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Teaser Tell All Time!


Wanna Know Where?


Good Morning Class!   You all really spent some time yesterday examining the photo didn’t you……….I could tell you did…….you noted the palm trees and thought “tropical” or “hot” and then tried to figure out WHICH area of the globe those spots might be in!   I’ll tell you how you all did in just a minute, but I thought you’d like to know a few OTHER facts about the Teaser first!

Our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning was not just ONE, it was THREE commenters who all chimed in the same 60 seconds after the Teaser went live so all three get this badge…

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi , Easy of Easy Weimaraner and Kosmo of Photofinland

Congratulations You Three!


You each get one of your VERY OWN!

Now, for the photo that we had up for studying yesterday!


Where Is This???  Why it’s Charleston, South Carolina that’s where!

My Mom and Dad cruised through Charleston and this photo was taken by them down on the waterfront on a BEAUTIFUL day.    They had walked and walked and walked all around the area down there to see all the gorgeous homes – some of which were hotels and B&Bs but some of which (at that time anyway) were private homes!!!  imagine living in one of these beauties!

SO, who guessed it correctly?My follower Shirley Matthews Dunn was the only one to guess correctly………….she doesn’t have a blog so no link, but she still is our WINNER of the FIRST RIGHT GUESS BADGE!


That was the ONLY correct guess though so no “RIGHT GUESSER” badges to award today I’m afraid!!!!!!

All of you who guessed incorrectly STILL get something you know………yep – you get a GREENIE!    So make sure and take one – you all earned it!


Next week I will try and find another goodie for you………………….OK?   Is it a deal?   Good!    I love Tuesdays in TEASERLAND and I hope you do too!



The Prof is Signing Off!