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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello Everyone!   It’s DOUBLE DAY…….we do Brians’ Thankful Thursday Blog Hop then we do Angel Sammy’s Poetry Day.     THANKFULS are always first because they are the most important thing EVER but especially on Thursdays.   If you’d like to join the Hop at Brian’s – click the badge above and link up!

Very thankful that my Mom got her booster last Thursday – just a sore arm and that’s that.   Dad will get his soon.   Happy my Mom and Dad are PROTECTED.   I’m also happy that even though our furnace DIED yesterday, it is being repaired tomorrow.    I like a cozy house and let’s face it – no heat = chilly!    Especially when last night we got down to freezing.    What’s saving us is that we have TWO systems in our house……a heat pump for upstairs and the furnace for downstairs.   UPSTAIRS WAS FINE!    It kept us cozy last night for sleeping but boy was it chilly downstairs this morning.    I have a permanent fur coat of course but Mom and Dad are furless.  EEEK!

Now let’s move on to Angel Sammy’s Poetry Day.    This week he tried something DIFFERENT.    It’s “DO YOUR OWN THING” for today – everyone finds their OWN photo (rather than him giving everyone the same photo to work with) and write a poem about your own photo.   Should have some cool photos and poems right?   Let’s go see!


Happy “DO YOUR OWN THING” Poetry Day!

As you know we’re doing something different this week – you were to find your own photo and write a poem about it.   Any photo at all would work and I’m excited to see what all of you have come up with!     I did the same thing…….found a photo I like and wrote a poem inspired by it.

Here’s the photo I used for my poem this week:

“A Place To Escape To”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©November 3, 2021


This is a painting my Mom did a long time ago

It’s in her personal gallery – has not been on show

It’s her escape place – a spot she goes when things just aren’t right

She’s been known to visit her studio to see it in the middle of the night

When she looks at it she imagines she’s in the front porch chair

It’s calm all around, she’s alone with her thoughts without a care

Some people go to their “place” in their head for that calm

For Mom this painting is that same soothing balm

It’s not her best work – she’s the first to admit

But her troubles melt away when on the rocker she does sit………..


First of all, I have shown this photo on ONE SPOILED CAT before…..back in July 2012.    I was talking about how much my Mom liked it even back then!   So forgive me for using it again for this post.    My Mom painted this WAY long ago when she was taking painting lessons – there were a lot of things technically wrong with it – perspective is off for sure – but the FEELING of the painting was what she wanted anyway so the “technicalities” didn’t matter to her heart.   It hangs on the wall by the window in her studio and she sees it first thing every day.   If she’s worried about something or troubled she can just look at this photo and whatever is wrong simply melts away.    Pretty cool huh?    Anyway, I have to admit that when I told Mom we were doing this project today with “any photo” she said she knew what photo she’d pick.   So I admit – she MIGHT have had something to do with why I picked this!!!

I’m anxious to see what you picked and what you wrote so PLEASE let us know if you wrote a poem for today’s fun – give us the link to your post in our COMMENTS or you can even write your poem there if you like.    I hope you had fun with DIFFERENT Poetry Day.

Next week we’re going back to the “usual” and here’s the photo I picked out for all of us to use!

BRRRRRRRR!    I think this will inspire all of us and remind us Winter is on the way……… if we needed reminding!    So I’ll see you next week when we’ll get together to share poetry again……’s a date!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light (and no Snow!), Angel Teddy


Angel Sammy I like that photo too…………she STILL visits that painting sometimes just because it takes her away to a good thinking place!     Humans do that in different ways – we kitties just go find a snuggy blankie or corner to do our heavy thinking.

Love, Teddy



Tuesday Teaser New Years Day!


Happy New Year Students!!   Time to COMMENT!!

Gosh Teddy, is it just me or do we have a lot of missing students this morning????

Yep – looks a little EMPTY out there………………where is everyone?     Oh wait – I hear some activity in the hallway……………..

Alright you students – get in that classroom! You’re LATE!




Professors I saw these three trying to sneak down the hallway – I think we have a lot of students who did TOO MUCH PARTYING last night and not enough studying!!

Thanks Marge…….we’ll take care of them now.

Students we are a bit disappointed in you BUT it was New Year’s Eve so we’ll give you a break and not give you any demerits to start off the new year.    Instead, we’ll give you your Teaser photograph and you can hope for the best!    Here’s your rules refresher and the badges you MIGHT win if you stay awake long enough to guess today!

Professors, SOME of us studied last night and did NOT party!

I studied ALLLLL night!

I only stopped studying at midnight so I could watch the ball fall in Times Square!

We’re very proud of those of you who studied……… let’s see how well you do because you studied shall we?      Cheer team is here (barely) to cheer you on:

Well we might be a little bit tardy
We just got home from a New Years party
We’ll do our best to give you a cheer
But if we’re lousy, you can blame the beer
Good luck to you we hope your brains are working
I think your Cheer Team just did too much twerking!

Alright girls – go get some sleep so you can give a proper cheer to the winners tomorrow instead of looking like you’re fresh out of the Twilight Zone.

Now let’s bring our Security Guard in with today’s photo……………………………..

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Students I must say that while you may look at this photo and think “this will be an easy one to do a search on” you may find it tougher than you think!!!!    So it still boils down to whoever figures the Teaser photo out CORRECTLY first………………..on your mark, get set, GO!

Tomorrow we’ll find out who the smarty was today…………………….


Let’s head to the cafeteria now for a break – unless of course you want to stay in the classroom and forego lunch for a chance to (a) SLEEP at your desk or (b) work on the TEASER!

Decisions – decisions……

Welcome to the Cafeteria students!   So whaddaya think of my new look???   Enjoy it while you can before my mustache grows back!   Just kidding……I have a nice lunch for you today to celebrate the NEW YEAR and my NEW LOOK!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Class, while you’re eating lunch, have a peek at what Professor Teddy did to celebrate the New Year with a few of his friends…….he got very HAPPY!!!   CLICK HERE  

A big thank you to Sharon of Friends Furever for the video with The Professor with some of his friends!!

We’ll see you in class tomorrow for badges, winners and losers!!

Start off 2019 by winning the Teaser competition tomorrow!   Good luck!   

Your Professors – oh yes – by the way – the poll indicated you WANT Pre-Teaser Monday to continue so it will.   Thanks for voting in the poll…………..!

Sneaking Up On Spring


Did you know the first day of Spring is March 20th??????  That’s right……….it’s NOT all that far away.  However, trust me, that doesn’t mean that it will be flowers and bees and picnic blankets and cookouts on March 20th………………a few years ago this was March here:

March2013snow1 LateMarchSnow2013-4 LateMarchSnow2013-1

SO, anyway, the mere pawsibility that March might bring Spring has me fired up………..I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready.   Winter seems longer every year that I’m alive and my Mom and Dad say the same thing……..we can’t wait for:

SpringYard2013-2No more house on the hill?????The bradford pears are blooming along the driveway!  Bags of mulch at the ready 'round the bottom.....

Early misty morning front garden

My Mom spent today with me snoopervising her of course rearranging some of the paintings she has on the walls of “her” room – which originally was her art studio/writing studio when she and Dad built this house.   She’s no longer writing books and she draws a little bit but doesn’t do oil paintings anymore.   I’m bringing that up because lots of you probably  have never seen any of my Mom’s paintings…………..would you like to?    (those of you who have seen these before just skip past the slideshow…..hahahahaha)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Am I “bragging” on my Mom?   Maybe………..   Is that “tacky” to do?   Maybe………..but I did it anyway!!!!

Big Hugs,

Sammy the Proud Son

Pass Me The Bacon Purrlease!





Well we might be sneaking up to Halloween but there’s nothing scary about bacon………nope – it’s a friendly, crunchy, delectable delight and I always love weekends around here since bacon is on the menu.   You know how I talk about it a lot but I’m not the only one out here in the blogosphere who’s a NUT for bacon.   As I make my way around visiting my blog buddies I see lots of you talking about bacon…………..some of you don’t like it or can’t get it where you live but those of us who know the wonders of it, celebrate it!

I love bacon but this might be going a BIT too far!

I love bacon but this might be going a BIT too far!

It’s Day Two of the sale on Mom’s mystery book – you can click the book cover below and go right to Amazon to get it……………….you won’t be sorry!

Yes that's my Mom's own oil painting on the cover!

Yes that’s my Mom’s own oil painting on the cover!


Love, Sammy

Silent Sunday


It’s too danged hot to do anything but be QUIET today……so I’m sharing a photo of one of my Mom’s old oil paintings which is a great SUNDAY theme anyway!

STAY COOL………(if you’re hot)………..STAY WARM……….(if you’re cold)…………see you tomorrow!

Mom painted this about 25 years ago from a photo of an Eric Sloane painting.....

Mom painted this about 25 years ago from a photo of an Eric Sloane painting…..

Kitty Hugs, Silent Sam  😀 😀

PEE ESSSSS    Happy Blogaversary to The Cat On My Head today!    Happy Blogaversary tomorrow to Mollie and Alfie!    PAWTY TIME……………….