Bacon Anyone?


Gosh it’s been a tough couple of days…………….first I realized I would have to cancel my Tuesday Teaser next week because of my Sam-O-Ween costume contest poll……….THEN Mom and I had trouble deciding on a costume (I now have three and I guess I’ll just wear different ones for each pawty I go to!)………….see what a tough life I have?  Sad isn’t it?

What do you think of this costume……after all, today is BACON DAY…….maybe this is the one I should wear since it’s the REAL me????


Today is the very last day I can take any entries for the Caber Toss I’m hosing for Kyla’s Highland Games………….the Games are on the 27th and it’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone.  If you haven’t entered but want to participate in Kyla’s farewell party, send a head shot to me ASAP!   I’m doing a BIG slideshow with all the entries in it on my blog on the 27th and I guess everyone else who’s participating with different events will be putting THEIR fun things up too.  I hope we make Kyla smile…….really big.


My Mom and Dad are doing the very first “leaf sucking machine” event today……………it’s that time………the leaves are totally covering the front and back yards so the machine came out of the basement and into the garage yesterday and today’s the day.  All I know is it will be noisy.  I may visit a nearby closet OR hide out under a bed or even better – head for the basement where it’s usually a whole lot quieter than in the rest of the house.   A guy needs his rest.

More fall leaves for Sam to play in!


Happy Caturday!! 

Sammy the Baconator


Rain and Wind….Oh My!


It’s not as yucky here as I know it is in many other areas today BUT yesterday it was one miserable day.  Great for naps but nothing else.   Windy – rainy – chilly…………….



But enough about the weather…………after all, it will be what it will be even if I don’t complain right?   Today is the 23rd and that means the clock is ticking until time for Kyla’s Highland Games AND, for that matter, before the Haunted House on my blog for Sam-O-Ween.   I have two other parties to go to that day – one at Cat Scouts and one at the Tabby Cat Club.  I’ll be one busy guy……….but I bet most of you have multiple parties to attend too.    We’ll all have a lot of fun though won’t we.   I sure have a lot of GREAT entries for my Funniest Costume contest…..just wait until you see them (giggle).

Our front porch decked out for Halloween

My porch decorated for LAST year’s Sam-o-Ween

Today is laundry day at my house………….Mom changes the sheets on the bed and does the clothes laundry and towels too.  Exciting right?  Wrong.  I used to enjoy messing up the bed when Mom changed sheets but I’m a bit too “long in the tooth” (aka old) to do that these days…..but sometimes I follow Mom around as she does all her “stuff”……just to be companionable – know what I mean?

Laundry....they make it look FUN.....

Laundry….they make it look FUN…..

Mom’s gonna make an apple pie today – that will be the highlight of the day because it smells so wonderful while it’s baking.  She’s using granny smith apples – I think I’ll probably be able to pop up on her lap while it’s baking – she won’t want to be far from the kitchen and her recliner and the TV are right next to the kitchen.  I’m thinking it will be a good LAP/LEG nap day.   YAY!

Sam on Mom's Recliner

C’mon Mom…..let that apple pie bake – I need you here!!

Do you have any special plans today???  Hmmm?????

Hugs, Sammy




Teaser Tell All



OK………I have to admit the Teaser yesterday was really NOT an easy one even though I hinted that it might be since I’ve fooled everybody twice in a row……………this was the photo we had yesterday from a trip my parents took:


They snapped this while on a shopping trip around old Quebec City, in Quebec, Canada.   They spent almost the entire time they were there (except for a brief bus tour) walking around this city because they loved it SO MUCH.   It reminded them a lot of Paris – lots of street artists, wonderful cafes, beautiful churches……….it was one of their favorite trips.  They had flown from here to Montreal – spent a few days there then took a train to Quebec City and stayed in Le Chateau Frontenac.   Speaking of the Frongenac, the place is so huge they actually had a “ghost tour” there which Mom and Dad went on – they visited a few of the rooms that reputedly have ghosts/spirits and people who stay in the rooms report sightings/events.  On the tour was one of the indoor pools which is “haunted”………………would be perfect for Halloween right?

Anyway, that’s where they were but did anyone guess Quebec or even Canada???   NO………………not a soul……………you know what that means right?


I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I’d fool everybody three weeks in a row.   This is terrible (well not terrible but rare certainly)……………..would you believe me if I absolutely positively say that next week I promise to make it an EASIER Teaser??????  Would you?   Gimme another chance??


So here’s what you all get ANYWAY……………….I have boxes of these available because I ordered a BIG supply of them last week and looks like I’ll be ordering another big supply THIS week……help yourself…..AGAIN!


FORGIVE ME??????  Sniff Sniff  

Sammy the Teaser

Pee Ess…….reminder – deadline for Caber Toss head shots is Oct. 25

Deadline for Sam-O-Ween FUNNIEST Costume Contest is Oct. 27!



Tuesday Teaser

EEEK!  Not that again Mom!!!!!!

EEEK! Not that again Mom!!!!!!

Here we are !!!   The highlight of your week (or lowlight if you think that’s more appropriate) and having to see this hideous picture Mom did of me – she’s pretty good at teasing ME too isn’t she?

Today’s photo(s) are from Mom’s collection – no Guest today……but you need to know that she tried to blur all signage……….at least enough that you couldn’t cheat using it…………….but what we want to know is WHERE did she snap these photos of homes and shops?   What town/city and in what state or country in the world was she?   HMM??????


Now if you just happen to be the lucky person who guesses right FIRST – you get this!

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

If you guess right but aren’t first, you get this:

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

If you’re WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY (well you get the idea) off base you STILL get this:


What a deal!   Everybody gets SOMETHING from my Tuesday Teaser.   Speaking of which, if you wanna tell the world you’re a fan of Tuesday Teasers feel free to put this little badge on your sidebar of your blog (or paint it on your car or tow it behind your plane on a sign – or WHATEVA!)


So, I’ll see you tomorrow – I bet you can’t WAIT to see who wins right?   RIGHT?????   Good – me neither!



Colorful Monday


Good Morning Peeps!   We have been having some gloriously “Virginia Fall-ish” weather the last few days……………Mom says the leaves are TIRED of being green and staying on the trees and are “giving it up” and she may be right.  She snapped these in the backyard over the past few days.  Anybody needing a “Fall Fix” – help yourself!

Mom and I worked on the Haunted House a little bit……….but not a lot – she says there’s plenty of time and I say why wait until the last minute??   We also photoshopped TWENTY (so far) entries in my Caber Toss for Kyla’s Highland Games on October 27th.   TWENTY!!!   They’re way cool too – just wait until you see them all in the slideshow I’ll be posting for the event……Mom and I giggle every time we look at them if THAT’s any sort of a hint what you’ll have in store!!   It’s not too late to send me your head shot photo if you wanna be included in the fun.    Just email to me at junekimm (AT) AOL (DOT) com.    Need an update on what Kyla’s Highland Games is all about?  Click below!


Now for the reminder that tomorrow will be our usual Tuesday Teaser………… if you needed reminding.   I think you guys get as excited as I do about Tuesdays and this Tuesday it’s a photo from my parents’ photo albums – not a Guest although we have some doozies lined up for future blogs with Guest Teasers so be FOREWARNED!



SO – remember – the post for tomorrow’s Teaser goes “live” at a random time chosen by my very capable assistant “Mom” – so you just never know when it will pop up – be on the alert – you wanna be first – you KNOW you do!

Mom is ending this post with a little something we did together using FOTOR………….since I had colorful photos of Fall, we went black/white with this…….just for funzies!


Have a glorious Monday – I hope it’s colorful like MINE will be!

Hugs, Sammy