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Teaser Tell All



YEP – WE GOTCHA yesterday – probably the toughest Teaser in a while that we’ve had wouldn’t you say students?

On top of THAT we had that whoopsie with when the post went live yesterday morning – we were amazed that Miss Ingrid was UP at 3AM but considering her job maybe it’s not so strange – she was just lucky she checked her email because it allowed her to be our FIRST COMMENTER!!!!


Here’s your badge Madame Early Bird:

I was the First Commenter on the Teaser post of September 22, 2020. YAY FOR ME!

“You had us all confused yesterday because you started class EXTRA EARLY – NOT FAIR!”

Well we explained that yesterday on the blog – our Time Keeper/Graphics Department person forgot to schedule the Teaser post for something other than the REGULAR post time of 3AM so it went up at 3AM.   Amazingly bunches of people commented at that time AND Miss Ingrid was the FIRST.   SO THERE!


Oh alright – let’s just move on shall we????????????    We had a GUEST TEASER photo yesterday and when we saw it we just knew it would NEVER EVER EVER EVER be guessed.    It’s good for us to really challenge you smarties once in a while and this one “fit the bill” perfectly.

Here’s the photo:

This photo is of Eagle Marsh Wetlands on the border of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Here’s some information on this location if you’d like to read up on it………. CLICK HERE

OR  HERE  (the main page of the site for the Wetlands)

AND this fabulously tough photo was sent to us by our good friends ……………………….

Da Tabbies O Trout Towne!    (HERE)


Here’s your badge for being our Guest Teaser:

One Spoiled Cat featured my photo for their TEASER post of September 22, 2020! I fooled everyone!

That means we have about a bazillion GREENIES to hand out to all of you who guessed – so if you were one of the students who stepped up and guessed – please take a GREENIE on us!

I guessed on the impossible Teaser of September 22, 2020 and got this badge for TRYING. It was a TOUGHIE!

It doesn’t happen often that we fool everyone though – very rare occasion!

Oh don’t be so dramatic…..it’s not THAT rare!

Cheer Team?   Anything to say?

We’ve only got one name today to put in our cheer
Congratulations Miss Ingrid for being first to arrive here!
That was a tough Teaser to be sure
For “impossible Teasers” we have the cure
Hop on a stool at Grumpy Cat Bar
Get a Shirley Temple so you can drive your car
We know how painful it is to lose
It’s bound to depress you and give you the blues
The Grumpy Cat can cheer you up we guarantee
So have your lunch then meet us here and set your blues FREE!

Before you head home to enjoy this pretty Fall day – why not stop by the cafeteria for lunch.   Miss Dingleberry has yummy stuff on the cafeteria line for lunch today!!    After that, hop on the bus for home and we’ll see you NEXT Tuesday (not at 3AM though) for class!

Lunch is served students!   

Today’s Menu:

ALL ABOARD FOR HOME SWEET HOME!  See you next week students!  Your Professors


Tuesday Teaser Time!



Good Morning Students!    I hope you’ve commented and you’re now all comfy in your desk chairs ready for a fun-packed class.


We’re WEADY (oops……) ready too.    Today we have another EXTRA SPECIAL Teaser for you too.     Remember the vineyard guessing game we had?   Well we’re having another Teaser like that this week.   Only this week we have FOUR beach photos for you to examine and determine which one belongs with which country.    Ought to be fun.


Yep – FOUR photos and you figure out where the photos were taken.    You can do this!   It would be easy to just google the country’s name and “beaches” but maybe you’ll figure out a sneakier way to do your research…..one that is more challenging perhaps?

First up though are the rules………and the badges you might win:

Please Note:   For this Teaser, we are modifying the rules – you don’t need to guess TOWN just COUNTRY!!!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow the Cheer Team will be cheering for YOU if you win a badge!     Just do your best as usual and remember even if you guess and you’re wrong you still get a badge – a lovely GREENIE!

So if you all are ready……….let’s get the show on the road shall we?


Mr. Security Guard – please bring ALL four photos in and put them on our bulletin board ………….

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photos – all four of them!!!

Now your mission is to guess which beach is in which country.     Your FOUR choices are:

Malta, Madagascar, Greece, Spain


Which photo goes with which country?    If you’re right – well – the Cheer Team will be screaming your name in their cheer tomorrow – in the meantime, they are here to cheer you on as you agonize over the photos and figure this one out……………..GIRLS????

Teaser this week is a whopper
A really huge heart stopper
Just take your time and study
Don’t discuss it with your buddy
Remember all those rules
Your BRAIN and google are your tools!
Look for hints and do your guessing
With your minds the Profs are messing!
We’ll be back tomorrow to cheer
But right now – we’re ready for BEEEEERRRR!

Keep ’em comin’ bartender!

Alright girls – thanks for getting everyone in the mood.    We’ll look forward to seeing your guesses students – and good luck!     Take a break before you start agonizing though and have some lunch.   That’s what your Professors are going to do!!

Happy Teaser Tuesday students…..I was in the mood to put some flowers in my hairnet and attempt to smile.  As you can see, I managed the flowers, but smiling is another matter.   My mouth just doesn’t work that way.   Oh well – at least we made some wonderful food for you for lunch today!   Just PRETEND I’m smiling OK??

Todays Lunch Line Items Are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow students!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time!


You know what today is – it’s TELLING IT LIKE IT IS day!

Have a seat – pull up a desk and we’ll tell you ALLLLLLLLLLLL about the photo from yesterday.

I can tell you I’m upset about the Teaser – I worked ALL DAY trying to figure it out!

We’ll put you out of your misery…………but first let’s tell you who was FIRST COMMENTER……………….

Sound the Celebration Horns!

First Commenter yesterday was:

Phenny/Nelly and The Mama


YAY! We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of April 23, 2019! Good for us!

Yes indeed – you were first to arrive in the classroom and then all of us WAITED…………………………….and WAITED………………………………..and WAITED SOME MORE for somebody to guess the Teaser photo correctly.    Did they?   Well, as of yesterday evening NO.     However, our Graphics Department will get up extra early (yawn yawn) and double/triple check to see if someone figured it out after we scheduled the Teaser Tell All post……….BUT if you’re reading this NOW, then it means nobody got it!   We fooled EVERYONE with this photo:

This is a photo of the beautiful blue roof of Apia Catholic Cathedral in Apia, Western Samoa!!    It was truly a tough Teaser we admit that but we do NOT often fool everyone do we………………Here’s a link to some info about this group of islands – they haven’t had it easy!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apia

It’s a pretty place though – or at least much of it is.   They are also renovating the Cathedral now and we’re guessing that roof is NEW…….matches the sky though doesn’t it.

So what that means (if nobody guessed it) is that it’s a good thing we have SEVERAL CRATES of Greenies to hand out today and if you tried to figure this one out but couldn’t, PLEASE take one with our compliments!

Darn! The Teaser of April 23, 2019 fooled me so I didn’t guess it correctly BUT I still get this GREENIE to add to my collection of Teaser souvenirs!

I’m so upset I’m going to eat this fake tree!

You’re eating a tree and I’m eating leaves…….

Alright everyone calm down.    We need a CHEER to cheer us up then we’ll head to the cafeteria where a good lunch will make you forget about not knowing the Teaser.  I’m SURE of it!

We’d never believe it if we didn’t know it was true
But not a soul guessed the Teaser and you’re all feeling blue
We’re sorry nobody guessed it but it coulda been worse
Somebody could have snuck into class and taken your purse!
Now wipe that frown off your face and let’s go eat
You’d better hurry up before there’s no more seats!
There’s always next week and you might win
Or at the very least you might squeeze out a grin!

Thanks girls – maybe everyone feels better – after all it’s a RARE occasion when nobody gets the Teaser.

Hey Man…..I’m…like….
TOTALLY hungry!

Sorry you all are disappointed today about the Teaser but next week I’m sure someone will guess it right!  In the meantime, console yourself with food…………that always helps!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Never fear – next week we’ll be HERE!!!!  

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy


Teaser Tuesday


Welcome To Class Students!

Please have a seat – class is about to begin!

Move it!

Today we have our weekly test………….we will see just how well you can investigate a couple of photos and figure out WHERE those photos were taken!   BUT first we want you to COMMENT on this post ASAP – why?   So you can win this!

The first commenter on this blog post will win the above badge – you know you want it so comment and hurry back to your desk…………make sure you look at the seat before sitting down though  because there might be a blob of ink, or a dead mouse, or a puddle of water on it – you know how your fellow students like to TEASE!

OK – everybody back?  We’ll tell you tomorrow who was FIRST to comment.

Wait….what?…..did I sleep through the first comment thing? DARN!

We’re about to post a couple of photos for you to study and want to remind you of the CLASS RULES first – ready?

  1. You must tell us in what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and what STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) the photos were taken.   Can’t just guess one or the other – to be RIGHT you must guess BOTH.
  2. We ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to figure out where these photos were taken – that’s the EASY WAY OUT and we want this to be a challenge – you do too right?  I mean who doesn’t like a challenge?!?!    Just do your best…….take a look – see if there are clues – then GO FOR IT………..it’s way more fun that way!

Tomorrow well have our TELL ALL POST and we’ll announce the winners of these FABULOUS badges:




Before we bring Mr. Silver Briefcase and unlock the briefcase holding the TEASER PHOTOS of the week which he’s been guarding day and night since last week, let’s bring Suzie out for a cheer – wanna?  Yeah let’s !

I hope your brains are wide awake
You know the Teaser and what’s at stake
Cool badges we do give away
But you’ve gotta try hard if you want to play
Fire up those batteries in your brain
I hope it didn’t get soggy in the pouring rain!
If you’re right you’ll be in my cheer tomorrow
The rest of you will wallow in your pain and sorrow
So let’s get guessing, time’s running out
Only big babies would sit there and pout!
Study the photos looking for clues
Then you won’t weep tomorrow from the TEASER BLUES!

Alright Suzie!   That ought to get everyone to put on their thinking caps!!!

Now let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TWO Teaser photos!!!

Here’s this week’s photos Professor!

Alright students – get to work………………where were these two photos taken?    Don’t let them fool you – we know there are a bazillion spots on the globe these could have been taken but your challenge is to figure out the RIGHT SPOT!!!!


Don’t let this be YOU!!!!!!

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Tuesday Teaser



Hello Teaser Fans…………before we get down to business, I want to give a special “shout out” and ask for lots of prayers for our good friend and King of Teaser’s Easy’s Dad Mr. Mark.  Mr. Mark had a horrible fall in his house and injured his head and his arm badly – had 27 staples in his head and some serious work done on his arm and as of the last update, he is recovering from his “repairs” but certainly is not out of danger……..hoping to maybe even come home today or tomorrow though.   It is a very bad and scary time for Easy and his Mom………….please send them tons of purrs and POTP.   They need it!   Just click the beautiful “badge” that Miss Ann of Zoolatry did for Easy………..it will take you to his blog.   Thanks everybody!


Now on to the Teaser for today!   I said it would be a tough one – well, I’m not sure it is……..but I’ll leave it up to you.  It’s not a GUEST Teaser either………….my Dad found these in the photo box and I scanned them in and VOILA – today’s Teaser which is actually THREE photos.   Take a peek, see what you think and tell me WHERE these were taken – state/country/town if you can OK?  Ready?


They are old photos…………hope they’re not too tough to see – they’re fairly small that’s for sure!

Now – remember, if you’re FIRST to comment on today’s blog (and you don’t even have to GUESS, just COMMENT) you will earn yourself one of these beauties:


If you happen to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER as to where these photos were taken, you get this little badge:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t FIRST, you still get something for your time and effort:


AND – of course – those of you who are just DYING to wallpaper your entire house with GREEN – we have the world famous GREENIE badge for you!   Just because you don’t guess right or don’t know, doesn’t mean you get left out!


SO – what are you waiting for – GET TO GUESSING!   And please don’t forget to leave some encouraging words for everybody’s friend, Easy and his family!

Hugs, Mr. Tease (if you please)

No peeking until tomorrow!

No peeking until tomorrow!