Colorful Monday


Good Morning Peeps!   We have been having some gloriously “Virginia Fall-ish” weather the last few days……………Mom says the leaves are TIRED of being green and staying on the trees and are “giving it up” and she may be right.  She snapped these in the backyard over the past few days.  Anybody needing a “Fall Fix” – help yourself!

Mom and I worked on the Haunted House a little bit……….but not a lot – she says there’s plenty of time and I say why wait until the last minute??   We also photoshopped TWENTY (so far) entries in my Caber Toss for Kyla’s Highland Games on October 27th.   TWENTY!!!   They’re way cool too – just wait until you see them all in the slideshow I’ll be posting for the event……Mom and I giggle every time we look at them if THAT’s any sort of a hint what you’ll have in store!!   It’s not too late to send me your head shot photo if you wanna be included in the fun.    Just email to me at junekimm (AT) AOL (DOT) com.    Need an update on what Kyla’s Highland Games is all about?  Click below!


Now for the reminder that tomorrow will be our usual Tuesday Teaser………… if you needed reminding.   I think you guys get as excited as I do about Tuesdays and this Tuesday it’s a photo from my parents’ photo albums – not a Guest although we have some doozies lined up for future blogs with Guest Teasers so be FOREWARNED!



SO – remember – the post for tomorrow’s Teaser goes “live” at a random time chosen by my very capable assistant “Mom” – so you just never know when it will pop up – be on the alert – you wanna be first – you KNOW you do!

Mom is ending this post with a little something we did together using FOTOR………….since I had colorful photos of Fall, we went black/white with this…….just for funzies!


Have a glorious Monday – I hope it’s colorful like MINE will be!

Hugs, Sammy




Bountiful, Beautiful Bacon


I’ve been a mostly good boy this week so I’m expecting some acknowledgement of that fact in the form of my usual GOODNESS on Saturday mornings.   I happen to know for a fact that Mom got a big new package of BACON at the grocery this week…………the thick cut stuff which is EXTRA nommy.

When I say I’ve been a mostly good boy it’s because I confess that the last few days I’ve not been very COOPERATIVE about taking my medicine.  Mom figures she MIGHT have managed to get me to eat about half a pill a couple of times but a couple of other days – ZIP.  This morning I did have a half though…..and Mom has a new strategy so we’ll see how THAT works out!

At least Mom doesn't just sit the pill down in front of me like this poor kitty!  My Mom hides it in yogurt!!

At least Mom doesn’t just sit the pill down in front of me like this poor kitty! My Mom hides it in yogurt!!

Anyway, back to BACON………..Mom says she’s making pancakes and bacon.  There’s one GOOD thing about pancakes and bacon and that is that when Mom gives me a little bit of her bacon – it has a dribble of maple syrup on it.  Now I know I shouldn’t eat sugar…..but just how much sugar is really in a tiny drip/drop of syrup anyway?  Can’t hurt right?  Sure tastes good on bacon…..maybe that’s why Mom AND Dad dump syrup over their pancakes AND their bacon when they eat that.   Smart humans.


Mom’s mowing the lawn today but that’s about the only thing she has to do today other than help me on some of MY projects like Sam-O-Ween!!!!


Hugs, The Bacon Boy


Just got this hilarious little goodie from my gorgeous and sweet friend Nellie – check it out!!!!   HAHAHAHAHA   Thanks Nellie Bellie!!!!  You’re the BESTEST!!!!!

Sammy McKimmell


In preparation for Kyla’s Highland Games on October 27th, I had to get “Scotland-ized” in tartans……………well, I think I look pretty darn fabulous and Mom is now calling me “Sammy McKimmell”…………..pretty cool huh???

Aye Lads and Lassies, 'tis I - Samuel McKimmell!

Aye Lads and Lassies, ’tis I – Samuel McKimmell!

I now have had ELEVEN friends send me their head shot photos so I can photoshop them into the Caber Toss action I’m hosting…………..I’ll be honest – they are mostly pretty darn hilarious.  I’m not gonna share any of them now – you’ll have to visit me on the 27th when my blog is part of the Games but trust me – it will be worth a peek!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about with Kyla and the Highland Games, you can go HERE and get the scoop……….it’s a sad thing but we’re making lemonade out of lemons and giving Kyla – at her request – a wonderful party!   So if you wanna play along – email me your head shot and I’ll add yours to the bunch.


Mom and I have been decorating our Haunted House too………….it will be SPOOKY and I’m going to have SPOOKY snacks and SPOOKY drinks so you don’t have to bring a thing but yourself!    You don’t even have to be in costume…..but if you decide to enter my FUNIEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME contest, of course you need to be in something funny (photoshopped or real) and get it to be by October 27th……….the clock is ticking…….we’re gonna have voting and everything!

The only other report I have is that after about eleven million days of rain (ok – slight exaggeration – more like five) it’s finally stopped.   It’s cloudy but there’s no rain.  Something WEIRD has happened though because all of a sudden the leaves on the trees are changing to Fall colors QUICKLY – – – – like almost overnight – – – maybe the rain sped things up.   It’s looking spectacular out there.   That’s also a bit strange because Mom and Dad drove up to Skyline Drive two weeks ago and the leaves had hardly changed up there yet….usually they’re WAY ahead of us…..wonder if maybe they decided to change FAST too?!    This is what they looked like then……….


Some of you have seen this shot before but Mom took this out the plane window when Dad was flying around the countryside a couple of years ago…….Mom thought the Fall colors were pretty cool from UP THERE!!!

Fall Trees

Leaves from up in the air……

Fall in Virginia is BEAUTIFUL……………………I hope wherever you are it’s also beautiful!


Wee Laddy,  Sammy McKimmell


Feral Cat Day


It’s that time of the year again……………….National Feral Cat Day………………..


There are a lot of posters honoring this day – I just liked the colors on this one!

I was presumed to be a feral kitten………….found under an abandoned house – no siblings or Mom (they probably ran to keep from getting caught and left poor little ME behind) – and then taken to the shelter out in the far reaches of this County.    Lucky me because two days after I landed THERE, Mom and Dad came in looking for a kitten and found me!!!    Lucky THEM!


I have a soft spot in my heart for ferals as well as all homeless cats and dogs and other animals EVERYWHERE on the planet.   Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how fortunate I was – – – – and that I don’t wish every animals could know love, safety, and comfort like I’ve known for almost 15 years.

Hug your cat today – or if you’re lucky enough to have multiple cats – give them each an extra squeeze.

Remember to get your Caber Toss photos in by the 25th…..the clock is ticking!    I’m having fun photoshopping the entries onto the bodies of some amazing caber tossers – the real deal……….it will be fun to show them at Kyla’s Highland Games on October 27th.   Wanna know what you can expect to see that day?   Just check HERE (there will be updates I’m sure but this is the current list of events).


I hope you’re also planning to come to my Sam-O-Ween pawty on what SOME people call Halloween!!!   If you want to enter the FUNNIEST COSTUME contest – please do!     I’m getting some pawsome entries coming in!   Should be a real hoot!

I'll be at the door of the Haunted House to greet you!!

I’ll be at the door of the Haunted House to greet you!

Today is the second and last day of the Niagara Falls trip on the Tabby Cat Club……………………………..CLICK HERE to see how things went yesterday AND whatever posts are coming in today for the return trip!!!!    Here’s what I did on Day Two!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Teaser Tell All



Alright…………..I hope you’re sitting down for this………..are you?  No?  OK – I’ll wait for a minute………………LA DE DA DE DA……ho hum……*slurp* (drinking hot chocolate)……..*files nails*………..OK – time’s up – that’s enough time for you to SIT.

Here’s yesterday’s Teaser:


First of all THANK YOU to Flynn’s Mom Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats  for allowing me to use her photo of St. Kitts Island in the Caribbean!    I thought it might be a toughie but you just NEVER know for sure – lots of you have traveled and done a Caribbean cruise and you probably would have docked here if you were visiting St. Kitts…………….This is for you Miss Jackie and Flynn for being my GUEST TEASER this week!!


However, the reason I wanted you to sit down is that:


WHICH MEANS (drum roll)


I can’t believe I get the award TWICE in a row………………and all of you get THIS award for yourselves (again):


Would you believe me if I said I’ll try to find something EASY for next week??????  Would ya???????


In other news today is the first day of a TWO DAY trip to Niagara Falls that I’m pawticipating in – this is a blogville-wide event but I’m hooking up with my buddies Raz from Friends Furever and Gracie from Goodness Gracie for this event.  We have some posts at the Tabby Cat Club which you can see and comment on if you wanna – OR of course you can visit and hit the LINK tool on Raz’s blog…………there will be a bunch of bloggers hooking up to go on this trip.  I myself am driving the bus- how’s that for way cool.   Here’s some photos of the first day of the trip!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow is Day Two – who knows what we’ll get up to……………….!!!!!

Two reminders:  Get your Caber Toss photos to me by October 25th AND your Sam-O-Ween Funniest Costume Contest entries to me by October 27th!!!!




Tuesday Teaser


WOOT WOOT!!!!   Attention all Teaser Fans!   Here it is…..your chance to be RIGHT on a Teaser………..yep – you might be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or you might just be a RIGHT GUESSER or there’s always a chance that you’ll be totally wrong and still win the BIG GREENIE………………so if you’re ready – I’m ready!


There you have it……………today’s Teaser………..and remember it’s a GUEST TEASER so tomorrow you’ll find out who took this fab photo to fool you this week…………………you’ll also find out who the winner(s) are (even if it’s ME and I fool all of you again like last week….tee hee).

If you’re the First to get it right, you get this:


For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

If you’re right but not First, you get this:


Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

And the ever more popular every day BIG GREENIE if you’re wrong all the way round or haven’t got a clue!


For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Go for it – get those guesses coming in comments – time’s a wastin’!!

In other exciting news…………………I am pawticipating in Kyla’s Going Away Pawty.  This is a sad occasion that she wants to make fun by having a Highland Games day of fun so we’re happily contributing to that.  Kyla knows she has a short time before going over the Bridge so this is a blogosphere tribute to her that she has asked for.   We’re hosting a CABER TOSS – a traditional part of the Scottish Highland Games.   All you have to do is email your photo to me BY OCTOBER 25th  (can be just a head shot) and I’ll be photoshopping you onto one of my collection of caber toss photos (which is a hilarious collection of tosses trust me!)…………then I’ll post all the photos I do so you can enjoy them!    If you want more info on this day and to see who else is doing an event or contributing, just visit Mollie’s Blog HERE and you’ll see this is quite a big event with a lot of fun things to see and do.    (Sorry the link didn’t work yesterday but it DOES today!!!!).

THIS is a Caber Toss!


I also need to remind you the deadline for entering my FABULOUS Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest (for the FUNNIEST costume!) is October 27th!!!    DEADLINES DEADLINES – it’s that time of year for DEADLINES!!!!!    We’ll be having a Haunted House Pawty on Sam-O-Ween and you don’t have to enter the contest to come…………BUT if you do enter and have your entry to be by the 27th, you’ll get to VOTE in a poll for the FUNNIEST and I’ll announce the winners (First and Second Prizes) at the PAWTY…………………………..these are real prizes (as in arriving in the mail from ME!) in addition to a lovely virtual trophy!


WHEW………….that’s a whole lotta news……………………now get to work on that Teaser photo, and send in your photo for the contest AND for the Caber Toss!    What are you waiting for??????????????????

Hugs, Sammy the Busy Guy