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Sneaking Up On Spring


Did you know the first day of Spring is March 20th??????  That’s right……….it’s NOT all that far away.  However, trust me, that doesn’t mean that it will be flowers and bees and picnic blankets and cookouts on March 20th………………a few years ago this was March here:

March2013snow1 LateMarchSnow2013-4 LateMarchSnow2013-1

SO, anyway, the mere pawsibility that March might bring Spring has me fired up………..I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready.   Winter seems longer every year that I’m alive and my Mom and Dad say the same thing……..we can’t wait for:

SpringYard2013-2No more house on the hill?????The bradford pears are blooming along the driveway!  Bags of mulch at the ready 'round the bottom.....

Early misty morning front garden

My Mom spent today with me snoopervising her of course rearranging some of the paintings she has on the walls of “her” room – which originally was her art studio/writing studio when she and Dad built this house.   She’s no longer writing books and she draws a little bit but doesn’t do oil paintings anymore.   I’m bringing that up because lots of you probably  have never seen any of my Mom’s paintings…………..would you like to?    (those of you who have seen these before just skip past the slideshow…..hahahahaha)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Am I “bragging” on my Mom?   Maybe………..   Is that “tacky” to do?   Maybe………..but I did it anyway!!!!

Big Hugs,

Sammy the Proud Son

A Lighthouse Moment

My original Oil painting of Pemaquid Point Light

This is one of Mom's paintings that doesn't "live" here anymore - wouldn't it be fun to climb up those rocks and poke a paw in that little hole full of water???

I was looking through all our pictures this morning trying to decide what to blog about this Sunday morning when I saw this one…..why would a cat like me be interested in this you might ask??  Well, not just because it’s one of my Mom’s old oil paintings but because imagine how much fun it would be to PLAY around there!  All those big rocks and holes with water in them from the splashing waves and it’s so FAR up to the top of the rocks where the lighthouse is.  I could climb and climb which is something I really do like to do.

Mom and Dad were on a vacation up through New England and every single lighthouse they visited, Mom would take a photo.  This was Pemaquid Point Light and she says lots of people photograph it and lots of people paint it and she wanted to do BOTH.  This painting used to hang in Mom’s studio but a few years ago when a friend of hers asked if she’d like to donate something to an auction to benefit the Free Clinic in Manassas, Virginia – she donated this painting and copies of her books.  We hope that the painting is now living in someone’s house where they look at it and think “gosh, what a beautiful place to visit” just like I used to do when it was on Mom’s studio wall.

At least we have the photo of the painting…….and when it’s up on the computer screen I sit on Mom’s desk and stare at it and think about what fun it would be to climb those rocks.  That one little hole in the rocks where the water is sitting is mighty inviting!!!!

Happy Sunny Sunday

Sammy, One Feline Admirer of Artwork