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Tuesday Teaser



Yeah – it’s that time again!!!!!!!

Tuesday Teaser and we’ll unlock the secret briefcase long enough to post the Teaser photo then slam it back into the briefcase until tomorrow!  No cheating!  Do I dare go out on a limb and say I think this is an EASY PEASY Teaser?  Yeah – I think I will do that – out on the limb I go………!!

Your mission is to tell me WHERE (country/state) this photo was taken by my wonderful parents…….READY???

Mystery Photo 4

If you are the first to COMMENT on this blog post you’re gonna win something!!!!  Don’t even have to guess – just comment!  What do you get?  Why thanks for asking – you get this:


And if you’re the FIRST to guess where these photos were snapped you get THIS!


If you’re RIGHT but not FIRST you still get this fabulous award:


And if you are a total loser (haha) and don’t know or guess WRONG WRONG, you still get this!



So get guessing…….why wait?  If you hesitate, someone will get there BEFORE YOU…..and you’ll HATE that I’m sure!



HAHA.....bet you'd like a peek inside my briefcase huh?

HAHA…..bet you’d like a peek inside my briefcase huh?


Happy 25th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad today too!


Tuesday Teaser


Happy Tuesday Teaser Fans!!    Now remember, before we go any further, NEXT Tuesday (February 25th) we will NOT have a Tuesday Teaser…..why?  Well because you will have something ELSE to do here next Tuesday which is voting for your favorites in my Moon Trip polls – and there will be THREE of them.  Three separate polls here full of fun and great photos.


Before we get too wrapped up in moonbeams (haha) let’s take a peek at today’s photo and see if any of you can guess where my Mom and Dad were when Mom snapped this photo.   They have traveled many waterways in the world but where is this one????  SPECIFICALLY????


If you perchance are the FIRST to guess where this was, you’ll be lucky enough to win the First Right Guesser badge!  WOW!


If you guess right but you’re not first – you get the Sammy Hug badge for being right!!


If you are lost – lost without a trade – lost in space – lost in the quagmire – lost like that one sock that you can’t find anywhere after you’ve already done the laundry (ha), you will get this badge!


So what do you think?  Hmm?  Have any ideas?   Guess what – Mom says she thinks this is an EASY one even though it could be so very many places……I think she’s right – so come on – give it your best shot – you might get the First Right Guesser or Hug…..and you know you want that!


Mr. Tease, Sammy


Tuesday Teaser


What Time Is It Kids?

Tuesday Teaser Time! (applause)

Yes here we are on a Tuesday that is NOT a holiday or day before a holiday so no distractions for you – you can totally concentrate on figuring out this conundrum.  Where do you suppose my Mom snapped this photo of my Dad taking movies???  No he was NOT thinking about jumping…..my parents were on a great vacation together and back when he had this BIG video camera he was recording the whole thing (or most of it anyway) for posterity.  “The whole thing” meaning their trip to………………WHEREVER THEY WERE!   (did you think I’d give it away???!!)

So if you’re ready, I am.  Here’s the photo:


Now it’s up to all of you!  Who will be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for today’s Teaser?  The first one to guess correctly the location (state or country or region or even specific spot!) where this photo was taken will get:


The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award


And everyone ELSE who guesses correctly but isn’t first gets:

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And all you poor people who have not the teensiest bit of an idea WHERE the photo was taken will get:

"I didn't have a clue but I get an award anyway!"

“I didn’t have a clue but I get an award anyway!”

Not a bad deal is it?  Everybody wins SOMETHING on my Tuesday Teaser days.  But mostly it’s fun trying to figure out where in the world my wandering parents were when they snapped some of their photos.  Right?   And you get the honor (did I say honor?????) of displaying the above appropriate badge on your blog the next day proclaiming to the entire universe (or at least my followers) that YOU got something special from Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser this week!  WOO HOO!

What else is happening in my world?  Well not much other than this incredible cold spell.  We did get a tiny break from it yesterday when the temperature SOARED into the mid 40s for a while…………however overnight we plunged back into the single digits and it is a glorious 10 degrees right now on this Tuesday morning in lovely Northern Virginia.  YUCK.  “Mom – wake me when it’s over will ya????”

Sam  TentBoy2





Tuesday Teaser


Hello!!!!   Welcome to “eyestrain Tuesday” otherwise known as Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser………………and as I told you yesterday, this one is a Guest Teaser so I’ll tell you tomorrow WHO sent it to me along with a few other pictures from this same location……

So, grab your magnifying glass, clean your computer or iPad screen or WHATEVER you’re looking at this on, and give me your best shot – you have today to guess because tomorrow is the “Tell All” !   This is (I think anyway) a tougher than usual Teaser because all I’m showing you is a bit of architectural detail here – not the whole building – so squint all you want…..I’m ready to hear your guesses!  Country AND Town or Actual Location should be included in your guess.


I told you it was a toughie!

Now, if you are first (and I think both Easy and Doggy have set their alarms so they can be THE FIRST to guess) and you are right – you get this fabulous award (no cash – just the award):

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

If you guess right but are NOT the first to do so, then you get one of my very warm, very sweet, very furry, SAMMY HUGS!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And of course if you are totally off base, guess absolutely WRONG, or even if you haven’t got a clue, you still get something because everyone who tunes in on Tuesday deserves a reward of SOME kind right??????



Sammy the Teaser Guy

Tuesday Teaser


It’s HERE…..it’s HERE……Tuesday Teaser IS HERE!!!

I think you may agree with me after seeing the photo this week that it is going to be a bit of a challenge – even for those of you (and we all know who I mean…wink wink) who always get the Teaser EASILY (oops!).

This is a Guest Teaser – not from one of my Mom’s vacation trips and not from Miss Shell of MY THREE MOGGIES – nope – this is someone else and you’ll find out who tomorrow.  Meanwhile, are you ready???????  Here you are!   Where in the world is this??????


Not much to go by is it?  Well, I know it isn’t and that’s what will make this a TOUGH Teaser I think.  Go ahead – prove me wrong – give it your best shot – you just might be right!   And if you are – and if you’re the FIRST person to guess right, here’s what you get!

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

And if you’re right but not the FIRST person to be right, then you get this!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!


So what are you waiting for?  Get to inspecting that photo and put your guess in comments……………tick tock tick tock……clock’s ticking!  Hee Hee………………good luck everybody.


Kitty Hugs from Sammy the Teaser 😀 😀 😀