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Teaser Tuesday Class Time


“Ahh…another pawsome Spring day – all is secure and our Patrol is complete – let’s go eat!”

“Ahhhh yes!  It’s Tuesday and time for geography class!”  


You want to arrive early and comment – you  might just get a “FIRST COMMENTER” badge if you do.     You know you want a badge – at least one right?  Right!   So let’s get underway with Teaser Tuesday.

First up – RULES and a “showing off” of our current badges that are up for grabs:

“Am I the only student who has NEVER won a badge???”

No Leroy you aren’t.   We have a lot of students who have never won a badge.   Just keep trying – that’s our advice!    Let’s go ahead and show everyone today’s TEASER photo so you can start agonizing over whether you can win the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge………..hang in there Leroy – this could be your day!

“PAGING Teaser Class Guard – please report to the Professors!”

“Here’s today’s Teaser Professors……”

“Where Was This Photo Taken?????”

“I – Sherlock Bones – will figure this one out first!”

Good luck with that Sherlock………………..meanwhile our Cheer Team will come in and fire everyone up for guessing – ladies?

Time to study and make your guess
If you haven’t studied you’d better confess!
The Professors are looking for someone to win
Maybe it’s a place where you have been?
Study it well and badges may come
We know you’re all smart – even if Teaser makes you feel dumb!

Well we’re not entirely sure you cheered everyone up with that cheer girls but at least you look cute in your swim suits.    Now that we have the Teaser photo to think about, how about we go to the lunch room and have a bite to eat?????

“Food…….we’re all for it!”

Our cafeteria staff is ready to serve you – step right up!

The Menu du Jour

Good luck with the Teaser students!  See you tomorrow in class.

Your Professors


Teaser Tell All


“Friends, Romans, Students – lend us your ears!”

Just being silly to start class off today.    Why?  Because we’re the Professors and we get to do stuff students aren’t allowed to do.    HA!   Actually you all have it easy because we let you get silly and don’t mind.    Our Mom says it sure wasn’t like that when SHE was a kid in school.

Anyway, today is the day we TELL ALL………………..from who was/were FIRST COMMENTER(S) to who was FIRST RIGHT!     We have a surprise later regarding that but first of course we start Wednesday off with FIRST COMMENTER badges.

How about a drum roll?

Yesterday’s First Commenters Were:



“I woulda been a first commenter but I stopped to flirt with Officer Kitty at the front door of school……oops”

Janet and Sharon you each get one of these:

There were TWO FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of May 3, 2002 and I was one of them!!!!

AND – here’s the photo we had for Teaser yesterday – one we thought might be a little tough BUT…………well…………you’ll see what happened below!

Chillon Castle, Lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!)

AND…..we had TWO First Right Guessers – huh?

Yes we did – because two students guessed correctly in the same 60 second period !!    Just like if we have two first commenters or five first commenters they ALL win so………we did a special made for this occasion………..and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS WERE (drumroll please)….



AND we have a special badge for the two of you:


AND if you also guessed correctly (and several of you did) – you get one of these badges:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of May 3, 2022 BUT I was NOT first!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG……… of these is yours:

I guessed on the Teaser of May 3, 2022 but my guess was WRONG! DANG!

Cheer Team – do your thing please!

What a Teaser we had this week!
So exciting we can barely speak!
We had TWO First Commenters which was good
Sharon and Janet in the Firsties Sisterhood!
Then we had an amazing FIRST for Teaser Class
TWO FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS and that’s no sass!
Katty and Jackie were right in the same minute
So a brand new badge we made and they both win it!

First time in all the Teaser classes we’ve done that we had TWO First Right Guessers…………………it was a great day in school and now we’re all heading to the cafeteria to celebrate with breakfast or lunch (or both!).

Welcome Students and Professors…..time to put on the feed bag (so to speak!)

Today’s Menu Items:

See you next week for more Teaser fun students!

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class


“So nice to patrol on a beautiful Spring day!  Let’s go report in and get breakfast gang!”

Morning students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED yet?  Better do so!

It’s time for class and you know what that means…………………clean your glasses, sit up straight, and get ready to guess where our Teaser photo was taken.


“Glasses clean…..ready!”

Alrighty then.   Let’s start with a review of the rules of Teaser AND the badges you can win if you’re on your game today…………


Goodness someone is ready to see the Teaser photo………….so maybe we should just move right along and have our Security Guard come in with today’s TEASER photo.

“Will Teaser Class Security report with photo to the classroom?”

“Greetings Professors…..I’m filling in for your regular guard – he’s on vacation.  Here’s your photo for the day!”

Where Was This Photo Taken??

There you have it students………………….see if you can figure this one out and be FIRST to do so……………….now for a little CHEER to keep your spirits up as you agonize over the Teaser photo.

Ready to guess – well we sure hope so!
Teaser is one day you can’t be SLOW!
You want to be first so you get the badge
And a big congratulations from Hall Monitor Madge!
Some of you have asked about our car….
Well we really haven’t gotten too far
It needs engine, tires, seats and gas tank
We need big bucks so may have to rob a bank!
We’ll be back tomorrow with winners and losers
Now off to the pub with the other boozers!!

Well ladies – that was hardly your most inspiring cheer but we appreciate the effort anyway.     Now off you go and those of us left behind will head to the cafeteria to have a bite to eat and chat among ourselves about the Teaser photo.

Alright students…….forward – MARCH!

“Hey – if I wanted to be bossed around I could have joined the ARMY!!”

Students – we’re ready for you with some great meal choices today!

The Menu:

All aboard for home – see you all tomorrow in class!!!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time


“It’s Wednesday and it’s time for us to TELL ALL!!”

Great class yesterday everyone………and we had super guesses all day long.   BUT before we get to that part of class today, let’s give some cheers to our FIVE (yes we said FIVE) First Commenters yesterday morning shall we?     Can I get a drumroll pullllleeeeeeeeeeeze?



WAY TO GO STUDENTS!  Here’s a badge for each of you:

I was one of FIVE (yes I said FIVE) First Commenters on the Teaser post of April 26, 2022. YESSS!

“I tried to get here early but I had a flat tire on my stroller!”

Yeah we’ve heard THAT one before……………..anyway, let’s show you the super interesting photo we had for you Teaser Students to examine yesterday and figure out WHERE it had been taken shall we???????

A very pretty photo – of a most interesting and rather HUGE location.    This is part of the Drakensberg Mountains (referred to as the great escarpment) in South Africa.   This is a vast area and both Kruger National Park and the Royal Natal National Park are part of this area.



Katty was First Right Guesser because she guessed Kruger and after she guessed that we had SEVERAL people who guessed other parts of this area and were ALSO right but Katty was FIRST!    Here’s your badge Katty and the Weims:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 26, 2022 – which was a bit of a toughie!!


AND as we said – several more of you guessed other areas there and if you were one of them, this badge is for YOU!

Well I wasn’t FIRST to be right but I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of April 26, 2022 – YAY FOR ME!!

AND of course if you guessed but you were WRONG then you get one of these of your very own:

WRONG! I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of April 26, 2022 but I’m SURE I’ll guess right next week!!!

“Hmmmm….I think that was an unnecessarily tough Teaser – such a HUGE area – covered a lot of answers!”

Yes but it was interesting – lots of people weren’t even CLOSE with their guess so all those who figured out it was in SOUTH AFRICA deserve a badge!    Now Roger, you take your seat and hush.    It’s almost lunch time – that should cheer you up!   AND if that doesn’t do it – maybe the Cheer Team with our guest Cheerleader Katie Isabella will cheer you up!  BUT BEFORE their cheer – one more bit of business – those of you who are still awake in class will have noticed that KATTY was a double winner!    That’s right – so she also gets one of our DOUBLE WINNER badges!

I was a DOUBLE WINNER on the Teaser of April 26, 2022. I was a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and I was also a FIRST COMMENTER…..YAY FOR ME!

OK CHEER TEAM – hit it!

Lots of winners – that’s right Matey!
We think it’s because of “GOOD LUCK KATIE” !!
She brought US luck with her wonderful cheer
Grumpy Cat Bar gave us extra beer!
So who were our winners on the Teaser?
We had FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS – that’s a real pleaser
Ingrid, Sharon, Frank, Katty and Janet
That many firsties need their own planet!
Then back came KATTY for a DOUBLE WIN
She guessed right first and made our heads all spin!
Our thanks to Katie for stopping by
She was so much fun to have, waving farewell makes us cry!

SO IS ANYONE READY FOR THE CAFETERIA????   Your Professors are so follow us!

First I want to say what a pleasure it was having Katie visit the Ding Dong Fish School and what impeccable manners she displayed while in our cafeteria – no throwing food, she used her silverware and not her paws……some of you students could learn a lot from her!   A little token of my appreciation Katie.   A black hairnet from my favorite Cafeteria Fashion Store!

Students – the cafeteria is open!   Come and get it!

And so another Teaser class grinds to a close – see you all next week!

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Time!


“Another glorious morning and another Security round completed!   Let’s eat!”

Have you commented yet?

Good Morning Students!   And another Teaser Class gets underway…….

Today we want you to know that when we see the Cheer Team later (as they attempt to cheer you up after we show you the Teaser photo) you will see a NEW FACE.    The girls have a visitor today – someone many of you will know!     Suzie (Cheer Team leader) had a request from the lovely Katie Isabella to be a “Cheerleader for a day” and the girls were thrilled to grant her wish.    Katie is cheering her heart out and will be back tomorrow to do a repeat performance!     The girls tell me they’re planning on taking her to lunch and a brewski at the Grumpy Cat Bar.    Uhoh…..we will give the Bar a call and warn them.

Well you can see why mancats are nuts over Katie –

she’s a beauty (this is a photo of her in her Easter bonnet a few years ago!)

“Wowzers…..that Katie is one hot chick!”

Anyway, let’s get underway shall we?   First we’ll show you the RULES then the Badges………………….

Alrighty then………..are you ready to see today’s Teaser challenge?

“If I said NO would that stop you from showing it????”


“Yeah I thought so……………..”

Teaser Security Guard – would you pretty please bring today’s challenging photo in???

“Here’s today’s photo Professors!”


Yep – it’s a doozy.   So study it well gang – we’ll see how this one grabs you.    I think maybe that dazed look on most of the faces in this room means TIME FOR THE CHEER TEAM WITH SPECIAL GUEST KATIE!

The Cheer Team welcomes Miss Katie!
She’s really quite a lady!
Mancats all love this chick
So as a guest she was our pick!
We’ll take her to the Grumpy Cat after our cheer
For a burger and a cold beer!
Now get to work on the Teaser
You mancats surely want to please her!!!

Nice cheer girls – and please don’t turn Katie loose in that bar.  Keep an eye on her and don’t let any of those biker guys offer her a ride!

“Don’t worry professors – I’ll protect her!!”

Well let’s head to the cafeteria – I asked the girls to send us a text and photo to prove Katie is with them when they arrivedat the bar safely – we should get it after we have lunch……………………

Hello and Happy Tuesday!   Enjoy your breakfast or lunch today everyone…..

Today’s Delightful Menu:


Good luck girls…..and stay safe!  See you tomorrow for Tell All!  Katie we hope you’re having FUN!


Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy