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Hi Ho, Hi Ho…..



It’s off to the Vets’ I go!!!    That’s right – 9AM this morning through the snow we got last night which is lingering this morning and doesn’t really amount to much (thank heavens) – I’m in the car heading to the doc.   Mom has had a heck of a time with me lately refusing my pill but managed to get about a third of the pill powder down me yesterday.     I AM A LITTLE BOOGER!!!   That’s what she tells me when I refuse my pill………tee hee.  I know I must quit doing that – I need the meds.

So I’ll be sure and report tomorrow how horrid the visit was although we won’t have my blood work info until tonight or Monday.  Don’t worry – I’ll share.

Huh??????  More snow?  Just a "dusting" !!

Huh?????? More snow? Just a “dusting” !!

Other than this ridiculous last minute snow which I suppose is supposed to frighten us into thinking winter is coming BAAAAACK, things are nice and quiet around here.  That’s because as a special favor to me, Mom and Dad said they would NOT get the Monster out of the closet until TOMORROW!   That’s so I can relax when we get home from the doc, and Mom can devote her lap to my needs.   Sounds good to me!  Mom said she might even fry me up a piece of bacon as a “GOOD BOY” when we get back.


I can’t resist using this photo once in a while – I LOVE IT!

Today is the first official day of Spring…………………isn’t that grand?


Tomorrow at Cat Scouts we’re celebrating Spring with a Sadie Hawkins Party and Dance.   That should be fun!   I’ll share photos with you after I’ve got some snapped……..we’re having a barn dance and BBQ and all manner of fun.


It’s nice to have something FUN to look forward to isn’t it?


Sammy the Vet Bound Cat



More White Stuff


We just can’t get away from it……..more snow today……….maybe six more inches before it stops but who knows.  I guess complaining won’t change a thing but HONESTLY – I am absolutely so ready for Spring I could SCREAM!

More Snow?  Say it isn't SO!

More Snow? Say it isn’t SO!

At least I know that we will all be here together all day today – that means warm laps and lotsa naps…………….nobody will be going anywhere I’m quite sure.

The fact we’re “shut in” today might be good though because generally on those kinds of mornings Mom cooks bacon……..I’m remaining hopeful although it’s still very early here.  Breakfast won’t be cookin’ until Mom does email stuff and that could take a long time…….sometimes I get impatient and begin screaming at the bottom of the stairs.  That most generally works.

I had a real treat yesterday – something I’ve NEVER had before.   Mom was making biscotti and while I usually ignore her when she’s in the kitchen (unless bacon is involved of course), I was very interested to know what she was up to.  I sat at her feet and stared at her – eventually she put her finger in the uncooked biscotti batter and let me try it.  It was quite tasty!    After it was baked, she gave me a bit of it again but it was too hard for my teefies.   I think the uncooked stuff is pretty good though.   Does this mean I’m now a “gourmet kitty” ????


Have I told you that we’re having company soon?   Well we are……….Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig from MY THREE MOGGIES are flying to the USA for a vacation and one of the stops on their “tour” is at MY house!   We’re quite excited about it and Mom is hoping that I will forego my usual shyness to make an appearance while they’re here.   We have the guest room ready for them – it’s more of a “cat room” with all the decorations Mom has in there but I’m thinking they are used to “Cat stuff” being cat parents right?   We’ll show them a good time even though they’ll be here for a very short visit.   YAY!!!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

I guess I won't be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

I guess I won’t be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

We hope they’ll be comfy during their stay at the Kimmell Bed & Breakfast…..oh wait – shouldn’t that be the Kimmell Bed, Cat and Breakfast???????????????????????????

Guess I’ll go see if there’s any action going yet on the bacon downstairs……………………”MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?????”

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Sammy

Have you seen my St. Pat’s Header on my blog?  

Sammy O’Kimmell at your service!


Tuesday Teaser



YAY!   Thanks to the internet cooperating and our service being restored and STAYING restored, I’m here with your Tuesday Teaser as always.   Today’s is courtesy of a Guest Teaser and you’ll find out who that is AND where this is tomorrow……….but in the meantime, I’d be most interested to hear what your guesses are as to where these photos were snapped!

Ready?  (click to bigify)

TEASERFeb24-2015-1 TEASERFeb24-2015-2

So, if you wanna make a guess – go for it – just remember you have to tell me where these photos were taken………..what country and if possible what is it we’re seeing in the photos?????  Interesting spot though isn’t it?!?!?!  We thought so.

If you are the very first person to COMMENT on my Tuesday Teaser – even if you don’t make a guess – you get the “FIRST COMMENTER” award……….


If you’re the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser, you get this!


If you’re RIGHT but not first you get this:


And last but by no means least (because I just know you love GREEN stuff) if you are WRONG or haven’t got a clue, you still get the BIG GREENIE!


Now Mom took a few pix of me out on the sidewalk once Dad got the snowthrower to do its’ magic this weekend……..thanks to a freak warming of the temps yesterday to a balmy 40+ degrees, the sidewalk dried off so I took a walk…….YAY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope wherever you are, you have NO snow or at least just a bit like we have gotten………….we had a total of about 5-6 NEW inches of snow this weekend but a lot of what was “under” it had melted so it’s not been too bad.  Mom and Dad went out this morning with no problem on the roads!

STAY WARM (or if you’re “Down Under” or somewhere warm, STAY COOL!)    Now – GET GUESSING!

Love, Sammy the Teaser

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Purrsday Recap


I just KNOW you’re dying to see some photos from the Cat Scouts Mardi Gras bash – right?  How about just a few?  It was tons of fun!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only other thing happening around MY house is this overwhelming cold and the snow we got – I couldn’t believe we got a “decent sized” snow but Mom reminds me all the time that one of the BIGGEST snows we’ve had was near the end of March five years ago so SNOW HAPPENS!   Just ask everyone living up north about that………….!   They’re STILL digging out.   We have been lucky.  Dad loves playing with his snowthrower thank heavens.


Dad loves playing in the snow!

Dad loves playing in the snow!



Mom has been putting bird food out like mad too………….everything on legs has visited!   Birds, squirrels, skunks, deer, we even saw some BIG hawks on the SMALL bird feeders.    When the weather is like this, everything needs FOOD for energy to do what they do.   Imagine how much energy it takes to FLY!

Have you pawticipated in one of Bacon/Fozziemum’s “Shopping Around The World” blog hops?   It’s really fun to see what everyone around the world pays for the SAME THINGS in their grocery store or wherever you shop.    This month’s post will be on Friday, February 27th.  Why am I mentioning it now?  So you have time to check prices and schedule a post about it!   Seriously.  It’s fun……………if you wanna play along, here’s the shopping list for NEXT Friday the 27th.   It’s a “RANDOM” day…….why?   Get the prices for these items:

1.  A Random Frozen Meal of your choice

2.  A Random Dessert you like

3.  Any Random Fruit

4.  A Random Item (ANY item…..doesn’t matter WHAT it is, just tell us what you PAID for it)

5.  A Random condiment of your choice

Very RANDOM isn’t it?    Well, that will make it more fun………….anyway, put it on your calendars.  I guarantee you it’s fascinating to see the amazing range of prices for the SAME THINGS around the globe.

That’s all the news that’s fit to share in my house for today……………..how about you?  Anything exciting going on in your house?

Hugs, Sammy

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!  Thank you Nellie’s Mommy!!


Sneaking Up On Spring


Did you know the first day of Spring is March 20th??????  That’s right……….it’s NOT all that far away.  However, trust me, that doesn’t mean that it will be flowers and bees and picnic blankets and cookouts on March 20th………………a few years ago this was March here:

March2013snow1 LateMarchSnow2013-4 LateMarchSnow2013-1

SO, anyway, the mere pawsibility that March might bring Spring has me fired up………..I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready.   Winter seems longer every year that I’m alive and my Mom and Dad say the same thing……..we can’t wait for:

SpringYard2013-2No more house on the hill?????The bradford pears are blooming along the driveway!  Bags of mulch at the ready 'round the bottom.....

Early misty morning front garden

My Mom spent today with me snoopervising her of course rearranging some of the paintings she has on the walls of “her” room – which originally was her art studio/writing studio when she and Dad built this house.   She’s no longer writing books and she draws a little bit but doesn’t do oil paintings anymore.   I’m bringing that up because lots of you probably  have never seen any of my Mom’s paintings…………..would you like to?    (those of you who have seen these before just skip past the slideshow…..hahahahaha)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Am I “bragging” on my Mom?   Maybe………..   Is that “tacky” to do?   Maybe………..but I did it anyway!!!!

Big Hugs,

Sammy the Proud Son