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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!    A big thank you always to our host – Brian at Brians Home Blog.    If you’d like to join this Hop and share what you’re thankful for with everyone else, just click the badge above and link up.    I have a huge thankful this week – my Dad FINALLY was called to come in to the CVS Clinic in town for his first COVID vaccination.   That’s tomorrow.    That means both Mom and Dad will have had their first shot.    Mom’s second is Easter Sunday and I guess Dad’s will be sometime later in April.    I’m glad my parents will be protected.     I’m also thankful that Spring bas begun to spring here.   There are a few shoots of actual grass coming up and I made sure to gnaw them down to size this morning when I was allowed out in the mist/fog with Mom and Dad.    Then it started to rain so we all came back inside but it was nice “family time”.

Thursday is also Angel Sammy’s Poetic Thursday so let’s see what he sent us THIS week shall we?


Hello Poetry Fans!   Let’s get poetic!

Another week has zoomed by and here we are again, sharing poetry!     If you are joining us for the first time – welcome – the more the merrier.  If you’re an old hand at our Thursday poetry get-togethers then YAY and hopefully you wrote a poem for last week’s photo so you can share it with us.    I of course wrote one – don’t I always?    HAHA

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to use for THIS week’s poetry sharing fun…………..followed by my own poem for the photo:

“Going My Way?”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©March 24, 2021


For years and years I’ve heard it said

People up north must be soft in the head

Loving to ski, ice fish, skate and play in the snow

While Floridians enjoy the sun’s HOT glow!

Well I’ve had enough of carrot noses and old sweaters

I’m sure life in Florida will be SO MUCH better……..

I can relax on the beach and check out the bikinis

While sipping away on cold peach bellinis !

Then a fellow snowman friend put my mind in a muddle

He said “Hey don’t you know – in the sun you’ll become a puddle!”



HA!    Some things look better on paper than they do in reality right?    I’m sure Mr. Snowman likes the IDEA of being in the sun all day but he’d soon find out that would be the END of him.   The life of a snowman is pretty transient anyway so maybe he’s on the right track – if you’ve gotta go – why not do it in the sun instead of on a semi-warm late winter day in the shade while you melt!!

Now I have another photo for you to use as inspiration for a poem that I hope you’ll share with us NEXT Thursday……………….and if you wrote one for today – make sure and tell us you did in comments and give us your link so we can read it.   

Yipes…………………….that’s about all I can say about this photo.    But I’m sure YOU can come up with something more to say in a poetic format by next Thursday right?    I’m going to do the same and we’ll meet back here same time and place………….meanwhile – GET POETIC!   Don’t say you can’t write a poem because you can.     Trust me.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Stay safe, stay happy, and come back next week for more poetic fun……..

Angelic Hugs, Angel Sammy


Good job on your poem this week Angel Sammy – as if that was unusual – your poems are great and I’m not just saying that because you’re my Angel brother either!     See you next week!

Hugs to all, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thursday again?   Time flies!    Time for the Thankful Hop sponsored by my buddy Brian – and you can be part of the fun – click the badge above, link up and tell us what you’re thankful for.

My thankful is that my Dad has decided when HE is my “guardian” outside when I go, he will let me stay out a WHOLE HOUR AND A HALF!    I could stay out there forever probably but never will because it’s too dangerous for me without snoopervision BUT he will stay out longer than my Mom will.    When Mom takes me out I know if I’m extra lucky it will be 45 minutes.    I know – I hear you saying that’s plenty of time – but it’s not.   I could watch squirrels and birds forever!!!    Anyway, Dad’s a trooper – he doesn’t mind being out longer than my Mom.   Mom says she has things she”needs” to do inside.   Yeah – sure Mom!

So there you have it – a lot of my Thankful Thursdays revolve around ME being outside – this one is no exception.  My “outdoor pass” is longer with Dad!

I’m also thankful I got Angel Sammy’s poem……………..are you ready to read it with me?


Hello Poets and “Poets-to-be” !!

Thursday and time to share our poems we’ve written this past week based on the photo I gave you.    I doubt we have any new peeps reading this blog but just in case, every Thursday I transmit a poem to my little brother Teddy from the Rainbow Bridge with a poem I’ve written based on a photo that I give everyone who tunes in here on Thursdays.   It gives you a WHOLE WEEK to come up with a poem based on the photo – how does it make you feel?  What do you think about when you see the photo?   I try to give you INTERESTING photos.     Lots of you participate and write a poem – share your link where we can read your poem………..I love it !!!!     Today I’ll share my poem with you based on the photo from last week AND will give you another photo that you will have a whole week to look at and write a poem about for NEXT THURSDAY.

Got it?    Good!   Let’s go………….here’s the photo I gave you last week followed by MY poem inspired by the photo:

“No Thanks…..I’ll Walk!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©August 14, 2019

Acres of people end to end and nose to nose

I’m sure a lot of them have “stepped on toes” !

A crowd like that just can’t be good

Glad this train station isn’t in my neighborhood!

This many people all needing a ride?

This is no “trickle” it’s a “flooding tide” !

I sure won’t be on time – when I told my friend I’d be there

But if I stand in these lines, I’ll get WHITE hair!

In a crowd like this you can’t hear yourself talk



Imagine being in this crowd.    The photo above that we used for our inspiration this week was taken in London during a “tube” strike.    We all rely on good public transportation but when something breaks down it REALLY breaks down!    Here are two more photos of crowded stations:

In China

                           In India


Anyway, I hope you liked my poem and I can’t WAIT to read yours!     I have another photo for you to think about for NEXT week’s poetic fun on Thursday.

Oh boy – this one will be fun don’t you think?    We’ll see how things turn out NEXT Thursday when I visit you again to see your poem and share mine.    Give it a try – you will enjoy creating a poem from a photo.   There’s some cool things about this photo so GO FOR IT!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

With Love From The Rainbow Bridge………Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy…………..We send love to all of our family and friends who are with you at the Rainbow Bridge…………………………..we’ll see you one day……………….

Love, Teddy