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Saturday With Bacon AND Bashful!



HUH.  WHO?   Well, if you follow Bacon the piggy’s blog HERE, then you know that his rock-n-roller, Bashful is a world-traveler.  That’s right – this rock knows how to get around and has been just about everywhere in creation except to MY house.   Well not anymore gang – he arrived in my mailbox yesterday and he’s here to stay through Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I will have tons of photos to share with you while he’s here at my house of course but for now – I snuck in early Friday morning to make sure he was sleeping OK in the Guest Room and here’s what I saw:


The little guy is all cuddled up in his afghan with the stuffed piggy I gave him (so he wouldn’t miss Bacon too much) and my pink cat pillow (so he’d remember he’s visiting a CAT) – he was snoring softly and when the flash went off on the camera, he pulled the afghan over his head and went back to sleep!

I’m thinking of great stuff to do with him while he’s here – but of course we’ll start off with breakfast this morning whenever he gets up and that’s when I’ll start snapping photos to share with you.   I already know Mom is going to take him up to the mountains with her and Dad to the cottage my Dad’s brother and his wife have.   That’s where TURKEY DAY will be happening…..no doubt there will be a lot of fun although I myself will be HOME……waiting patiently for Bashful and my parents to get home and bring me some TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY!!!!!

Friday after Bashful got up (finally) I showed him around the house a bit.  It was kind of cold out and I thought he’d better have a sweater to wear so Mom is working on that……in the meantime there’s plenty of stuff to do inside the house.    When I was showing him around the library he spotted the little log cabin my Dad made out of sticks and thought it would be JUST HIS SIZE……sadly we discovered that the door just isn’t big enough for him.   But he did look cute standing in front of the place anyway!


Then I introduced him to the two rocks we won from Savannah a while ago – she kindly had a giveaway of several hand-painted rocks and we were lucky to get a couple!   You know Bashful flirted with these two who are “girl-rocks” of course…..he’s such a SCAMP!


Who knows what we’ll get into today.  First up is breakfast of course – with bacon and Bashful……….wow………..I hope he likes bacon – well I know he likes his brother BACON but actual bacon?  Let’s hope so because you know I’m gonna have some since it’s Caturday!


Have a super day!

Hugs, Sammy (and Bashful)



Fun With Visitors


Hi Peeps!

As you know, we had visitors here at Casa Kimmell week before last……………Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig – Mom and Dad of MY THREE MOGGIES spent a couple of days with us.    How FUN it was for us to meet a blogging friend while they were on their tour of the USA!

Michelle and Craig

Michelle and Craig

Miss Michelle wanted to meet me in purrrrson and my Mom had told her that I always run and hide when strangers are around but guess what – this time I didn’t!   I was brave……….I was napping in the basement on my favorite old ugly “basement couch” when she came downstairs and sat on MY couch……she petted me (yes touched me!) and talked to me and before too long I was thinking “hey – this is fun and not so scary!”    I even came out of hiding in the basement and let everybody SEE me in my gingerness……….but the BIGGEST thing I did was (are you ready?) – I let Miss Michelle pick me up and carry me in her arms!   Yes – it’s true……………I did!



Here’s the My Three Moggies blog from yesterday which has some short little videos she did with ME in them!!!!   Yes I look shell-shocked but I didn’t run – I just sat there……entranced!


She took a lot more photos of me and there may be more coming………so stay tuned!

Now – do you remember what tomorrow is???   Do you???   It’s the day you wait for every week wondering if it will be a TOUGHIE TEASER or an EASY TEASER……………….you’ll just have to wait and see!



Remember, random time…………….you don’t know when it will arrive but if you’re first commenter, first right guesser, right guesser or even WRONG guesser, you will win a badge from me to prove you are a fan of TEASER!

Love, Sammy the Brave

More White Stuff


We just can’t get away from it……..more snow today……….maybe six more inches before it stops but who knows.  I guess complaining won’t change a thing but HONESTLY – I am absolutely so ready for Spring I could SCREAM!

More Snow?  Say it isn't SO!

More Snow? Say it isn’t SO!

At least I know that we will all be here together all day today – that means warm laps and lotsa naps…………….nobody will be going anywhere I’m quite sure.

The fact we’re “shut in” today might be good though because generally on those kinds of mornings Mom cooks bacon……..I’m remaining hopeful although it’s still very early here.  Breakfast won’t be cookin’ until Mom does email stuff and that could take a long time…….sometimes I get impatient and begin screaming at the bottom of the stairs.  That most generally works.

I had a real treat yesterday – something I’ve NEVER had before.   Mom was making biscotti and while I usually ignore her when she’s in the kitchen (unless bacon is involved of course), I was very interested to know what she was up to.  I sat at her feet and stared at her – eventually she put her finger in the uncooked biscotti batter and let me try it.  It was quite tasty!    After it was baked, she gave me a bit of it again but it was too hard for my teefies.   I think the uncooked stuff is pretty good though.   Does this mean I’m now a “gourmet kitty” ????


Have I told you that we’re having company soon?   Well we are……….Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig from MY THREE MOGGIES are flying to the USA for a vacation and one of the stops on their “tour” is at MY house!   We’re quite excited about it and Mom is hoping that I will forego my usual shyness to make an appearance while they’re here.   We have the guest room ready for them – it’s more of a “cat room” with all the decorations Mom has in there but I’m thinking they are used to “Cat stuff” being cat parents right?   We’ll show them a good time even though they’ll be here for a very short visit.   YAY!!!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

I guess I won't be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

I guess I won’t be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

We hope they’ll be comfy during their stay at the Kimmell Bed & Breakfast…..oh wait – shouldn’t that be the Kimmell Bed, Cat and Breakfast???????????????????????????

Guess I’ll go see if there’s any action going yet on the bacon downstairs……………………”MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?????”

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Sammy

Have you seen my St. Pat’s Header on my blog?  

Sammy O’Kimmell at your service!