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Teaser Tell All Time


Good Morning Students – welcome back for the TELL ALL class!

That was an interesting Teaser photo but we sure didn’t fool anybody with it that’s for sure.   We’ll have to have a little talk with our Graphics Department about Teasers that are TOO EASY for this particular SMARTY PANTS class!!!

We are smarty pants….or smarty diapers as the case may be!!!

First of all we can tell you that we had ONE First Commenter……………….we think we caught people off guard with an EARLY 7:30AM EST time for the Teaser yesterday.   We don’t want it to be too easy for you after all – so we caught some of you napping (so to speak).    WHO was the lucky FIRSTIE?

It was TIMMY!!!!!   Yay for Timmy Tomcat


Here’s your badge Timmy……

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of July 9, 2019! I’m sharp as a tack!

And it wasn’t too terribly long before WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAN we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………………we’ll tell you who it was THEN let you know the details on the photo shall we?

Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was……………………………………



Concatulations on figuring it out first and here’s your badge!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of July 9, 2019. YAY for me !


Here’s the photo you all had to agonize over yesterday – the one Miss Csilla figured out lickety split:

This photo was taken in Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana and this particular Crypt has an elk on top because it’s the crypt for The Benevolent and Protective Order of ELK !!!

Interesting spot in the cemetery isn’t it?   Whoever did the design took things back to basics……..a crypt with an elk standing on top – how more plain can it be that it’s “elk territory” right?    Anyway, congratulations to all of you who got this one right and there were a LOT of you – each of you who WERE right, please take a copy of this for your very own:

Well I guessed the Teaser correctly on July 9, 2019 but I unfortunately was not FIRST to guess right. Pooey!

And if you guessed and were wrong – please have yourself a GREENIE:

I didn’t guess the Teaser of July 9, 2019 correctly so I get this Greenie badge – oh well – there’s always next week!

Cheer Team?    Time to DO YOUR THING!!!

You all did GREAT on the Teaser this week
Sometimes nobody’s right and things look kind of bleak!
But we had winners and we’re telling you who
Those who didn’t guess are feeling blue.
First Commenter was Timmy – he was on the ball!
Then Miss Csilla was First Right Guesser – she was standing tall!
We wondered ourselves where that photo was taken –
We discussed it last night with martinis stirred and not shaken!
We had not a clue but Miss Csilla figured it out.
So Timmy and Csilla get a cheerleader SHOUT!

Thank you ladies!   Well done…………..

Do you think you have a photo that might fool everyone?   If you do, email it to me and we’ll use it one week – it’s tons of fun when it’s YOUR photo.

I’ll look through my photo albums for a real stumper!

I’ve got lotsa photos Mom took of me but most of them are of ME lying on my tummy with my naked butt showing! Typical baby photos!

Well, we don’t think we need to show those to our Teaser class.    Even though it would be an interesting challenge – show three photos of rear ends and ask students to figure out who they belong to???

There will be no “revealing” photos Ding Dong Sheep School or ELSE!

Yes Miss Marge.    No worries Miss Marge.

Perhaps we should just adjourn for lunch now?     Everyone head to the cafeteria……….

Time for lunch students!   Please form a nice orderly line – our cafeteria attendants will help you and after lunch, you can board your bus for home sweet home!

Our Lunch Menu Du Jour:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all next Tuesday for another TEASER photo class!!!  

All Aboard!!!!


Tuesday Teaser


Hello Class – Please COMMENT before you are seated!!!!!  You might win a FIRST COMMENTER badge!

Welcome to school.    We shouldn’t be having classes in the summer right?   Well, just pretend like you HAVE to go to Summer School – at least it’s only two days a week!     We won’t be having a Monday Pre-Teaser class anymore so you get an extra day.    You will get a reminder though.   Of course.

NOW – down to business!

One less day of cheerleaders???

Oh you’ll still see them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for heavens’ sake!

Are you ready to examine today’s photo?   Let’s do a quickie rules and badges THING then show you the photo.

Yep – you might win one of these badges…………you never know……….we say “NEVER SAY NEVER” around here.     Today’s photo is provided to us by our Graphics Department.   Use your BEST detective skills to figure out where the photo was taken.    We know you can do a great job because you surprise your Professors every week with how clever you are so let’s bring on the cheer squad to pump you up before the Security Department arrives with the photo.

Here we are – your cheering cuties
Carrying out our cheering duties
We’d rather be at the beach sunning our buns
But here we are having some Teaser fun
Good luck to you as you study and stare
Just don’t burn up your brain cells cuz you’ve got NONE to spare!
Do your best and we’ll be back in the morning
To congratulate winners and join the losers in mourning!

Thanks ladies….as always – a most “stirring” cheer.

I’m ready – bring it on!

Security Guard?   Sargeant Rusty, would you please bring in today’s TEASER photo!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Alright gang – WHERE was this photo taken?   Hmm???????????

Tomorrow we’ll find out the FACTS…………………and in the meantime, remember – use your detective and mystery solving skills to figure this out.     It’s way more fun than having your computer figure it out – it can’t appreciate a Teaser Badge either like YOU could if you get it right!

This book of architectural styles might help me!

Seeing all that water just made me wet my diaper! Help!

Alright students……………………let’s head over to lunch in the cafeteria…………………then you can come back and work on the Teaser some more.    Maybe a little rest from staring at the photo will help you figure it out!

Hello Students!   Time to pile on the food so you will have energy to face that Teaser photo!   You know you want a badge so have lunch then head back to class – and Good Luck to all of you.  

Today’s Delicious Delights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you for the TELL ALL tomorrow Students!   GOOD LUCK!   

Your Profs



Teaser Tuesday Time


Hurry Hurry – we need to get inside and COMMENT!!!!!!!  It’s Teaser Tuesday!!!!!!

That’s right students.   Time for us to put your mystery solving talents to the test.    Look at today’s photo of a place and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.   Not always easy – sometimes it is but not always right?

That’s right – I’m a guy who gets cranky easily so watch out!

Have you commented?   That’s the first thing to do on Tuesday when you get to school……….you might be the FIRST COMMENTER and win a badge.  In fact we have FOUR badges you can win today if you’re lucky.    But first things first – – – you need to follow our SIMPLE rules!     Here they are along with the badges you might win:

So let’s get this party started.    Are you all ready?



Today’s Teaser has been provided by our Graphics Department.    Just let us know the details and tomorrow at Teaser Tell All we’ll let YOU know who has won WHAT!    Mr. Security Guard – could you please bring in today’s photo???

For your entertainment while we wait……….No it’s not a hint!

Students this is Guard Rusty – he’s new to the company who provides our Security so you will see him from time to time.   Thanks for bringing the photo Rusty!   

Where do you think this photo was taken students??????  

Cheer Team – give these students a burst of your famous energy so their brains will get jolted into activity and guessing – you all are good with that kind of thing!

Time for Teaser so get those brains in gear
We want some guesses right now – right here!
You all know the deal you just look for clues
Those who don’t try will be singing the blues!
Badges come tomorrow and we’ll cheer your names
We are talented cheer writers – that’s our claim to fame!
Step right up and give it a go
Tomorrow it will be WIN, PLACE and SHOW!

OK ladies – thanks for stirring up the scrambled brains of our student body here at Ding Dong Sheep School – and if your cheer doesn’t jumpstart them, maybe lunch will??????

OK Students…….line up with your trays and select your favorites – we’re ready for you and hope you take advantage of the wonderful FREE LUNCH you get at Ding Dong Sheep School……the price is right!!!    


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see all of you tomorrow for the AWARDS CEREMONY!   Good luck!

Your Ding Dong Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy


Monday Pre-Teaser Class


Hello Students!   Welcome to Pre-Teaser Prep Class!

We will have you tuned up and ready to rock tomorrow when you see the Teaser photo.    You DO want to play along with us here in our Geography class right?   Right!

YES – I’m ready to be prepped!

First thing we do is go over the rules with you THEN we show you the badges that will be up for grabs…………….the Teaser tomorrow is provided by our ever-challenged Graphics Department so who the heck knows what she they will come up with!     REMEMBER WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT SCHOOL IN THE MORNING COMMENT FIRST THEN SIT AT YOUR DESK!!!!!!!

AND here are the badges:

So there you have it – how to handle the guessing tomorrow AND what you might win if you’re HOT !!


Well I’m glad you’re psyched but just in case there’s a little bit of you that isn’t psyched – we have the cure for that – OUR CHEER TEAM!

Here we are on a Pre-Tease Monday
We’re here to cheer you up and make it a fun-day
Tomorrow is the day to dread
You’ll wish you could just go back to bed!
There will be a photo for you to see
You have to guess what city and country
Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes NOT
But you can count on your cheer team to always look HOT!

Thanks girls………….I’m not sure how “prepped” you made our students with your cheer today but at least they paid attention as you leaped around and shook your pom poms!





OK – get those eyes back into their sockets boys and let’s head to the cafeteria – Miss Dingleberry is back from vacation and she SAYS she actually missed all of you.  Imagine that.   Will wonders never cease!

Hello Ding Dong School Students – YES I actually did miss my job here and seeing all your smiling (mostly) faces when you take a break from geography class to have some lunch every day.    Chef Sven said you were all very well behaved when he subbed for me last week.   Thank you for not having a food fight while he was here!!!    Enjoy your lunch.

Today’s Incredible Lunch Selections

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember students – tomorrow’s class will be at a SURPRISE TIME – then hurry to class and COMMENT OK?

Study up!   Your Professors!

PEE ESS – did you know today is CAT WORLD DOMINATION DAY?   Well we sure did but then we’re cats aren’t we……..even if you aren’t cats, you have to admit, we know how to keep our households and humans on their toes.    This special day was started by Sparkle Cat and is being continued by Summer.   You can visit her to see her post if you just CLICK the badge below!!

Tuesday Teaser Time!



Good Morning Students!    I hope you’ve commented and you’re now all comfy in your desk chairs ready for a fun-packed class.


We’re WEADY (oops……) ready too.    Today we have another EXTRA SPECIAL Teaser for you too.     Remember the vineyard guessing game we had?   Well we’re having another Teaser like that this week.   Only this week we have FOUR beach photos for you to examine and determine which one belongs with which country.    Ought to be fun.


Yep – FOUR photos and you figure out where the photos were taken.    You can do this!   It would be easy to just google the country’s name and “beaches” but maybe you’ll figure out a sneakier way to do your research…..one that is more challenging perhaps?

First up though are the rules………and the badges you might win:

Please Note:   For this Teaser, we are modifying the rules – you don’t need to guess TOWN just COUNTRY!!!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow the Cheer Team will be cheering for YOU if you win a badge!     Just do your best as usual and remember even if you guess and you’re wrong you still get a badge – a lovely GREENIE!

So if you all are ready……….let’s get the show on the road shall we?


Mr. Security Guard – please bring ALL four photos in and put them on our bulletin board ………….

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photos – all four of them!!!

Now your mission is to guess which beach is in which country.     Your FOUR choices are:

Malta, Madagascar, Greece, Spain


Which photo goes with which country?    If you’re right – well – the Cheer Team will be screaming your name in their cheer tomorrow – in the meantime, they are here to cheer you on as you agonize over the photos and figure this one out……………..GIRLS????

Teaser this week is a whopper
A really huge heart stopper
Just take your time and study
Don’t discuss it with your buddy
Remember all those rules
Your BRAIN and google are your tools!
Look for hints and do your guessing
With your minds the Profs are messing!
We’ll be back tomorrow to cheer
But right now – we’re ready for BEEEEERRRR!

Keep ’em comin’ bartender!

Alright girls – thanks for getting everyone in the mood.    We’ll look forward to seeing your guesses students – and good luck!     Take a break before you start agonizing though and have some lunch.   That’s what your Professors are going to do!!

Happy Teaser Tuesday students…..I was in the mood to put some flowers in my hairnet and attempt to smile.  As you can see, I managed the flowers, but smiling is another matter.   My mouth just doesn’t work that way.   Oh well – at least we made some wonderful food for you for lunch today!   Just PRETEND I’m smiling OK??

Todays Lunch Line Items Are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow students!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time


Here we are!   Ready to TELL the TALE!

We Professors AND the Graphics Department who supplied us with the Teaser photo yesterday – are happy to announce that WE WERE WRONG – apparently at least TWO of you students figured out where that photo was taken.    We are agog (whatever a gog looks like) – we really didn’t think it would be possible BUT IT WAS.    We will tell you who the FIRST ONE to guess it correctly was in just a moment but first…………………….

So I’m not the only genius in class?  Darn!  I couldn’t guess it…….pooey

Who was our FIRST COMMENTER?    Well we had TWO of them this week…………not too much work for the Cheer Team right?

The winners are:    Sharon and Timmy !


Each of you gets one of these:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of May 21, 2019! The Early Birds Caught the WORM!!

DARN! I was here early but fell asleep at my desk when the Teaser went live!

Well these things happen – maybe next week!

Now let’s show you the Teaser photo we thought would fool everyone – remember we said we would award the person who got BOTH the town and the COUNTRY or STATE right a TEASER GENIUS award?     Here’s the photo we thought would be IMPOSSIBLE to guess both of those things:

It’s a beautiful photo but we thought there would be NO WAY someone would guess the right town/village/city………………..much less both that AND the right country/state!   WRONG.

First of all this is a castle/mansion that’s for sale in Rubiyovka, Russia (see why we thought it would be impossible???).     Apparently properties are going like hotcakes in Russia – for a lot less than they are actually worth.   So this one is on the market.   ANYWAY, who figured it all out FIRST??????

Tell us before I hyperventilate!


By the way, Carol was guessing the Teaser while watching SNOW falling out her window in Wyoming!    EEEEEEK!  


Carol, as promised here’s your special award for today:


I must tell you that shortly after Carol guessed it correctly, Miss Csilla posted a link in her comment which went to the VERY ARTICLE where our Graphics Department had located the photo we used for the Teaser!    So she found it too BUT after Carol did.    Miss Csilla and anyone else who got the Teaser right gets one of these:

I was RIGHT on the Teaser of May 21, 2019 but I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT!

And if you were NOT right, we polished up a new shipment of Greenies just received yesterday ESPECIALLY for you who couldn’t get it!

I guessed but was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of May 21, 2019. I’ll keep trying though!

Well done class!    We Professors are proud of all of you – even if you won a Greenie – because you TRIED.

Cheer Team?   BRING IT ON!!

What a Teaser we had for you
We thought there’s be no “RIGHTS” but there were at least TWO!
We had two FIRST COMMENTERS isn’t that swell?
Sharon and Timmy were QUICK to ring that school bell!!
But our GENIUS of the day was Miss Carol out West
On a snowy day there she STILL was the BEST
A special badge she got and a pretty one too!
We’ll have more Genius badges – maybe one for YOU?????

Oh I’m sure there will be more chances to get a GENIUS TEASER badge……………..sometimes we think NOBODY could possibly guess the town AND the country but you fool us!

Now, let’s go celebrate in the cafeteria shall we???????

Congratulations to all the students who won badges today!    Enjoy your lunch and your badges.

Today’s Dining Delights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BRAVO STUDENTS!   See you next week!  Your Proud Professors

Pre-Teaser Monday Class


Hello Students!  We hope your Easter holiday was restful because we’re putting you to work!

Yes, we are going to be preparing you for the challenge of the week – tomorrow’s Teaser.    Now that the holiday is out of the way you can FOCUS on something other than rabbits and chickens and candy and stuff and get tuned in to studying geography.

A little refresher of rules and badges available this week!


“Oh sorry professors…..I was chasing a fly away!”

OK back to business……………….Cheer Team?   How about revving up the class – everyone looks like they’re sleepwalking today.    Too much food over the weekend maybe?

Is there such a thing as “too much food” ?????

Easter food and fun galore
Now your butts are dragging on the floor!
Let’s get perky and ready for school
“KEEP ALERT” is the golden rule!
Tomorrow’s the Teaser and that’s no lie
Study tonight or tomorrow you CRY……
Even if you might feel cruddy
You’ve got to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!

Well that ought to get the message across ladies – thank you so much for your help.

‘Scuze me but where is the kindergarten classroom???”

One of our students will take you!   Cooper, would you do the honors please?

“Yessir…..I’ll be right back”

OK – now I have to tell you that our Teaser photo tomorrow is NOT a Guest Teaser.    It has been provided to us courtesy of our Graphics Department.    What would we do without our Graphics Department?    I hope we never have to find that out!    Just make sure you do a general overview of every corner of the globe tonight and get familiar with architecture, landscaping, city scenes, bodies of water, and everything else that might help you identify the location of a photo.   Is that asking too much?????????

Yes I believe a number of your classmates feel that way.    Any questions or comments before we go off to enjoy lunch today????

Nope…..everything is groovy.

Yeah man…..totally.

Remember class – tomorrow’s class post will be at a SURPRISE TIME – not the usual time – you will need to be ALERT AND ON THE BALL – GOT IT???????


Hi Ho – Hi Ho – It’s off to lunch we go!!

Hello Students!   I’m sure your bellies are full of jelly beans and other Easter candy, but it’s time to have a treat of all your FAVORITE foods you request so

take your trays through the lunch line and ENJOY!


Our Post-Easter Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow at a surprise time – GOOD LUCK!!   Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Time


Hello Students!  Have you COMMENTED yet?  

Good Morning and here we are on another Tuesday ready to study a photo until we get eyestrain.    The photo today is kind of easy on the eyes but still we believe it’s a toughie – maybe you will have a different opinion on that but we’ll see in a few minutes!

First of all – we hope you commented – the only two who we know did NOT comment were the two that the Security Guard found in the boys bathroom doing what bad hooligans do the world over………….

Honestly guys – don’t you know that is a VERY bad habit to have????  HMMM?????

Shame on them!

Well – BOYS WILL BE BOYS I suppose however I understand the Principal said this is their last warning before they will be expelled.   YIKES!

Today’s Teaser is not a GUEST TEASER remember – but we still have rules to follow no matter what……..here they are along with a REFRESHER on the badges you can win today:

I’m REALLY hoping for a RIGHT GUESSER badge this week…….REALLY!

Let me remind all of you that we are having an EASTER BONNET contest……….to enter (and yes there will be a prize and voting!) just send a photo of you in your Easter Bonnet to me via email BEFORE April 14th.    We will vote for our favorite bonnet on he 14th and 15th then announce the WINNER during TELL ALL class on April 17th!!!     Exciting right?    RIGHT??????    We’ve already received TWO entries – don’t be late!

How about we check in with our PAWSOME Cheer Team.   They are already in the spirit of Easter – EARLY for sure but so what.   They look cute and they do great cheers so I say more power to them.   Girls – come get this crowd whipped into a frenzy to guess the Teaser today!

Here we are all EASTERIZED
We’re lookin’ good so feast your eyes!
Today is for Teaser though so we hope you’re ready
Don’t disappoint the Profs, Angel Sam and Teddy!
Tomorrow we’ll be back to cheer the winners
Then we’ll head to the cafeteria for our tasty dinners
Good luck to you from we slick chicks
Now get to guessing and make it quick!

OK girls – thanks for getting everyone’s blood pressure up – now we’ll bring in our security guard with today’s CHALLENGE!!

I need a diaper change before I can concentrate!

I’m from the diaper department…….


Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Where was this photo taken??   Hmmmmm?????????

NOW while you burn up your little brain cells concentrating you have a choice of either staying here in the classroom to stare at the Teaser photo OR coming to the cafeteria for lunch.   Hop in line if you’re ready to eat………otherwise we’ll see you at TEASER TELL ALL tomorrow!

Greetings students……please enjoy your lovely lunch prepared with TLC by our cafeteria staff!!


See you in class tomorrow students!   Your Profs……….


A special Pee Ess……….HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY MARG of MARG’S ANIMALS!


Teaser Tell All Class In Session!


It’s Time for us to TELL ALL!

Yesterday’s Teaser was a goodie wasn’t it…………………and we really kind of thought we’d fool everyone!   Did we?   Nope!!!    You’ll find out the details in a bit……………..

It was a vewy tough Teaser!

First item of business is to let you know who our FIRST COMMENTER was!    Actually we had THREE this week.   All three chimed in with a hello in the first 60 seconds after we opened the doors to the School.   FIRST COMMENTER BADGES go out to these three quickies:

Jackie, Timmy, and Phenny!

Each of you gets one of these for your collection:

I was one of THREE FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of March 26, 2019!

Then we waited to see if anyone would figure out this photo from our GUEST TEASER:

Would you believe it wasn’t all that long before we DID get a correct guess???????????????????    So who was the lucky guesser???


NOPE!   It was actually one of our FIRST COMMENTERS who was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today…………………..



Want to know where this was?    We have a fun way for you to find out AND it’s our very own GUEST TEASER person who is going to tell you!

It’s been such a long time since we had a Teaser photo and Tell All video from our good friend Michelle of My Three Moggies……………what FUN to get this one from her after she very recently ran in a Marathon in beautiful, sunny Cyprus!!    THANK YOU MISS MICHELLE………….

Thanks to Miss Michelle of MY THREE MOGGIES for being our Guest Teaser on March 26, 2019!

It was a very tough Teaser…….but this spot is in Pathos, Cyprus, and as Michelle says in the video, the rock is known as the ROCK OF APHRODITE………….Timmy’s Dad was researching Greek Gods and happened to have seen this rock formation so that’s how he guessed it so easily.   YAY FOR TIMMY’S DAD!

We’ll drink to that!

Did you also guess right?    There were some others after Timmy to guessed correctly so if you were one of them, this is yours:

Pooey! I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of March 26, 2019 BUT I wasn’t first!

Then of course we have a big box of Greenies for those of you who guessed but were WRONG with your guess……..hey – there’s always NEXT week right?

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of March 26, 2019 but I got this GREENIE for my collection anyway!

So who’s UP for lunch?   Anyone?   If you are, follow us over to the cafeteria!

Hello you little Cherubs!   Welcome to the Cafeteria today…..enjoy your lunch – we aim to please!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s it for another week students!   We’ll see you for more fun next week!

Your Teaser Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Class


Good Morning Students!   Be sure and COMMENT now!

It’s time for the Teaser.    Today’s is one from our Graphics Department.   The lady there thinks this might be a toughie.    It will be up to YOU to prove her wrong or right as you try to figure out today’s Teaser photo.    How’s THAT for a challenge?    You know you like a challenge………!!

I’m definitely UP for a challenge – bring it on!

Alright you two – you can’t HAZ it – YET!

Say – excuse me for barging in your class room but is this where Senior Aerobics Class is ?????????

No sir…..Senior Aerobics is at Wing Ding School and this is Ding Dong School……

Thanks you Young Whippersnapper!!   I’ll be on my way.

Where was I – oh yes – Teaser photo today is a challenge.   Now here’s a quick Rules and Badges review then ONWARD TO THE PHOTO!

Let’s bring in our Cheer Team to get you READY for the Security Guard to show today’s Teaser photo shall we?   Those girls know how to get everyone AWAKE and ALERT and ready for studying!

Here we are to get you in the mood
That goes for you girlie and you too dude!
Clean off your glasses and pull up your socks
Teaser class rules and we make it rock!
We know that you’re smart so prove us right
Hope your thinking caps aren’t too tight!
Search for the answer we know you can RULE
Put those brains to work and don’t sit there and DROOL!

OK girls I think you’ve got everyone TUNED IN and ready………………..let’s page the Security Guard and get this show on the road.


Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

Do you know your mountains?   Where was this photo taken?

OK everyone…………that’s your Teaser challenge today.   Good luck………………we’ll be back tomorrow with the TELL ALL and at that time we’ll also have the first meeting of Miss Dingleberry and her Blind Date, Mr. #7 !    I know you’re as excited about that as we Professors are.

Well, let’s just say we’re all on the edge of our seats!

Shall we head to the cafeteria?????   Oh lets!!!!!  I wonder what’s on the menu today…………..

Greetings Students……..we have your Ding Dong Cafeteria lunch specials on the line for you today – enjoy!!

The Amazing Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Good luck with the Teaser students!   See you tomorrow for winners and losers!  

Your Professors