Bonkers for Bacon!

Oh boy – yesterday was every so much fun in the blogosphere – I never EVER saw so many pirates and fun posts for International Talk Like A Pirate Day!   We had fun on Cat Scouts too with everyone joining in the fun.

But today it’s back to the business of enjoying the weekend……………..ESPECIALLY today because it’s the day I get to enjoy bacon.  I will have my bacon fix AFTER I have my medication which lately has been hidden in STRAWBERRY yogurt.  That’s right – Mom switched from raspberry to strawberry just to change things up.  Change is sometimes a VERY good thing and believe me – strawberry yogurt is indeed good.

I got this cute graphic from my friend Nylablue this past week……….everyone knows I’m a BACON BOY…………..this guy obviously is too!!


The driveway project I told you I’d be snoopervising (resurfacing our driveway) was done and if not for my watching carefully, I’m sure it wouldn’t have turned out to be as marvelous looking as it is.   That was the highlight of my week though being responsible for keeping an eagle eye on the guys…………….I was watching closely as they spread the black GOO………..yet another project that I’ve successfully directed to completion.  What WOULD they do without me here?????  (**NOTE TO SELF: ADD THAT TO MY RESUME**)

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday – with or without bacon………..

Sammy The Baconator!


Are you a member of the Bacon Club?  You should be!!!!!

Hoist The Pirate Flag!



Sailing the seven seas with his pirate crew

Searching for treasure and captives too 

Stealing their gold and sinking their ships

Stealing the heart of some innocent Miss

Pirates will pillage and pirates will plunder

Wreaking havoc and woe casting feelings asunder

The life of a pirate is not for the shy

Captain Savage Sam has the swagger, he is quite a guy

  When ‘ere you are sailing keep an eye to the sea

For Savage Sam’s ship might be sailing towards Ye !!




Arrrrgh….Don’t Forget!

Whatever you do, don’t forget that you have a special way to do your blog post tomorrow – that’s in the manner of the rough and tough PIRATE because tomorrow is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY in the blogosphere!    I was curious about the event and posted this yesterday but am posting it again in case you didn’t have a chance to visit it.   This special celebration has a most interesting “history” !!



It will be tons of fun visiting everyone to see them in their best pirate gear pillaging, plundering and carrying on all kinds of ways that in days of old the pirates who roamed the seven seas did…………Yep – I’ll be here in my best pirate gear, you can bet on it…………..will you????

My pirate ship!  Scary huh???

My pirate ship! Scary huh???

Don’t let your ship sail without you………………………..!!!

Happy Thursday

Sammy The Almost Pirate


Teaser Tell All

Well friends, Romans, and countrymen – lend me your ears…….no – on second thought – lend me your eyes……………take another peekie at yesterday’s Teaser photo and I’ll tell you what the SCOOP is on this one!


I sure had you guessing on this one……..this is a photo from my Guest Teaser, Miss Jackie who is Flynn’s “Mom” at TWO DEVON CATS and she and her husband do a lot of traveling.   She very kindly let me use this photo which she took on a trip to The Azores, on Sao Miguel Island.

Now here’s the deal………..the first person to guess The Azores was Miss Caren and Cody from CAT CHAT although she had the island wrong……next guess that came in was from our buddy Leo from Walk To Rio 2016  and HE guessed the correct island of Sao (or San) Miguel (and mentioned another island as well)………………..but he was “also” right.   So I’m going to award FIRST RIGHT GUESSER (for guessing The Azores) to Caren and Cody and Honorable Mention (and Right Guesser) to Leo!!

Caren and Cody – this is for you:

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

Leo my buddy, my pal – THESE are for you!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Sometimes someone gets THIS!

Sometimes someone gets THIS!

And this is for anyone else who guessed The Azores!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

THE BIG GREENIE is for everyone who had no clue or guessed WRONG!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Now wasn’t that FUN????  Sure it was!!!!!

Don’t forget to post your pirate picture on your own blog this Friday – – – that’s right – it’s an annual event and you don’t want to miss it……..”TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY” !!    I’ll have a fabulous photo of ME ME ME on my blog Friday all garbed up in scary clothes like a vicious pirate (tee hee).   Also the Tabby Cat Club is doing a Pirate Day celebration too so you can stop by there as well…………….

ARRRRRGH (don’t worry – just practicing!)  


Pee Esss 

Today is a “double birthday” at Kitties Blue (Cat On My Head)

my friends Mauricio and his sister Misty May are having a birthday party –

please stop by to give them a birthday hug!!!


Tuesday Teaser

WOO HOOOO……………here we go again!   Today I have a Guest Teaser photo……………….tomorrow you’ll find out who my photo came from but today it’s enough that you have the challenge of examining, inspecting, scrutinizing and magnifying (and google-fying) this photo to see if you can tell me where it was snapped.

Are you ready?  REALLY ready?   OK……….here it is:


What a shot huh?????

Now I’d love for you to tell me where this photo was taken……………precisely where (no – not on top of a hill by the water…..!!!!!)………..where was the person or persons when they whipped out their handy dandy camera and snapped this beauty of a photo on a vacation??????

If you’re the very FIRST person to guess correctly – specifically – then you will get this amazingly fabulous badge to display if you wish!

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

If you guess right – or even mostly right (!) you will get THIS also amazingly fabulous badge to display if you wish!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

And even if you totally blow it – can’t for the life of you figure out where the photo was taken you STILL get something to display should you wish!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Where else can you get such a great deal on a Tuesday huh?   HUH???   Only at Sammy’s place……that’s where!


I’ll see you all tomorrow for the “Tell All” post………..and you can find out then how well you did or didn’t do……………..and see if maybe someone other than one of the regular winners wins……… never know!!!!!


Sammy the Teaser


Mom Monday

Good old (!) Mom………….where would I be without her?   I don’t wanna know!   But today she’s going to get some blood work done (glad it’s not ME) so I’m making it “Mom Monday”.    When she gets home I’ll pop up on her laps and keep her warm.   It’s what I do BEST!   (yes I know I reap the benefits myself from using her as a heating pad)

My Favorite Nap Spot!

I guess this is a “leg nap” not a “lap nap” !!

Yesterday was another cool start – it was in the 40s in the morning and when Mom went down our LONG driveway to get the newspaper, she wore her winter parka!  That’s right……….WINTER PARKA.   So, I think it’s safe to say, those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer can be packed up and put away for another year!

Did you know that this Friday is “Pirate’s Day” in the blogosphere?  Yes indeed………….I’m already working on a suitable photograph to post for the day.    The Cat Blogosphere calls it “Meow Like A Pirate”  day but if you’re an animal of a different sort I guess you can substitute the appropriate “sound” for a meow!   HAHAHA

This was me LAST Pirate Day:


Tomorrow I have a GUEST TEASER for you Teaser fans………… be ready with all your reference material (or your finger on the google search button…hahaha) and maybe you can figure it out FIRST.  You get a badge you know if you’re the FIRST right guesser, or you guess correctly period, or even if you haven’t any idea where the Teaser photo was taken you STILL get a badge.  Where else can you go and ALWAYS win something huh????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you have a fab day…………..whether your Mom is having blood work done or not, give her an EXTRA hug today……why?  Let’s say it’s “GIVE YOUR ASSISTANT AN EXTRA HUG” day.  Hey – I can make up a special day if I want to right??


Awww…….just like this!

HUGS, Sammy


Silent Selfie Sunday

Here’s my selfie for The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfie blog hop!  


This is as close as Mom could get to me!

This is as close as Mom could get to me!  Sorry it’s blurry…..Mom was wiggling (not me!)

Also….please remember today is National Pet Memorial Day


Silent Sunday Part TWO

HAHA!  You’re seeing Part Two before you’ll see Part One today……………….my Part One is the selfie for The Cat On My Head’s Sunday selfie.   I’ll post it as soon as I get up later this morning…………………meanwhile, now that I’m breaking the RULES for being silent, I’ll shut-up and just leave you with this……………………..

The print my Dad bought in an antique shop because he thought it looked like ME!

The print my Dad bought in an antique shop because he thought it looked like ME!

Poor Pitiful Sam…….

Aching for Bacon

HAHAHAHA…..cute subject huh?   As always I’m knee-deep in breakfast bacon fantasies because it’s Saturday.   Mom’s making some bacon/egg/cheese biscuits this morning and the biscuits are smelling great, the bacon is smelling even better, and I’m salivating all over the floor waiting for her to finish!


After she makes breakfast she’s going to be doing some baking – biscotti !   Now you might think I would turn up my nose at some kind of silly thing like biscotti but you’d be wrong.  I actually like how crunchy it is, and Mom will give me a tiny corner of a piece to gnaw on – good for my teefies you know!    She’s going to be putting mixed dried fruits in the biscotti but I don’t like that so it will be a corner of a PLAIN biscotti that she will make JUST FOR ME!   How lucky am I?  Would this be yet another indication that I’m “one spoiled cat” ???   Yeah….probably so.


We had a lot of noise around here yesterday – the neighbors got a puppy a few months ago and he’s growing like a little weed.  He’s a schnauzer which looks like this (but this isn’t him):


They had an invisible fence installed so Fritzy the pup can wander wherever he wants to on HIS property but won’t come onto ours or the neighbor on the other side……….at least that’s the theory.   Other people we know who have the invisible fence say it works so we’ll see.   This dog will have the WHOLE yard including down into the woods to explore so the space they gave him is huge.  That means he can play with the boys and their friends in the woods and anywhere else in the yard.  Seems like a good idea if you have a dog and don’t want to put up an ACTUAL fence to keep him in.

I don’t need a fence!   No sireeee…………I’m not wandering off from this good deal I have here in my house – no way baby!

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!!!


 Hugs, Sammy

Fall-ish Friday


It’s official………………it must be early Fall………….it was warm yesterday (almost 90) but even though it was warm, leaves were falling from the trees!  That means Fall right?  RIGHT????   It won’t be long before my yard looks like this…….I just know it!

More fall leaves for Sam to play in!


Mom even put the Fall wreath on the front door……that’s another sure sign……..see?  I may be old but I notice stuff!   That means the leaf machine will be coming out of “summer retirement” down in the basement soon.  Dad will haul that thing up and jam it into the garage.  

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Fall Wreath and Mums

I even changed my Blog Header to something Fall-ish…………..another sure sign.

Mom moved all the summery stuff in her closet to one side and all the Fallish stuff to the other…………yep – that means something too!

I don’t care about all this truly – makes no difference to me…….I’m just happy to be here!!!  No matter what season it is……………How about you?  What’s your FAVE season????


Fall-ish Sam



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