The Week That Was

It’s finally Friday!   It has seemed like a super long week……………which is weird since I am sleeping most of the time so who notices time?!?!?!   HAHA   But still, for those who have humans who are gone during the week, Friday marks the end of the big WAIT for the weekend when you can hopefully get a bit more attention paid to you – I remember those days before my parents retired!

Halleluja it's FRIDAY!

Halleluja it’s FRIDAY!

Mom was working around in her office today putting things in their proper place and saw the photos that we’ve posted and shared with you before of some of her former kitties – before I made my debut in her life!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She’s obviously had a “thing” for gingers…tee hee….Eddy was a stray who came into her life the day after her Dad passed away and she always thought her Dad sent Eddy to her because she’d be very lonely and need company.   Her Dad was right and Eddy was a great cat.   He was an important character in Mom’s mystery novel as those of you who have read her book know!

Some of you have asked if the two strays around HERE are still hanging out with us and the answer is YES.   “Stevie” and “Tina” have homes but they like eating their meals and spending some nights and days with us.  I think they know this is a truly KITTY-FRIENDLY home!!!    We have a sort of understanding – we sniff noses through the screen doors – when I’m outside and they appear we touch noses but they leave me alone and I leave them alone.  I’ve been an only kitty for 14 years and am not about to give up the throne around here…..HAHA





What else is going on at the end of this week?  Not much…………..have been busy with Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts but basically yours truly has left all THAT work up to my Mom while I sleep my days away.  I’m being very good with my medication – love love LOVE that raspberry yogurt so much I don’t even notice the medicine in it!   I’m not asking for yogurt about three times a day in fact.   I’ll go sit in front of the refrigerator and try to talk it into coming out the door and into my mouth….!

I don't know who this kitty is but I bet he's looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I don’t know who this kitty is but I bet he’s looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I hope you’ve all had a good week………….please remember today is the Commentathon in honor of our dear departed Sparkle………’s for a super worthy cause so please take a moment to stop by her memorial ceremony.



Have a super Friday…….

Your Pal Sammy



Hepatic Lipidosis?…Will You Help Save This Cat?


Such a sad story as so many are… doubt Lightning is not just sick but confused…..hopefully she can continue getting the medical care she needs to fully recover and find a GOOD home – not one where she’s left to starve and get so very sick.

Originally posted on Savannah's Paw Tracks:

Thursday Purrsday…


Ahem…koff, koff…aaaahhhheeemmm…*clears throat*…

Savvy Girl

This is not my normal, nor my continuing focus for my Thursday Purrsday blog post…but…somehow…someway…the feline condition known as “Fatty Livery Disease”…which is actually “Hepatic Lipidosis“…well…adult rescue shelter cats with this presenting disease just seem to be continually showing up in my life.

….this sweet ladycat came to my attention a couple of weeks ago…and I can no longer hold back asking all my furriends, followers, acquaintances…including my feline, woofie and bunny and piggie…pals….to take a moment to consider if you might be able to help an incredible animal rescue and sanctuary begin to cover the medical costs for precious LIGHTNING….

edit 04

The beginning of Lightning’s story…as reported by Bright Haven Rescue and Sanctuaryunder whose care she thankfully had fallen…

“When she was adopted on June 18th,(at Martinez, CA Public Kill Shelter)…Lightning was a healthy 12 pounds. She was returned…

View original 258 more words


Changing The Image

So, MGM decided to change their image…………yeah, apparently that scary growling lion just HAD to go…………..they asked me if I would be interested in helping them TONE THINGS DOWN a bit……… know me – always happy to help out!!!


WHATCHA THINK???????????????????????????

P.S.  Day Two of the Tabby Cat Club riverboat trip is in action – stop by – comment – get a giggle or two!

Teaser Tell All



That was a good one as it turned out…………wasn’t it?   However we did have a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……..and several RIGHT GUESSERS as well………………so before I give you the info on won, let me show you the photos one more time!


Mom took these photos on a vacation many years ago she and my Dad took to Boston……however, the photos aren’t FROM Boston, they are ones she snapped while visiting Plimouth Plantation, near Middleboro, Massachusetts!   Here’s the website for the Plantation – it’s a really FUN website so please visit it if you have time…….. CLICK HERE.   The recreated village takes you back to the 1600’s in a really wonderful way………’s what Wikipedia said:

Plimoth Plantation is a living museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, that shows the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by English colonists, some of whom later became known as Pilgrims. They were among the first people who immigrated to America to avoid religious persecution and to seek religious separation from the Church of England.[1] It currently is a not-for-profit museum supported by admissions, contributions, grants and volunteers.[2]

It took my parents a while to visit everything – it was just so fascinating.  Everyone was in clothing of the period and were occupied doing “every day life” in the village………there was a smithy, women cooking in the homes over open fires, farming, tending livestock……everything as authentic as it could be.  If you approach one of the volunteers in costume to engage them in a chat or ask a question,  they will respond as they would have in the 1600’s.

SO – who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you want to know???  It was the Kitties Blue of The Cat On My Head!   That’s right!   This my friends is yours!

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

I’m giving an Honorable Mention to our fabulous Teaser buddy and pal, Mr. Leo because HE actually named the Plantation (although he neglected to name the town and State) – so Leo this is for you!

Sometimes someone gets THIS!

Sometimes someone gets THIS!

Everyone else who guessed right gets this one:

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

And those of you who were in the CLUELESS category get THE GREENIE!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Now wasn’t that FUN?   Let’s do this again NEXT Tuesday – what do you say?

HUGS, Sammy the Teaser


P.S.   If you’re looking for something ELSE to do today – visit the Tabby Cat Club where we’re having almost an “instant replay” of the Cat Scouts Riverboat Trip! 


Tuesday Teaser

What Time Is It? 

Teaser Time!


That day of the week you just LOVE to HATE…..hahaha…….now you regular visitors know the drill – you need to check out these two photos (Mom was being generous posting TWO this time) and see if you know where my Mom and Dad were when they snapped these……….we need the FACTS – not just the planet or solar system but the country/state, town/village/whatever……………OK?   Are we clear about that?  If you only guess ONE thing – like country for instance – you might win something but not the First Right Guesser for sure!!!   I want it all – that’s right – I’m greedy – I want the details!   (but I don’t need map coordinates…….hahaha)

READY????  SET?????   GO!


Be the very first person to guess EVERYTHING correctly, and you will win this:


For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

If you guess correctly but aren’t first, this is YOURS:


Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

If you fall flat on your adorable face and don’t know or guess and you’re ever so wrong, you still get something!


For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

If you want to tell the world that you’re a fan of the Tuesday Teaser – feel free to take this little goodie for your sidebar so the universe will know you’re one of the wacky people who loves to be tortured every Tuesday.


Tomorrow I’ll tell everyone who wins, who loses, and most importantly, WHERE THE HECK WERE THE PHOTOS TAKEN??!!!

Until then – I bid you a fond farewell

and send you a HUG

    Your Pal, Sammy

Quest Then Rest

Oh baby did I ever………..REST that is after we finished up with the Cat Scouts Quest adventure.   I was really pooped!

I thought what I’d do rather than tell you all about it in WORDS, is give you a fun slideshow – starting with Day One which began at 7:30PM on Friday night with a Knowledge Bowl (quiz about Scouts stuff) and ending Sunday around lunchtime with a ride back home from Camp in a MAGIC BUS!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was tons of fun – LOTS of work – and I slept almost all day yesterday just recovering (come to think of it my typist was a bit tuckered out too…..Thanks Mom Typist!! )    I was proud of my Troop and all four Patrols in my Troop.  We all rocked!   I kept telling everyone that they needed to relax and have fun – we had several “challenges” during the Quest – problems or situations the Denmaster gave us to resolve or work our way through…..and everyone did their BEST which was the important thing.

SO – that’s what I’ve been doing and of course you probably couldn’t care less about all that stuff, you want to know about your OWN Quest which is of course the Tuesday Teaser here on my blog – right?   Tee Hee    Well, as usual I’m not saying a word…………..not a word………… it a Guest Teaser?  Nope……….does that mean it’s a photo my Mom or Dad took themselves?  Maybe………….that’s all I’m saying – oh and just to remind you, the Teaser pops up at a random time on Tuesdays so don’t look for it until it’s ready to be delivered OK?   OK!   Just be ready with all your reference materials, maps, globes, search boxes on your computers – WHATEVER you need to try and win one of these awards!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you in the morning (or afternoon….wink wink) – I’ll just say “SEE YOU”………….

Hugs, Sammy the Tease


Silent Sunday

I think I’m too old for Cat Scouts!  I’m POOPED!


Crazy Bacon Day

It’s BACONDAY!!!!    For some fun this morning I googled “Funny Bacon Stuff”………….wanna see what popped up??????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yeah, I know – now you can say you’ve “seen it all” right?    Never fear – something else wacky in the world of bacon will come along no doubt.  Meanwhile, enjoy your bacon this morning – I’m enjoying mine!!!


Bacon-Tasting Hugs, 


Frantic Friday

Perhaps that’s slightly overstating it – FRANTIC isn’t exactly right but it goes nicely with “FRIDAY” don’t you think?????   It is a busy day………..and I’ll explain!

First of all I received an award from my buddy Travis at Lone Star Cats called the Most Influential Blogger Award:


I’m linking to Travis’s blog (above), and am supposed to post my favorite song AND pass the award on to ten other blogs.   My favorite song is an easy one – it really has been my favorite song since I heard it not that long ago.   I just love it and Mom sings bits and pieces of it around here (although to say she’s singing is a stretch – sounds more like a cat getting his tail stuck in a door):

As for the ten other blogs to pass the award on to?  Interestingly I think practically everyone I know has received this one lately so I just don’t know who might like to “run with it” so I’m opening it up to ANYONE who would like to post their favorite song, link back to me, and hopefully find ten friends that don’t already have it to send it to!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The second thing I can tell you is that starting some time today and through much of the weekend, Cat Scouts is having a QUEST.   What the heck is a Quest?  Well you may have remembered me whining telling you all about the last one we had.  It’s a series of challenges and competitions between Patrols of different Troops at Cat Scouts.   You have to know Cat Scout rules and procedures, and things like morse code and semaphore (yuck), what the Cat Scouts logo is all about, some of the SECRET stuff I can’t tell you about (tee hee), just a big pile of things that we’re all supposed to know………we also will have to hunt around the Cat Scouts site for stuff that’s hidden (one year it was animal tracks!) and try to find it first for our Patrol…….so I’ll be BUSY.   However, I will be taking my usual naps during the Quest period so my Mom has been kind enough to volunteer to sit with her derriere wedged into the computer chair – at the ready to respond to whatever challenges come our way.   GO MOM!   Hopefully we’ll make a good showing but I told all my Troop members AND all four Patrols in my Troop that we should just do our best and have fun – not worry about winning but just enjoy ourselves.


I’ll be reporting on THAT believe me as soon as it’s over.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The last thing I want to talk about is a sad thing that has made my heart ache……and I’m not going to DWELL on it because I just can’t, but yesterday a dear friend, Sparkle the Cat, announced on her blog HERE that she is leaving the blog because she has chronic renal failure and doesn’t know how much time she has left.  The blog will go on but our Sparkle, who has been a bright spot in my blog life since I started blogging, may be on very limited time.  She was going to the vet with her human today……whether she comes home is up to her human and her doctor.   I’m so sad……the post was so moving and dear and sweet and she wanted it NOT to be a sad day – but a celebration of her life so that’s what I’ve done.  I’ve been thinking of her wonderful blog and all the great things she and her human have done since I’ve known them.  Sparkle will forever shine………..FOREVER.


Love to all,




We’ve Got Friends

Yes we do!   All of you are our friends – at least I think you are – some of you are “lurking” out there and we never hear from you, but you’re following us and hopefully reading my blog posts so that makes you FRIENDS!

My Mom has friends too (believe it or not), and day before yesterday, she and my Dad met their friends, Dianna and JR (parents of my girlcatfriend Sundae!)  for lunch and an antiquing adventure in the old historical town called Hanover, Virginia.  They met at an antiques shop – it was about an hour and a half drive for my Mom and Dad to get there and the same for Miss Dianna and her husband JR to get there – a GOOD meeting point!


The store was two stories big and had TONS of wonderful things – Mom (on the left) could have stayed there all day but lunch was calling……………………….you can see that Dianna (on the right) found an antique stamping set (she’s a stamper and makes all her own beautiful greeting cards):


My Dad also found something there that he just HAD to buy.   He’s got it torn apart to clean the frame and glass but I found this photo of the painting online.  The artist is “GIG” and they’ve done a bunch of these “big-eyed kitty” paintings and we’ve all seen them but Dad thought this looked like POOR PITIFUL ME!!!!


Off they went after antiquing to the Hanover Tavern, in Hanover, VA.  It was a really beautiful old Tavern (dating back to 1733) and they sure did have a nice menu!  Everyone had a great lunch and a lot of giggles and Mom snapped a photo of Dianna and JR and they did likewise!


DiannaJR1 DiannaJR4

Out in the parking lot Dianna and JR set up a tripod and took this photo of the FOUR FRIENDS……….then everyone went their separate ways promising to get together again REAL SOON!


Friends are wonderful – I ought to know – I have hundreds of them thanks to my blog……………….that means YOU!

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.   Thanks to Travis of Lone Star Cats for nominating me for the Most Influential Blogger Award! 

I’ll blog about it soon I promise!

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