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Bacon Time!

For MEEEE???????????

For MEEEE???????????

It’s the most wonderful day of the week…………BACON DAY.   You may remember that last year around the holiday, my cousin Bacon sent me a cool hat which was too big for me but my Mom wore it and held me to prove we received it.   Can you see what it says on it????  HMMM????


BACON!!!!!   This was, I think, a few days before Christmas – Mom has one of her silly Christmas sweatshirts on – it says “NAUGHTY” on it (like we didn’t already know she was on Santa’s Naughty list?????)

I did get a way cool item to add to my collection of bacon-related STUFF though this week from my buds at Tabbies O Trout Towne – check it out!   I wonder if the money inside tastes like bacon???


Thanks Tabbies!  You’re the best!   Always on the lookout for wacky bacon stuff…………….like these from my stash!

Today should be a great day – why?  Because the house got monsterized yesterday and even the YARD was monsterized.   All the leaves that were down (and we had a ton) are gone.  Mom and Dad did the final leaf pick-up/grind-up/pile-up for this Fall so all that noisy equipment is now STORED for the season!  YAY!!!!   We can only hope that the snow monster machine doesn’t have to make an appearance this winter……..Dad’s too old for that stuff.   He’s nuts (actually he’s just too cheap to hire someone to do our 250 foot driveway……OR…….that’s one of his favorite winter toys – the snowblower!).    He looks happy doesn’t he?    This is an old photo – we haven’t had snow yet this year……thank heavens.



As you know, Bacon’s little brother BASHFUL has been with us for a while now and I’m about to send him back home in time for Christmas.   I’ll share the last of the photos I’ve taken with the little rock dude first of next week………….he’s been a JOY to entertain.   Unlike the ELF ON THE SHELF NIGHTMARE GUY, Bashful knows how to behave, be polite, express his appreciation, and have fun!   But that’s not all………..when Bashful heads back home to Hotel Thompson, he’s going to be bringing a friend he met here with him.    I won’t say more……I’ll let Bacon tell you about her when Bashful gets back home with his traveling companion.

That’s it for now – I’m heading back to the kitchen because there might just be some bacon in my dish…………sometimes when I think I’ve had my share, Mom surprises me with MORE.   A guy can hope…………………..right?

Hugs, Sammy