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Friendly Fill-Ins Friday


Hello!  Happy Friday!

Today we’re filling in sentences thanks to the jointly hosted Friendly Fill-ins by 15andmeowing and McGuffysReader !   You can click on the link for McGuffy’s Reade if you’d like to join up with this blog hop – it’s tons of fun and a good way to meet new bloggers AND tell everyone about YOU!


 Here are today’s sentences……………!   My fill-ins are in BLUE and Mom’s are in RED.   We each filled in TWO sentences this time!

1. My guiding word for 2017 is ANGELS.
2. I’ve never been to a high school class reunion.
3. Truth be told I am superstitious about wearing GREEN on St. Pat’s Day – Mom used to put a green collar on me!.   (*Yes we could have said superstitious about Friday the 13th but I’ve NEVER been that way although many are!!

4.Lately, I have been very cognizant of the fact that now that I’m older time is FLYING by whereas when I was young, time went on and on forever (it seemed!).

SO, that’s it for Filling in today……………………remember to join in the HOP if you want to share your sentence fill-ins……………and even if you don’t, go visit McGuffy’s Reader to see everyone else’s fill-ins.   I guarantee it’s fun!
Mom and Dad are supposed to get SNOW tomorrow…….and maybe even a bit of ice.   I might get a day pass from the Bridge to spend with them because they won’t be able to go anywhere if it snows and I can keep them company!
NO SNOW HERE!!!!   Tee Hee
See you tomorrow for BACON CATURDAY…………

The Joy of Bacon


Ah yes……maybe I should

write a book?  “The Joy of Bacon”

by Sammy Bacon Boy Kimmell


Mom didn’t let me down this morning either…..bacon we had AND waffles too!   Not that I ate the waffle part – that was for Mom and Dad – but the bacon I was totally on board with.   Once my sniffer got WIND (haha) of it, I was all over the kitchen following Mom!



I was dressed and ready to go – bacon socks and hat and my chair pulled right up to the table like a BIG GUY!



WAIT – did I say “BIG BOY”??   Sitting in a high chair??? I don’t THINK so!!

Anyway, I got my bacon and now I’m set for the day.  

I'm one "fully baconized" boy now!!!!

I’m one “fully baconized” boy now!!!!

Before I go, I must tell you this WEIRD but true fact.   We’ve had nice weather for a couple of weeks – – – like Spring stuff………….but tomorrow – THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING (!!!) we are going to have SNOW………..that’s right………from 1-3 inches of the stuff.   Is that fair?   NO IT IS NOT!    Will I whine about it?  You betcha!   Oh well, what can I do about it – nothing except hope it doesn’t happen!   Maybe a SAMMY WHAMMY would help?


I hope snow is NOT in your forecast for the first day of Spring……………………!!!  

Hugs, Sammy

The Wizard of Bacon

Melting Thursday


Hello!    We are MELTING………..well not “WE” but our area is getting some good sunshine and temps in the 40s so all of this snow is slowly but surely disappearing.  We still have over a foot of it on the lawn but the streets are looking good so there’s HOPE after all – at least for us.   Some places got a lot more of Jonas’s white stuff than we did so we hope they fare as well as we are………


We hope maybe that’s our annual quota of snow so we won’t get any more……………fat chance right?

My parents were finally able to drive out of our neighborhood yesterday – which was a good thing because even though Mom had stocked up on EVERYTHING before the storm came, we were almost (gasp) out of Gerber’s Beef Baby Food which is what I take my pill with!

SAMGERBERYep – they don’t know it but I could be their new poster child.  It’s the only thing Mom has found that I will eat that icky pill in…………..and trust me – we tried EVERYTHING!

Now something serious for a minute………………one of my oldest and dearest and cutest friends, Alfie (also known as Gaylord) from Mollie and Alfie’s blog went to the Bridge a few days ago.   Their Mom has a wonderful online (Etsy) store with all kinds of wonderful handmade and FUN things for pets.   I have a lot of their stuff in my house – toys and placques – nip mats too – everything is wonderful (there’s a link to the store on my sidebar).   My heart was broken to learn that Alfie had gone but then I realized when I read their blog that Alfie the Angel only has ONE ANGEL WING right now because he has a mission to stay here and drive his sister Mollie crazy – which is how he will earn his SECOND Angel Wing.   I’m sure he can do this too as he and Mollie were FAST friends.    Please visit Alfie’s blog if you haven’t already…………and his store too – they have links on their blog to the store as well.   Alfie was a dear boy – he and Mollie were “the two Blondes” on the other side of the Pond…………Click on Alfie One Wing’s photo to visit:


I will miss you Alfie………..

Now – please resume your regular internet surfing because that’s it for my blog for today!  See you tomorrow peeps!

Love, Sammy

Cold Enough For Snow


Brrrrrrr…………………it’s TOTALLY been cold enough for snow here but so far we haven’t had any.   Day before yesterday the weather people said “snow flurries/showers” for Tuesday but that never happened.   At least not HERE.   Some places had a dusting.    But talking about it got me to thinking about how many snowy photos I had in my photo stash…….so I thought I’d PLAY MAKE BELIEVE and show some of them just to prove that I, Samuel Kimmell, CAN have FUN in the snow!

This is actually ME in the snow several years ago…….when I was younger I absolutely LOVED the snow.   I’d follow Mom’s foot prints in the snow no matter how deep they were………

Sam looking mighty small in the snow


Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

I musta been nuts back then…..

Now the REST of these are photoshopped ME in the snow………………but I am having fun – and if we actually DO get some snow this winter (which I’m sure we will) I’ll try to have fun in it again I promise.   Unless I decide to just sleep right through it all until Spring!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As wacky as the weather has been over this past year or so, we’ll probably have a “WHITE SPRING” instead of a “WHITE CHRISTMAS”………wouldn’t surprise me one bit!

Happy Thursday! 

Snoozy Sam

Me, this afternoon while Mom worked on this blog for me!


Bacon Time!

For MEEEE???????????

For MEEEE???????????

It’s the most wonderful day of the week…………BACON DAY.   You may remember that last year around the holiday, my cousin Bacon sent me a cool hat which was too big for me but my Mom wore it and held me to prove we received it.   Can you see what it says on it????  HMMM????


BACON!!!!!   This was, I think, a few days before Christmas – Mom has one of her silly Christmas sweatshirts on – it says “NAUGHTY” on it (like we didn’t already know she was on Santa’s Naughty list?????)

I did get a way cool item to add to my collection of bacon-related STUFF though this week from my buds at Tabbies O Trout Towne – check it out!   I wonder if the money inside tastes like bacon???


Thanks Tabbies!  You’re the best!   Always on the lookout for wacky bacon stuff…………….like these from my stash!

Today should be a great day – why?  Because the house got monsterized yesterday and even the YARD was monsterized.   All the leaves that were down (and we had a ton) are gone.  Mom and Dad did the final leaf pick-up/grind-up/pile-up for this Fall so all that noisy equipment is now STORED for the season!  YAY!!!!   We can only hope that the snow monster machine doesn’t have to make an appearance this winter……..Dad’s too old for that stuff.   He’s nuts (actually he’s just too cheap to hire someone to do our 250 foot driveway……OR…….that’s one of his favorite winter toys – the snowblower!).    He looks happy doesn’t he?    This is an old photo – we haven’t had snow yet this year……thank heavens.



As you know, Bacon’s little brother BASHFUL has been with us for a while now and I’m about to send him back home in time for Christmas.   I’ll share the last of the photos I’ve taken with the little rock dude first of next week………….he’s been a JOY to entertain.   Unlike the ELF ON THE SHELF NIGHTMARE GUY, Bashful knows how to behave, be polite, express his appreciation, and have fun!   But that’s not all………..when Bashful heads back home to Hotel Thompson, he’s going to be bringing a friend he met here with him.    I won’t say more……I’ll let Bacon tell you about her when Bashful gets back home with his traveling companion.

That’s it for now – I’m heading back to the kitchen because there might just be some bacon in my dish…………sometimes when I think I’ve had my share, Mom surprises me with MORE.   A guy can hope…………………..right?

Hugs, Sammy



Hi Ho, Hi Ho…..



It’s off to the Vets’ I go!!!    That’s right – 9AM this morning through the snow we got last night which is lingering this morning and doesn’t really amount to much (thank heavens) – I’m in the car heading to the doc.   Mom has had a heck of a time with me lately refusing my pill but managed to get about a third of the pill powder down me yesterday.     I AM A LITTLE BOOGER!!!   That’s what she tells me when I refuse my pill………tee hee.  I know I must quit doing that – I need the meds.

So I’ll be sure and report tomorrow how horrid the visit was although we won’t have my blood work info until tonight or Monday.  Don’t worry – I’ll share.

Huh??????  More snow?  Just a "dusting" !!

Huh?????? More snow? Just a “dusting” !!

Other than this ridiculous last minute snow which I suppose is supposed to frighten us into thinking winter is coming BAAAAACK, things are nice and quiet around here.  That’s because as a special favor to me, Mom and Dad said they would NOT get the Monster out of the closet until TOMORROW!   That’s so I can relax when we get home from the doc, and Mom can devote her lap to my needs.   Sounds good to me!  Mom said she might even fry me up a piece of bacon as a “GOOD BOY” when we get back.


I can’t resist using this photo once in a while – I LOVE IT!

Today is the first official day of Spring…………………isn’t that grand?


Tomorrow at Cat Scouts we’re celebrating Spring with a Sadie Hawkins Party and Dance.   That should be fun!   I’ll share photos with you after I’ve got some snapped……..we’re having a barn dance and BBQ and all manner of fun.


It’s nice to have something FUN to look forward to isn’t it?


Sammy the Vet Bound Cat



More White Stuff


We just can’t get away from it……..more snow today……….maybe six more inches before it stops but who knows.  I guess complaining won’t change a thing but HONESTLY – I am absolutely so ready for Spring I could SCREAM!

More Snow?  Say it isn't SO!

More Snow? Say it isn’t SO!

At least I know that we will all be here together all day today – that means warm laps and lotsa naps…………….nobody will be going anywhere I’m quite sure.

The fact we’re “shut in” today might be good though because generally on those kinds of mornings Mom cooks bacon……..I’m remaining hopeful although it’s still very early here.  Breakfast won’t be cookin’ until Mom does email stuff and that could take a long time…….sometimes I get impatient and begin screaming at the bottom of the stairs.  That most generally works.

I had a real treat yesterday – something I’ve NEVER had before.   Mom was making biscotti and while I usually ignore her when she’s in the kitchen (unless bacon is involved of course), I was very interested to know what she was up to.  I sat at her feet and stared at her – eventually she put her finger in the uncooked biscotti batter and let me try it.  It was quite tasty!    After it was baked, she gave me a bit of it again but it was too hard for my teefies.   I think the uncooked stuff is pretty good though.   Does this mean I’m now a “gourmet kitty” ????


Have I told you that we’re having company soon?   Well we are……….Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig from MY THREE MOGGIES are flying to the USA for a vacation and one of the stops on their “tour” is at MY house!   We’re quite excited about it and Mom is hoping that I will forego my usual shyness to make an appearance while they’re here.   We have the guest room ready for them – it’s more of a “cat room” with all the decorations Mom has in there but I’m thinking they are used to “Cat stuff” being cat parents right?   We’ll show them a good time even though they’ll be here for a very short visit.   YAY!!!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

I guess I won't be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

I guess I won’t be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

We hope they’ll be comfy during their stay at the Kimmell Bed & Breakfast…..oh wait – shouldn’t that be the Kimmell Bed, Cat and Breakfast???????????????????????????

Guess I’ll go see if there’s any action going yet on the bacon downstairs……………………”MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?????”

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Sammy

Have you seen my St. Pat’s Header on my blog?  

Sammy O’Kimmell at your service!