Tuesday Teaser


Students Please Take Your Seats!!  Class is about to start……..

Happy Tuesday all………………..remember to comment on this post because you MIGHT be the first to do so and THAT would get you a special badge to display on your blog, FB page, WHATEVA – so hurry up and comment then back to your desk quickly please!


(Uhoh…..everybody be extra good in class today because Sarge’s date didn’t turnout so well………..he says no more dates with lady wrestlers for him………..ouch)

Now, shall we REALLY begin class?   OK – today we have a Guest Teaser for you to peruse/study/agonize over and the very FIRST person to guess WHERE this photo was taken will win this:

You know you want this badge – especially if you’ve NEVER won one of them before so study hard AND remember EVERYONE that you MUST guess WHAT ARE WE SEEING IN THIS PHOTO and where was it taken?    I need the State (if USA) or Country (if NOT USA) !!!!    Got it?

To pump you all up before our Security Guard comes to display today’s photo, let’s bring Suzie in for another cheer………..she got your blood pumping yesterday with her Pre-Tease Monday cheer right?   Let’s hope it works again today!

I’m a little bit MAD
About that date that I HAD
The football player was mean
And a real skinny string bean
No muscles and no six-pack
No meat on his rib rack!
No more blind dates for me
My dates from now on I’ll SEE
I’ll try not to be grumpy
Though my “dating road” is bumpy
Let’s give this teaser a try
And I’ll try hard not to cry!

Gosh Suzie – sorry your big date didn’t work out.   Neither did Sarge’s………….!

Yeah well he’s a million years older than me so I’m not interested in him but I wish him luck……maybe if he SMILED????!!!!!

OK – let’s get back to the Teaser…………..Mr. Silver Briefcast/Security Guard/State Trooper guy – please come on down and show us today’s Teaser!!

I’ve got the photo here Professor Sam!

Where Was this Photo snapped? 

OK – you’re on your own kiddos…………study and guess and hopefully you can win a badge……………….!    No matter whether you win or lose you still get SOMETHING – it might be a GREENIE but it’s something!

REMEMBER WHAT YOU CAN WIN…………………………………………………….

If you DO guess correctly and you’re FIRST to do so you get this:

If you guess correctly BUT you’re not first you get this:

And then there’s the LOVELY Greenie for WRONG Guesses:


Tomorrow in class we’ll hand out all the badges to our various winners AND we’ll also tell you who our GUEST TEASER was…………….now won’t that just be FUN FUN FUN?

If you say so Professor Sammy

Assistant Professor Teddy and I will look for you in class tomorrow – don’t be late or Sarge just might be waiting for you at the school room door………….or maybe Miss Dingleberry will be there which just MIGHT be worse!

The Dynamic Duo 

Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

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    • Well, at least you guessed AND you are the FIRST TO GUESS……does that get you a badge? BUT if you guessed correctly – which we’ll find out tomorrow – you will get not only the badge you already won (FIRST COMMENTER) but another badge that you might like – so tune in tomorrow to see if it’s the airport at Perpignan looking at Mt. Canigou……….

      Hugs, Teddy

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  1. We thought we missed the teaser because mom was out at the vampires giving away her blood.

    Okay, Mad Suzie is a scary Suzie. We’re guessing that’s a highway heading into British Columbia, Canada 🙂 All the cars make us think its a highway and the mountains remind us of British Columbia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good thinking on your guess but who knows if you’re RIGHT or not? My Mom knows but she’s not tellin’! Tune in tomorrow to find out and we hope that your Mom didn’t give away ALL of her bloods!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. First of all, Suzie just kills me! Well, she looks ready to but mom and are laffing!!! LOVE that!

    My guess is the pass from Austria into Italy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good guessing Katie – we’ll see how you did tomorrow dear girl….as for Suzie – she is definitely a fruitcake but we love her anyway – Sarge and Miss Dingleberry are close behind!!

      Love, Teddy


  3. I have no idea… it kinda looks like a hippo on a mountain.
    Suzie, no getting mad for you… you look a bit scary and we all know you are just a sweet little kitten.

    OhMyGosh I just read Oliver and Calvin’s comment about Suzie… I am not alone… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Phenny maybe you’re right but I don’t know – I know what Warrenton, Virginia looks like but that’s about it (haha). Mom says tune in tomorrow to see how you did!!!

      Love, Teddy


  4. I was up nice and early waiting for the teaser, but I had to leave to bring my car to the garage and now there are over 30 comments 😦 One of these days I will be first. I have no clue where the photo was taken. Sorry about your date Suzie, don’t give up blind dates, that is how I met my hubby. XO


  5. *psst psst psst, mew mew, psst*
    After deliberation with the family I will go out on a very long and skinny limb and say it is the the Glacier and Mountain at Portland Washington…
    Oh this is another tough one greenie here we come MOL


    • Your Mom is keeping in great shape with those walks and THAT’s more important than the Teaser anyway but tune in tomorrow and find out where this was taken and WHO (!) sent it in! 🙂

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Hi D! So nice to see you……Teddy let me chime in before he grabs this comment like he does all the other ones before I have a chance! If you check in with us tomorrow you can find out the SCOOP on the Teaser photo today…..You know my lips are sealed until the Tell All. One day maybe we can use the view out your new house window to the world for a Teaser – I know the view is going to be beyond spectacular. So excited for you and Todd…

      Love, Pam

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  6. Hello…late as per our usual. MOL!

    Looks like a mountain on a mountain range as seen from an airplane window near the wing…yup…greenie for us, more than likely…


  7. I’m going to say Alaska. Where in Alaska, I don’t know. How about Greenie, Alaska. Looks like another greenie for me. Tough luck on your dates Sarge and Suzy.

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  8. Sheesh! Whoever took this picture couldn’t have gotten a worse view of that cute little minimum security penitentiary for kinda-sorta offenders who are only an annoyance to society. it’s almost like they were trying to get that big, hideous looking mountain in the shot. Hmmmmm, must’ve been surprised by one of those fierce arctic squirrels while trying to take the shot….

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah I agree…….that minimum security joint is so minimum it looks like it could be covered up in the first snowstorm! Are those arctic squirrels the ones with the big white fur coats?

      Hugs, Teddy


  9. Here we are…early for us. The foreground is definitely a small airport or part of an airport. I first thought of the mountains at Vancouver but this is not them. There is a whole city missing if it was them! The two that stick out in mom’s mind are Mount Baker and Mount Rainer both in Washington state.

    We will say Mount Rainer cause we have to make a decision.


    • OK OK OK……..now I’m not the brightest bulb for sure but I wanna know about this Meat Ball Song Mountain thing……PURRlease ‘splain that to me? Remember I’m just a little guy and don’t know the ways of the world like you Trout Towne kids do…………..

      Love, Teddy


      • small dood… ina land far far a way therz a mountin called smokey N a song waz dedicated two smokey; on top of old smokey ~~~ ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

        then sum yeerz later in a land a bit closer….sum one switched it up coz they waz eatin a sghetti dinner N they called it on top of spaghetti ~~~~~~ ♫♫♪♪♫♪

        then in rite now time ina land veree close ta TT….N bee coz we waz cloo lezz bout this mountin

        N bee coz de meat ball song popped inta R mindz eye for what ever reezon it DID

        we called it de meat ball mountin song…..

        coz we haz…… NOE SENZE…….

        con fuzed ??? uz two…..stop bye on thurzday N ewe will see why 🙂


        • HAHAHA…….I will make SURE we stop by tomorrow – Mom is kinda mad that we can’t seem to get notices when you post – it’s not fair and we’re gonna pout about it – I might even lie on the floor and kick my legs and screech like little kids do at the doctors…..anyway, we will stop by and see why you are confused tomorrow. Mom says she’s confused most of the time so it’s “old hat” to her! She does remember that song “On Top Of Old Smokey” but not all the words. Course she barely remembers her address and phone number so an old song might be WAY too much of a challenge!

          Tee Hee
          Love, Teddy


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