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Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


Filling In Sentences is Fun!

Friday’s here and it’s time to fill in some sentences……..our co-hosts, 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader each give us TWO sentences and we fill in the blanks.  It’s a TOTALLY fun hop and we hope you join in – just click on the badge above, use the LINKY tool and enter your blog post with your beautifully filled in sentences!    Easy Peasy right?    Here are the sentences we have for this week and Teddy and I voted to let Mom handle the answers.   Her “fill-ins” are in BLUE!

1.I don’t understand why “rap” music is so popular?

2. My in case of emergency person is my husband David.

3. There is so much hate and violence in the world compared to back when I was growing up!

4. I would be lost without my cats.
Awwww……………………thanks Mom!    We like #4!
Yesterday we asked that you help us propel Teddy into racing stardom at Cat Scouts by voting for his “ride” in this year’s CARDWOOD DERBY at Cat Scouts.    The winner is determined by popular votes for the most part so we are giving you the link to the vote page – sadly you can’t see ALL the entries there but this is Teddy’s fabulous car – the only rules for this race are that your vehicle must be made out of a cardboard box AND that you be photographed INSIDE your car to qualify.    This year there are ALL kinds of fun and crazy vehicles and Teddy’s is among them – because he’s driving a MILK TRUCK!!!
Here’s the Racer himself………..
I’m proud of my little brother – I hope you will consider voting for him by clicking on the link below – it’s a survey form and we’d appreciate you voting for him in ALL THREE CATEGORIES!

 Click HERE For Survey!

Teddy and I appreciate it and we’ll let you know who wins!   Voting is open until April 10th but you can only vote once (DARN!).

Love, Angel Sam and Ted the Racer!

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


It’s Double Bubble Day!

Well actually I mean TWO posts for the price of one day…….


Today is Thankful Thursday over at Brian’s and if you click the above badge, you will go to his blog and if you’d like to tell the world what you are THANKFUL for, use the linky tool and join in the blog hop!    I’m THANKFUL that my brother Angel Sammy is still guiding me from the Rainbow Bridge – I’m sure it’s why I’m never getting in trouble – after all, I’m a kitten and kittens usually get in trouble right?  Not me – I’ve got AN ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER!

It’s also my brother Angel Sammy’s THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY today:

Thanks Teddy! 

Today we celebrate the letter “P”


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 3/30/17

A kitty’s paws can say so much

A claw in anger or a loving touch

Our paws don’t just move us from here to there

They can tell a human how much we care

We touch your leg when we’re at your feet

A reminder that we’re THERE and ready for treats!

We need our paws to climb a tree

Must keep an eye on the neighbors dog you see!

We need our paws to play with our toys

If we give them a poke they might make a noise!

Some cats have special paws like ME

We are equipped POLYDACTYLY !

There you have it everybody…………..our Thursday “Double Bubble” post!     If you have written a poem for “P” like my brother Angel Sammy, you can either write your poem in OUR comments here on OUR blog or you can give us your blog link where we can read your poem there…………either way – why not write a poem today for fun?

Tomorrow is Shopping Around The World being guest hosted by our buddy Da Phenny.    Remember to post your recipe for a dessert or special yummy treat and link to Da Phenny’s blog and also to Bacon (our usual host for “Shopping”)  !    Tomorrow is also Friendly Fill-In Friday at McGuffy’s Reader and 15and Meowing – lots of fun with this hop as we learn more about each other!

Big Teddy Hugs,

and one from Angel Sammy too!

Teaser Tell All


Hello Teaser Fans!

Welcome back to the place where you can find out WHO wins WHAT on this week’s Teaser!

I was actually very surprised that the First Right Guesser came a knockin’ on the door SHORTLY after the post went live yesterday morning.   I thought it would be a bit of a toughie and so did the person who sent the photo in to us as a Teaser Conundrum.   Shall we give you all the info?  Oh yeah – lets!

The Teaser photo was from the Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head) and it’s a great photo of the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia!   Kind of an exotic thing right?

Cool photo Kitties Blue – and to thank you for sending it in, here’s a badge for you!

For Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head 3/14/17

Who was FIRST to make a comment on yesterday’s blog?    Well, let me back up a bit to tell you that when we went live at 7:45 NOBODY was there – I think it was the first time in FOREVER it took a couple of minutes for someone to chime in and comment.   I think because of the early posting time it was too early for there to be a lot of Teasers-On-Duty right?    HOWEVER, after about 2 or 3 minutes someone DID comment and who was that someone who wins the FIRST COMMENTER badge this week????

Friends Furever

YAY – concatulations! This is for you:

Then it was not long after that we received the FIRST RIGHT GUESS and that was from:

Calvin and Oliver!  (and Mom Melissa)

This is for you!

Several other RIGHT GUESSERS popped in along the way yesterday and for each of you who guessed right, you get this:

Now I have to say that there were MORE than a few of you who guessed incorrectly – but remember – you’re still winners of GREENIES!  Help yourself to this:

So we had winners and we had fun – just like we ALWAYS do on Tuesdays right?

Make sure you are here next Monday for Pre-Tease Monday because if you aren’t here, Sarge might get angry.   You know you don’t want that to happen!


Teddy and I hope to see you NEXT week!!

Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy Too


Bacon Anyone?


Wanna Be Bacon Buddies?


If you don’t belong officially to this club – well – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????    Feel free to grab this badge and display it with PRIDE on your blog or website or WHATEVER.   I mean isn’t it time you declared your love for the most FABULOUS food in the universe????????


Even Darth Vader thinks bacon is fabulous!


See?   My Mom is still here, and my Dad is still here and they eat bacon all the time!!!   I went to the Rainbow Bridge but it wasn’t because I ate too much bacon!!!


Yeah…..don’t be selfish – think of others!    Help end the violence!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!   EAT THIS WITH PRIDE !!!!!!!


As long as your boat doesn't sink - you haven't had too much bacon!!!!

As long as your boat doesn’t sink – you haven’t had too much bacon!!!!


Join the In Crowd – become a BACONATOR!


With Love, from your King……Angel Sammy

Friendly Fill-Ins Friday!


We’re Filling In Today!


We fill in sentences on Fridays given to us all by our co-hosts for this blog hop, Miss Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Miss Ellen of 15 And Meowing!   If you click on the badge above, you will be transported to McGuffy’s Reader and you can see all the other hoppers pawticipating and read THEIR fill-ins too….you can also use the LINKY TOOL and put yourself in the hop!

Today I’m doing the filling in…………and my fill-ins are in RED so you can’t miss them!   As usual two sentences are from Miss Annie and two are from Miss Ellen.  Ready?

1. My favorite kind of cookie is Temptations Tuna Treats (although now that I’m an Angel I don’t eat these anymore!.
2. Garfield would play me in a movie about my life.

3. Love is “all we need” (thanks Beatles!).

4. For Valentine’s Day, I will get a Day Pass from the Bridge and spend the day with my Mom and Dad – my two favorite lovebirds!.
Thank you ladies for this super fun blog hop………………we look forward to Fridays and “filling in” your sentences AND we enjoy hopping around seeing everyone else’s sentences.   We learn a lot about our friends this way!    I don’t think any of my fill-ins today will be surprising to anyone who knows me though.
You know how important hot air balloons are to me – I had no idea how important they would be a few years ago when I made my Valentine’s card that year but Mom and I found this while going through the photos of ME Mom has on her computer.    Anyone who doesn’t know WHY hot air balloons are important may not know that on December 2, 2016 I went to the Rainbow Bridge but on that day, on my blog, I was visiting all of my wonderful friends in blog-land in a hot air balloon courtesy of my good friend Easy Weimaraner – who himself had tragically gone to the Bridge a few days before.   It was an event in my honor planned well before ANYONE could possibly know that both of us would leave for the Bridge…..but we did.   Now we’re Angels together there.
Since then the hot air balloon has become VERY important to my Mom as a symbol of my life journey.   This was a Valentine I did several years ago…………….

  The photo below is me on December 2, visiting my friends before I went to the Rainbow Bridge:


We never know what’s around the bend for us…..

Just keep on smiling!


Love, Angel Sammy

Thankful Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Double Day!

It’s time for us to join in Brian’s THANKFUL Thursday Blog Hop (click the badge below) and tell you again that I’m super thankful to have some of you come visit me even though I’m now an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge – you still visit my blog and pawticipate in the fun stuff here and I am TRULY thankful.



Today is also my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post in which those of us who are working on this challenge will write a poem with the NEXT letter in the alphabet as we work our way through for the second time.    This week it’s the letter “I” !


Welcome Poetry Fans!   Shall we begin???? 


Oui Oui Mon Amis, let us show our poetic prowess!!!

Oh yes – remember you can join in by putting a link to YOUR poetic offering in my comments so we can read your fabulous poem today – – – OR – – – you can even post your poem HERE on my blog in my comments!  Either way – let your imagination fly and try the letter “I” !!!



Angel Sammy Kimmell, 2/9/2017

One of the things that we do

For most of us this rings true…….

Is guard our humans from spies

And those nasty introooooder guys!

Squirrels, chipmunks, skunks and birds –

Apparently they didn’t get the word –

That WE are defending our humans and homes

So they’d be wise to find other places to roam!

We bark, hiss or whine to warn them to leave

Some will listen but some don’t believe!

So we run tell our humans that we need them to help

That the introooders will not listen to our hiss, whine or yelp!

When will they all learn what we all seem to know – –

They just are not welcome so it’s time that they GO!

(Below are some of my introoders of the past……!)

Oh we’re sure moving through the alphabet quickly………….I may come up with a NEW challenge after we get to “Z” this time around……….so stay tuned!    We have a long way to go to get there!

Happy Thursday From My Cloud!


Love, Angel Sammy








Teaser Tell All



Tell All Time!!!  Come in and take your seats class!

Move it, move it, move it!

Move it, move it, move it!

Good Morning Class!     Yesterday in class we shared a doozy of a Teaser photo and honestly thought we would fool everybody.    It seemed to us that it simply didn’t have enough “hints” in it to give it away easily.   So it was a BIG SURPRISE when fairly early on it was guessed!

But before we talk more about THAT, let’s give you some other news about the Teaser…………like WHO was the FIRST COMMENTER?     We had TWO in the first sixty seconds after going live and they were my good friend Mr. Leo of WalkAndPigOut and Miss Carol of CarolMaeWy.    Congratulations to BOTH of you who were ALERT and ready to comment on the Teaser blog!!    Each of you is now the proud owner of one of these babies:


Would you like to know WHO my Guest Teaser was yesterday?    It was the Kitties Blue and their Mom Miss Janet from The Cat On My Head !!    I thank you for sending that one in because it was a “pip” of a Teaser photo……………..and this little badge is my token of appreciation:


Here’s the photo from yesterday and it’s a picture of the confluence of the River Danube and the River Sava in Belgrade, Serbia!  More specifically, this photo shows the Kalamegdan Fortress and that tower is the Nebojsa Tower.    Here at this LINK you can find out a whole lot about this spot AND even more about traveling in the city of Belgrade, Serbia.


Thank you to my Guest Teasers for this pawsome photo…………… WHO was first to guess right?    It was one of my FIRST COMMENTERS who got that honor – Miss Carol!   YAY!   She guessed Belgrade, Serbia and since I didn’t ask what specifically was shown in the photo SHE was first to be right.   This is for you Miss Carol!


I have to give SPECIAL MENTION though to Mr.JackFreckles/Pipo & Minko for guessing right that it was the Nebojsa Tower at the Kalamegdan Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia – they gave me SPECIFICS but I got their guess AFTER Miss Carol guessed Belgrade.     WOO HOO FOR YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!   You get the below badge for being RIGHT.

BUT there were some others who guessed it right as well and for all of you, I have this little gem:


Everybody who didn’t guess right – don’t pout and don’t feel bad – you get credit for TRYING and you also get a GREENIE!!!!!!


Now wasn’t that just a TON OF FUN????   Why sure it was and I’m positive you can BARELY stand to wait until NEXT week when we tackle another mystery photo in Professor Angel Sammy’s GEOGRAPHY class with our ever interesting cast of wacky characters.    So until then…………

'Scuze me Professor Sammy but I have a question."

‘Scuze me Professor Sammy but I have a question.”


“Yes Bobby?  What is your question?”

“Professor Sammy if I bring you a nice red apple will that get me a better grade?  My Mom says when she was in school a million years ago teachers were easily bribed with apples and stuff and I just thought maybe I’d see if that’s something that YOU might like because I don’t think Sarge likes me and he’s always yelling at me and I wanna do good in Geography class so I just thought I’d ask and see how you felt………”


“WAIT a minute Tommy – catch your breath!  NO a teacher accepts no bribes for better grades – but I will say that if you try your hardest and learn all you can, both Sarge and I will be proud of you and you will get a good grade based on what you know, and not on what you GIVE to me OK?”

Yeah're go to the bathroom a lot but I don't hold THAT against ya. Just don't try to BRIBE your teacher or that will mean 100 push-ups!! Got it?

Yeah Kid…’re alright… go to the bathroom a lot but I don’t hold THAT against ya. Just don’t try to BRIBE your teacher or that will mean 100 push-ups!! Got it?

And on that note, I believe I’ll just say:


Have an Angelic WEEK!  


From somewhere over the rainbow…..

Angel Professor Sammy

Teaser Tuesday


Attention All Students! 

Report to class now please or Sarge will be looking for you!


Why Good Morning everyone……….you’re all out of breath like you ran all the way here!!   Was it the threat of Sarge coming after you that got your little legs moving?   Well, whatever it was, I’m glad you’re here now so we can start class for this week.  

First order of business is YOU commenting on THIS blog – yep – if you are FIRST to comment, then you will win a badge to show off!   This one:


So, if you’re interested in winning, go comment then hurry back and get in your seat again at your desk…….Sarge is HALL MONITOR so be quick about it!

Get the lead out!  Move it!  Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Get the lead out! Move it! Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Alright!  Now that you may or may not be FIRST COMMENTER, remember that the other badges are available and they are for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS, and WRONG GUESSERS as below in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please remember that in order to WIN you must give me the town/village/city AND the state (if USA) or country (if out of USA) where this photo was taken.   Has to be the whole thing or else Sarge will not be handing you your badge of glory tomorrow!     So let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase and see what he’s got stashed in the locked security briefcase this week shall we?????

Reporting for duty Professor!  I've kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week...makes showering tough but what the heck!!

Reporting for duty Professor! I’ve kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week…makes showering tough but what the heck!!




Yes Bobby?????

“Professor Sammy can I be excused to go visit the litterbox???”

Bobby class is about to be dismissed…….you’re in luck!

See you tomorrow for Teaser Tell All


Angel Professor Sammy (at your service!)

Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time!

We again are joining The Cat On My Head and the Kitties Blue including newest resident Cooper Murphy (!) in sharing a SELFIE that would of course be based on an old photo of me since I’m now an Angel and not “photographable” in the here and now!     This is one of my Mom’s favorite photos of me sleeping and she just dabbled a bit with Lunapic and Pizap to add this and that.

If you’d like to join their Blog Hop, just pop over using their badge and LINK up!   We want to see you too!


Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!


Happy Sunday from Angel Sammy

Farewell Jamison


A New Angel


Jamison – a tragic loss in Blogville


Today is a day just for Angel Jamison………….

We’ve been following Jamison’s family blog for a while but didn’t really know HIM as well as we did his brother Noodle but just as we were getting to know him, he had a horribly sad thing happen at his house.   He was attacked by a dog and had a great deal of extremely serious and scary injuries.    It was terrifying to read about, and I know his family was incredibly sad that it happened.   He had the very best of vet care with a lot of repair work and surgery and had made it home where he was cared for with the loving hands and hearts of his family.    They did everything they could to make him comfortable and help him try to recover.   He only knew pure love in his last days…………

But the injuries were just too bad for Jamison to come back from……………he fought so hard to stay but in the end, he had to travel to the Rainbow Bridge – where I am – and became an Angel.


I can assure his family that Jamison is adjusting to Angel life just fine.   We are all making sure he feels welcome and showing him how he can still visit his family “back home”………most of all I remind him that he is ALWAYS and FOREVER in their hearts.


Rest easy Angel Jamison………..

Angel Sammy