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Telling The Tale

Well my friends, it would seem that no matter WHEN I post the Teaser – no matter what “surprise” time I should happen to choose – Leo is THERE.   Now that doesn’t necessarily mean Leo is RIGHT – but he’s THERE.   What about this week you may ask?    This week our friend Easy was actually FIRST to post but his answer didn’t come into the blog until AFTER “YOU KNOW WHO” posted his guess!

Before we get to that…..here’s the two photos again………..


First of all, THANK YOU AND BIG SAMMY HUG to our good friend Michelle from My Three Moggies who was this week’s wonderful Guest Teaser.   Her fab husband had taken her to this gorgeous spot on a special occasion and she squeezed in a wonderful photo or two and a video to “TELL ALL”………….so without further ado, here’s Michelle to tell you WHERE she was when she took the photos!!

She said she really tried to send me photos that had no clues but Leo’s been everywhere in this universe (and probably several others!) and knows so many places.   Michelle, you get this little present from me since you did my Guest Teaser this week – thank you and big kisses from me!


Congratulations Leo of WalkToRio2016 - here’s your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award………….

First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

However, Leo was NOT by a long stretch the only one to guess correctly – no no no – there were a bunch of you who guessed Ireland and many who guessed Dungiven Castle even which was the EXACT location for the Teaser this week.  So you get this!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Feeling left out?  Didn’t have a clue?  No worries – you still get something for your time and trouble!


Know what else?  Mom’s mystery novel in Kindle format is selling like hotcakes for a few more days before the special promotion is over with………..lots of you have hopped on board the “Mystery Train” to read Mom’s great book but if you haven’t – what are you waiting for??????   Here’s the link – what else can you possibly buy for NINETY-NINE CENTS and get that much fun from????  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00COTS552

Love and Hugs,



Tuesday Teaser

WOO HOO…………..it’s that time again (well you don’t know the TIME of course because it’s TOP SECRET) for the Tuesday Teaser……….and this week we have another GUEST TEASER………..yep – Mom and Dad did not take these little gems but a friend of mine did and you’ll find out all about that tomorrow!!


Meanwhile……………are you ready to take a gander at TWO photos and give me your best shot as to where they were snapped???   HMM???  OK – here we go………………


You know by now (and if you don’t know by now where have you been for the past three years????) that whoever guesses where these photos were taken (city/town AND country/state) FIRST, will get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award – isn’t it fabulous?    I know it’s a lot easier when I say “just tell me the state or country” BUT you must tell me the CITY/TOWN as well – got it??????


First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

If you guess correctly but you aren’t first (and let’s face it only one peep can be FIRST) you still get to claim that you knew the Teaser with this pawsome badge:


Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Clueless?  Lost in space?  Didn’t guess right or hadn’t even an idea where the photo was taken?   If that’s you, then you still get this!


SEE???  Everybody’s a winner around here……………..life is good right???   GOOD LUCK everyone……………


P.S.  Today is day two of my Mom’s mystery book being on sale for $.99 in Kindle Version!  Better hop on that ASAP before the sale’s over!!!

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00COTS552    THIS IS THE PLACE!!!!!!!

Extra! Extra! Mom’s Book

Just a quick note to say Mom’s pawticipating in a super special deal with Kindle for the Kindle version of her mystery novel “The Mystery of David’s Bridge”………………for another FIVE DAYS, the book will be available for a TEENY TINY ITSY BITSY price (Kindle version only) of NINETY-NINE CENTS…….that’s right…….you heard it here first……..amazing isn’t it?   Now if there are any peeps out there who haven’t read her book – it’s definitely worth ninety nine cents so download it immediately if not sooner………

Who doesn’t like a mystery???

The Mystery of David's Bridge

The Mystery of David's Bridge

Buy from Amazon

Pawsome?  I thought you’d think so…………spread the word…………!!

Sammy, Son of Famous Author :)






Hi Everybody!  Hope you all had a good weekend…………….sorry I whined yesterday about having to take medicine from now – I should be really grateful that I reached the ripe old age of 14 and never had a medical issue – finally my age is catching up to me.  At least I can take a pill for hyperthyroidism!   I am LUCKY!

Now, here’s the reason for the subject being SunSHINE.    Last week my buddy and pal and fellow Scout Raz of Friends Furever Cat Blog gave me an award – the “Shine On Award” – which is another one I already have but in my new policy of INSTANT REPLAY of all the awards I already have but am enjoying all over again, I’m going for it again!!    First of all, thank you Raz for thinking of me.  This is one of my favorite designs on any blog award – I like how “artsy” it is and how it really does SHINE!


The rules for accepting this award are:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. 

2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.

3. Share 7 random facts about yourself. 

4. Nominate up to 15 other blogs for the award.

Well seven random facts should be easy to do!    Although since I just recently gave you a big pile of facts (randomly of course) about me, I’ll have to try to get seven NEW facts……so here goes:

  1. When I was a baby, I had one of those stretchy on a cord toys and Mom had put it on a doorknob for me to play with.  She left the room for a few minutes and when she came back I had the cord wrapped around my neck a couple of times from batting the toy in the air – and Mom realized immediately just how DANGEROUS those toys on a stretchy cord can be so no more of those for yours truly.
  2. Also when I was little I used to walk with my Mom down into our woods to where a great big old oak tree had fallen down on the ground before we moved here.  I loved using it like a scratch post and liked to pull the old bark off.  That old tree had lots of “bald spots” on it from me pulling off the bark.  I don’t go into the woods anymore but I bet that old tree is STILL there!
  3. I love raspberry and cherry yogurt (I think I’ve told you all that before though!).
  4. I have freckles – LOTS of them – mostly on my lips, gums and eyelids but a few on my pink paw pads too.
  5. Believe it or not I have some black hairs in my ginger coat!   Mostly on my tail but a few on my back.  You have to look closely to find them but they’re there!
  6. If I could change ONE THING about my life……………………….I wouldn’t !!   Things are perfect just the way they are……….
  7. I like to walk through puddles…..not muddy ones…..just rain puddles – especially if I see a worm in it – worms are fascinating.
Ahh....this spot will be sunny for AT LEAST another hour!

Sun Shining On Me!

Now I know that almost everyone has this award and I also know that many people (a) don’t accept awards any longer or (b) just don’t have time to work on award acceptances SO, can I just say that if you would like to have the Shine On Award (even if you already have it like I do!), please take it but follow the rules and tell people seven things about yourself…….because it’s fun to learn new stuff about our friends isn’t it?

Tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER……………I might have a Guest Teaser for you but I’m waiting to receive it – if I don’t get it in time, it will be from my Mom’s photo albums!   So STAND BY……………………tomorrow’s Teaser will of course be at a SURPRISE TIME!!!!

Hugs and Happy Monday

Sammy (who is


…..and ON)

Sorta Silent Sunday

Bloodwork from vet check came back……this old guy in good shape


Gonna have to take thyroid meds (hyperthyroidism) in addition to Cosequin for my achey-breaky arthritis.  YUCK


But I’m gonna be good and take my pills……I promise!  


My Vet Survival Course

Hello everyone!  All that whining yesterday about having to go to the Vet?  I just did that for the sympathy vote….yeah……sure…..I’m here this morning to tell you that not only am I having a nice bacon-feast this morning as usual BUT I survived the vet visit yesterday using my handy dandy sure-fire method.


What would that be?  Well here’s what I call “Sammy’s Vet Survival Course” – take notes.

Why being adorable of course.  I greeted the receptionist – a lady named Ginger who I’ve known my entire 14 years – and had a conversation with her – a little chit chat while she asked me how I’d been, and how I was feeling, etc. – she and I are pals you know.  I had HER on my side from the beginning!   Then she introduced me to the vet tech who was going to assist my doc.   I gave her the wink – that works every time – and one gentle yet suitably pitiful meow.  Mom almost laughed because she knew I was working my “Sammy Whammy Magic” on the tech.  She was all oooey-gooey “oh he’s beautiful and SOOOO sweet and EVER so good!!!!”…….I got the feeling most cats that go in there are practically wild animals compared to sweet little me.

We had to wait a bit for the doc but I had a private room.  She weighed me (I wasn’t very happy standing on that wiggly scale) then I lay down on the exam table where we had to wait for a while – she asked questions, etc. and Mom noticed that I was almost asleep by the end of the questioning session.  Then the doc came in………..he remembered me of course – he’s a bit harder to charm – but I was aiming to have HIM in the palm of my paw too so I gave him the soft meow thing.  He loved it……he talked back to me…….gave me a VERY thorough body check………when I say thorough I mean thorough.  He and Mom chatted about how necessary ALL those shots I’ve had my whole life were – he felt I still needed the 3-year Rabies booster (not due yet though) and the Felv yearly shot.   So I got those……..then they talked blood work – he felt seniors should have blood work every couple of years although he DID say my blood work two years ago didn’t show anything of concern!  YAY!   Still I got the sticky thing in my neck……….but I behaved SOOOO well.

Then he and Mom talked about my arthritis – over the counter stuff (he said) generally doesn’t have enough “medicine” in it to do any good but most of the over the counters wouldn’t HURT – and may even help if symptoms were mild.  Anyway, he suggested we try Cosequin for a while to see if I appear to get any benefit from it.  He said my range of motion on all my joints was VERY good so he was surprised Mom said I was having problems with discomfort (but she can tell these things when I go up and down stairs!)………so we’re gonna try this stuff.

Today the result of my blood work will be told to my Mom………..I’ll be sure and report that to all of you adoring fans…….meanwhile, my suggestion on surviving the vet consists of these things:

1.  Flirt shamelessly with all office staff…….

2.  Be cooperative when the doctor examines you – biting would not be a good idea!

3.  Look as pitiful and adorable as possible through the entire procedure – start to finish.

They followed me out to the car telling me how wonderful I had been – man oh man – talk about eating out of your hand?  They were!!! BIG TIME

That’s my story – tune in tomorrow for Silent Sunday (and maybe some blood results!).

HUGS, Sammy (with a couple of extra holes in him from the needles)



It’s That Time Again!

Yep – Mom doesn’t think I heard her on the phone yesterday but I did………….she made the appointment for my annual checkup with Doc Rethman – two shots and complete blood work up for a senior (did someone say SENIOR???!!!!).

This is where I go and this is my doctor………….

My doctor!

My doctor!

Animal Medical Center of Warrenton

Animal Medical Center of Warrenton

Now because I’m not supposed to know about this, I’ll act perfectly normal and adorable ALL DAY LONG (my appointment is at 4PM) but around 3:30PM I will find the most “impossible to find me” kind of place I can in this house – wait and see – it will be some spot I’ve never been before – Mom will not have a clue – Dad will not have a clue – and when I feel the panic level rising in the house to detonation strength (hahaha) I’ll casually stroll out of my spot and be nabbed by Mom, harnessed and leashed up and taken out to the Blazer for my ride to doom.

I hate being a car………I’m sure you know that by now…….HATE HATE HATE it.   But once I get to the vet I cooperate fully – Mom’s always very proud of me.  Dad waits in the car (chicken!) for us to come out afterwards.   Hopefully we won’t have to wait in the waiting room too long……..we ALWAYS have to wait…….they get emergencies sometimes.   Mom holds me tight in her lap and I hide my head under her arm…..or I sit plastered against her tummy and chest and stare out the window behind the seat she sits in – wishing it would all go away!!!!!!

These guys know what I’m talking about………….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So as nice as Dr. Rethman is, I know they will be poking, prodding, sticking me and I will come home exhausted and semi-hairless (because I shed like mad in the car or when I’m stressed out)…….and I’ll go hide and recover somewhere quiet.  Eventually I’ll make an appearance and there will be cooing and cuddling and hugging and smoooshy stuff and of course some treats but I usually pout for at least a couple of days.  Hey – I don’t want them to know that secretly I don’t mind going to the vet.  The lady who works behind the desk is named GINGER…..and she calls me her special boy because I’m ginger…..AND she gives me a treat!!!

I’ll tell you all the gory details when I’ve recovered.  Not that you really need to hear them – you’ve all been through it I’m sure………..NOT USUALLY OUR FINEST HOUR………

Happy Friday

Sammy the Not-so-Patient Patient!

Pee Ess……for your viewing entertainment,  be advised that I am sponsoring a Drive-In Movie Night at the Tabby Cat Club today!  If you want to see some photos stop by and have a peekie!


Hot ‘N Humid

WOWZERS………………..we’re certainly being slammed with our usual summer weather – hot and humid – although just for yesterday we had a break………..the high was 80!   That was a real treat.  But normally it’s ICKY outside.  VERY.

Apparently I’m not the only one suffering from the heat lately though – - – - this crew looks not one bit happy to be feeling the heat either but at least they have ways of DEALING with it……………

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s the message in today’s blog?  Keep cool……………….sooner or later it’ll rain (like it does here) and it will cool things down a bit…………..then of course there are those of you on the other side of the planet who are getting the beginning of your Winter – know what?  It sounds GOOD to me today………..HAHAHAHA     Before I leave I simply must share this riduclous photo of me that my Mom did last summer when it was HOT HOT HOT…..you all seemed to get nightmares from seeing it – wanna try for another night of bad dreams????????????????   (TEE HEE)

Could this be a moon creature?

Could this be a moon creature?

Happy Thursday Dudes and Dudettes!


Teaser Tell All

It’s Teaser Tell All Time!


That’s right – we had a very active and lively (!) day yesterday when everyone saw the surprise Teaser and began tossing out their guesses…………..there were a ton of good ones too – but there was only one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and we’ll get to that in a minute.  First though, here’s the pretty photograph that was the subject of debate yesterday!


Where is this???   Why it’s Catalina Island Camp on Catalina Island, California………..a really beautiful shot of a pretty, rather private place to enjoy some clear water and warm sunshine.  SEVERAL of you guessed it right – within an hour of the post popping up in fact but it was pretty early on with one of my Teaser Frequent Flyers (haha) guessed it right – who was that?  Why Leo of WalkToRio2016 and Doggy’s Style, that’s who!    So Leo you get this my friend:

First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

As I said though there were a bunch of you who guessed Catalina Island……………and all of you get this!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Those of you who were lost in space (haha) or had no idea…………please accept this as a token of my appreciation for your dedication to coming by on Tuesday and taking a peek and TRYING to guess!


Who knows where we’ll land next Tuesday – could be anywhere – the only thing I can tell you FOR SURE is that it will be on Planet Earth.  That’s right – we aren’t into sharing any space adventures with you quite yet – my camera lens doesn’t have the capability for that long-range stuff AND frankly, I’m too old for space travel.  Other than the blogosphere of course – I’m an old hand at THAT kind of travel!!!


Hugs, Sammy the Tease



Tuesday Teaser

YAY!   Here’ it is…………….the day you’ve been waiting for……………Tuesday…………time to be TEASED!

Today’s is another “non-Guest” Teaser……….and as usual you have all day today to agonize over where the photo was snapped – send in your answer and keep your fingers/paws, etc. crossed that you guess right so you can win a badge of glory (or maybe it’s just a badge without glory??).



 So tell me WHERE this photo was snapped………..town/country/city and state or country………got it?  C’mon, you can do it………….gimme your best shot!   You can win one of these if you guess……..am I tempting you yet???  Hmmm???


Good luck – I think you can handle it…………yep – sure do……………..bon voyage!


Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed

I’ll wait here for your guess to arrive in my inbox!

Your Teaser Dude, Sammy

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