The Last Bacon Saturday Before Santa

Yes today is the very last “bacon day” before Santa Paws visits me…………….I suppose that should mean EXTRA bacon???  ****yells into kitchen, “Ma…..extra bacon purrrlease!”****   On Christmas morning Mom will be making sausage gravy and biscuits which is a long-standing (since Mom was a little girl) tradition for her on Christmas morning.  Her Dad ALWAYS made sausage gravy and biscuits for the family Christmas morning and Mom still does that………………..BUT this year she’s adding bacon for ME!   What a Mom right?

Speaking of my Grandfather, Elfvis was acting VERY strange yesterday – he was actually NICE all day…….posed for some photos without getting into any trouble……he even posted by a photo of my Grandfather (Mom’s Dad) which I thought was rather nice of him.

My Grandad's high school graduation photo.

My Grandad’s high school graduation photo.

Then he posed again sitting on one of Mom’s old-fashioned Santa figures in the foyer – he didn’t pull Santa’s beard or ANYTHING….just sat there nicely!

An old-timey Santa with a NEW Elfvis!

An old-timey Santa with a NEW Elfvis!

After that he popped up on the front door wreath outside (and it was cold so that was brave)…….I’m not sure why he’s behaving…..could this be the CALM before the STORM?

Ding Dong...Elfvis calling!

Ding Dong…Elfvis calling!

Anyway, I do want to tell you about a really cool new blog that’s been started by my pal Easy and several other bloggers where we can all go to ONE SPOT and hear about all the animals in the BIG blogosphere who need the Power of the Paw (or POTP as we say).   It’s called BLOGVILLEPOTP and you can visit by clicking the POTP photo below.   There’s a spot on the sidebar to report anyone you know who might need help of any kind – sometimes just getting an email message helps……………..The Cat Blogosphere is GREAT for passing on the word when a kitty needs us but this will be for everyone!   Great idea Easy…………right now you can’t sign up to follow it via email but I’ve made a suggestion they add that as an option.

The new POTP Blog photo

The new POTP Blog photo

Before I forget, here’s the lastest photo of my our Christmas cards.   This isn’t including all those ecards I’ve shown you – this is an ABUNDANCE of love if you ask me and I thank each and every one of you who sent ME a card no matter via email or snail mail…….and my Mom and Dad thank everyone (well all five of you….hahahaha) for THEIR cards too.   Tee Hee

All round the entry AND both doors.....WOW

All round the entry AND both doors…..WOW

Well if you’ll excuse me I smell bacon…………………it’s calling me……………… needs ME and I need IT so I’m off.   I hope you have a grand Saturday……………….I know I will!

Hugs, Sammy


Furabulous Friday

Hello World!   We made it through another week and a BIG week it was………………next week this time, we’ll all still be recovering from the holiday or maybe we’ll be resting up for New Year’s Eve?   Probably a little of both!

I’m happy to report that my stocking by the fireplace is full of lumps AND Mom assures me that none of them at coal.   I’ll believe it on Christmas morning when I at last get to find out for myself (not that I don’t trust you Mom…..).


See that stocking on the left side of the fireplace with the snowman on it?  That's MINE!

See that stocking on the left side of the fireplace with the snowman on it? That’s MINE!


According to the great weather prophets we will have RAIN next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so chances are BIG that we will have a WET Christmas and not a WHITE one.  That’s OK……we have had white Christmases in the past………… this:

This was LAST year at Christmas!

This was LAST year at Christmas!

Since I plan on being INSIDE all day on Christmas anyway (snoopervising the preparation of the turkey dinner feast my Mom and Dad will have Christmas Day) I won’t mind some rain.   Just means I can sleep in those boxes that will be left lying around after all the “present opening” so I’ll be JUST FINE.

Crammed in a Christmas box!

Crammed in a Christmas box!

Are your family going to desert you for Christmas or will you get to have them home?    I’m glad mine will be home because I know there will be a lot of bacon for breakfast on Christmas morning and you know where there’s BACON there’s ME!

Me and Mom cookin' bacon last Christmas morning!

Me and Mom cookin’ bacon last Christmas morning!

Happy Friday!   I’m in such a good mood today I don’t even mind if it’s MONSTER DAY!

Hugs, Sammy


Christmas Card Update

I’m starting to get so excited about Santa Paws coming…………..Mom promised to make some cookies for him and I’ll leave him some eggnog so when he arrives Christmas Eve at my house, he’ll feel welcome!   We’re even going to make sure the fire in the fireplace is LONG GONE OUT before we go to bed – I wouldn’t want to scorch Santa’s pants.

Excited?  Oh yeah!

Excited? Oh yeah!

Thought I’d show you my Christmas card collection so far…………….Mom and Dad are QUITE envious as I have about five times the number they have (tee hee).   What can I say?  I’ve got a lot of friends!!!!!     These are just the ecards – I have a bunch of snail mail cards too…….THANKS EVERYBODY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In fact, now that I think about it – it’s a “Thankful Thursday”……….and I really AM thankful for all my friends…………….HOLIDAY  HUGS ALL AROUND!

Love, Sammy Claws


P.S.   One of my Scouting friends has just started her blog!  Won’t you stop by and welcome her to the blogosphere????  Foxy is her name and her blog is HERE!

P.S.S.   As is the way of the world, as one new friend arrives in the blogosphere, another one says farewell.   My friend Kyla the Scottie crossed the Bridge yesterday.  Her “Highland Games” were so much fun and many of you pawticipated in the Caber Toss that I hosted…..Kyla loved every minute of the Games.  She was a new friend but I will miss her like an old friend.  You can visit her blog HERE.

Teaser Tell All


Happy Wednesday and as usual, the agony of WAITING is over and I can tell you that not only did we have a bunch of RIGHT guesses, but we have a new “contender” for beginning to collect “First Right Guesser” badges!   But first…….here’s the photo I showed you yesterday:


My Guest Teaser was my very own Aunt Carol!   Mother of two shih tzus and my Mom’s sister…………..(woot woot)……………she sent this photo in and it’s one she took from the Santa Barbara City Hall looking down on the beautiful tiled roofs of Santa Barbara, California!    Here’s the building so you can imagine the above view from up there!


 Thank you Auntie Carol – THIS is yours (even though I know you don’t blog you STILL win!!!!):

Thanks My Three Moggies!

Thanks Auntie Carol!



My FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was my buddy and pal Marty from Marty The Manx !   (can I get a round of applause for Marty since it’s his first time at being FIRST and RIGHT???).

**Roaring Thunderous Applause**

And you also get this little December Gem of a badge Marty:


Those of you who also guessed Santa Barbara, California get this one:


And all of you who were way off base or had no idea WHATSOEVER get the December version of the BIG GREENIE!


Thanks for playing along everyone.  I just love Tuesday Teasers……………Thanks Auntie Carol for making this a good one – we had some interesting guesses this time for sure!

You will only have TWO MORE chances to win a special December Teaser Badge everyone – so make sure you tune in next week for more DRAMA and TRAUMA (you know you love it).

HUGS, Your Teaser Extraordinaire



"Oh Christmas Tree....Oh Christmas Tree......Christsmas 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

Tuesday Teaser


Neither rain, nor sleet, nor holidays will keep Tuesday Teaser from showing up in your inbox!   How’s THAT for dedication hmmmm????   AND, not only that, but I didn’t tell you it would be a Guest Teaser but it is!

Remember the rules……….I want to know where someone took this picture – what town in what state or country????   Got it?   OK – here we go – here’s your photo!


Should you be fortunate enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………you will get my brand new, totally amazingly fabulous First Right Guesser award which will be here for the month of December only – that means you have FEW chances to win it right?  So hurry up and guess!   We go back to the old style badges after December……..


If you’re right but not FIRST, you still get a fab December badge………..


If you are in the “I haven’t got the slightest idea” OR the “I’m guessing but I probably am wrong” category, you get THIS little beauty!


Can’t lose can you…………but you COULD hurry up and guess and maybe be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……..I’ll try to email you and let you know if you’re the WIENER (oops, I mean winner).


Sammy the Tease


Uhoh Elfvis

Some of you have been asking me “where’s ELFVIS???” and I reminded you that Mom banished him to the top of her armoire a week or so ago to keep him out of trouble.  Well, Elfvis is nothing if not resourceful (and evil) so SOMEHOW he managed to get down and here’s what he got up to today!

First of all Mom walked into her bedroom just in time to see that Elfvis had obviously helped himself to her jewelry box……not only was he all “blinged up” with some of her bracelets but he had a BAG full of earrings and other assorted gems.  Unacceptable behavior Elfvis!   Never bite the hand that feeds you (or raid the jewelry box of the lady who hasn’t put you in the garbage disposal yet).

Evidence Photo #1


THEN, my Dad went into his study and found THIS.   First of all this plane is one that my Dad built when he was a boy so you know the thing is older than dirt and rather delicate… it was an insult to find Elfvis sitting on the prop pretending to be a daredevil of the skies.  NO NO NO Elfvis – even I, who have lived here for almost 15 years, knows NOT TO TOUCH DADDY’S STUFF!!

Evidence Photo #2


Lastly (at least as far as we know at the time of this post!) I discovered Elfvis sitting on the bookshelf where the Christmas village thing is set up……..he decided that he was going to steal one of the little trees to have as his very own.   It would have been acceptable if he’d ASKED first – and after all, in the true spirit of Christmas maybe we SHOULD let him have his own tree (it might keep him out of ours!), but he didn’t ask – he was just TAKING!   NO NO NO Elfvis.

Evidence Photo #3


Right now he’s back up on the armoire and Mom had to “restrain” him… we’re hoping that we get at least a few days reprieve before he figures out how to get back down again and wreak havoc again.

Meanwhile, did you know that tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY?   Well it is!   And remember I have those FANTABULOUS newly designed December badges in the offing for those of you who are lucky enough to remember to show up tomorrow to take a peek at the photo(s).  Where will we be going this week to try and stump you?  I’m not tellin’ and Elfvis isn’t either because I think Mom put a gag on him in addition to the restraints.  HAHAHA

Don’t bother calling the Elf union about the way he’s being treated here because when they heard Elfvis was here all they had to say was “GOOD LUCK”…………not “we’re sending an attorney” !!!!!

Have a super Monday!

Hugs, Sammy the Elf Watcher