saint-Sernin de Toulouse, France!

AND – the first RIGHT GUESSER was:

Miss Csilla!!!!!!   (yes she was one of the 1st commenters too!)


I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 !

We did have some others who guessed it correctly – – – AND each of you gets one of these:

I was RIGHT but not FIRST on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 !

And if you were WRONG WRONG WRONG, you get one of THESE THESE THESE!!!!!

UHOH, I was a WRONG GUESSER on the Teaser of Feb. 27, 2018 !

Now our fabulous cheerleaders who are TOTALLY HEALTHY and recovered from the bubonic plague, or malaria or whatever it was they had will give a cheer in honor of our winners!!

I think that they’re both very glad!
Phenny and Csilla were HOT
The rest of you were NOT!
You know who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?
She’s a very snappy dresser!
It was Csilla AGAIN who was RIGHT
Her badge collection is quite a sight!
We think we have a photo that will fool
But you have learned well at Ding Dong School!
Next week you might be a winner –
Miss Dingleberry will make you a dinner….!!

Thank you team!   You all sounded great today – did you get your flu shots???????

Some of you weren’t happy when we sent you all off to the school nurse to get shots were you?!  

I won’t forget what you made me do!

I got a shot in my tushie!

Well it was for your own good!

Miss Dingleberry has some lunch for you to soothe your tushies and your tummies…………………I hope that cheers you up.   I know hot dogs and hamburgers always make ME happy!

Now doesn’t that make you feel better?    A full tummy and then you can go outside and play in the playground for recess!     What a deal!

Professor Angel Sammy and Teddy too!


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Today We’re THANKFUL with Brian and Poetic with Sammy!

Thursday is our “two posts for one” day – we’re starting off with being Thankful on Thursday with our friend Brian (click badge above) and joining his Thankful Blog Hop.   We all share what we’re thankful for and it’s fun to see what everyone has been thankful for the previous week.   If you click the badge you will go there and you can join up with the rest of us!

I have a kind of silly thankful this week – today is day TWO of some incredible weather here in Virginia.   It’s February and we have two days in a row of almost 80 degrees.   That is TRULY weird.   Oh a “normal” February day, it’s anywhere from 30 -45 degrees and maybe some snow thrown in the mix.   We even DID have snow this past Saturday!    Anyway, it’s been glorious and I’ve been able to get Mom and Dad to take me out on the front porch for some SUN and some fresh air and lots of walks around the yard.   I’ve dug some holes, eaten some grass and rolled around in the dirt!   LIFE IS GOOD.   Tonight cold comes back so I’ve been very THANKFUL for a break!

Onward to part two of our blog today which is when we get to see the poem Angel Sammy sent us for his Poetic Thursday challenge……………


It’s Poetic Thursday my friends…

Nice to be with you all today – Thursday is MY day with what used to be MY blog but my little brother Teddy is now hosting.    He does a great job but gives me some space to do MY thing on Thursdays.    Every week I give you a PHOTO and your challenge is to write a poem about that photo – what does it make you think about, what do you feel when you look at it, what comes to mind, etc.    It’s a lot of fun……..AND everyone can write a poem if you just try.     Honest!     After I share my poem from this past week’s photo, I’ll give you a NEW photo for NEXT Thursday to write a poem about……….

Here was last week’s Photo inspiration:


By Angel Sammy Kimmell   Feb. 22, 2018

There are times when we really want to be alone

No knocks on the door, no ringing telephone

Just relaxing in the quiet of a “newborn” day

No questions asked – so no answers to say

But being alone isn’t always the best

We might have a problem to get off our chest!

We might need some help with a problem or two

Or perhaps there are times when only a hug will do…

Still, it’s important to feel “whole” when we’re just one

For each of us has a journey of our own to be done

The road we each travel is ours to complete

Although having a partner makes the trip much more sweet.


Sometimes it’s good to be alone………..but sometimes we really don’t want to be alone and need a friend or partner to be there for us and with us.    We are though individuals over and above what we are with others so we HAVE to be comfortable within ourselves.   My Mom says she learned this when she was single after being married the first time!!   She didn’t know how to be ONE – she only knew how to be HALF of two!     I was always alone being an “only kitty” but to tell you the truth, I was always MUCH happier when my Mom and Dad were there with me………….  That was the inspiration for my poem today.    And “ALONE” was the first thing that popped into my head when I wrote my poem for today.   

Did you write a poem?   If you did, how about giving us the link to your poem in my comments?   We can ALL read it!   If you didn’t write one – join us next week……I promise you’ll have fun.    Now for next week’s photo inspiration!!

This one ought to be fun right?   I’ll see you next week – can’t wait to see what you do with this photo…………’s thought-provoking for sure!   

Oui Oui – me in my French beret which inspires my POETRY!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks my brother!    That was a doozy of a poem…………….and I’ll be looking forward to next Thursday when we get together again to be THANKFUL and to read POETRY together!!!

Hugs, Teddy


We learned this morning that Sarge – Blogville’s favorite pawlice chief and friend to all, has left for the Rainbow Bridge.   We hadn’t heard from him in a long time and then when we did – it was this sad news……..we will always remember this special guy.   You can leave a message for his family HERE

Pre-Teaser Monday!


It’s Monday!   Time for Pre-Teaser Class!

ALRIGHT! Let’s see a little hustle in your bustle students – time to get to classrooms!

Yes dear children….do enter the calmness of the classroom….I have been taking yoga and learning how to be ZEN……I am a much CALMER Sarge!!!!

Holy cow – Does Sarge have amnesia or somethin’ ???

Who stole our mean Sarge and gave us this Zen guy???

Hello Class!  Happy Monday………looks like Sarge’s pants injury and subsequent hot tub experience has turned him into “Mr. Nice Guy” but you have to wonder just how long THAT will last!!

Anyway, welcome to Geography class where we prepare you for tomorrow’s guessing game – “Where Was The Photo Taken” ???     We will be showing you a photo tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME with our TEASER POST and you will have to figure out where it was taken.   Fun huh?   Well yes in fact it IS fun.    Just ask any of our TEASER WINNERS – they’ll tell you!

We have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow too…………….now here are the rules – I know most of you know them by now but we might have a visitor or new follower who doesn’t………..

Then on top of that when our post tomorrow goes live – you can hurry here to make a comment on the blog and you might be the FIRST COMMENTER – you will earn yourself a reward!

For some getting an award is no biggie for some others, they like to mention their wins and badges on their blogs………and we’re happy about that too.    There are more badges to win as well – if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or a RIGHT GUESSER but not the first, or even a WRONG GUESSER you still get something:

So make sure your brains are well rested tonight and ready to examine tomorrow’s photo.    Who knows – you may get something for the effort!     Speaking of effort – you will be happy to know that Miss Dingleberry – who went ALL OUT last week for Valentine’s Day with her fabulous food spread for all of us, has a snack after class for all of you today.    Nothing earth-shattering but still a snack and since it’s a beautiful sunny day, you can take it with you outside to play in the playground at recess.    Fabulous huh?

A little snack is better than no snack at all !

Miss Dingleberry?     Are you going to serve your snack in the schoolroom or outside?

It’s a swell day out there – I’m setting up outside in the SUN!!!

OK students – we will see you tomorrow at a SURPRISE time then for Teaser – enjoy your treat outside and your recess.

Yeah kid?   What’ll it be?????


Don’t get sticky ice cream on the swings!

oops – I dropped by ice cream cone through this hole!!

See you tomorrow in class!   Professor Angel Sam and Teddy too