Pre-Tease Monday


Where Did This Past Week Go???

I guess it’s Monday again…….good thing I heard the school bell ringing or I might have slept in – not good for a Professor to do.    My Assistant Prof Teddy was on the swings in the playground when I arrived in the schoolyard.   GOOD FOR HIM!

Well, shall we get down to the business of preparing for tomorrow’s Teaser?

Yes Sir Professor Angel Teddy – we’re all set!!

First of all, I will remind everyone that tomorrow’s Teaser post will feature a photo sent in by one of our Teaser Post Fans…………so it will be a total surprise and that’s the general idea – it will be up to YOU dear students to figure out WHERE somebody snapped the photo!     Yep – YOU!

Gosh……talk about PRESSURE!!!!!!

When you guess, you have to say what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what COUNTRY (if not in the USA) or STATE (if in the USA) the photo was taken!     To add insult to injury, you should NOT use Google Image Search to get the answer.   Use your very own brain…………study the photo and see if there are clues or just plain make your best guess.    No cheating allowed PLEASE.

Tomorrow morning, the blog post here will to LIVE at an undisclosed time – – – – be on your toes/paws!     As soon as it pops up come here and hurry to COMMENT on the post because if you are the FIRST to comment – guess what you get?????

Another FLASHBACK badge from the past!

And if you are the first RIGHT GUESSER of where the photo was taken, you get this:

Yet another FLASHBACK badge!!

If you guess RIGHT but you are not FIRST, you still get recognized by being awarded one of these:

Yep – you got it – ANOTHER FLASHBACK!

And if you should be WRONG with your guess…….well, you know nobody goes away empty handed – we have another FLASHBACK badge if you’re WRONG:

An oldie but a goodie!

Next week we’ll get back to our regular badges but I thought it would be fun to dip back in time to re-use some of our older badges for Teaser guessers!!


So what do you think everyone – shall we see if Suzie can fire us all up to be in class tomorrow and using all of our brain cells to figure out the Teaser photo????????

Here we go for another week
Giving our brains yet another tweak
Will we know it or will we fail?
Once you get to class you cannot bail!
So get some rest tonight and go to bed on time
How do you think I’ve gotten so good with rhymes?
STUDY STUDY STUDY and you just might win
If you do I’ll get my convertible and take you for a spin!

Alright Suzie!    A ride in your convertible for the winners?   Are you sure you wanna do that?   After all, you just got your drivers license………

Yes Professor, I’ll just have to get these two out of the car first…..

OK, we’ll see how that works out………….in the meantime, Assistant Professor Teddy and I hope to see you in class tomorrow……………………..


Angel Prof Sam and

Assistant Prof Ted


Tuesday Teaser


Ding Ding Ding!

Ye Olde School Bell Is Ringing!

Good Morning Students!   Time to file in, take a seat and get ready for class.   HOWEVER, if you forgot to stop by the school entrance long enough to leave a COMMENT, go on back there and do it now – you wanna be FIRST COMMENTER today right?    Of course you do!

I FORGOT!!!!!!

ME TOO!!!!!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you and as usual – it’s a toughie – at least we Professors believe it is and if WE do, chances are YOU will too!    Before we get started though a few reminders!

  1. Please remember you must guess not only what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE the photographer was in to snap this shot, you also must guess the STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA).    BOTH THINGS!
  2. Just so everybody is on a “level playing field”, please don’t use Google Image Search or something similar to just load on the photo and find out where it is – it’s a lot more fun to try and figure it out without “help” !!

Shall We Begin??

Let’s bring SuzieQ in to fire you all up – get your blood circulating to your brain – wake up your brain cells and put a fresh battery in there so you can THINK STRAIGHT shall we?

My favorite day has finally arrived
I can give you a cheer with a dose of jive!
This one’s a gem if I have to admit
It might send you into orbit and cause a fit!
Just take your time and look for clues
If you guess too quickly you might cry the blues.
Tomorrow I’ll cheer for the winners of today
Then I’ll talk to the Profs and demand my pay!!

DEMAND YOUR PAY?   Hmm……your pay today will be a burger and a hot dog courtesy of Miss Dingleberry!!!    But first, we need to show the photo and that means bringing in our fabulous OFFICIAL CLASS SECURITY GUARD………

Here’s this week’s photo Professor! Do I get a burger too?????


OK boys and girls, it’s all yours………………give it your best shot, and we have lovely prizes for the FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSERS BUT NOT FIRST, AND WRONG GUESSERS TOO!   Some “retro badges” !!

Alright students!   I’ll see you back in class tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL.



oh yeah!

Fried onion rings!

Don’t forget tomorrow’s post will arrive at an UNDISCLOSED TIME!!!!!  

The Profs………..

Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Students!

Are You Ready???

First Priority is to COMMENT – the first person to leave a comment on this post is gonna win a badge!!!   Hurry up!   We’ll wait for you!   

YEP you’ll get this if you are FIRST to comment!

Now that you’re all back and at your desks, time to get your brains in gear…….

We have a GUEST TEASER for you today.    Just one photo and I don’t see any real HINTS in the photo so this one might be a challenge……………..might be a BIG challenge unless you’ve traveled the world and see it all and know WHERE you would see this photo!     Before we show it to you – I think we should see if Suzie is ready to SHAKE IT UP and get you motivated shall we?????

I’m back, I’m back
Taking up the slack!
That dog that came to cheer
Musta had one too many beers
It’s time to test your knowledge
Pretend you’re all in college!
Study the picture in great detail
While I go shopping and enjoy me some “retail” !!
While you work I’ll go for a walk
Me and that dog need to talk!
His communication skills were quite lacking
I’m gonna send that boy packing!

Well Suzie, in his defense, we didn’t have time to find a suitable replacement for you – you’re irreplaceable and we know it – this guy showed up at the front door and said he heard we needed some help so we let him take a whack at being our Monday Pre-Teaser Cheerleader.    Oh well…………….live and learn right?


Now, it’s time to bring our fabulous photo assistant/guard in with today’s photo.    Remember PLEASE that there are some rules for today and they are:

  1. When you guess, you must guess what town/city/village AND in what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) the photo was taken!   
  2. PLEASE don’t use Google Image Search to “cheat” and find out where this photo was taken………it’s tons more fun to figure it out on your own without that don’t you think????????   Everyone is equally able to win that way!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!

Good Luck Students!   We’ll tell you who wins WHAT tomorrow on the TEASER TELL ALL!

Hello Professors – I thought I’d bring a RECESS snack even though you didn’t ASK me to!

Why thank you Miss Dingleberry – how very thoughtful of you!!!!    Alright students, no pushing and shoving……everyone in a line and don’t forget to THANK Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff for bringing you a snack today!


Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Prof. Angel Sam and Assistant Prof. Ted

Pre-Tease Monday


One Ringy Dingy

Yep – just a “one-ring-Monday” as a reminder that there is no official school today BUT of course Assistant Professor Teddy and I are here cleaning up the classroom and getting ready for the Teaser tomorrow ANYWAY.    No rest for the wicked (well…..not wicked maybe).

As you know by now, tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday and we will be testing you geography students on how well you recognize the details in the photo we will show you – hopefully enough that you can guess WHERE the photo was taken.   That’s the deal with the Teaser.    Sometimes it’s EASY to figure out and sometimes you have a SUPER TOUGH TIME figuring it out.

Tomorrow we have our usual GUEST TEASER photo……………… could go either way!   Tough or easy and you’ll have to deal with it……………………….the other thing is that you will have no idea WHEN the blog post/test will get to you because we post it at a SURPRISE time every Tuesday just to keep you on your toes, paws, or claws!

I hope you’re all studying like crazy though…………

Tomorrow it will be important for you to COMMENT quickly when the blog post arrives because if you are the FIRST COMMENTER, you’re gonna win something!  Lucky you!

THIS! Yep – this little gem.

Then of course we have awards for you if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, ANY RIGHT GUESSER and even if you are DUNCE MATERIAL and are WRONG!

Suzie wanted to try and fire you up but of course she’s off today  just like everyone else, so we have a substitute to cheer for you…………………

Bark, Bark, Bark
Arrrroooooo Bark
Arf Arf Bark

Uhoh, I guess we should have had a TRY OUT for a substitute.   I mean this dog’s got a lot of enthusiasm but can you understand him?   I’m having a little trouble with it!    Well you get the idea.  Suzie will be back tomorrow to cheer you all on for the Teaser.


Oh hi Sarge!  I didn’t know you were here today.   I guess you were probably outside on the monkey bars getting some exercise huh?    Well we’ll see you here tomorrow right?   Right!

Here’s a peek at the other badges you can win if you’re HOT tomorrow and able to make a guess!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Teddy and I will see you back here tomorrow for class……………..meanwhile we’re hitting up McDonalds’ for some fast food on the way home!    We developed a BIG TASTE for grease after Miss Dingleberry served all that stuff last week!    MMMMM GOOD!

See You In The Morning!  

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Teaser Tell All


It’s Show and Tell Time At School!

What a roller coaster ride it was yesterday with the Teaser huh?   I mean REALLY………………….everybody had a pretty darn good idea – so many people “danced around” the right answer but it was FINALLY guessed correctly and we’re here to tell you the tale.   BUT FIRST………..


MY BUDDIES OLIVER AND CALVIN, that’s who!   This is for you guys!

For Oliver and Calvin on August 29, 2017

Here are the photos from yesterday so you can remember that they were whoppers in their own right because there are SO MANY places where you can see palm trees and water and cool houses and beaches…………BUT there was only ONE right guess!

These are wonderful photos from our GUEST TEASER who was (drum roll please), Jackie Avery from Memories of Eric and Flynn  

Thank you Miss Jackie – this was a GREAT Teaser – and where did she snap these photos????

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is for you Miss Jackie with our thanks:

For Miss Jackie, for her Teaser photos of August 29,2017

Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was………………………….

Speedy the Cheeky Rex Rabbit!   Good on you mate!

For Speedy on August 29, 2017


If anyone else guessed it right (which they hadn’t at the time we did this post) you win this:

For Teasser of August 29,2017

I will say that we had a TON of people guess different towns in Florida – Key West, Miami and other spots AND some other good guesses too like Puerto Rico, Alabama, and other “beachy” spots but it was Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Miss Jackie and her husband were visiting that area while on a Caribbean cruise…………great photos!!

Were you WRONG with your guess????   You still get a badge!!!

I was WRONG on the Teaser of August 29, 2017

Hey – you tried – that’s the impawtant thing!

I believe Suzie has a special cheer for you today as she has been doing for a while now………………ready?   Set?   GO!

Oliver and Calvin are the cat’s meow
You arrived here faster than milk from a cow!
Then we waited and waited while guesses came in
All kinds of guesses and they made my head spin!
FINALLY came the bun who’s smart and so cute
Speedy arrived in his birthday suit!
He guessed the right city and state like he should
So he’s the smartest student today in the neighborhood!
Thanks to all of you who did your best
I’ll see you next week since I’m your FAVORITE pest!

Thanks everybody for playing along with we Professors of Geography here on TEASER TUESDAY every week……………we sure have some fun don’t we?    We will see you next week for more challenges and photos to agonize over…………until then………………

Recharge your Thinking Cat so it will be ready for Teaser next week!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too……….


Teaser Tuesday


Welcome To Class Students!

Please have a seat – class is about to begin!

Move it!

Today we have our weekly test………….we will see just how well you can investigate a couple of photos and figure out WHERE those photos were taken!   BUT first we want you to COMMENT on this post ASAP – why?   So you can win this!

The first commenter on this blog post will win the above badge – you know you want it so comment and hurry back to your desk…………make sure you look at the seat before sitting down though  because there might be a blob of ink, or a dead mouse, or a puddle of water on it – you know how your fellow students like to TEASE!

OK – everybody back?  We’ll tell you tomorrow who was FIRST to comment.

Wait….what?…..did I sleep through the first comment thing? DARN!

We’re about to post a couple of photos for you to study and want to remind you of the CLASS RULES first – ready?

  1. You must tell us in what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and what STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) the photos were taken.   Can’t just guess one or the other – to be RIGHT you must guess BOTH.
  2. We ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to figure out where these photos were taken – that’s the EASY WAY OUT and we want this to be a challenge – you do too right?  I mean who doesn’t like a challenge?!?!    Just do your best…….take a look – see if there are clues – then GO FOR IT………’s way more fun that way!

Tomorrow well have our TELL ALL POST and we’ll announce the winners of these FABULOUS badges:




Before we bring Mr. Silver Briefcase and unlock the briefcase holding the TEASER PHOTOS of the week which he’s been guarding day and night since last week, let’s bring Suzie out for a cheer – wanna?  Yeah let’s !

I hope your brains are wide awake
You know the Teaser and what’s at stake
Cool badges we do give away
But you’ve gotta try hard if you want to play
Fire up those batteries in your brain
I hope it didn’t get soggy in the pouring rain!
If you’re right you’ll be in my cheer tomorrow
The rest of you will wallow in your pain and sorrow
So let’s get guessing, time’s running out
Only big babies would sit there and pout!
Study the photos looking for clues
Then you won’t weep tomorrow from the TEASER BLUES!

Alright Suzie!   That ought to get everyone to put on their thinking caps!!!

Now let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TWO Teaser photos!!!

Here’s this week’s photos Professor!

Alright students – get to work………………where were these two photos taken?    Don’t let them fool you – we know there are a bazillion spots on the globe these could have been taken but your challenge is to figure out the RIGHT SPOT!!!!


Don’t let this be YOU!!!!!!

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Pre-Teasing AND A Reminder……….


Let The Pre-Teasing BEGIN!

Yes indeedy – time for Pre-Tease Class to begin……..are you all settled in your seats?


Assistant Prof Teddy and I want to get you all prepared for tomorrow’s Teaser challenge – it’s going to be a toughie I think but you know and I know that when I say that – usually someone gets it in the first five minutes (!!) – so just be aware that it MIGHT be tough for some.    Here are the rules of the game:

  1.   Don’t resort to GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH……why?   Well, because it’s a whole lot more fun if nobody uses the easy way out and everybody uses their BRAINS to figure it out that’s why!
  2.   To win, you have to guess the correct TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the correct State (if USA) or Country (if not USA)!

See?  Not a lot of rules – just don’t cheat and be complete.   Say – that sounds like a “jingle” !

“Don’t Cheat And Be Complete”

HAHAHA…..I like it!

The other thing to remember is that whoever is the first to make a comment of any kind on tomorrow’s Teaser post will win a FIRST COMMENTER BADGE!   This one in fact:

Then of course you might be lucky enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or a RIGHT GUESSER, or even if you’re wrong you get a GREENIE for your time and trouble!

Now last week if you recall, Csilla received TWO awards – she was FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………… wouldn’t want her to win AGAIN this week right?   So be on the ball………and while you do NOT know when the post will go live (because it’s never the same time from week to week!) you can keep an eye or an ear on your computer or phone or pad or WHATEVA!    So you could conceivably WIN something!    WOO HOO!

Alright, alright…..calm down….whatever you do don’t lose control!

Now for a little extra inspiration this morning, how about a little dose of SUZIE?   Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered (or should I say psychiatrist?!) !

A cheery good morning
Then comes the Teaser with no warning!
No time to even think
Or make yourself a drink
Just go with your gut feeling
Though your brain may be reeling
Have some caffeine to be alert
Wake up slowly so it doesn’t hurt!
Then come here and do your best
Get here first before the rest
A special cheer I’ll do for the winner
Maybe Miss D will make you dinner?
See you tomorrow bright and early
I’ll be here looking cute and GIRLY!

Alright Suzie!   I’m sure all of our students will be here working hard to figure things out tomorrow……………….getting a special cheer on TEASER TELL ALL Wednesday because they were FIRST just has to be terribly tempting for everyone.

I’m also told that in fact Miss Dingleberry is going to be bringing cookies and milk from the cafeteria for all of us tomorrow.   Home baked cookies and nice COLD milk.    Can’t beat that with a stick right?

Don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of napkins handy.

Assistant Prof Teddy and I will see you tomorrow Class!


As you probably remember, this month AND in September as well, Angel Sammy and I are hosting Shopping Around The World for Bacon and his Mom.   They are up to their eyeballs with “stuff” and need a “time out” from the shopping fun so asked us to fill in!

We invite you to join us on THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st for SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD – right here on our blog – but you will still LINK to Bacon’s blog HERE.     What is the theme for this month????


What does that mean?   It means when you want a little something different than ripping open a bag of chips at night as you watch TV or even if people stop by unexpectedly and you need to make something yummy and QUICK – WHAT IS THAT??????   A special dip?   A plate of gourmet cheeses?   Whacked up fruit with some kind of sweet yogurt/honey sauce?   Yep – watching TV with a bag of chips on your tummy is fine and dandy (and Mom and Dad do that too sometimes!) but then there’s other times when that just doesn’t “MAKE IT”……….so please share your recipe for a special snack you like OK?    If you can show us a photo of it – GRAND…………but one thing we ask you ALL to do is tell us what this fabulous snack of yours COSTS to make?   Tell us the recipe with ingredients and the cost of each thing.    It’s a “SHOW AND TELL OF FOOD” !!!    So I’ll see you Friday right???

See you in the grocery store aisles!!

Love, Teddy