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Sunday Selfie Hop


HOP TIME!    The Cat on My Head is the place to be on Sunday to show yourself off……..and if you want to join in, just click the above badge and find the spot where you link in and DO IT!  Easy huh?

I’m afraid while my Mom has her blogging mojo back, her camera mojo is NOT bad so we have no new photos of ME – the famous Nurse Cat who has faithfully stayed by her side as she recovers from hip surgery.   You’d think I deserved at least a blurry photo that’s new right?  Wrong.   We are reduced yet again to flashback photos of me – at least we try to find one that’s about this same week in a previous year.    Gosh Mom.    Let’s get with the program huh????????     Maybe by NEXT Sunday?

This little gem is from February 4, 2018 and was the first actual walk in the snow I’d had.    Not too thrilled about it am I….you can tell.    I’m just standing there frozen in place (not literally of course – at least not yet – if I’d stood there another minute or two MAYBE).    I am not a big fan of snow.   Angel Sammy loved the stuff but me – no thanks.   I’m on walking it when it’s about like this February photo – just a sprinkling – but any more than that I’m not interested in.     SO, of course Mom decided to do a puzzle of this boring photo for those of you who enjoy puzzles!


Now you probably noticed we didn’t “artify” the photo – didn’t make it crazy colorful or anything with our usual LUNAPIC effects but we thought the puzzle was maybe hard enough with all that snowy grass around me.     It might be boring but it still can be fun right?

Much better than that cold snow……..ZZZZZZZ   

 Love, Teddy