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Fearsome Friday


Watch Out!  Cleaning Day!


I’m liable to be cranky too since I can’t play until after all the noise stops!



Mom and Dad are both polishing, dusting, vacuuming, buffing, straightening, stashing, cleaning, sponging off, de-smudging, and any other word you can use for “getting this place ship shape” !!!   So I say if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!

Doing my OWN "Spring cleaning" !

Doing my OWN “Spring cleaning” !

Getting my feets nice and clean…….and I’ll probably work on a few other areas as well (haha).

How about you?  Are you cleaning your house today or TRASHING the joint????

No this is NOT me......honest!

No this is NOT me……honest!

Hopefully soon all this activity will be over and I can relax…..or maybe eat a whole chicken…..or maybe nap??

Decisions, Decisions!





We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.


I vote for all three!  

Happy Friday!  


Pee Ess…… Happy Birthday Madi!


If you click HERE, you can visit Madi and wish her a HAPPY 14th!!

Saturday Stuff



YAWN…………………..well good morning universe.   Another Saturday comes our way…………….with some treats (BACON), and naps (YAWN AGAIN), and quiet (at least it BETTER be!).

First comes breakfast………………..you know what that’s all about in my house on a Saturday!


Then Mom will probably be admiring her new dishwasher for hours and hours and reading the manual over and over……..even though all you really do is put detergent in and press some buttons!  What’s so fascinating about that huh?   Well, it’s her newest toy so let her enjoy it right?

Dad will probably go out and see if the leaves are dry enough for he and Mom to head out to do the leaf sucking machine thing………we must have ten jillion leaves down after the BIG WIND of the past two days.   How can so many leaves have already come down yet I look up in the big trees and there’s MORE to come????    Trees sure have a lot of leaves don’t they?    Our neighbor worked on his leaves ALL DAY yesterday.   ALL DAY……now that’s what I call “leafmania” !!    But leafmania is so much better than “snowmania” so I won’t complain………………………..

White Christmas This Year? We Hope So!

NOT looking forward to this…..gimme leaves any old day!

As far as I know though that’s all that’s on the calendar for today.  House is clean and I haven’t messed it up in any way since yesterday so we’re good to go there.  Laundry is done (yes I snoopervised), cars are clean inside and out (thanks Dad)…………..I’ve got this family WHIPPED into shape haven’t I?    Oh yeah!

Think I’ll go find a nice sunny spot to dream…………what will I dream about?   With my luck, probably trees with leaves…….lots of them……falling down on my head.

Innocently enjoying a sun puddle on the stairs when I hear Mom say the word "VET" !!!


Hugs, Sammy

P.S.  On a very serious note, we are sending love and prayers to our friends in Paris after their terrible tragedy overnight.  So many lives lost……it’s just horrible what terrorists are doing all around the world.   My Mom is particularly sad about this because she and my Dad were in Paris on 9/11 and the French people were SO kind and caring and genuinely horrified at what had happened to the USA………….now we are horrified about what’s happened there.    Senseless……….totally.

My Favorite Day!




Hello Bacon lovers and everyone else tuning in today.    This is, as you well know (if you know me) my favorite day of the week.  A day I am GUARANTEED to have bacon for breakfast.  My favorite treat………I’ve become rather picky about my food over the past 15 and a half years but one thing remains the same……….I LOVE BACON!


Just don’t expect me to SHARE !

The dogs get stuff if he sits pretty.....let's see if this works for me!

The dogs get stuff if he sits pretty…..let’s see if this works for me!

Anyway, other than starting off with bacon, what will I be doing today?  It’s anyone’s guess.  The housecleaning thing and the laundry thing are done for another week………..maybe it will just plain be QUIET around here and I can nap.   I do that REAL WELL now after all these years of practice.

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)





Love, Sammy

More White Stuff


We just can’t get away from it……..more snow today……….maybe six more inches before it stops but who knows.  I guess complaining won’t change a thing but HONESTLY – I am absolutely so ready for Spring I could SCREAM!

More Snow?  Say it isn't SO!

More Snow? Say it isn’t SO!

At least I know that we will all be here together all day today – that means warm laps and lotsa naps…………….nobody will be going anywhere I’m quite sure.

The fact we’re “shut in” today might be good though because generally on those kinds of mornings Mom cooks bacon……..I’m remaining hopeful although it’s still very early here.  Breakfast won’t be cookin’ until Mom does email stuff and that could take a long time…….sometimes I get impatient and begin screaming at the bottom of the stairs.  That most generally works.

I had a real treat yesterday – something I’ve NEVER had before.   Mom was making biscotti and while I usually ignore her when she’s in the kitchen (unless bacon is involved of course), I was very interested to know what she was up to.  I sat at her feet and stared at her – eventually she put her finger in the uncooked biscotti batter and let me try it.  It was quite tasty!    After it was baked, she gave me a bit of it again but it was too hard for my teefies.   I think the uncooked stuff is pretty good though.   Does this mean I’m now a “gourmet kitty” ????


Have I told you that we’re having company soon?   Well we are……….Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig from MY THREE MOGGIES are flying to the USA for a vacation and one of the stops on their “tour” is at MY house!   We’re quite excited about it and Mom is hoping that I will forego my usual shyness to make an appearance while they’re here.   We have the guest room ready for them – it’s more of a “cat room” with all the decorations Mom has in there but I’m thinking they are used to “Cat stuff” being cat parents right?   We’ll show them a good time even though they’ll be here for a very short visit.   YAY!!!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

I guess I won't be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

I guess I won’t be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

We hope they’ll be comfy during their stay at the Kimmell Bed & Breakfast…..oh wait – shouldn’t that be the Kimmell Bed, Cat and Breakfast???????????????????????????

Guess I’ll go see if there’s any action going yet on the bacon downstairs……………………”MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?????”

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Sammy

Have you seen my St. Pat’s Header on my blog?  

Sammy O’Kimmell at your service!


Mom Monday


Good old (!) Mom………….where would I be without her?   I don’t wanna know!   But today she’s going to get some blood work done (glad it’s not ME) so I’m making it “Mom Monday”.    When she gets home I’ll pop up on her laps and keep her warm.   It’s what I do BEST!   (yes I know I reap the benefits myself from using her as a heating pad)

My Favorite Nap Spot!

I guess this is a “leg nap” not a “lap nap” !!

Yesterday was another cool start – it was in the 40s in the morning and when Mom went down our LONG driveway to get the newspaper, she wore her winter parka!  That’s right……….WINTER PARKA.   So, I think it’s safe to say, those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer can be packed up and put away for another year!

Did you know that this Friday is “Pirate’s Day” in the blogosphere?  Yes indeed………….I’m already working on a suitable photograph to post for the day.    The Cat Blogosphere calls it “Meow Like A Pirate”  day but if you’re an animal of a different sort I guess you can substitute the appropriate “sound” for a meow!   HAHAHA

This was me LAST Pirate Day:


Tomorrow I have a GUEST TEASER for you Teaser fans…………..so be ready with all your reference material (or your finger on the google search button…hahaha) and maybe you can figure it out FIRST.  You get a badge you know if you’re the FIRST right guesser, or you guess correctly period, or even if you haven’t any idea where the Teaser photo was taken you STILL get a badge.  Where else can you go and ALWAYS win something huh????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you have a fab day…………..whether your Mom is having blood work done or not, give her an EXTRA hug today……why?  Let’s say it’s “GIVE YOUR ASSISTANT AN EXTRA HUG” day.  Hey – I can make up a special day if I want to right??


Awww…….just like this!

HUGS, Sammy


Resting and Nesting


WOW……well, what can I say except what a great Valentine’s Day yesterday was!    Sundae and I had fun at the Queen of Hearts Ball – we danced almost every dance except for the one I had with Nellie – she had penned me in on her dance card and I was honored to have a chance to dance with the Queen herself.   Sundae knows Nellie is a special friend of mine……….


……..I had time to stop by both the Tabby Cat Club for THEIR Valentine’s Pawty and spend some time at Cat Scouts with all the various celebrations there.  It was a long day and I’m pooped.   Today I’m having my usual bacon breakfast but after that……….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today Mom and I will be working on the Moon Trip.  We really do have a lot of arrangements to make AND we’re going to start loading up the entries in the contests that we’ve received so far….that way we won’t be rushing around last minute with THAT, plus packing for the trip, plus getting our spacesuits dry cleaned for the journey (hmmm……I wonder if we should be dry cleaning those????).   So much to do.   Please remember everyone that we leave February 27th and all entries must be in to me by February 24th!!!    I know it’s only February 15th but you know how fast time flies…….need a refresher on what’s going on for the trip? CLICK HERE!

Our spaceship "Ralph" !

Our spaceship “Ralph” !

Mom and Dad are still dealing with the snow here…….Dad tramped out through two feet of drifted snow to feed the birdies yesterday afternoon though which I thought was very nice of him to do (actually Mom “encouraged” him to do it for her…..) so the birds enjoyed their Valentine’s Day with lots of sunflower seeds.   I think they are already wishing for Spring – Mom saw a few birds checking out some of the birdhouses we have around the back yard……scoping out the nesting possibilities early!   We in fact have a chance of about an inch of snow TODAY and we got another “dusting” of the white menace last night.  No biggie though.   Sigh.

Yeah....we got a bit of snow the other day......Dad handled it like a trooper!

Yeah….we got a bit of snow the other day……Dad handled it like a trooper!

I think I’ll head back to Mom’s lap…….still recovering you know……..although I gotta say I did some heavy duty dancing yesterday – not bad for a 14 year old arthritic ginger guy !  🙂

Happy Caturday!  



Colder Than Cold


Hi All!   Well we’re in the middle of another one of those impossible cold snaps here………….five degrees yesterday morning – one degree the day before – silly stuff and colder than our usual temps here in Virginia for this time of year.  I’ve been staying inside – I may not be the smartest cat in the universe but I’m no dummy!  I know inside is the place to be.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really haven’t even ASKED to sniff outside – I can tell it’s COLD out there…….our heat has been on almost constantly (no complaints there – I have my favorite heat registers throughout the entire house!!!).   The snow we got a few days ago hasn’t gone ANYWHERE…..although my Dad did get out there with the snowthrower and throw some snow around on our driveway.


Today is housecleaning day and I’m glad because my favorite tissue pile is looking kind of raggedy.  Dad and I played on it yesterday and I accidentally tore the tissue a bit……Mom changes my tissue once a week on cleaning day so it’s no biggie that it’s torn – time for some new stuff anyway!  That my friends should be the highlight of my day…………….because it being Friday and it being FREEZING out there, I’m not going anywhere ANYWAY!

Have a fabulous Friday – even if you’re not “colder than cold” !

Brrrrr…….Sammy the Iceberg!

Pee Ess   A little funny photo for your entertainment…..yesterday on Cat Scouts our Denmaster asked us to submit a photo of our Patrol “Trumpetmaster” – well, we don’t HAVE one in our Patrol and it was the first we’d heard of this – but because we were pressed for time, I decided to stick my paw up and volunteer to be the TEMPORARY Trumpetmaster until we can force some other cat in our Patrol get another cat in our Patrol to volunteer.    So what do you think????