Thankful and Poetic Thursday!


Happy Thursday to one and all!    Double day here for me with Thankful Thursday Hop and Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge.   First up is always being THANKFUL because it is VERY important to recognize all the things we are thankful for.    This past week I was thankful for having such a wonderful place to stay when Mom and Dad are away for a bit – “Paws A While Pet Hotel” is the BEST.   The Sisters who own and operate it are so sweet and they spoil me rotten just as they spoiled Angel Sammy before me.   I’m grateful to be with them.

Wouldn’t you like to join in being Thankful and visiting to see what everyone ELSE is thankful for?   If you would, just click Brian’s badge above and fill out the form with your link.   Easy!

Next up today will be Angel Sammy’s weekly email to me which is transmits from the Rainbow Bridge – it’s all about POETRY!


GREETINGS FRIENDS!!!!    It’s me – Angel Sammy, your old pal now residing at the Rainbow Bridge.    Just because I’m HERE and not THERE doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a poem from time to time.   This little exercise is for all of us to share some poetry once a week.   If you’re not participating, I hope you’ll change your mind and be part of the fun.    If you have written a poem just let us know in comments with your link………..OR you can write your poem IN comments so we can all read it!    FUN huh?   Well it is!   Trust me!

Last week I gave you the photo below to use as your “inspiration” for this week’s poem.    I thought it was a super interesting photo with the buffalo – such an ancient and majestic beast – in the foreground while in the background an ancient geyser – Old Faithful – did its’ thing in a plume of steam from deep within the earth.   Kind of a primitive feel.   Anyway, here’s the photo I gave you, followed by the poem I wrote based on the inspiration I got from the photo:


By Angel Sammy Kimmell      October 17, 2018

In ancient times many beasts did roam

The bison was one and this was his home

Since prehistoric times this land was theirs

They adapted to change with very few cares

The landscape of Yellowstone may have changed

But the bison still belong there – this is their range.

Majestic formations dot their land

Geysers, hot springs, proof of nature’s hand.

They’ve survived through so much – in good times and bleak

Imagine what they could tell us if they could but speak…………..



There’s something so “ancient” about the look of bison………….they have their issues and always have.   They’ve been hunted, their herds culled for various reasons, diseases have plagued them, and yet they go on and on and on as they have since prehistoric times.   There’s something rather MAGICAL about that don’t you think?   

Here’s your photo for next week – I hope you like it and find some inspiration for a poem to share with us next Thursday……………

My Mom said this brings back some memories for her……………..I wonder why there’s no “TREAT TRUCK” in neighborhoods for we dogs and cats?    I think it would be popular, don’t you?????  

I hope you’ll write a poem with us next week………………I’ll be working on mine to share with you.    Meanwhile, everyone take care of yourselves and know that we Angels are working behind the scenes to try and help as much as we can with everything going on “back home” where you all are.    Love is forever…………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



Cool poem Angel Sammy!    Those beasts are very strange looking if you ask me, but I say all things from prehistoric periods look just a bit strange – maybe just knowing how long they have SURVIVED in some form or another……..bison are very cool.

See you next Thursday for Poetry!

Hugs, Teddy




Non-Teaser Tuesday………


Hi everyone!   Sure seems weird not having a Tuesday Teaser…………….I hope to heck my Mom and Dad never ever have a vacation again cuz this is WEIRD.    Angel Sammy and I have problems coming up with something to say when it’s not ALL ABOUT CLASS.

HOWEVER we do have one thing to talk about relative to class and that’s to REMIND everyone that we have a TEASERWEEN costume contest going on so if you would like to be in it, you should send your photos in to us via our email this week.    Our deadline to submit a photo is October 26th.   You have plenty of time.    We’ll have two days of voting with the winner being announced (most votes received) on HALLOWEEN, Oct. 31st!    WOO HOOO!!!!

There will be a surprise package for the WINNER…………..of course the contest is open to everyone no matter WHERE you live.   MAKE SURE AND INCLUDE YOUR NAME with your photo so we know who’s who!    Come on and enter – it will be fun.

Can’t wait to see you all dressed up in class !!!

Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy too

No Teaser Prep Today!


Hey Sammy!   Thanks for visiting today – Wasn’t sure WHAT I could do to keep myself entertained since we’re NOT having Teaser class this week!    I had one fun idea – what do you think about us sharing some TEASERWEEN photos of the past?????  You certainly have had a lot of great Halloween parties before and since I came to live with Mom and Dad……

Hey Teddy, what do you think of my 2015 Halloween outfit?   I think I look like I haven’t had enough sleep lately!

This little gem was me in 2012!   Our Mom was even freaked out by me in this get-up!!!

Oh Angel Sammy, let’s do a slideshow of some of your old friends and some of my new friends in costume……………we definitely had some fabulous costumes for Halloween.  I bet this year for TEASERWEEN we get some good costumes too in the contest!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are just a FEW of the bazillions of photos you have in your old files Angel Sammy!   Lot of our friends are Angels now…………but having these photos sure makes it fun to remember doesn’t it.

Let’s show everyone the October calendar again – just so they know again that we’re NOT having a Teaser this week but it’s the FIRST DAY they can submit photos for THIS year’s TEASERWEEN costume contest!    Everyone can enter – just send to our email address and mark your email “TEASERWEEN2018″………!    Please attach them to your email – sometimes it’s hard to copy stuff that’s embedded but we will try.    Anyone who comes to Teaser and doesn’t have a pet themselves can submit ANY pet they find online in a costume if they want OR a photo of themselves in costume!

So that about wraps up today’s post.    Tomorrow we’ll maybe give you some Halloween TREAT ideas!   We guys know all about treats……although I don’t think the little trick or treaters would like a bag of Temptations or Party Mix (hahahahaha).

Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy too!

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday friends!   Time for our THANKFULS with Brian and our poetry with Angel Sammy.    First up – thankfuls………….and since this is a Blog Hop, if you’d like to join in and tell the world what you’re thankful for, click his badge and join in.

This week I think I’ll just concentrate on being thankful for all my friends and all of you who follow our blog.   If not for our visitors and commenters every day of the week, we wouldn’t be here.   We wouldn’t be having fun every single day.   There would be no Teaser Tuesday or Poetic Thursday or Bakin’ with King Teddy – – – I would miss all of that and hopefully our followers would too.   So let me just say it again – THANK YOU!!!

Angel Sammy got his email to me with his poem for today and his post for all of you…………’s below and he said he hopes you enjoy it!


Greetings from the Bridge!    Another week has gone by and it’s time for us to share poems.   I hope you look forward to Thursdays for that reason along with whatever else you enjoy Thursdays for.   I am hoping you wrote a poem to share with us today – if you did, please tell us you did and give us your link in COMMENTS.   We will visit and read your poem!    Every week I give you a photo that is meant to inspire you to write some bit of poetry.   It’s good for you to be creative and I hope you take the opportunity of some “photographic inspiration” to do that.

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to use for this week:

Now this family is having fun TOGETHER!!   I know about “a bicycle built for two” but this one is a “whopper” !!     Here’s the poem I wrote to go with this photo:

“Tandem Togetherness”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell     October 10, 2018

Breezing along on the trail or the road

With five of us pedaling we’re sharing the load!

Enjoying the breeze and camaraderie

Our family can be together and set ourselves free.

The smiles on our faces tell the story of fun

All riding together we’re five and not one.

We’ll stop when we’re ready and talk about the ride

How we pushed ourselves hard – as a matter of pride.

Together we are strong as an active family –

Whether on our bike or not – we’re as CLOSE as we can be!


I really liked this photo – and it reminded me of the Mom and Dad of the Kitties Blue who have a tandem bike they ride a lot.   Imagine having FIVE riders – has to be a lot of fun.    Here’s the photo I found for you to use for NEXT week’s Poetic Thursday.   See if you can’t write a poem inspired by this photo and play along with us next week won’t you?

I found this very cool photo of Old Faithful………….thought we could come up with some fun poetry for this one!    GOOD LUCK!    Don’t be afraid of trying your hand at a poem!   Trust me – you’ll enjoy it.

I continue to be super duper busy here at the Rainbow Bridge – I love the work I do and I always have time to look out for my family and friends……………..we’re always here for you!    See you next week……………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love from above………….Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy……………….that photo for next week has me wondering – – – I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN such a weird looking cat before!!!!!!!    See you all next week…………..

Love, Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time


Good Morning Students!   Is everybody ready for the Tell All?????

Good…..we’re ready too.   It was wild and wooly in class yesterday as we began getting your guesses in the class inbox to review.    We had some great guesses too.    But the FIRST THING we got was TWO FIRST COMMENTERS!     Wanna know who?

Alright we’ll put you out of your misery and tell you that our FIRST COMMENTERS were:

Timmy Tomcat and Phenny !

YAY!   Two Firsties!

Congratulations to both of you – you each get one of these:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 9, 2018! WHOOPIE FOR ME!

As you remember, we had a GUEST TEASER yesterday and our GUEST was Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS – the world traveler who has such fab photos.    Thank you so much Miss Jackie for the photo for yesterday because it was a GOODIE and fooled a lot of people which is what we like a Teaser to do!   This badge is just for you Miss Jackie…….

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of October 9, 2018!

Here’s the photo she sent to us:

Where did she take this photo?    On a trip through Cornwall – this is the Houseman’s Mine Shaft/Souith Phoenix Mine Engine House, Minions, Cornwall, UK.    That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it!   A very interesting building and what a nice wall too!    If you’d like more info about this pretty location – Miss Jackie sent two links so you can read up a bit about this place which is now a Heritage Center.

Thanks for the links Miss Jackie – lots of people really enjoy knowing something about the Teaser photos…………who knows – maybe others will visit the spot too????!!

So WHO was the first student to figure this wonderful Teaser out?    HMMM????   Let’s have a drumroll and find out!!



YAY Phenny!!!!!!

Because you were a FIRST COMMENTER and you also were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, you get one of the new DOUBLE WINNER badges Phenny!

I was a FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 9, 2018! A DOUBLE WHAMMY WINNER!!!

YAY FOR ALL OUR WINNERS!     We also had several others who guessed the Teaser right this week – each of you who did, gets this:

I wasn’t the first to be right but I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of October 9, 2018!

And of course if you guessed but were wrong, it’s the Greenie for you!

I guessed the Teaser but was WRONG on October 9,2018 – I still got a badge!

Good sleuthing fellow students!!!!!

The Cheer Team wants to recognize our winners today with a cheer so let’s bring them out then break for lunch!

Another week of Teaser fun
Now you can celebrate if you won
If you didn’t win you still should be proud
You’re part of the Ding Dong School awesome crowd
Our FIRST COMMENTERS this week were fast as can be
The honor goes to Timmy Tomcat and Phenny
Then our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER came waltzing on in
It turned out to be PHENNY – YES – AGAIN !!!
A double whammy winner for our favorite weim
He wins a lot – that’s not a crime!

Phenny is a smarty pants….oh wait….he doesn’t wear pants does he??!!

Maybe it’s a good idea if we take our lunch break now?????   Who’s up for FOOD?    I see a lot of hands – let’s go!

OK Students!  Lunch is ready…..proceed in orderly fashion and make ME happy!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember everyone – no TEASER next week but we will have posts……and reminders about TEASERWEEN too!

Your Ding Dong Professors, Angel Sam and Ted



Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday to all our friends!   Thanks for coming by to see what I’m thankful for AND to see what Angel Sammy sent for his Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post.   We have two parts to our Thursday posts with Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop being first.    Brian would love to have you join all of us — so click the badge above and go to his blog and sign up to be part of THANKFUL THURSDAY!……….I have been very thankful to have some sun the past several days and for the cool breezes we’ve getting which are hinting at some Fall weather approaching.   Even our trees are getting the message because Mom and I have seen some oranges and some yellows on the trees that normally turn first.   We’re a long long way from leaves coming down but the occasional floater by reminds us it’s not far off!!   Mom and Dad’s favorite season is Fall……….Dad got some firewood delivered a couple of weeks ago so we’re READY.

I got the usual email from Angel Sammy overnight – his poem and message to us all never fails to arrive on time.   As busy as he is up there at the Bridge he doesn’t let us down.   Here’s his message:


Greetings from the Bridge!

Have you all noticed how FAST time goes down here?   Mom and Teddy said that it seems like we just had Poetry day but it’s been a whole week.    Anyway, I have been busy but I will never be too busy to pop in from time to time here on my little brother’s blog.

Here’s the photo that I gave you last week as inspiration for your poem.   You have a whole week to come up with a poem to go with the photo – and I hope – as always – that a lot of you gave this a whirl…’s just FUN to use a photo as inspiration and those of you who regularly participate know what I mean.    Here’s the photo I gave you last week, followed by my poem, followed by NEXT week’s photo!!

“Bird Board Meeting”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell         October 3, 2018

“This meeting will come to order”

Chirped the Chairman of the Birds.

“We’ve business to discuss and decisions to make,

About things you may have heard!”

The chirping stopped around him

The birds sat still and quiet

The silence was almost deafening because

It usually sounded like a riot!

“The humans living in this house

Are going to move away

I’ve heard from the dog they’re taking everything

Nothing is going to stay.

That means our beloved bird bath

Where we gather together to meet

Will go with the humans when they leave

Along with the garden seat!

Our favorite places may be gone

But I’ve got an idea or two

There’s always the rooftop or a tall tree

And either place would do!”

The birds began to chatter

And the Chairman listened and thought

Then he called the meeting to order

Opinions he then sought.

The birds had a consensus

Of what they thought they should do

They suggested their next meeting

Be held in the Bird House by the zoo!



HAHA……….another somewhat silly poem but it just came to me in a flash as my poems often do.    What better place to hold a meeting of the Board of Birds than the Bird House?????   Now I found a photo that I hope you like for NEXT Thursday’s Poetic Challenge………………

Fun huh?    I know at least one of my friends in the blogosphere is familiar with tandem bikes…………this is a family tandem which I think is rather cool!    So is it a date everybody?   Will you give writing a poem a try and use this photo as a “spring board” to your creativity?   C’mon!  Join me!   

Until next week, I hope each of you has a great week ahead………full of fun, love, hope and happiness…………………….GO FOR IT!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Always, Angel Sammy




Another poem another smile – that’s my Angel brother!!    I too hope you all will join in the fun of writing a poem and if you have one this week you’d like to share, remember to tell us you do in our comments and give us your link………OR, you can even write your poem in our comments if you prefer!

Happy Thursday!  

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


HAPPY THURSDAY!    Time for Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   We all hop on board the THANKFUL train and share what we’ve been thankful for the past week.    Want to join us?   Click the badge above.   Easy.

As for what I’m thankful for, the first thing that pops into my head is that our ENDLESS rain has become off and on…….this morning we have sun but later we’ll have t-storms so we’re FINALLY at least getting a bit of sun.   Rain is good but too much of it is BAD as everyone who was effected by Florence knows.   Anyway, that’s one thing of “thankful”.   Another is that my Mom had a very nice birthday this week thanks to all the wonderful friends who sent messages wishing her a happy one.   She had that and more!

I’m also of course thankful that Angel Sammy got through from his wi-fi connection at the Rainbow Bridge to send us his poem of the week………………here it is!


Let’s Get Poetic!

Hi Friends!   Thursday is our day – we get together and share some poetry based on a photo that gives us some inspiration.   Kind of fun to pick up a vibe from a photo and turn it into a poem.   If you’ve done that with the photo I gave you last week – BRAVO!   Let us know you did in our comments – we’ll visit you to read it.    If you didn’t – I hope maybe you will give it a try.   Everyone looks at a photo and feels SOMETHING from what they see – it’s just a hop, skip and jump from FEELING something to writing about it.  

Here’s the photo I gave you last week…………………followed by my poem based on what I felt when I looked at the photo:


By Angel Sammy Kimmell     September 26, 2018


The years will pass in the blink of an eye

But love can remain as time passes by

If foundations are strong and the relationship is true

The bond lasts FOREVER like SUPER GLUE!!!


HAHA!   I fooled you with that one right?

I thought I’d have some FUN with a poem as I don’t often do that – most of my Thursday poems are longer and more “deep” but I love this photo so much (and so does my Mom!) that it just didn’t call for a lot of work – I made it EASY – just like love that’s right can be very EASY.    The couple in this photo are enjoying a moment.   Life is full of moments and we should make as many of them as happy as we can.    Mostly because we never really know how long we will be HERE………….we need to make sure we pack in as much learning, life and love as we can!!

Now, would you like to see the photo I picked for you for next week?????  

As a cat of course I love this photo for many reasons (!) but I just think it’s very cool so many birds are gathered in the same spot to enjoy a dip or a drink!    Have fun with this one!    We’ll be getting together next Thursday again to share our poems.  

Hope everyone has a good week…………….you know up here at the Rainbow Bridge we don’t really have “time” like we did before we came here.    We’re also pretty busy – sometimes keeping watch over you, sometimes helping newcomers adjust, sometimes just floating on a cloud remembering our “BEFORES”.     All of YOU are part of those dreams!

See you next week!   Love, Angel Sammy

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!



Thank you brother…………..we will look forward to your poem next week and I’ll look for you in my dreams…………………

Love, Teddy