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Friendly Fill Ins on Friday


Happy Friday – it’s a great day for filling in the blanks don’t you think?    Even after we had SNOW all day yesterday I’m still in a Friday mood and ready to complete some sentences.   Only this week I’m letting Mom do ALL the filling in while I rest.   It’s exhausting being me (hahahaha).

Take it away Mom!

1. I can’t wait to have a day with family and great food on Thanksgiving.
2. I am thankful for being alive.
3. When it comes to pie, I’m a major pumpkin pie girl – but I’ll happily settle for pecan!.
4. A feast is not a feast without friends or family (or both), laughter, and good food.
Thanks Mom – good job.   I know you will be gone Thanksgiving Day but that means I will be able to SLEEP all day anywhere in the house I want to.    Just as long as you bring back a “Teddy Bag” with some goodies for me I’ll be just fine.   Now all we have to do is hope that it’s not snowy next week like it is here today!    This is the earliest snow we’ve had in MANY years.    Hopefully it’s not a HINT of things to come!!!

I’m working on my Christmas Wish List – are you?  

Hugs, Teddy


Friendly Fill-Ins


YAY!   Friday’s here and it’s time for this fun Blog Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    It’s an easy one – just fill in the blanks as you want to, then join the hop so everyone can see your sentences completed – THEN – hop around and read theirs too!    Fun way to get to know peeps better.     If you click the badge above it will take you away to 15andMeowing and there you can link up your post.

Mom and I both worked on this one…………..my fill-ins are in GREEN and hers are in BLUE!

1. I just finished laundry – yay – now I’ll do the ironing and I’ll be DONE!.

2. My next birthday will be in March and I’ll be THREE.
3. The sound of the crack of lightning nearby makes me cringe.
4. Right now, I am craving peace and quiet because I’m sound asleep on Mom’s bed.
Yep – there you have it – completed fill-ins from me and Mom.    Why don’t you play along with us and everyone else?   Oh come on – you can do it!
I like it when Dad takes me out – he lets me stay out a lot longer than Mom does!

Thanks Pop!   Love Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins!


Time to fill in the blanks!    This is a great Hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.   All you have to do is fill in the blanks in FOUR sentences on Friday – join in the Hop – and get to know each other better………….it’s always fun to find out new things about each other.   Wanna join in?  Click the badge above and fill in the LINKY form.   EASY right?

Today I thought Mom and I would BOTH fill in – – so if it was MY turn, my fill-ins are in BLUE and Mom’s are in GREEN!

1. One can hope that even though it’s raining today, Mom and Dad will let me go outside for some fresh air!.
2. Given the choice of vacationing at home or in Maine,  I would pick Maine – we go every year and we just LOVE IT!.
3. My Mom and Dad make me feel REAL LOVE.
4. I never go a day without thinking about how LUCKY I am.
So there you have it!     Our fill-ins!    I suppose many of you might be wondering WHY I have my “Bakin in Baconia” post up TODAY when we usually do it on Saturday.   Well, we can blame my Mom for that.   She was so excited to start the new “NOVEMBER THANKSGIVING SERIES” of recipes that she scheduled it to go live TODAY instead of tomorrow.  Oh well – so what?    You have a new recipe from the Castle one day earlier!     To make up for that – you get ANOTHER recipe tomorrow.     Sometimes mistakes lead to GOOD things – right?
Happy Friday from the wacky household I live in………………………….tee hee

Love, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday and YAY for Friendly Fill Ins Blog Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    If you’d like to join us in filling in the blanks our co-hosts have given us this week, please do – just click the badge above and when you get there fill out the LINKY FORM and join in the fun.

Each of our co-hosts gives us two sentences with blanks…………………here are the four sentences we have THIS week and I have decided to give Mom a special treat and let HER fill them ALL in!!!!   Her fill-ins are in RED.


1. Homelessness is an awful thing – for humans AND animals alike.

2. I always read very few (front page, Metro) sections of the newspaper.
3. Black cats are so beautiful and sleek and shiny.
4. A fire in the fireplace is my favorite treat.   (But my favorite food treat is a mango or strawberry popsicle!)
There you have it – straight from the horse’s mouth – well not horse really but my Mom and she’s not a horse by ANY means.   Hope you all have a SUPER FRIDAY.   We have a cold and rainy day.   But that’s OK – I can handle that.   I’ll just say inside and SLEEP!
Good thing we don’t have sound to go with this photo or you’d hear some snores!

Hugs, Teddy

P.S.  TODAY IS LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS FOR THE HALLOWEEN PET COSTUME CONTEST!! (photoshopped or real costumes if you’re brave enough to try that out on your pet)

Friendly Fill Ins


Hi Everyone!  Time to fill in!   This is a fun blog hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.   Tons of fun and we hope you will join in with us by clicking the badge above and filling in the form to share some fun with everyone else who participates.

This week I let Mom fill in some while I filled in the others…………so we BOTH got to have some fun!   Mom’s words are in RED and mine are in BLUE!

1. For Halloween, I want to be somewhere near the front door so I can see the kids dressed up for trick or treat!.
2. Every year on my birthday my husband makes me feel like royalty.
3. On a dark and stormy night, I like to curl up in my basement hideaway because it’s QUIET down there and I can’t hear the thunder!.
4. If I had a witch’s cauldron, I would stir up a potion for LOVE – the world can use a little more of it don’t you think??.
So that’s it gang!  Mom and I filled in the blanks.   Mom and Dad have been away for four days in Maine and I’m sure she will write all about it after she’s had some proper rest.   I was at the kitty spa (kennel) while they were gone and I feel fine but humans get tired easily I think!
Have a happy Friday!

Love, Teddy


Friendly Fill-Ins


It’s that time again!   Time to play around with sentences that have blanks in them and fill in the “holes” with something about ME ME ME (or Mom of course).    This fun Hop is co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs and we look forward to it every single week!    If you click the badge above you can fill in the linky form and join us.

I am sharing fill-ins with my Mom today.   I’m doing the FIRST TWO and she’s doing the LAST TWO sentences.   I believe in sharing………………well…………..sometimes!

1. I have high hopes for getting some of the canned salmon Mom is using for dinner tonight – she’s making salmon croquettes!.

2. Hearing hawks make me nervous – if I’m outside, I run to my Mom OR just give her the “look” and we go inside.

3. I’m surprised that Fall is so late this year and it’s been so warm – I am READY for pretty leaves, fires in the fireplace and cozy sweaters!.

4. To make a long story short, don’t talk so much!!! 


About #4, Mom says she knows several people who say that about making a long story short but usually they say it after the story they are telling is already a LOT longer than it needed to be!

We want to thank our two co-hosts for the fun filling in the blanks is every week – it’s super fun seeing what everybody says.   There are a lot of memes going around with “tell 12 facts about yourself”, etc. but this way of doing it is a lot easier – four at a time!  YAY FOR OUR CO-HOSTS!!!

Hugs from me and Mom


Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello Everybody!   Time to fill-in the blanks with our friends.   This is a great Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs every single Friday.   Just four sentences with some “holes” in them for us to fill-in and when we fill-in we are telling the world more about ourselves.   If you’d like to HOP on board and HOP with us, just click the badge above which will take you to 15andMeowing then fill in the LINKY form with your blog link and you’ll be “one of us” !!

Here are this week’s sentences – two from 15andMeowing and two from Four-Legged Furballs.   Mom and I took turns this week filling in the blanks.   If it’s in BLUE it’s from ME…….if it’s GREEN it’s from Mom.

1. My favorite font is GYPSY CURSE – especially at Halloween time!.

2. October is perfect for hot cider, sweaters, beautiful leaves, and taking a little vacation.

3. Where I live, there are lots of dogs and I hear them barking all around the neighborhood – if there are kitties I don’t know about it because they don’t bark (much!).

4. I feel very FRISKY this time of year.

There you have it.   Filled in sentences from me and Mom.    As for my #4 answer, my Mom has observed not just with ME but with Angel Sammy and other kitties she’s had that when the weather begins to cool down, we get a little crazy.   We’ll chase falling leaves, or roll around in the grass, or want to stay out longer (if we’re on harness/leash of course), or whine extra loud and long when we HAVE to go back inside.    It’s just so nice to be in the fresh air instead of in the heat and humidity.    One of the times I went out today my Dad took me and he brought a book and a glass of iced tea with him.  He sat in his chair and propped his feet up on a little plastic side table and while he read, I found my favorite spot in the leaves to lie down and watch the birds, squirrels, and chase the little noises I hear UNDER the leaves.   I’m just SURE there’s something UNDER all those layers of leaves that NEEDS MY ATTENTION.    Dad says I’m imagining things.   Either way, it sure is fun.
Now is everyone ready for the weekend?    We are!!

Happy Birthday to my Dad and Happy Friday to all of you………

Love, Teddy

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!


Happy Friday!   Today is Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.   What fun this is every week – you should join us – just click the badge above and go to 15andMeowing and fill out the LINKY FORM -that’s all that is to it.    Well of course you have to fill in the blanks in the sentences but YOU can do THAT!

This week I let Mom fill-in the blanks because the sentences seemed more “MOM THE HUMAN” than “TEDDY THE CAT”  type sentences.    Mom’s words are in DARK BLUE.

1. The best teacher I ever had was Miss Lamb – she was my first grade teacher and she gave all of us in her class a wonderful “start” with school.  She was pretty, soft spoken, talented, and fun.   I’ve NEVER forgotten her.  
2. The worst teacher I ever had was my French Teacher when I was a Freshman in High School – he was very impatient, insulting, and gave us ridiculous homework assignments.
3. I recently learned how to ride a recumbent bike – it’s so much easier on my back and legs and all my other PARTS than riding an actual bike.
4. I think everyone should know how to cook – I personally love to cook but I know people who hate to and I wonder what will happen to them if their significant others decide to stop cooking for them OR if all fast food restaurants suddenly CLOSE UP FOR GOOD!!!
OK Mom – good job!    I will say that I’m sure you’ve been glad in later years that you didn’t give up on learning French because when you and Dad were in Paris on your honeymoon as well as the second time you went there in later years, you REMEMBERED enough French to get you where you wanted to go and do the things you wanted to do!    YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN SOMETHING YOU LEARNED WILL COME IN HANDY!
Now if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go stand by the front door until either YOU or Dad puts my harness on and takes me out for a walk.   Pretty please??????

I’m a READY Teddy!

Happy Friday……..



Friendly Fill Ins on Friday


Time for Friday’s Filling In fun…………………I asked Mom if she’d like to fill the blanks in as a special treat.    She said “sure”……….so the RED stuff in the sentences below will be HER words.   This is such a fun exercise and we thank our cohosts of Friendly Fill-Ins for having such a great blog hop every week.   Each of them contributes two sentences to the HOP………..and when we visit everyone who is in the Hop we get to learn new stuff about everyone.   It’s a fun way to get to know everyone better!

Here are the four sentences for this week:

1. LOVE brings out the best in me.
2. Having surgery makes me grumpier than Grumpy Cat. 
3. If money grew on trees, I would be incredibly rich – we live in a woods!!!!.

4. I have a fear of snakes that is out of proportion to my “experiences” with snakes – I have RARELY seen one but I just can’t STAND them!.


Well Mom, guess what – I have never seen a snake but if you don’t like them then I don’t like them!    I know when we are out in the yard on a walk and I’m playing in the leaves around the yard you worry when I get all FUZZED UP on ALERT with bushy tail, etc. and I stare at the leaves like something is moving there…….but you know I get like that when I see a bug or a leaf blows out of the pile so it doesn’t mean there’s a vicious snake there.    I’m just ALERTING!    I know it freaks you out though so I’ll try not to do that as much as I like to (hahaha).

C’mon Mom – let’s go for another walk……………………….let’s see what we can find out there together!    HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY!

Me and Mom’s foot…………

Love, Teddy

Friday Fill-Ins


YAY!  It’s Friday!   Time for the fill-in-the-blanks Hop co-hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.    We do have fun with this hop and from all appearances everyone ELSE who plays along does too.   It’s also an easy hop.   Just fill in the blanks – but first you need to JOIN US by clicking on the badge above and filling out the LINKY TOOL so we will know we need to visit you and see your fill-ins.

Here are the four sentences we have for this Friday.   Two from each co-host.    I decided to be the one to fill-in this week instead of getting Mom to “go for it” !    My fill-ins are in BLUE.

1. I am going to be super happy for my whole life with my Mom and Dad – they take such good care of me.

2. I want to be more outside than inside but Mom and Dad think I’m out ENOUGH!
3. Once in a blue moon, I catch a skink in my garage and I play with it until it goes to sleep forever (Mom uses the words Rainbow Bridge for Skinks instead of SLEEP!).
4. I have a large collection of toys that belonged to Angel Sammy and lots of my OWN toys but I am drawn to HIS!)
So there you have it – me filling in the blanks and me wishing all of you a happy Friday!

Hugs, Me and Mom too!