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Pre-Tease Monday


It’s Pre-Tease Monday!

Yeah – I just said that!   So it’s time to get you READY for tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser.

If you are new to my Tuesday blog – every week we post a photo that is either one of OUR OWN photos from my Mom and Dad’s many trips, OR it’s a photo that was sent in to us by one of our adoring fans (tee hee) – that’s YOU!    If it’s not ours, we call it a GUEST TEASER – they are almost always tougher to guess.   You will take a look at the photo and give me your guess as to WHERE the photo was taken – what town/city/village as well as what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) – and you must have that information in your guess.

So now you’re ready for tomorrow right?   No?   Not quite?   Purrrrrhaps if we ask our Teaser Cheerleader SuzieQ to give you a cheer it will put you IN THE MOOD????

Bingo Bango Bavaria
Don’t dare give me malaria!
If you breathe on me and make me sick
I’ll smack you with a great big stick!
What’s that got to do with teasing?
Some weirdos find pain pleasing…..
I’m getting a bit off-track
Professor Sammy might give me a smack…..
Just let me say I’ll be waiting
For you to guess then we’ll be celebrating!
We’ll go have some mojitos
And several pounds of yummy doritos!
I’ll see you Tuesday RIGHT HERE
And I’ll be doing another swell cheer!

Thanks Suzie – no doubt everyone is FIRED UP now……………………….Class, please also remember that the Teaser photo blog post will NOT BE popping up in your inbox at the same time as we ALWAYS publish this blog.    It will be at a SURPRISE TIME…….you’ll never know WHEN………so stand by……….you may want to put your pillow by your computer so you’ll be READY when the email notice arrives!    Gotta be ALERT to win around here!

Remember the early bird catches the worm!  


Professor Sammy, Sarge scared me and now I have to go to the litterbox!

Go ahead Bobby – hurry back though.

Nice to use the litterbox without SARGE timing me!

So I’ll see everyone here tomorrow at some surprise time…………….remember whoever COMMENTS first on tomorrow’s Teaser post will win this:

Then there are other prizes for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST and of course WRONG GUESSER (or as we call it, the ever popular GREENIE!).

See you tomorrow kids! 

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Professor Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


Happy Pre-Tease Monday Teaser Fans!

The day before the BIG DAY and your chance to start fine-tuning your geography skills and making sure your eyes are well rested………because you’ll need all your skills tomorrow when we post our Teaser photo of the week!    Please remember also that the post is going to pop up some time that you can’t BET ON because Mom is the only one who knows what time it will go LIVE.   Who knows what she’ll pick…….6AM?  4AM?  Nobody knows!!!

When you first get the blog post though remember to pop right into comments and let us know you’re THERE – why?  Because you will probably be our FIRST COMMENTER!    WHeeee!

Are you in the mood for a Monday Pre-Tease SuzieQ cheer?    Maybe you have a bad case of the “MONDAYS” and need a little something to perk yourself up?   Suzie can do that!

Monday stinks
That’s what we all think!
The drudgery begins
The agony never ends
We slave at work all day
For hardly ANY pay
I think we should all complain
Before we go insane
Go tell your boss right now
That he’s a mean old cow!
Tell him that you are TIRED
Then you’ll probably get FIRED
This cheer was an April Fools joke
I just thought I’d give you all a good poke!
(yes I know I’m a coupla days late-so sue me!)

Ahhhhh……thanks Suzie.   That was truly inspirational.    It was also UNTIMELY since April Fools was a couple of days ago but who’s counting right?    It’s the THOUGHT that counts!

Suzie that cheer stunk……

Oh Sarge now that’s not nice………..Suzie was trying to get everyone READY for tomorrow’s Teaser…….in her own special way.

So Assistant Professor Teddy and I will be looking for you in class tomorrow………………you’d best be here………………if not, Sarge might come looking for you and I don’t think you want that to happen.

Yeah I didn’t think so……………………….

See you tomorrow class!

Angel Professor Sammy

Pre-Tease Monday


Come On In Students!

Happy Monday and if you’ll take your seats at your desks, we will get started with our Monday Pre-Tease class………..first of all, please remember that our TEASER post tomorrow will be popping out onto the airwaves at a SURPRISE time…………..not our usual time……………makes things more interesting that way!    When it arrives, whoever is the FIRST to comment on the post gets a swell badge.    Now isn’t that exciting?   Of course it is!

Professor what if NOBODY comes to the Teaser post tomorrow……has that ever happened????

No Bobby – happily we’ve never had NOBODY show up on a Teaser Post day or for that matter any OTHER day in all the years I’ve been teaching class here.   So you don’t have to worry about that.  SOMEONE will be First Commenter, someone will be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and there will be other RIGHT GUESSERS and we all know that there’s never a shortage of people qualifying for the GREENIE – all you have to do to get THAT one is be wrong on your guess!

Now, let’s see if our resident cheerleader Suzie might step into the classroom and give us a rousing cheer to get everyone in the mood for the TEASER tomorrow!!!

I’m here WITHOUT my posse’
Those girls were way too bossy
I’m here to shake my pom poms
NOT to eat some bon bons!
We’ll be ready for some Teaser players
I bet they’re home saying their prayers
Everyone wants to be FIRST
Or else they’ll be the WORST!
Study up and be ready
That goes for you too Teddy!

Thank you Suzie…………that was……………well……………..inspiring.


No giggling in class or ELSE!

Alright students, thank you for paying attention today – and I wish each and every one of you a happy Monday – I’ll see you BRIGHT AND EARLY for tomorrow’s Teaser!

Angel Prof Sammy and Jr. Prof Teddy

Teaser Tuesday


Attention All Students! 

Report to class now please or Sarge will be looking for you!


Why Good Morning everyone……….you’re all out of breath like you ran all the way here!!   Was it the threat of Sarge coming after you that got your little legs moving?   Well, whatever it was, I’m glad you’re here now so we can start class for this week.  

First order of business is YOU commenting on THIS blog – yep – if you are FIRST to comment, then you will win a badge to show off!   This one:


So, if you’re interested in winning, go comment then hurry back and get in your seat again at your desk…….Sarge is HALL MONITOR so be quick about it!

Get the lead out!  Move it!  Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Get the lead out! Move it! Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Alright!  Now that you may or may not be FIRST COMMENTER, remember that the other badges are available and they are for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS, and WRONG GUESSERS as below in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please remember that in order to WIN you must give me the town/village/city AND the state (if USA) or country (if out of USA) where this photo was taken.   Has to be the whole thing or else Sarge will not be handing you your badge of glory tomorrow!     So let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase and see what he’s got stashed in the locked security briefcase this week shall we?????

Reporting for duty Professor!  I've kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week...makes showering tough but what the heck!!

Reporting for duty Professor! I’ve kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week…makes showering tough but what the heck!!




Yes Bobby?????

“Professor Sammy can I be excused to go visit the litterbox???”

Bobby class is about to be dismissed…….you’re in luck!

See you tomorrow for Teaser Tell All


Angel Professor Sammy (at your service!)

Tuesday Teaser


It’s TIME……..


School Is In Session!

Welcome to Geography class students……..nice to see your smiling or yawning faces (whichever category you may be in this morning).    FIRST UP – make sure and leave a comment NOW on this blog so you can possibly be my FIRST COMMENTER today and win this:

teaserbadgeoct2016-1Hurry up – we’ll wait for you………………………….


Yes Bobby?   “Professor Sammy can I go to the litterbox while we’re waiting for people to comment?”

YES Bobby but hurry because Sarge will not be happy if you take too long!

That's right Bobby - get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hup-two-three-four.......

That’s right Bobby – get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hut-two-three-four…….

OK – looks like Bobby is back and you all are back so let’s get on with today’s Teaser photo shall we?    Let me remind you that the object of this exercise is to guess the spot where these photos were taken – what town/village/city AND what state or country (depending on whether you think it’s in the USA or elsewhere) were they taken?    It’s all about examining photos and figuring out any clues and making a guess.   AND if you are the FIRST to guess correctly you will win this:


If you guess correctly but just aren’t FIRST to guess correctly, you will get this:


And those of you who guess but are WRONG, get the GREENIE!



Mr. Silver Briefcase would you pretty please bring in the photos you have diligently guarded with your life since last week?????    There are TWO photos today sent in by our Guest Teaser!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today's PHOTOS!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today’s PHOTOS!

teaserjan31-2017-1 teaserjan31-2017-2

YES I blanked out a few CLUES but you should still have some left to help you figure this out!  Remember it must be the TOWN and COUNTRY OR STATE where these were snapped!

Tomorrow I will do the TEASER TELL ALL and you will find out who our winner (if we have one!) is and who else got it or didn’t.


C'mon students! Get those brains in gear.....let's see some GUESSES coming in!

C’mon students! Get those brains in gear…..let’s see some GUESSES coming in!

Thanks Sarge………..I think you did a good job lighting a fire under some of our students alright!


Until tomorrow…….Angel Professor Sammy

Teaser Tell All


Telling It All !!

Hi Teaser Fans!    Before we get down to business with the Teaser I must let everyone know that the recruitment for a Teaching Assistant for me has been put on hold for a while.   You all know that I left for the Bridge December 2nd and my Dad has decided that he just still misses me WAY TOO MUCH to bring a new kitty into the house JUST YET.    Mom loves me and misses me too but she’s ready to be a Mom again………HOWEVER, they both need to feel the same on this so until they do, no more trips to the Shelter.   Mom would be bringing all the cats home I’m afraid!!!   SO, I’ll keep you posted but for now, we aren’t recruiting for a while.



The Teaser yesterday was not a Guest Teaser – it was one of Mom and Dad’s photos from a trip they took many moons (or suns) ago.   Way before I entered the picture in fact.   Where were they???   Well before I tell you, let’s do some other BUSINESS……………..like telling you WHO was the first commenter yesterday!

KOLYTYI (Miss Csilla) was – WOO HOO!!


She was there in the first 60 seconds and was followed thereafter by bunches of other QUICK DRAW peeps but she was first and the only one in the first minute!    Concatulations Miss Csilla!

Here’s the photo from yesterday – and I’ll tell you WHERE it was taken THEN I’ll tell you who got it right FIRST!


This is a rather long-distance view of Cape Cod’s famous Provincetown in beautiful Massachusetts!    That thing in the WAY distance is the Pilgrim Monument and you can read all about “P-Town” and the wonderful spot that it is by reading what Wikipedia has to say about it HERE.    Mom and Dad stayed in two spots out on the Cape during this trip but visited Provincetown during the day and had lunch there as well as visited a lot of fun shops.  It’s just a very interesting town and they highly recommend a stroll around the streets!


Da Phenny and his Mum and Dad – that’s who!!!


BUT there were other right guessers – several of them in fact and those who DID guess Provincetown after Phenny did get this!


Then of course there is the FABLED and FABULOUS Greenie and any of you who guessed but were WRONG will get one if you like:


Feel free to post it on your blog or Facebook page, etc. because – well – YOU EARNED IT GANG!!!!

Another Successful Geography Class concludes!  

Thank you students for paying attention!

Next week I will have a Teaching Assistant but it won’t be another cat in my household, instead it will be someone Suzie has recommended (UHOH I smell trouble don’t you???).   So you can tune in to see what she’s dug up found in the way of help for OLD PROF SAM.   


Your Angel Prof Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Attention Class!

First of all a brief statement about my possible “Teaching Assistant”….Mom and Dad went to the shelter today intending to adopt a kitty and wound up putting a “hold” on one cat but couldn’t really decide on two others.   SO, tomorrow may be the day but today definitely isn’t the day so hang onto your hats – I will FOR SURE have a new Teaching Assistant here in class by NEXT Tuesday Teaser!


Is everyone settled in your teeny tiny desks with your teeny tiny bottoms planted firmly in your chairs?   Good.   Now we shall begin class.

This week’s Teaser photo will be popping up shortly thanks to Mr. Silver Briefcase BUT before then, I want to remind all of you that whoever COMMENTS on this post (yes – this one you’re reading right now!) FIRST will win this:


SO, go ahead and comment then rush back here immediately so you can hear Suzie’s cheer and see the photo OK?????????

The Teaser this week is just one photo – and you need to examine it closely because it could be a photo taken in MANY PLACES in the world – so study it carefully as any good geography student would do!    Before we have photo study time though, shall we invite SuzieQ out to give you some “PUMP IT UP” energy so you’ll do well guessing the Teaser today?

Come On In Suzie!

We're here to TEASE Give us a squeeze I work hard on my cheer So you'd better LISTEN here! Today's Teaser photo Has a bit of lucky mojo You MIGHT be the winna' If you've got winning in ya! If you're basically a loser Then you must be a Greenie chooser! Come on and give me your guess I'll hug you if you do your BEST! Razzle dazzle wheezie Good luck with today's teasie!

We’re here to TEASE
Give us a squeeze
I work hard on my cheer
So you’d better LISTEN here!
Today’s Teaser photo
Has a bit of lucky mojo
You MIGHT be the winna’
If you’ve got winning in ya!
If you’re basically a loser
Then you must be a Greenie chooser!
Come on and give me your guess
I’ll hug you if you do your BEST!
Razzle dazzle wheezie
Good luck with today’s teasie!

As usual I don’t quite know what to say after hearing Suzie’s cheer but I’m sure some of you will be FIRED UP by her words (or are too sleepy to really concentrate on them) so let’s get Mr. Silver Briefcase in here with today’s photo shall we?

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Courier outfit with today's PHOTO!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Courier outfit with today’s PHOTO!

Remember PLEASE that you must guess the city/town/village where the photo was taken AND the state (if USA) or country (if not USA) or you will not be THE WINNER!!!!!!!!


There you have it students………………..now it’s your turn – GUESS AWAY and if you are lucky, you can win one of these!







Tomorrow we’ll find out who wins what



Will you be a winner?????  

Good luck!   Angel Prof Sammy

Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Class!


Can you believe it’s been a WHOLE WEEK since we met to discuss the Teaser for Tuesday???  I can’t….where did this week go?    Well wherever it’s gone, it’s Monday and we need to pump your excitement level up so you’ll be READY for Teaser time tomorrow……….

Remember the post will pop up at a time NOBODY knows – and if you’re the first person to comment on that post tomorrow you will be FIRST COMMENTER and get this:


I bet you’d like to win that little baby wouldn’t you????   OH YEAH, you betcha!    So be alert – and also remember that if you just happen to know or think you know where the Teaser photo was taken, you will need to give a COMPLETE GUESS – city/village/town AND state (for USA) or country (for outside of States) in order to be a winner!

SO I will see you RIGHT HERE in class tomorrow morning at some time OK?  OK?

Now here’s some news…………….tomorrow – after noon because that’s when the shelter opens, my Mom and Dad will be heading to the very same shelter where they adopted me almost 17 years ago (it will be exactly 17 years on February 5th!).    Mom has been keeping an eye on the cat room there for WEEKS watching the cats come and go and hoping the right one would be there – and I’ve been behind the scenes working to find JUST THE RIGHT ONE for them!   Who knows – tomorrow may be THE DAY.    So there may be exciting news on the Teaser post Tuesday.   Just think – a Teaser AND a possible new kitty in my house to keep Mom and Dad company – – – one that has the SAMMY SEAL OF APPROVAL!

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll see which of you is FAST on the trigger for the first comment……………and who might be winning the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award too!    Get lotsa sleep tonight!



Angel Professor Sammy




Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!


I hope you are all ready for class this morning because CLASS is ready for YOU!    So everybody sit up straight in you desks and pay attention because we’re about to see what you’re made of – whether you studied or not and whether you’re sharp as a tack or dull as a dull razor.   (ouch)      Now, remember, if you want to win an EASY PEASY badge, be my FIRST COMMENTER on this blog post and win this:


Go on – go comment then hurry back……………..

OK – you’re back – now let’s continue with class shall we???????????   First I must remind you that in order to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of today’s photo you are going to have to tell me WHAT you are seeing in the photo AND where it is – town/city/village and state (if USA) or country (if not).   OK?   OK!

SuzieQ – come in in and do your STUFF – get this crowd of sleepyheads TUNED up to guess on the Teaser photo today – GO GIRL!

Here I am Professor Sam Twitching my ears To hear all the cheers! Shakin' my booty Singing rooty-toot-tootie! Let's get this Teaser done Let's find our Number One! GET GOING CLASS Don't give me any SASS!

Here I am
Professor Sam
Twitching my ears
To hear all the cheers!
Shakin’ my booty
Singing rooty-toot-tootie!
Let’s get this Teaser done
Let’s find our Number One!
Don’t make me kick your…..WHATSIS! (last word censored by The Prof)


OK Suzie – I’m sure you got everyone’s blood boiling (or at least lukewarm) with your amazing talent (or a reasonable facsimile of that anyway) so now we can bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase and share our Teaser photo for today!    Ready everyone?????

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!


What is this and WHERE is this???

So here’s what you might win if your guessing efforts today  are successful !





And if your guessing efforts aren’t successful (sniff) you will get this:


FABULOUS RIGHT???????????????? So – get to work class – figure this one out and do it NOW!   I’ll even dismiss you so you can go to Study Hall and Study to figure this one out!



Angel Prof Sammy

Pre-Tease Monday



Yes it is………..that time again!

Tomorrow at an undisclosed (that means secret!) time, there will be a post from Professor Sammy in your inbox and it will contain a PHOTOGRAPH – of a place that YOU will have to figure out!  That’s right – you need to figure out where the photo was taken……what town/city/village and what state or country as appropriate………not always an easy task!

SO, you’d best get your rest tonight………………..and study in between naps…………….because tomorrow will be here before you know it!    I’ll be here with SuzieQ and Mr. Silver Briefcase and if you aren’t here, you will be sorry because it’s YOUR chance to win one of my newly designed, freshly minted, absolutely STUNNING, badges as you can see below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what I mean?   I’m just PAWSITIVE you want one of these or maybe more than one!   You could be the FIRST COMMENTER on the blog AND a RIGHT GUESSER too!   WOW!

Now are you feeling fired up and ready for tomorrow?   I hope so……..I’m ready.   Of course I have the easy part – presenting the photo for you to agonize over.   YOU have the tough part – figuring out where it was taken.   Hope you’re up for the challenge.

SO, until tomorrow morning???


oops….excuse me….you caught me doing a little “maintenance”…….


This is a more APPROPRIATE photo for me to post to say TA TA until tomorrow!

Professor Sam

The Teaser Man