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Teaser Tell All Class


“It’s TELL ALL TIME!!!!”

Good day students.    We sure had fun with the Teaser yesterday.    We weren’t sure anyone would be able to spend the time to google all the little “nuances” of the photo to eventually find where that photo was from BUT somebody did and you’ll find out who in a few minutes.

In the meantime, we bet you’d like to know that we had FOUR First Commenters yesterday.    Yep – a crowd at the front door pushing their way inside to ring the bell and get a reward.    WHO were the four??

“All I know is it wasn’t me……zzzzzzzzzzz”

If we can get a drumroll we’ll tell you WHO!

The FAB Four Firsties were:



And here’s a badge for you winners!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser post of July 5, 2022!!!

Now here’s the photo from yesterday which was provided by our STELLAR Graphics Department………….I’m SURE you remember it!    Lots of people had good guesses………..but only ONE had the RIGHT GUESS.

This is Dismals Canyon, in Phil Campbell, Alabama !!   More info?   CLICK HERE


We thought it was an interesting name for a Canyon and the town name in Alabama was also interesting…………………NOW – who guessed it?    WELLLLLLL, one of our FIRST COMMENTERS got it so SHE gets a DOUBLE WINNER BADGE!!!!    Drumroll please?


INGRID !!!!!!


Here’s your double badge Miss Ingrid and congratulations!

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of July 5, 2022! I was one of FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS AND I was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER….lucky me!

If you ALSO guessed the Teaser correctly – and others may have done so after we prepared for class – then you get one of these badges!!

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of July 5, 2022 BUT I wasn’t FIRST. Phooey!

If you guessed but you were WRONG – you still get a badge – how cool is that??????    One of these is yours (just copy it for your files):

I guessed the Teaser location but was WRONG on July 5, 2022. I’ll try again NEXT WEEK!!



Yes it is……………and we’ll do it as long as we have students in class!    Next week we have a GUEST TEASER with a photo so you’d better be here to take a whack at winning a badge.

Cheer Team?  How about cheering for our winners today?

Well you all did better than GOOD
We’re cheering you on from the “Hood….”
We were feeling rather jumpy
So headed to “THE GRUMPY”
Our First Commenters were FOUR
Ingrid, Sharon, Janet, Jackie and NO MORE
Then one of them of them was double lucky
First Right Guesser was INGRID – isn’t that just ducky?
We’ll be back again next week
So give your brains a tweak
You’ll need to come to class READY
So stay cool and also stay steady!

Congratulations class……………… how about we go celebrate with some food?     Miss Dingleberry is ready for us so let’s get going………….Line up and off we go!

We’re ready to serve you!   Step right up!


Your Professors

Teaser Class Is NOW!


Welcome to Class Students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

Hope everyone in the USA had a good July 4th – ours was noisy and we Professors were NOT happy about it.   People set off fireworks on the 3rd and the 4th for a couple of hours each time and we don’t mean one or two fireworks……….we’re talking buckets of them!   So forgive us if we ask you to repeat yourselves in class today.    Our hearing MIGHT be impaired for a couple of days!

HUH?  Did you say something???

SO – let’s start with a review of the rules AND a showing of the badges YOU might win!

“I’m DETERMINED to win a badge this week….or else…….!”

Our Teaser is from our good old (oops….I don’t mean old I mean – “ripe” – no not ripe – “seasoned”) Graphics Department person and we hope you like it!

“ATTENTION – Will Teaser Security please report to the classroom with today’s photo!”

Gee,  thanks Sarge for stepping in and getting our Guard to come to class!    We like the moustache….it’s very – well – curly!


Another nature-filled Teaser for you and we just bet you can figure it out !!

“Well…..looks like a swell spot for a cat to hang out but that’s about it!”

Just do your best – that’s all we ask.    Now for the Cheer Team………..

Hope your 4th was nice and quiet
No arguments, loud fireworks and no unruly riots!
We think the Teaser is rather cool
Nice picnic spot with a waterfall and pool!
Oh wait we bet there are snakes around
Don’t pick up any sticks making a hissing sound!
On second thought we’ll just stay here
And visit Grumpy Cat Bar for a nice cold beer.
We wish you luck on the Teaser – try your best
At least there is no written test!!!

Thanks ladies……………………I suppose we should all head to the cafeteria for something to eat……………….keep up your strength so you can make a good guess on the Teaser!

Time to enjoy a nourishing food break in the cafeteria!

Today’s Menu:

Tune in tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

“The Profs” !



Teaser Tell All


Hi Students!  It’s Tell All Time…………

Welcome back to class everyone – it’s time for us to let you know the “scoop” about yesterday’s Teaser……………….We’ll start with which students were first to get to school yesterday morning!

We had TWO First Commenters…………………..who were they?   Could we have a drumroll please??

Our First Commenters Were:    SHARON and INGRID!

And here is the badge each of you gets a copy of!!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of June 28, 2022! YAY FOR US!

“Hey Man……I really did try to be a Firstie yesterday…..I kinda went a little FAST on my Harley!”

Our Teaser photo was a GUEST TEASER photo and we thought it might take a while for you all to figure it out…………………it really wasn’t to terribly long before the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER got it.    But before we go there, let’s thank our Head of Campus Security, Officer CLOWIE because SHE sent the photo in!

YAY Officer Clowie!  

We have a THANK YOU badge for you…………

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of June 28, 2022 at One Spoiled Cat!

Here’s the photo:

It’s Bingley Five Rise Locks and is located on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

at Bingley, West Yorkshire, England

Want some additional information?   Clowie provided this link!   CLICK HERE

Who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?  (drumroll pleeeeeze)


That means Ingrid was a DOUBLE WINNER…..Ingrid here’s a DOUBLE badge for you!

I was a DOUBLE WINNER on the Teaser of June 28, 2022. I was a FIRST COMMENTER and I also was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!! WHOOPEEEEEEE!

Did you also guess right?   Did you?   Well if you did, you get a copy of this badge of your very own!

I guessed correctly the location of the Teaser on the post of June 28, 2022 BUT I was NOT First!

AND if you guessed and were WRONG – you get this badge:

I was TOTALLY wrong with my guess on the Teaser of June 28, 2022 but I still get a cool badge!

Give yourselves a hand class!

“OOps I think I nodded off – why is everyone cheering????!!!”

Cheer Team – you’re ON!!

We’re here today to let you know
After all of you competed toe to toe
We had TWO First Commenters at the front door
Sharon and Ingrid who could ask for more!
We waited to see who would guess it FIRST
Who would win and leave everyone else cursed?
It was INGRID coming back for win number two
She looked at details and studied for clues
Congrats to you all for giving it your best
Now we’re heading to our locker room for a hot tub soak and rest!

“Don’t cry Stanley… may be our BIG WINNER next week!!!”


How about we head to the cafeteria for a celebratory meal?

OK Students, Teachers and Guests – the Cafeteria Line is open!!


Congratulations everyone!   See you next Tuesday for more TEASER FUN

Your Professors


OK Class!  You raked us over the coals about yesterday’s Teaser – and it’s TIME for the Tell All!

It seems you all didn’t particularly like that non-descript, where the heck is this anyway, Teaser we gave you yesterday.   We did have a LOT of guesses though so I suppose some people took it as a challenge and gave it a good try.    We do our best to make everybody happy here at Ding Dong Fish School though so we WANT everyone to be happy!!!   Can you blame us?   After all you lovely students show up here on Tuesday AND Wednesday and we’re fairly sure it’s not to see US – it’s to play TEASER!!!!

So let’s get going here………….ready?


(drumroll pleeze)


Your badges ladies!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of June 21, 2022….the early bird catches the worm !!

“Dang!  If we’d just not stopped in the boys room for a smoke we could have been FIRSTIES!”

Now for the info on the Teaser photos…………………… are the photos again:


Our GUEST Teaser this time around was Miss Ingrid and these photos were taken on Lake Ontario near Coburg, Ontario Canada.    We think Ingrid should get a new badge – “THE IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO FIGURE THIS ONE OUT” badge.    However our overworked and underappreciated Graphics Department didn’t have time to make one for her.    OOPS.    Seriously though – having a terrifically tough Teaser is something we RARELY do but we did have a whole lot of guesses – so all of you students get a big pat on the back for being brave enough to make a guess!!!    Ingrid this badge is for being our Guest – thanks!

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of June 21, 2022 and I fooled everyone!!

So Obviously……………(drumroll please)

There was NO FIRST RIGHT GUESSER …………however, a whole lot of you TRIED and if you tried you get one of these well-earned badges!

Nobody in class guessed the Teaser photo of June 21, 2022 but ALL of us who tried got this badge!!

Cheer Team?  You’ve got your work cut out for you with this class full of frowns…………………….

Well we knew it was a toughie
Left you all feeling rather roughie
But a challenge it truly was
It left our brains in a fuzzy buzzz!
We still had TWO First Commenters though
INGRID and CECILIA were far from slow
Next week I’m sure the Teaser
Will be a big crowd pleaser!!

Now how about we go get something to eat in the cafeteria??   That will cheer everyone up right?   Well – everyone except Kismet anyway.

Lunch or Breakfast – ready when you are!

The Menu:

Thanks for having fun with us with Teaser!

The Professors


Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Good Morning Officer Kitty!   Stay safe!”

Hello Students!   It’s that time again – time to TEASE!

“You tease us all the time – telling us we can win – WELL WE NEVER WIN!”

Well students, it’s not your Professors’ fault if you can’t figure out the Teaser is it????   HMMM?    Now, you know the drill by now but we’ll refresh your memories with the rules AND the badges up for grabs:

Today’s Teaser is a certified WHOPPER…………… is without a doubt one of the toughest ones we’ve had.   We’ve examined this photo and see NO CLUES.   Maybe you will see something we don’t see.    It is a GUEST TEASER and should drive all of us nuts before tomorrow’s TELL ALL.    Ready?


We have two “clue” photos for you – of the same place of course – so our Art Department framed them both up and here they are:

There you go – your clues…………….now it’s up to you to figure out WHERE THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN!

“How are we supposed to figure that out???  Looks like any shoreline in the UNIVERSE!!!”

AH HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   There you are – a true test of your determination and persistence while searching for clues!      Now the Cheer Team will try to bring you out of your comas so you can get to work:

This one is a REAL doozy
Two photos for hints and they’re not very “clue-sy” !
But we have faith you’ll come ’round in the end
Even if it sends you “round the bend” !
Don’t be scared we know someone will win!
Even if the chances might be slightly slim!

Well girls not so sure you cheered anyone up today with that cheer but thanks for trying.     I think at this point the only thing that will cheer anyone up is to have a good meal so let’s head to the cafeteria – maybe everyone will feel more like studying after eating!

“I’m sure after you have something to eat your brains will function better students!”

Here’s Today’s Menu:


Good Luck From Your Professors!