Teaser Tell All

Oh you smarty pants people!!!   So many of you guessed it RIGHT yesterday – and I thought it was a DOOZY of a photo and you’d have a tough time figuring it out.  I actually thought there would be a lot of “Painted Desert” and “Grand Canyon” and “So-and-So Desert” kinds of guesses.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.   Within minutes (literally) of it going live I had the right answer!  But first things first…..here’s the photo:


Who guessed right FIRST?   One of my “besties” – that’s who.  Raz from Friends Furever !  He guessed Badlands, South Dakota……..the photo was taken in Rockyford specifically in Badlands National Park.  Isn’t it a DESOLATE looking place?  Here are some more photos of it from google……….it really does look like another planet…………..

So, Raz my buddy my pal you get this!

First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

Those of you who ALSO guessed Badlands, or South Dakota – you get this!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Clueless?  Yeah there were a bunch who really had no idea……….or guessed but weren’t right……..you still get something for your time and effort:

Uhoh...you blew it!

Uhoh…you blew it!

Remember too that NEXT week I’m going to have all NEWLY DESIGNED awards – – – I like to change them up……..and you like that too right?  Right!!!!

Concatulations everyone who knows their “Badlands”……….they really do look well-named don’t you think?

Now before you go, promise me you’ll visit the Tabby Cat Club today (whether you’re a member or not – you can comment even if you can’t post) and take a look at the photos……….why?  Well because today is “BABY LOVE” day at the TCC.  Everybody is posting their baby photos or if they don’t have a baby photo, the first photo EVER of them in their new home or whenever someone took a “first” photo of them.  Lots of squeeing going on – – – I’m sure it will be ear-splitting when everyone gets to peeking at baby pictures…………..including MINE of course (which most of you have seen).   My post goes up at 5AM EST but others may be there before mine!  Have fun BABY-WATCHING…..

Have a PAWSOME Wednesday!  

See you tomorrow!




Tuesday Teaser


It’s That Time Again!


It’s the day you LOVE to HATE….hahaha…..the day you get eyestrain and use google endlessly searching for some tiny clue as to where in the world the photo you’re looking at was snapped………..well, today will be no exception because I’m not entirely sure but I THINK this is a toughie!  Ready??


So, any idea where this photo was taken?  State/Country/Location?   Hmmm???   If you’re FIRST to guess right, know what you get?????

First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

That’s right!  And if you DO guess correctly but aren’t first?  Know what YOU get????

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Yup……and if you’re absolutely clueless and haven’t any idea where the photo was taken – OR you guess wrong wrong wrong wrong…..then you get this………..

Uhoh...you blew it!

Uhoh…you blew it!

Then Wednesday you’ll find out who’s right, who’s wrong and where on EARTH (yes it will be on EARTH) the photo was taken…………………………….and you’ll either be surprised or not!

Just don't get stressed out......have fun figuring out the Teaser!

Just don’t get stressed out……have fun figuring out the Teaser!

So until tomorrow – HAPPY HUNTING! 


Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Meowing About Winning

Hi Everybody!   Last week I was a very lucky boy – I received a box which contained my winnings from a giveaway I saw on 15andmeowing.   This is a new blog for me to follow but I really like it a lot – you should visit – they have FIFTEEN kitties so you know they love cats…..anyway the giveaway was for some books about cats and a cool sign but when the box came there were also some cute little crocheted toys in it too!


I was thrilled………….as you know I have tons of toys in my toy wagon but I was happy to add some more………..a guy can’t have too many toys right?

Sam's Wagon

My toybox/wagon

So, Mom immediately started reading one of the books, “The Cat Who Went To Paris” by Peter Gether and she couldn’t put it down until she read the whole thing.   It was a sweet story about the Scottish Fold kitty named Norton who belonged to writer/publisher Peter Gether.  He took Norton with him EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE including on an airplane many times where he charmed his way into the hearts of everyone he met.  We just loved this book!  Mom can’t wait to read the others.



Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and we are NOT having a Guest Teaser and we are NOT telling you when the post will go live…………so be on your toes………..or should I say paws…………because it can happen ANY time!  You’ll get a badge out of it too and guess what – NEXT Teaser I’m going to have designed new badges for you to win!  I think it’s time I change them up again don’t you?   So tomorrow you’ll see the same old badges but the following Tuesday NEW ONES!

And we all love NEW stuff right?

Have a pawsome Monday everybody…………………

Hugs, Sammy

Silent Sunday


I am the Apple of Mom’s Eye…….literally……..

Tent Time

Oh boy have I been using my sleeping tent a LOT lately……maybe because of my hyper-whatsis (haha) or my medicine (probably not – just started it) or because I’m just plain lazy (uh huh…yeah…that’s what I think too) but I can’t get enough sleep.  My tent is my best friend – I’m in it all times of the day but not at night.  At night I sleep down in the living room on the floor (even though I have a beautiful new cat bed that I haven’t even set foot in).  I like the floor – what can I say?

But for naps during the day?  GIMME MY TENT!

I believe several of you have tried tent life because I’ve so highly recommended it over the years……I continue to say if you haven’t tried it – do.  The tent can be ANYTHING…….Mom has always used an afghan because that was handy the day we discovered how much I wanted to try tenting……but it can be a towel, blankie, anything at all.  Once upon a time I actually had TWO tents on the couch in Mom’s studio – I had a tent at each end of the couch.  Double tenting – I’d switch from one to the other….it was nice too.


But of course I haven’t mentioned the one thing that Saturdays are known for around my house and it’s NOT tents…….nope – it’s that crunchy goodness called bacon and I can smell it right now – Mom must be making breakfast – so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll desert my tent and head down for my yummy treat……then I guess you know where I’ll be going – right?  Yup – I’ll be camping in my tent!!

My Saturday Motto!

My Saturday Motto!

If you’re like me and can’t do without a bit of bacon from time to time, feel free to be a member in good standing (or sitting – or lying down) of my Bacon Appreciation Club………..yep – here’s your badge and wear it with pride!


Have a super Caturday



Pix From My Album

Hi Peeps!  Know what? I have a bazillion photos in my photo album here on WordPress that I’ve used through my three years of blogging……………..I thought for something a bit DIFFERENT on this Friday, I’d do a slideshow of some of them – a bit of a FLASHBACK – some memories for you will be here – things you’ve pawticipated in – and maybe if you’ve not been following me for long, you can see some of the wacky stuff we’ve done here!  Consider it a little Slice of Sam.

It’s fun to look back through all the photos – and they’re in no particular order – just some FUN or FUNNY ones for you to peruse!   There are a LOT of photos so get comfy and enjoy the show!    HAPPY FRIDAY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow is BACON day!

Hugs, Sammy

Extra! Extra!  Read all about it…..Mom’s mystery book “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” on sale for $.99 in Kindle Version for only TWO MORE DAYS!


Just Imagine…………

The other day my buddy Easy and I exchanged some fun emails about how cool it would be to live in a treehouse……………we kinda got carried away and had some fun with the idea but it got me to thinking about how REALLY REALLY cool it would be to live up in the air with a view like that!


This is the treehouse photo I showed Easy.....

This is the treehouse photo I showed Easy…..

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin' life!

Here we are up in the treehouse lovin’ life!


So I did a little MORE research and now I’m thinking this is definitely how I’d like to live.  Mom and Dad think it might be a little dangerous when a high wind came up (or if the tree got carpenter ants or a disease!) but at least until that happened, I could definitely live in ANY of these!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think?  Would you like to live in a tree house?  Maybe Mom, Dad and I are a little beyond our “living in a tree house” years but gosh it’s quite fun to look at what can be done with some imagination and probably a lot of money and a PERFECT tree to build a house in!

Just dreaming I guess……………..but just IMAGINE………….

Hugs, Sammy The Dreamer

Teaser Tell All

Telling The Tale

Well my friends, it would seem that no matter WHEN I post the Teaser – no matter what “surprise” time I should happen to choose – Leo is THERE.   Now that doesn’t necessarily mean Leo is RIGHT – but he’s THERE.   What about this week you may ask?    This week our friend Easy was actually FIRST to post but his answer didn’t come into the blog until AFTER “YOU KNOW WHO” posted his guess!

Before we get to that…..here’s the two photos again………..


First of all, THANK YOU AND BIG SAMMY HUG to our good friend Michelle from My Three Moggies who was this week’s wonderful Guest Teaser.   Her fab husband had taken her to this gorgeous spot on a special occasion and she squeezed in a wonderful photo or two and a video to “TELL ALL”………….so without further ado, here’s Michelle to tell you WHERE she was when she took the photos!!

She said she really tried to send me photos that had no clues but Leo’s been everywhere in this universe (and probably several others!) and knows so many places.   Michelle, you get this little present from me since you did my Guest Teaser this week – thank you and big kisses from me!


Congratulations Leo of WalkToRio2016 - here’s your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award………….

First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

However, Leo was NOT by a long stretch the only one to guess correctly – no no no – there were a bunch of you who guessed Ireland and many who guessed Dungiven Castle even which was the EXACT location for the Teaser this week.  So you get this!

Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Feeling left out?  Didn’t have a clue?  No worries – you still get something for your time and trouble!


Know what else?  Mom’s mystery novel in Kindle format is selling like hotcakes for a few more days before the special promotion is over with………..lots of you have hopped on board the “Mystery Train” to read Mom’s great book but if you haven’t – what are you waiting for??????   Here’s the link – what else can you possibly buy for NINETY-NINE CENTS and get that much fun from????  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00COTS552

Love and Hugs,



Tuesday Teaser

WOO HOO…………..it’s that time again (well you don’t know the TIME of course because it’s TOP SECRET) for the Tuesday Teaser……….and this week we have another GUEST TEASER………..yep – Mom and Dad did not take these little gems but a friend of mine did and you’ll find out all about that tomorrow!!


Meanwhile……………are you ready to take a gander at TWO photos and give me your best shot as to where they were snapped???   HMM???  OK – here we go………………


You know by now (and if you don’t know by now where have you been for the past three years????) that whoever guesses where these photos were taken (city/town AND country/state) FIRST, will get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award – isn’t it fabulous?    I know it’s a lot easier when I say “just tell me the state or country” BUT you must tell me the CITY/TOWN as well – got it??????


First Right Guesser!!

First Right Guesser!!

If you guess correctly but you aren’t first (and let’s face it only one peep can be FIRST) you still get to claim that you knew the Teaser with this pawsome badge:


Right but not FIRST!

Right but not FIRST!

Clueless?  Lost in space?  Didn’t guess right or hadn’t even an idea where the photo was taken?   If that’s you, then you still get this!


SEE???  Everybody’s a winner around here……………..life is good right???   GOOD LUCK everyone……………


P.S.  Today is day two of my Mom’s mystery book being on sale for $.99 in Kindle Version!  Better hop on that ASAP before the sale’s over!!!

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00COTS552    THIS IS THE PLACE!!!!!!!

Extra! Extra! Mom’s Book

Just a quick note to say Mom’s pawticipating in a super special deal with Kindle for the Kindle version of her mystery novel “The Mystery of David’s Bridge”………………for another FIVE DAYS, the book will be available for a TEENY TINY ITSY BITSY price (Kindle version only) of NINETY-NINE CENTS…….that’s right…….you heard it here first……..amazing isn’t it?   Now if there are any peeps out there who haven’t read her book – it’s definitely worth ninety nine cents so download it immediately if not sooner………

Who doesn’t like a mystery???

The Mystery of David's Bridge

The Mystery of David's Bridge

Buy from Amazon

Pawsome?  I thought you’d think so…………spread the word…………!!

Sammy, Son of Famous Author :)



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