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Teaser Tuesday Class In Session


“OK Team – we’ve completed perimeter check – all is well OUTSIDE – let’s report INSIDE!”

Greetings Students!   Welcome to school – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

If you have – good – go ahead and take a seat………..if you haven’t – chances are you aren’t the First Commenter this morning.   But you can still win a badge if you figure out the Teaser!   YAY!

Well figuring out the Teaser remains to be seen but at least I’m  HERE!

We Professors hope that all of you and your humans are staying healthy and of course not getting too bored having to stay home.   The UPSIDE of having humans around is that we pets get WAY WAY WAY more attention.    There’s good things AND bad things about that.    We can’t find a minute to ourselves now – we get NAPUS INTERRUPTUS because our humans get bored and pester us when we’re just settling down into a good long comfy nap.    Oh well – we must all stick together right?     We’re sticking together here in class – and I guess we’d better GET TO WORK.

Our Teaser photo today is from the good old (and we do mean old) Graphics Department.    It SEEMS to us like a goodie.   It SEEMS to us like it might be a challenge but we also say that often and someone guesses it within 30 seconds of us showing it to you!    We’ll see what happens today.

First we’ll remind you of the rules of engagement……….no cheating students!    Also there are badges to be won – they appear after the rules.

What #2 essentially means is please don’t “copy” the photo and place it in something like “GOOGLE IMAGE FINDER” on your computer and let the computer find the image for you.   That’s just not fair!    See if you can pick up on some things that might be unusual or unique in the photo and do a search for that.    OK?    Here are the badges up for grabs today:

Good luck everyone!

Well I for one feel up to the challenge today! 

I’ll give it a whirl – if I can stay awake of course……..

Maybe if we bring in the Cheer Team BEFORE we show you the Teaser photo you’ll liven up a bit and be more READY for viewing your assignment today?????    Those girls generally SHAKE THINGS up pretty well………


We each have an Easter bonnet
With weird stuff glued upon it
In honor of the season
Do we really need a reason?
We’re here to cheer you up
Each human, cat and pup
Teaser Class is a lot of fun
And educational for everyone!
So clean your glasses and prepare to stare
At the photo please – not our underwear!
We hope you’re ready now to GO!
We just gave you a dose of MOJO!

Wait……did you say underwear????? 

OK Teaser Photo Security Guard – would you please bring the photo in before there’s a riot in the classroom??

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Ok everybody – get to guessing (or studying then guessing).     We need to know exactly where this photo was taken.

Reminds me of the beach photo we had recently – makes me wanna be THERE right now!

We know lots of people would like to be on some isolated beach right about now – where there’s no social distancing or masks or viruses……….or hopefully maneating sharks (HAHA).   The Graphics Department just thought it was a “pretty photo” …………. !

So who wants to head to the cafeteria BEFORE studying?    If you want to come with your Professors, feel free to come along but if you want to stay here and study – you may also do that.    Either way, we’ll meet back here in class tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL.    You don’t want to miss that!

Happy Almost Easter class!   I’m again wearing the lovely hat that the Ding Dong School Art Class made for me last year – it’s a doozy isn’t it?    Lunch today is tasty too so please enjoy!

Today’s Menu:

Good Luck Students!  Board your bus for home when you’re ready and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Your Professors!

Teaser Tell All


“These hats are more comfy than those green ones aren’t they gang?!  Let’s go tell the Professors that we’ve completed perimeter check and we’re ready for them to conduct classes safely!”

Hello class!   Hope your St. Pat’s Day was green and fun.   Ours was but we’re ready to buckle down to business now with the Teaser Tell All.

I’m ready for the news…..have on  my shades though…..might have “overindulged” yesterday…..

We had a great Teaser yesterday and as of the moment we got things ready for class today we had NO RIGHT GUESSERS………………….Lots and lots of you guessed DUBLIN, IRELAND assuming that because it was St. Pat’s day we had given you a bit of Blarney and used an “appropriate” photo for the occasion.   BUT WE DIDN’T because that would have been way way way way too easy!

Let’s start with who our FIRST COMMENTERS were……………….and we had FOUR!

FOUR???? FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS???? I bet the Cheer Team is upset………….

Yes I’m sure the Cheer Team was a little – well – perturbed when we told them but they are troopers and got a cheer done in spite of having to cram all those names into the cheer.    Here are the four who get a FIRST COMMENTER badge!

Drumroll Please!



OK You Four – Each of you gets one of these of your VERY OWN:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of March 17, 2020! I was FAST!!

Only one person figured out the Teaser this week……..can you believe it???

It was a GUEST Teaser……………………..and who sent it in???

Charles (Chuck) Huss of BADCATCHRIS!!    This badge is for you!  

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of March17, 2020 for St. Patrick’s Day and I FOOLED ALMOST EVERYONE!

This was our Teaser photo sent in by our friend Chuck:

This is NOT Dublin – it’s STUTTGART, GERMANY!     Chuck and his wife had a vacation there and took some beautiful shots of places they visited.    Isn’t this a good Teaser?   Thanks Chuck for sending it in.   It was PURRRFECT!

We had ONE RIGHT GUESSER…………………………………..and who was that?????



Here’s your winner’s badge!!!!

I was the First and ONLY Right Guesser on the Teaser of March 17, 2020 !!


Did you guess wrong?   Did you guess Dublin or any other number of places on planet Earth (or any other planet)?????    Well if you did, you get a GREENIE!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of March 17, 2020 for St. Patrick’s Day….but I still was “WEARING THE GREEN” because I got this GREEN badge anyway!

There you have it……………let’s see what the Cheer Team did with having FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS to work into their cheer today shall we?????????????????????

Well we had a crowd of early birds
We couldn’t believe it when FOUR NAMES we heard
But we do our best when we write our cheers
Our cheering prowess is known among our peers!
Firsties were Sharon, Janet, Timmy and MessyMimi
So many names we got a bit SCREAMY
We thought we’d add a THANKS to Chuck
That Teaser photo of his brought our students BAD LUCK!
(tee hee)

Thanks girls……………………..I think we all better head for the cafeteria and some lunch don’t you?     Hey everyone if you have a photo you think might make a good Teaser just email it to us here and we just might use it one of these Tuesdays!!

Hello Students…..now that St. Patrick’s Day is done – we move back to our regular menu!


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Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


Tuesday Teaser Class!


Greetings and Salutations Ding Dong Students – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??????

The report from our superb security team is that all is well on campus so let the class begin and THANK YOU Clowie and Company!

Last week as you all remember we had a TEASER WHOPPER.    Nobody guessed it and it was one of the toughest photos to figure out that we’ve EVER featured on Tuesday Teaser.    We’re not claiming that this week’s will be any EASIER, but we never know for sure.    I can tell you that our Graphics Department was in charge of procuring the photo for today so we can blame HER if there are any issues with the photo.    Tee Hee

I will STREEEETCH my imagination this week to figure out the photo!

First up we have our RULES and our BADGES to show you.    It’s important to know the rules and to follow them and hopefully we’ll be handing out all the badges tomorrow!

There you have it – now all you are “prepped for success” – or we can hope so anyway!   IS EVERYONE PUMPED UP??


Then let the fun begin.     Will our Security Guard PULEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE bring in today’s photo?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WHERE DO YOU THINK THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN?????????????????????????????    That’s your mission as you know – study the photo, see if there are any clues – follow them up and make your best guess.  Tomorrow we will let you know who wins what.

Cheer Team?    How about getting these students IN THE MOOD for guessing…………….only YOU can fire them up (or wake them up!):

We can’t wait for Spring so we can ditch the hats
Most of us think they make us look too fat!
Anyway, we’re here to cheer
Then we’ll go drown our sorrows in a nice cold beer
We’ve seen the Teaser you are going to study
And all we can say is “GOOD LUCK BUDDY!!”
Could be any busy town in any busy city
But we’ve gotta admit it looks quite pretty!
Good luck gang and give it your best
Then tomorrow with badges you will be blessed!!

Thanks girls……and enjoy your LUNCH – I hear that dive you all go to is a bit rough – be careful!!

You girls are going there by yourselves?  YIKES!

Shall we adjourn to the lunch room and have some lunch so you students will be able to have the energy to figure out the Teaser for today?     I think you need all the help you can get!!!!

Hello you adorable students – welcome to another well planned, well cooked, well presented lunch in your school cafeteria!


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Good Luck with the Teaser kids – see you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL!   

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Special Edition


“ALL IS WELL AT THE SCHOOL THIS MORNING – let the day begin!!”

Welcome Students!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?   Please do!!

Bet you’re a little surprised to see a couple of students already at their desks aren’t you?!   Well these two are our guests today and they are going to take everyone on a very cool adventure involving today’s Teaser.   You may recognize them – they are best friends Stinky and Periwinkle who have adventures together every single week on their blogs.    Stinky is a member of the Kitties Blue Crew (The Cat On My Head) and Periwinkle lives with her brother Raz and sister Allie at Friends Furever!     Here’s what we Professors saw when we pulled up out front of the school this morning!

It was a BIG SURPRISE.    They said they came to school today to share a fun adventure with all of you for Teaser Tuesday.     After we give you all the SCOOP on Teaser Rules and show you the badges you might win if you’re ON TOP OF YOUR GAME TODAY – you can follow them to The Cat On My Head for a really fun adventure.

Yep – that’s how we feel too!

Looks like “thumbs up” from you students for some ADVENTURE!

Here are the rules for participating in Teaser and we hope you will follow them – it’s more fun if you do!

Here are the badges that you just might win if you’re a lucky student!

I’m getting a badge this week OR ELSE – and I’m not talking “GREENIE” either!!!!!

SO – here’s how things will work today with the Teaser………………………all of you will hop on the bus with Stinky and Periwinkle and head off with Stinky and Periwinkle to the TEASER location where you will see today’s TEASER photo…………….they will provide your entertainment today with one of their fabulous adventures at Stinky’s blog – but in the end, it’s still all about guessing WHERE THE PHOTO was taken.    ***When you have finished your adventure at The Cat On My Head, you make sure and come back here using the link they give you and MAKE YOUR GUESS as to where the photo was taken………………….GOT IT?***    Lunch will be waiting for you in the cafeteria too.    Oh boy.

Cheer Team?  How about a cheer before the students pop on the bus and head off on their adventure with Stinky and Periwinkle????

Oh boy this is gonna be so cool!
A real fun field trip from Ding Dong School!
Stinky and Periwinkle are quite a team
Their adventures every week are quite a scream!
We’re sure you’ll have fun with them on the trip
They’re a cute couple and are really “hip”
Have a blast then come back to us
You’ll need to guess, eat lunch then go home on your bus.



OK Students –  All aboard for the Field Trip for some FUN and to see the photo for today’s TEASER!



This is gonna be so much fun………Can’t wait to see what we’ll do at The Cat On My Head!!

SAME HERE!!!!   Let’s gooooooo!

When you students get back from your adventure, come to the cafeteria…….

Welcome back children – hope you brought your appetites back with you and that you had FUN!

Today’s Fabulous Menu:

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Tomorrow we’ll have TELL ALL at the regular time….see you here for the badge awards!

Your Professors…………..

Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


Brrrrr!   Welcome to school!   TIME TO COMMENT……NOW!

Captain Clowie tells me all is well on the school grounds and we are safe to proceed with class.

We are on our next to last Tuesday Teaser before Christmas!    Are all of you who celebrate Christmas excited?    If you celebrate something other than Christmas – we hope you are excited too.   Holidays are great no matter what’s the occasion.

We’re excited but can’t wait to put these costumes away for another year Professors!!!

Yes I’m sure that’s the case.   Fortunately the teaching staff at Ding Dong is NOT required to dress in costumes.   Otherwise we just might go on strike!

Now – let’s get down to serious business – hope you are ready for the Teaser WHICH is a Graphics Department “special” by the way.     Here are the rules and badges that are up for grabs this week!

There you have it – so are you ready?   Did you study?    Well we hope you did……………..

I studied – under the covers with a flashlight until Mom said “TURN THAT THING OFF AND GO TO BED!”

Well, here’s our guard with today’s Teaser photo………………………..

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Alright Students – Where was this photo taken?    Remember to follow the rules!!    Tomorrow we will let you know who won WHAT when we do the TELL ALL class.

I can study photos better on a full tummy – when’s lunch?

Lunch will be AFTER we hear from our Cheer Team – keep your tummy from rumbling and disturbing your fellow classmates please!

Santa will be here before you know it!
We hope you’ve been good so presents you’ll get!
You don’t want coal in your stocking we’re sure
So being right with the Teaser might be the cure!
Tomorrow we’ll be here to do a cheer
If you win a badge your name you’ll hear.
Lunch is ready so pardon us please
We’re heading to the cafeteria to give a sandwich the squeeze!!

Well ladies that’s an interesting cheer today – I must admit!    It also has your Professors in the mood for some lunch so let’s all go………….and students – when you get back from lunch you better study hard.   I’ve heard that Santa Claus is watching you all very closely and you would definitely get stuck on the NAUGHTY list if you don’t TRY YOUR BEST!

Hello Students!   Time to JINGLE with DINGLEberry’s cafeteria – step right up and enjoy your lunch!


What’s On The Menu?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until tomorrow!  Good Luck Class!  Your Professors

We hope Miss Jean will be home to enjoy Christmas with her family – she’s been in the hospital with pneumonia.   I’m sure she would appreciate all the POTP and prayers you can send!     

Teaser Tell All Time


Good morning students!   Welcome back for more TEASER-IZING.

We’re here today to tell you who did well with their geography test yesterday and who might need to study a little harder…………………..AND of course to hand out badges and have a nice lunch in the cafeteria courtesy of our very own Miss Christmas – aka, Miss Dingleberry.

Is Miss Dingleberry married to Santa Claus?????


Oh no – Mrs. Claus is married to Santa but Miss Dingleberry is our Ding Dong School Cafeteria “Miss Christmas”……………….now that we have that straightened out, let’s talk TEASER WINNERS!    First up would be finding out who was our FIRST COMMENTER…………..WE HAD TWO FIRST COMMENTERS this week – two within the first sixty seconds we rang the school bell !

“TWO??? WHO?????”





I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of December 10, 2019 !!!

Then we had to sit patiently and wait to see if anyone figured out the Teaser photo this week which was a GUEST TEASER submission………………………it was in fact taken from an airplane (where else?!?!)………………and here’s another peek at the photo:

A beautiful photo indeed and it is a shot of the Florida Coast – often called the “Space Coast” because up at the top of the photo jutting out into the ocean is where the Kennedy Space Center is where the satellite launches take place!    WHO sent us the photo?    Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER who just so happens to live in Satellite Beach, Florida where she can see the launches with her OWN EYES!

THANKS for being our Guest Teaser!

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of December 10, 2019!!


WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week???????


TIMMY !    That’s who!!!    Concatulations Timmy………..!!

I was RIGHT RIGHT GUESSER on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of December 10, 2019! WOOOOOOOOT!

Were you also right?  We had multiple people guess correctly – If you guessed the Florida coast then YOU were right too!    Please take a RIGHT NOT FIRST badge!

Well I wasn’t FIRST to be right but I still was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of December 10, 2019!

And those of you who were WRONG……well- you know the deal – you get a badge too!

My guess was WRONG on the Pre-Christmas Teaser of December 10, 2019 but I still got a badge!!

Congratulations winners and losers too!   

Well we can’t all be winners students – besides – there’s always NEXT week which will be our last class before Christmas week!     Now don’t be grumpy – let’s get the Cheer Team in to cheer you up shall we????

Lookie here we have some winners!
Give them all a Dingleberry Dinner!
Seriously though it was a good Teaser
A genuine geography test and a real crowd pleaser
First Commenters we had TWO
Friends Furever and Cat On My Head got through!
Then we waited to see who be the FIRST to be RIGHT
Thankfully we didn’t have to wait all night!
Timmy stepped up and was our winner
Now let’s stop this silliness and get some dinner!

Well girls I can see your stomachs have priority over entertaining the class today……………….somehow I’m not surprised!!!     Congratulations to our winners and the rest of you can console yourselves with an EXTRA dessert today!     Let’s go!

Lunch time students!   I hope you’re all ready to have a good lunch before you head home for the rest of the day.   We aim to please!

Our Jolly Ho Ho Ho Menu:

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See you next week everyone!   Your Professors…………

Teaser Tuesday Time


“Alright Team – let’s report in and let the Professors know all is secure for class today shall we????”

Good Morning Class!   TIME TO COMMENT!!!!

Thank you Clowie and Team for securing the school yard for us this morning.   Nice to know we’re free of any distractions or safety hazards so we can get class underway.     We’ve got a GREAT Guest Teaser today who sent us an amazingly TOUGH photo so students – straighten up in your seats and pay attention pullleeeeeze!

I’m awake…..don’t I look awake??????

I’m WEADY…..I mean READY.

First order of business is to give you the rules for guessing AND show you the “non-Halloween” badges that are up for grabs for the Teaser today.

What? No Fall badges?

No worries Penelope – we will have special “Thanksgiving” badges for the Teaser of November 26th!

Well as leader of the Ginger Patrol in class, we think some FALL badges would be cool.

You got that right Coop!

You betcha!


Count me in too!

Gosh – I guess we’d better get the Graphics Department to come up with some FALL BADGES for next week’s class…………..now let’s get down to business – as we said, today’s photo is a GUEST TEASER………..let’s ask our Security Guard to bring the TWO photos in shall we????

Here’s today’s TWO Teaser photos Professors!

WHOA…….this will be a goodie……………please follow the rules and don’t use GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH………..you can google clues that you might see in the photos but just loading the photo up in image search is NOT using your brain!

I’ve got a brain but sometimes……….well…….you know!

Just do your best……tomorrow we’ll tell you who sent this great Teaser in AND who wins what badges!     Cheer Team is ready to pump you up for guessing so let’s bring them in shall we??

Hello class let’s rock and roll
Pay attention and don’t fall down the rabbit hole
These photos are tough and that’s the truth
Don’t grind your teeth or you might lose a tooth!
Do your best and you know we’ll cheer
If you’re a winner then YOUR name you’ll hear!
Our spandex cheer costumes sure come in handy
We all ate too much Halloween candy!

I think we all ate too much Halloween candy but that won’t stop us from heading to the cafeteria for lunch…………………..and then you students can come back HERE to study those Teaser photos and make your guesses.    Ready?   Let’s go!

Hello Students!   Time to fortify yourselves with a good lunch from your Ding Dong cafeteria.   Enjoy!

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See you in class tomorrow!   Good luck!    Your Professors