Teaser Tell All

Hi Everybody!!!   Did you enjoy the Teaser yesterday???    I hope so……………lots of people were thrown by the mountains in that photo………..they thought they recognized the city but the mountains didn’t seem RIGHT for the city they wanted to guess.

Here’s the photo again then I’ll give you the SCOOP!


If you guessed the photo was of beautiful Santiago, Chile you were RIGHT!      Founded in 1541, Santiago has been the capital city since colonial times. The city has a downtown core of 19th century neoclassical architecture and winding side-streets, dotted by art deco, neo-gothic, and other styles. Santiago’s cityscape is shaped by several stand-alone hills and the fast-flowing Mapocho River, lined by parks such as Parque Forestal. Mountains of the Andes chain can be seen from most points in the city. These mountains contribute to a considerable smog problem, particularly during winter. The city outskirts are surrounded by vineyards, and Santiago is within a few hours of both the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

While several of you guessed it was Santiago, Chile, the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Misaki !!   That’s right – Misaki’s Mom’s brother had visited Santiago and she recognized the skyline and backdrop……….and she was the FIRST to guess so she gets this!


You other lucky folks who knew it was Santiago, Chile get this!


And the rest of you who valiantly guessed and didn’t guess correctly OR didn’t have any idea whatsoever WHERE the photo was taken get this!


And because he insisted on getting SOMETHING (and even suggested the name of that “something”) I’m presenting the following to Leo:



Wasn’t that fun????   Next week who knows where my paw will land on the spinning globe of Teaser locations!!!!!


I want to thank my buddy and Cousin Bacon again for allowing me the honor to be the guest advisor on “Dear Sammy” for his blog yesterday.  It was a blast and thanks to all of you for the swell comments.  You thought I did a good job advising and that WAS what I wanted to do!!!     This is for YOU my friend!!



 We Return You Now To

Your Regular Programming (tee hee)


Tuesday Teaser and “Ask Sammy”

Hello!!!!   Welcome to another frustrating challenging Tuesday Teaser……….time to dust off your computer screens, get those glasses cleaned from all the food you splattered on them at your Passover or Easter feasts and GUESS!

Today’s photo is not a Guest Teaser either……………and I’m not sure how many of you like to see skyline photos but this is one and I think it’s a doozy.   Are you ready?????


Now whoever guesses what city this is in the photo FIRST will win the First Right Guesser award (and you KNOW you want it!!!!):


Whoever guesses right but isn’t first in doing so, will win this little award:


And the rest of you – whether you guessed or hadn’t a clue, may feel free to swipe this from my blog:


So step right up folks and GUESS!!!


Now – for another exciting thing to do today (just in case you were worried you might be bored today after guessing the Teaser!)………….my buddy, my pal, my Cousin, Bacon the Pig is featuring YOURS TRULY on his “Ask Bacon” advice column today…….however it’s not “Ask Bacon” today – it’s “Ask Sammy”……….yes indeed, five sad souls have sent in their tales of woe and I have done my BESTEST to help them with my advice.    You can visit Bacon to see what sage wisdom and insightful comments I make to these peeps.   Just click the Doctor Sammy icon below and be magically transported to Bacon’s blog!


Doctor Sammy can help you with that!!

Doctor Sammy can help you with that!!

So that should be enough fun for your morning – now get back to work before the boss sees you, OR, go back to sleep and pull the covers over your head, OR, go outside and run around the block a few times to get rid of all that energy………OR, continue visiting your blogging buddies!!!!!   I’ll see you tomorrow for the Teaser Tell All!!!

Happy Tuesday you Teaser Buds!  

Hugs, Sammy






Weekend Wrap-Up

Whew!   Did Easter exhaust you as much as it did me?  Well, we were pretty busy around here and while it was all FUN and the Bunny brought treats, my parents were on the go and I didn’t get a lot of time with them.  I’m glad it’s Monday.  Time for some catching up.

First I have a few pix from my Mom’s trip to visit her sister – my Auntie Carol – last week and I wanted to show you my Cousins……Shih Tsus Mollye, and Toby.   Mollye only has one eye because when my Aunt rescued her, she’d been a puppy mill Mommy all her life and had no vet care…..she had glaucoma very bad in one eye and also never had dental care so Aunt Carol had her work cut out for her but Mollye is one great big sweetie love bug.   She has problems ambulating because she was kept in a cage all her life just having puppies so her little legs had quite an adjustment to make when she could run and walk like a normal pup!   Anyway, she’s doing just fine………and her big brother Toby takes good care of his sister!  They are great friends and very close.

MollyeApril2014 TobyApril2014

Then of course we had Easter!  This is me and my Easter basket the Bunny very kindly brought to me.  I know many of you wanted to know how my Dad did with the big Easter Bunny egg hunt………well, he found ALL the eggs thanks to my help and a bit of help from Mom.   Mom and I hid the eggs in the basement before Dad got up and I helped Mom pick some GREAT spots……it took my Dad about 45 minutes to find 11 eggs!!   HAHAHA

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I hope your Easter was a goodie?  If you don’t celebrate Easter I hope you had a fabulous weekend anyway……………………don’t you DARE forget that tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser!!   You don’t want to forget that now do you?   The other thing about tomorrow is that I am going to be a guest on my good buddy and Cousin (haha) Bacon the pig’s blog tomorrow.  You know his regular column “Dear Bacon” where he gives advice to animals who have problems of all kinds???  Well, I’m doing a guest spot for him tomorrow.  Five distraught animals have sent letters to Cousin Bacon and I’m stepping in to answer their questions or solve their problems for them tomorrow!  Make sure and visit Bacon’s blog Tuesday to see how I’ve tried to help these five poor lost souls find their way………………… ;)

Guess that’s about it for me for a Monday………………..see you tomorrow???  The Teaser will be waiting for you………..and you know you don’t want to miss that!!



Silent Easter Sunday

From My Family To Yours…

Happy Easter and TONS of Hugs!


Pre-Easter Day!

Hippity Hoppity



It’s the day before the Bun lands…..that’s right – the EB (stands for Easter Bunny OR Elusive Bunny) will be making rounds tomorrow in the wee hours………and many of my friends have been on the search for the REAL EB…….to no avail.  I think he leads a very secluded life and looking for him is an impossibility!   Now I know that Easter means SO MUCH more than bunnies and eggs and candy and treats…..it’s about something HUGE that happened long, long ago that is much more significant than eggs.


But in my little life, on Easter morning the Bunny leaves me an Easter basket and even more fun than that, I get to watch my Dad running around the house in his pajamas looking for HIS Easter eggs…….trust me…….it’s definitely worth getting excited about.

Mom is expressly forbidden from taking photos of this event……it’s one of those urban legends that will remain a legend and I’ll just have to describe the scene to you on Easter Sunday for you to “get” the experience.

The egg hunting thing happens before ANYTHING ELSE on Easter Sunday.   That’s right – ANYTHING (except of course me getting my breakfast).   Dad will stumble around the basement with his basket searching for the eggs the EB left him during the night, THEN my parents have Easter morning breakfast, then go to church, then come home and Mom prepares “THE BIG MEAL”……this year it’s turkey and trimmings!   Oh boy – I do enjoy a bit of the bird on rare occasions.

Not everyone celebrates Easter of course…………….many of my friends are celebrating Passover…….which began April 14th and will end April 22nd.    I celebrate with everyone………..but for me, Easter is almost here and I just can’t WAIT to find out what the EB brings me this year in my little basket!   Maybe bacon???????





Flashback Friday

Ya musta been a beautiful baby…..!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love my life!! 

Happy Flashback Friday!!  


I'll just stay inside and play all day......

One Spoiled Cat

Yep – that’s me alright………….spoiled?  You betcha…………………..and loving every minute of it.   I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve definitely got Mom wrapped around my paw and Dad’s semi-wrapped (in many ways…hahaha), but no matter WHAT, I am truly “one spoiled cat”.

Spoiled?  Oh yeah!!!!

Spoiled? Oh yeah!!!!

I can stand at ANY of the doors in the house (including all closets and pantries) and just with the right squeaky sound emanating from my tabby tonsils Mom will come allow me access to said closed off area.  Yep – just like that.  Of course I keep her on her toes by occasionally just looking at her like “you thought I wanted to go IN there?  Nope, just wanted you to open the door!”………….sneaky huh?

Sam Standing at Front Door

OUT please!

I can be down in the basement after using my (ahem) FACILITIES down there and from the bottom of the basement steps can let loose a certain melodious sound and Mom knows I’m requesting her immediate assistance in the removal of whatever substance(s) I just finished depositing in the FACILITY down there.  How’s THAT for service??????

I can come up to Mom and Dad at the dinner table and NEVER say one word – or utter one single sound – or even give them “THE LOOK” and occasionally I will be rewarded with a tiny sliver of whatever it was that caught my attention from their dinner.  I would never stoop to outwardly BEG – oh no – but being one spoiled cat, I feel that I should at least be given the opportunity to see what’s on their plate.  What’s a “royal taster” for anyway?

So, yes, when you have perhaps wondered why my blog is called “One Spoiled Cat”……………and although you may have ASSUMED it was all about a spoiled cat – I’m here to tell you it is DEFINITELY all about me………..and I most certainly intend to be one spoiled cat for as many more years as I can – as far as I know, I’ve only used one of my NINE LIVES and this is it!!!

Awww...My Baby Picture!

Spoiled from the start – that’s me!

Happy Spoiled Thursday!


P.S.  I have a new friend named Dezi and she’d LOVE to meet all of you – stop by her blog HERE to say hello !  

She’s a service kitty who helps her Mom – what a pawsome job she has!!  

You can tell her Sammy sent you….. ;)


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