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Teaser Class In Session!



“School Ground Secure!  Let’s report in gang then go get some lunch!”

Welcome to Class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED  YET?

Here we are again…………ready for another exciting Teaser Tuesday class.     As we did last week, we have another REAL WHOPPER of a Teaser for you.    This is another GUEST TEASER too.     We hope you’re rested up and ready for teasing.

“I just had my third nap of the morning and a diaper change and I’m READY!”

Uhhhhh….well that’s good – thank you for that news update Bobby.

Here’s a little review of our TEASER CLASS RULES…………..make sure you read them – the most important thing is making sure you give a complete guess according to the rules.

AND, here are the Spring Badges – all shined up and ready for you to win tomorrow!

You could be the proud owner of one of the above badges – all depends on how you do with the Teaser and we’re about to show you today’s WHOPPER………….Photo Security?  Please report to TEASER CLASS:

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

See what we mean?   Definitely Whopper material……….how many rivers/lakes/woodsy places are there on Planet Earth huh?   Lots.   It’s your job to figure out where THIS ONE IS!


No it’s not……it’s a real photo and your job is to figure out where it was taken – before midnight tonight!   Now take a deep breath and study the photo.     Cheer Team?  I think your services are especially needed to pump a little life into the shell shocked classroom today.

We see why you’re all upset
This Teaser’s as hard as it gets!
But we think you’re up to the task
Just take a swig out of your flask (haha)
Take your time and scrutinize
Study, stare and analyze
We’re SURE that you can do it
So we’ll shut up now so you can GET TO IT!

Thanks ladies – I’m sure you cheered everyone up a whole bunch.     If THAT doesn’t cheer them up – maybe lunch in the cafeteria will work????????


Welcome to the cafeteria students!   No shoving in line – we’re ready to serve!




Teaser Tell All



Yesterday was a lot of fun in the Teaser Department.     Teaser classes really do teach us a lot about the world don’t they.    You all have to do some research and look for something close to the spot where our photo subject was taken – and hopefully choose the EXACT place where it was taken.    Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t but it’s always FUN getting to the point where you know for sure you’re right and making your guess.     How do I know this?   Because several of you students have written to tell the Professors that you enjoy that part – figuring out the photo and ALSO having fun just being here (and having lunch in the cafeteria).


Now let’s get going with Tell All.     First of all WHO were our FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday.    We had TWO……………wanna know who?



Concatulations you two!   However only ONE of you is getting the regular badge – the other is getting a DOUBLE BADGE (again)…….this one is for you Miss Sharon and the double is Ingrid’s!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of April 13, 2021 – the other FIRST COMMENTER was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

SO – Ingrid strikes again!  Last week she got a double badge

and she’s repeating that this week……

how long can she keep this up???



The Teaser Photo is of Opa Locka, Florida’s City Hall !!!!!

NOT FAIR!   I want Leo DeCaprio to

give me a glass of champagne too!


Did you also guess right?   SEVERAL OF YOU DID……….if one of them was YOU, you get this badge:

I guessed the Teaser of April 13 correctly BUT I was not FIRST!!

Did you guess but were WRONG?    This badge is for you if you did!

PHOOOEY – I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of April 13, 2021.


WOW – that’s quite a crowd cheering….

Cheer Team – give it your best shot!

The weather’s fab so we rode our Harleys
We hope the traffic home is light and not so gnarly
Congrats to Sharon and Ingrid they commented FIRST
Not many early birds were there
I guess the rest of you were cursed!
Believe it or not Ingrid came back for MORE
Lots of wrong guesses were made but she knew the score
She was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER last week and got a double badge
She’s so consistently right she even surprised MADGE!
But don’t be discouraged there’s always next week
Maybe she’ll be on vacation so the rest of you can speak (hahahaha).
Seriously though congrats to you all
One thing for sure Teaser Class is a BALL!!

“Hey – can I ride with you chicks??”

Yes it is and we Professors are proud of all of you………………..you all do great research and follow clues and know how to look for details in a photo that lead you to figuring it out.   GO CLASS GO!     Now it’s GO CLASS GO to the cafeteria…………lunch is on!

Class!  It’s a beautiful day so I decided to get a couple of the food wagons I used to bring to your classroom

for lunch every day, and set up outside –

we also have the ice cream cart as well!   

Remember the good old days?



Have a good week students!  See you next Tuesday!  

Tuesday Teaser Class Is Now!


“No danger around – everything looks secure – let’s tell the Profs!”

“Is it TUESDAY already?  Yes it is and you’d better COMMENT before you have a seat!!”

Hope everyone is ready for another chance to figure out where a photo was taken.    A fun challenge – at least we hope you find it as fun as we do.

“FUN??? FUN??? You call getting a headache staring a photo to figure it out FUN???”

Oh now don’t be Mr. Grumpy AGAIN today………try to enjoy being in a room with so many other grumpy babies, tired cats and dogs, wayward birds, and of course crazy humans.   We’ve got it all – and now we’re going to get started by showing the RULES and the badges up for grabs today – if that’s OK with you Mr. Grumpy?????

Our lovely Graphics Department Personnel (well……one person isn’t a “personnel”, she’s a PERSON) picked today’s fabulous photo – shall we take a peek??


Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where Was This Photo Taken????

Might be a little tough so take your time and figure it out – then GUESS – tomorrow we’ll hand out badges………………………….and the Cheer Team will give you a shout out in their Tell All Cheer!   Girls?  How about some encouragement for the class TODAY?

This photo is rather cool
Professors is this our brand new school?
No? Heck we think it’s time to move
The Sheep School isn’t in the groove!
Oh – sorry we wandered off course a bit
Now students it’s time to show some GRIT!
Study the photo and make a guess
Prove to everyone that you’re the best
Tomorrow we’ll be back with another cheer
Who knows – we might see YOUR NAME HERE!!!!!

That’s right – who knows – it could any one of you students………..we’ll find out tomorrow………………..good luck…………meanwhile who’s up for lunch????  Let’s do it!

Welcome to another delightful lunch in the cafeteria students – we hope you enjoy!!

The Yummy Menu Items:

If you don’t finish your lunch, our garbage disposal unit named Garfield will clean up your plate!

See you in class tomorrow Gang – remember – SURPRISE TIME!   

Your Professors

Teaser Class on Tuesday


“Another Tuesday’s security rounds completed – all is well!”

“Alright – we’re checked out as secure – let’s get the show on the road!


Time again to agonize over a photo of SOME PLACE, SOMEWHERE, and SOMEHOW you have to figure out where it was taken.   That’s your weekly challenge class and you do pretty darn well at it.    So let’s get the party rolling shall we?


First up – rules and badges……………..

There you have it – all you have to do is figure out the photo and VOILA – you probably will get SOME kind of badge.

OK OK WE GET THE MESSAGE….you want a badge!

This week’s Teaser is from our Graphics Department who is back from a little vacay to rest up and enjoy Easter.    She They did !    So let’s see what we have today shall we?   Security Guard – BRING IT ON DOWN!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!


Alright gang – it’s all yours – up to you to figure this one out and make your guesses………………hopefully winning a post-Easter-Holiday badge!    The Cheer Team will try to get you in the mood (they are known for getting people in the mood……but we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!).

Welcome students to post-Easter class
Hope you gave chocolate Easter eggs a pass
They can make you fat and slow you down
Make you gain 100 pounds.
Give the photo today your special attention
Winning the Teaser is not a new invention!
You can win if you want to you know-
Settle down at your desk and give it a go!

OK girls – thanks for giving them a bit of a pep talk……………..now it’s time for everyone to either head to lunch or stay in class and study…………………far as I’m concerned it’s a “NO BRAINER” – food comes first!

Hello all you little Post-Easter Buns……hope you enjoyed your holiday and are ready for lunch!

What’s On The Menu?

STUDY HARD STUDENTS – see you in class tomorrow – GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors, Angel Sam and Teddy too

Tuesday Teaser St. Pat’s Style


“OK Team – lookin’ good here – let’s tell the Profs to GO TO IT!”

“Top-o-the-Mornin’ to ye students!  Have ye commented yet??”

I know it’s a day early but we just HAD to get in the mood of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.   One of our favorites.   We orange tabbies look GREAT in green right?

Yeah we sure do!  All critters do!

Today we have another attempt by our Graphics Department to fool everyone………..whether they succeed or not remains to be seen but we wish them all the LUCK OF THE IRISH!

Here are today’s RULES for guessing and the St. Patrick’s badges you might win if you are LUCKY!

You know you want one of these for your collection of badges so make sure you STUDY hard before you make your guess on today’s Teaser!  Tomorrow we’ll see how well you and everyone else did!

“Trust Us – we’re gonna study up before we guess!!”

Let’s bring in our Security Guard – he’s got today’s TEASER photo and you can begin figuring it out ASAP!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where was this photo taken?

“No eating of lepracons – oops I mean leprechauns in class!”

Cheer Team?   Come on down and entertain the troops!

Here we are to give a cheer
Then to the pub we go for green beer!
Meanwhile you all will be hitting the books!
Don’t you be giving us those dirty looks!
You’re in school to learn and that’s for sure
Maybe a nice GREEN lunch will work as a cure?
We wish you all luck as you pursue your goal
You look for a badge while we let the good times roll!

Thanks ladies…………I’m not sure if you made everyone feel better or worse – only time will tell…………..meanwhile we suspect a nice lunch will go a long way to making the students get smart enough to make a guess.    You all have fun at the Pub – just don’t get TOOOO carried away – we need you back here tomorrow!

Greetings Students!   Tomorrow is our IRISH FEAST day but today we still have some great choices!

The Menu:

Good Luck!   Professor Sammy