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Howdy Teaser Fans!    So what did you think of yesterday’s challenge?   A lot of you were on the right trail alright but nobody actually guessed THE place the photos were taken…………………first to recap!


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Now for a few MORE photos from the same place which weren’t included on the Teaser yesterday!


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Where were the photos taken and by which one of my blog buddies?    Well the photos were taken on the amazingly beautiful island of Tasmania or “Tassie” as the locals call it.  It’s separate from the mainland obviously since it’s an island but is still PART of the amazing country of Australia……………….and the photos were sent to me by our friend and yours Bev Green (aka “Fozziemum”) of “One Fur All and All Fur One” and “Fozzie.M” blogs.   THANK YOU MISS BEV!    What a journey you and your hubby had when you visited “Tassie”.    When I remarked to Bev that I’d always wanted to see a real Tasmanian Devil she sent me a couple of photos of them!

Tasmanian Devil1Tasmanian Devil2

Here’s what Bev had to say about her trip and the photos………………..

“These pics are from the beautiful West coast of Tasmania on the West Coast Wilderness Railway..Phil and I drove around Tassie in 2010.
The Beautiful old train takes a tour through the Huon Pine areas between the mining town of Queenstown and the little seaport of Strahan.
The trees are thousands of years old and the are very much like stepping onto the set of Jurassic park.
We dined on amazing food on board and the air was the freshest I have ever breathed.
There is a section of the rail that is incredibly steep and special ABT rack and Pinion was used to enable the trains to haul their cargoes up the steep grade.
Started in 1895 to enable Copper to be moved from Queenstown to market.
Phil and I drove the road to Queenstown and it was the steepest eeriest drive ever..sheer drop to old mine cuts …quite a challenge..
The views were amazing the train one of the world’s finest rail trips and the litel stop at the end we panned for gold bought tons of amazing Honey of various flavours and had the first ever eco loo experience!
We will certainly go back again the port of Strahan such a sweet town and would be a lovely retirement place.
It was 35 kilometres of dining eating drinking and scenic captures!”

Now a whole LOT of you guessed Australia………………since that was as close as it got to being right (and technically Tasmania is part of Australia) I’m going to give all of you who guessed the “I Guessed It Right” award but because nobody guessed Tasmania, nobody gets the “First Right Guesser” because the RIGHT guess – the TOTALLY right guess – would have been Tasmania.   I hope that doesn’t cause a war……….(hahaha)………but guessing the country is only half the battle – you need to be more specific !!   Right?  Right!  Everyone knows the rules by now……….SO, here’s your award those of you who guessed Australia:


And those of you who didn’t guess correctly get this badge to display with honor (at least it shows you tried!):


You still MIGHT like to know who was the first one to guess Australia………………….well it was my friend from “Trifles” blog (you know them as Kolytyi)………..and know what?  Just because you really did guess Australia first Kolytyi, I’m thinking maybe Honorable Mention???????   You’re a faithful follower of the Tuesday Teasers………I’d say that’s pretty HONORABLE, wouldn’t you??????



Make sure and tune in again next week for another adventure in the wonderful world of Tuesday Teasers…..you never know where we’ll go next!

Happy Wednesday, Sammy


Tuesday Teaser

Welcome To Tuesday Teaser,

otherwise known as

“eyestrain Tuesday” !!

Today I have a Guest Teaser…………..and three photos for you to agonize over.  THREE…..then for the Tell All there will be more photos from this interesting place AND I’ll let you know who the Guest was and where the Guest was located when these photos were snapped!

Ready?   Got all your equipment ready to examine these?   Got your google search warmed up to find this spot on Planet Earth?   OK…………..here goes!

TeaserApril15-2 TeaserApril15-1TeaserApril15-3

So, what do you think?   There may be lots of “right guessers” but there can only be one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for the Teaser as you know…..then those of you who guess right but aren’t first win too……and last but not least those of you who don’t have the slightest idea or guess some location that is NOT right actually STILL win something!   One of these will be yours no matter what!

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Today is Tax Day in the USA………….the day that everyone either dreads or loves depending on whether you owe the government or they owe you……………but something ELSE is happening today and that’s my friend Kjelle Bus (otherwise known as Charlie Rascal) is having his fourth birthday!   So please stop by his birthday party and wish him a HAPPY HAPPY one!!   CLICK HERE


Have a PAWSOME day – and good luck with guessing on the Teaser………………..should be a challenge – at least I hope it is (and my guest teaser can sit there and giggle at the guesses!!!!).

Sammy the Teaser Dude

I tried to help my parents get their taxes done on time!!!  I was a BIG HELP (haha)

I tried to help my parents get their taxes done on time!!! I was a BIG HELP (haha)

Getting In The Mood

Easter – yep – it’s not all that far away and I’m starting to work on getting ready for that…………..are you?   I had to find the perfect outfit and I think MAYBE I found it – what do you think????


I have other Easter pix of me – some show me with my Easter baskets of the past – some with my Easter scarf on (from Mollie’s Shop) – and while I COULD wear my scarf again, I think I make a rather cute bunnywabbit.

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If you like Easter competitions, there’s one happening over at My Three Moggies…………you have to submit a picture of you in your “Easter Costume” AND answer some questions about the Moggie boys……….if you feel lucky, give it a whirl because the prizes are from Mollie’s new “Easter Collection”……..!

Now on to other things – like TUESDAY TEASER………………….we have a “Guest Teaser” tomorrow.  That’s right – a fabulous friend of mine sent me some pix to use and I’m gonna use them tomorrow.  I probably will post TWO pix from this spot on Planet Earth for you to guess WHERE………then on the Tell All I’ll show you more pictures from the location……….cool huh?   So, remember, you get a special award from ME if you’re first to guess right tomorrow……….


If you guess right but aren’t FIRST…………


And if you’re clueless (but still adorable since you’re my friend of course)……….


So be here bright and early tomorrow morning (6AM Eastern Standard Time) to give it a shot at getting the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award…………..you know you want it!

Monday Hugs,

Sammy the Bunny Guy


WHAT AWARD?   It’s the “YOO-HOO AWARD” from my friend Nerissa (Nissy)


Nissy has started a lot of new awards around the blogosphere and I figured since I received this yesterday I’d better send it on its’ way ASAP!

Rules of this one are:

Post and thank the person nominating you!

Visit three of the blogs who received the award along with you when you were nominated!

Tell three things you have to celebrate/are thankful for!

Pass award to SEVEN bloggers!

SO, in accordance with the above…………….THANK YOU NISSY – I’m about to visit three of the other blogs you nominated…..

The three things I have to celebrate or are thankful for are:

1.  I’m still alive and kicking at 14 years old

2.  I have the BEST humans taking care of me that I could POSSIBLY ever have dreamed for

3.  I love my friends so much and I hope I make MORE every single day

My SEVEN nominees are:

Dezi of Deziworld

Raz, Allie, Ellie and Cubby of Florida Furkids

Misaki of The Misadventures of Misaki

Nellie, Kozmo and Jo-Jo from Cat From Hell

Mollie and Alfie from Mollie’s Dog Treats

Gracie from Goodness Gracie

Timmy from Timmy Tomcat

Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming….(HAHA)

Silent Sunday

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully "popped" through the branches!!  SPRING!

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully “popped” through the branches!! SPRING!



It’s A Fact

Happy Saturday!

Yes indeed it’s a fact…………Saturday means bacon……………and bacon means ME.    I think it’s time I acknowledge the possibility that my little world revolves around the crispy goodness of my weekend Bacon-o-rama.    AND, I also acknowledge that I’m NOT the only one who loves the stuff.   I know – because you’ve told me – that MANY of you are as excited when you smell that porky goodness as I am !   Lift those sniffers in the air and smell that bacon and run like the wind to the kitchen where you sit by Mom (or Dad’s) feet looking up – with “THE LOOK” on your faces hoping they see you and give you just a little bit of BACON!

Since I know I’m not the only one…………….and because I think it deserves to be broadcast far and wide when we admit we are hooked on the stuff,  I have started a new club, and this is our badge.   If you are like me, you will be proud to show that you are a member of my Bacon Buddies…………someone with discriminating taste who knows the wonderfulness that is BACON.   Please feel free to take this and post or blog about it…………….CLAIM YOUR LOVE OF BACON!


I haven’t worked out all the details but we probably should plan a Bacon Convention.   Bacon deserves a convention in its’ honor don’t you think?   Heck, for all I know someone has already thought of that……I’ll have to do some research – meanwhile, it’s Saturday so it’s time to BEG for bacon!


Sammy, Club President

Bacon?  Do I smell BACON?????

Bacon? Do I smell BACON?????

Fantastic Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!   We had such a wonderful day yesterday that even with some rain in our forecast for today, my good mood is holding true into this morning – yep – I’m a happy guy.  I got tons of sun time yesterday with my Mom and Dad on the front porch and even had a few munches of the green out in my front yard.   You know I love my greens almost as much as I love my BACON!

Speaking of bacon, I received an award from my Cousin Bacon (you know Bacon of course but did you know we’re Cousins?  Yep – we sure are!).   The award was a “combo” and I’ve received both of them before BUT not in combination and one of them has a different “look” so I’m pretending like it’s NEW!   Here’s what he nominated me for:

Dragons Loyalty Award (I have this award but it looks different!)

Dragons Loyalty Award (I have this award but it looks different!)

I have this one too.....but I'm glad someone thinks I'm LOVELY!

I have this one too…..but I’m glad someone thinks I’m LOVELY!

The rules say I have to give seven random facts about myself.  Well I can’t imagine that there’s ANYTHING about me that you don’t already know but here goes anyway!

  1. I can run like the wind in my dreams (Mom says my paws really MOVE when I’m asleep and dreaming!) but these days I can’t really run anymore.  The best I can do is walk pretty darn fast – my arthritis has slowed me down a bit!
  2. My Dad is in charge of giving me treats – if he goes to bed at night and forgets to leave me a few to last me until morning (!) I put a special toy by his chair.  It’s a little red rubber ring and my Mom calls it “THE RING OF DOOM” because the only time I give it to Dad is when he’s forgotten to put treats by his chair for me!!
  3. I absolutely LOVE to be brushed.  Any time – anywhere.  It puts me right to sleep.
  4. I’m fierce when it comes to the barky beagles next door.  If they see me in my back yard they bark and whine and scream and I just give them “THE LOOK” and ignore them.  I think it drives them crazy!
  5. I like my Mom to carry me around and let me look out the windows in the house.  Being up higher instead of low to the ground I see stuff I wouldn’t normally see and I always purrrr real loud because it’s so cool!
  6. I don’t like to wear a collar BUT I let my Mom put my harness on me when she takes me outside in the dark (early mornings usually) for a bit of a walk.
  7. Other things (besides bacon) that I love are a tiny dab of butter once in a while, a cooked shrimp, and moths (yes moths!).

And I honestly think that MOST of my friends have these awards already but if ANY of you don’t – and would like to have them – please take them with my complete blessing!!!!   Just remember to confess seven things to us in your blog because we’re nosy and we love to hear stuff that may be blackmail-worthy in the future…………..hehhehhehheh……….

Have a pawsome Friday…………I’ll be thinking of you as I hide from the MONSTER – it’s cleaning day around here – AGAIN!

Oh what the heck....since Mom's cleaning I guess I'll do some cleaning too!!!

Oh what the heck….since Mom’s cleaning I guess I’ll do some cleaning too!!!

Hugs, Sammy

‘Twas A Windy Wednesday

Oh boy oh boy was it one windy day yesterday…………..in fact it’s been windy for SEVERAL days now and I’m worried about how the beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington, DC are gonna make it.  This weekend is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival parade and the blooms are supposed to be “at peak”……….it’s been a real struggle for them this year with the super long winter and now the winds of April – they showed them live on the news this morning (the blossoms that is) and while some were open, most were in tight little buds like they had their sweaters on because of the cold.

Now THIS is windy!

Now THIS is windy!

It’s one of the busiest times in Washington, DC……………my Mom and Dad and I live about an hour and a half away from THE BIG CITY (and we’re fine with that!)…..and Mom and Dad haven’t even been to D.C. in YEARS.   It’s a shame but it’s just not easy getting THERE from HERE……….the highway system for a big city is not at all user friendly – there’s nowhere to park – they want you to take public transportation BUT out here where we are that means taking a train to the underground to a bus……it’s not gonna happen (so says my folks).   SO, instead of enjoying the museums and all the monuments and stuff in person they watch it all on the local news.  It’s safer and you don’t have to worry if you have a sweater or an umbrella or the right change for the Metro.  I say they’re just a couple of WIENIES!   See what they’re missing????


This is how they looked LAST year at the Tidal Basin!

This is how they looked LAST year at the Tidal Basin!

DC is a beautiful city – well a lot of it is anyway – around the Mall……..but once you get out of that general area, it’s every man, woman, dog, cat and bird for themselves.

There are some fun places to visit though….like the Spy Museum.  Did you know there was such a thing?  Oh yeah……….back when it first opened some friends of my Mom and Dad were going and invited my parents along……it was super interesting – they’ve got some really cool exhibits there.


Washington, DC is a beautiful city and you’d think being this close my parents would be going there often but they much prefer living in “the country” – it’s quiet here – it’s “horse country” – lots of open space and the mountains are only about an hour away – my folks would MUCH rather drive along Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge than go into town and hope they don’t get mugged.   Sad isn’t it.   I say they’re just WIENIES.   But they’re MY wienies and I love them.



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