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Thankful Thursday and Poetry


WOO HOO!   Thursday again and time to share our thankfuls with each other courtesy of our host Brian.    If you would like to join the Hop – click the badge above and link up with us.    I am totally thankful for all the kind people who have written to my Mom to wish her luck with her surgery tomorrow – she’s getting a brand new hip!   It’s just so nice that people take time to write and send her encouragement.  She’s had surgeries before but not a joint replacement.   At least she only has to be in the hospital overnight.  I will miss her (so will Dad).     I’m also thankful that so far so good with our health here at my house.   These days that’s definitely something to be thankful for.

I have Angel Sammy’s poem to share with you – I received it last night via RAINBOW BRIDGE EMAIL SERVICE!!


Hello Poetic Friends!

Thursdays seem to come around faster and faster don’t they.    It’s fine with me since I love sharing poetry with all of you but time FLIES these days.    I’ll encourage all of you to give writing a poem a try – we have several followers who do write a poem and share it but if you’re hesitating for some reason to try and write a poem – don’t!   YOU CAN DO IT!    There are so many forms of poetry too….doesn’t even have to rhyme or be a long poem.    It’s just fun to be creative.

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to use for writing this week’s poem to share………………………….followed by my poem:

“Wear Your Coat”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©January 13, 2021


We watched the house next door being built much to our surprise

We thought it was a hallucination or a problem with our eyes!

We wondered what would happen on the first day of summer

We thought watching your home melt would certainly be a bummer!


HA!    I actually wrote a VERY VERY long poem then whacked about 3/4 of it out when I realized it was becoming rather silly.   I mean it’s tempting to say two Eskimos were moving in – or people who owned trained seals – or something like that so I just left it SHORT and SWEET!   I’m sure you wrote something better……….and if you did – please share it with us!   Just tell us in comments and we’ll read it!

Here’s your photo for NEXT Thursday.   Now I have to say that I am hopeful that my Mom will be back at the computer by next Thursday – I think she will.   I guess if we have a blog post up for Thursday then you’ll know for sure right?

Love this!

Your job is to use this photo as a stepping stone to your poem…….what do you see/feel/think about when you see this photo…………..put it into words and voila – you have a poem!    We’ll share next Thursday OK?

Meanwhile please stay safe and healthy…………………………your Rainbow Bridge Angels are watching……………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Always, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy……………..I love Thursdays with you!

Hugs, Teddy

SPARK on Monday


“SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when her blog was hacked some time ago.  It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it.    Sometimes we need a little “spark” in our lives and these posts were meant to at least be a PART of that effort.    Those of us who enjoyed sharing a SPARK with Annie have continued doing so on Mondays – and we hope one day soon Annie will be back blogging with us again. 

After last week and all the craziness that came from it, I was looking for a quote that reflected how I felt after watching with the world what was taking place right here in Washington, DC.   I felt like everyone else felt I think and it took me until the following day or even the day after that, to look at what happened and “accept” it (if that makes sense?!).

I was raised to be a very patriotic person – my Dad was in the Air Force until he retired right here in Virginia, in close range to DC.    He was buried in Arlington Cemetery within sight of the Pentagon which is where he was assigned twice in his career.    He was VERY patriotic – he’d get tears in his eyes when he was saluting the flag or listening to the National Anthem.    I got my love of country from him.   Had he been alive last week he would have been as horrified as I was by what I saw on TV.   I won’t go on and on and on about it – we’ve all talked about it as we “needed” to among ourselves.    Let’s just say I was disappointed and saddened and maybe a little MAD.    

So here’s the SPARK I found that says what I want to say to END my discussion of last week……………..because I am not going to live in that moment – I’m going to continue in my OWN moment with my OWN feelings and hope we have a new beginning………..

And I really don’t need to explain that……………it really TRULY says what I hope for all of us who CARE.

Hugs, Pam

Thankful and Poetic Thursday



It’s that time again………..time to thankful and time to share poetry!    Brian is the host for the Thankful Blog Hop and you can get to his blog and link up with us to be thankful by clicking the badge above.    I’m thankful to have my house back to “normal” now that Mom and Dad have taken all the decorations down except for ONE THING – I miss my INSIDE TREE!!!!!   The rest of the trees around here are OUTSIDE and it’s COLD out there!   The INSIDE TREE was nice and cozy and warm and had a nice warm quilt under it and I had the BESTEST NAPS there.   Anyway, Mom promised me it will be back again next year.   I’ll try not to continue pouting.     I’m also thankful that Mom and Dad are still OK.   

Now I’ll share Angel Sammy’s poetry email he sent to me last night……… can see not only the poem he wrote for the photo he gave us LAST week to use as inspiration but the new photo for NEXT Thursday!


Happy Thursday!   Ready for some poetry??

I hope you’re ready and I hope (sincerely) that if you have written a poem for last week’s photo you will share it with us.    Those of us who write a poem every week wish you would join us in using the photos I give you as inspiration for a little (or big) poem.    Poetry is fun and everybody can write poetry.   Give it a try will you?    We’d love to have you join us!

Here’s the photo I gave you LAST week followed by the poem I wrote.  By the way, I thought this was such a SWEET photo.   I like to think the big old dog wanted to play ball with the little guy……”C’mon – let’s play!”…….

“A Boy And His Dog”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©January 6, 2021


He can barely talk but he knows a few words

“Dog”, “ball”, are the two his dog has heard!

A boy and his dog are pals right from the start

A bond that is strong and stays deep in the heart

The moment was captured on film thankfully

A memory to enjoy for his whole family

The boy will grow up and his kids will have pets

Unconditional love is as good as it gets……………..


Life moves on at a frantic pace but those little moments between kids and their pets – just like the ones between kids and their parents – are indelibly ingrained in everyone’s memory.   They’re recalled throughout a lifetime in quiet moments while looking through albums or watching home movies…… just might be that it’s all part of learning to LOVE – learning to CARE – learning about relationships.    One thing I know for sure, I was mighty happy to be part of my family before I had to leave for the Bridge.    I think my Mom and Dad will always remember me just like I will forever remember them.

Now – who wants to see the photo I found for you to write a poem about for NEXT week?    

Gosh – I’m going to have to think about this one.    Would this increase the value of the homes in the neighborhood or………………….not?   HAHAHA     Anyway should be fun writing a poem about this one.    I hope you take it on as a project – you have a whole week to think about it!

Meanwhile, please continue to take good care of yourselves……………..and stay safe……….please.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love forever, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy as always for a fun poem and a great photo for next week too.    I’m kind of thinking I wouldn’t want to live in that igloo house – no windows to watch birdies and squirrels out of for one thing!!!!!

Hugs, Teddy


SPARK on Monday


First Monday of a new year!    We’re all hoping for a better year…………..and this Monday thing we do with sharing SPARKS is probably more important now than ever before.    Let’s keep the SPARK going.   “SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when her blog was hacked some time ago.  It was meant to be a way to start out each with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to us and hopefully everyone who read it.    Sometimes we need a little “spark” in our lives and these posts were meant to at least be a PART of that effort.    Those of us who enjoyed sharing a SPARK have continued doing so on Mondays – and we hope one day soon Annie will be back blogging with us again. 

My SPARK for this week sure does speak to me.    We had what most people would call a BAD YEAR in 2020 and can all use a dose of HOPE and the STRENGTH to be patient enough to wait for the better day we just KNOW is coming.   That’s just what this says:



This is going to be a better year – we will get a better hold on our future with our health our country and our place in the world – at least that’s what I sincerely am hoping for.    Anyone who knows me knows I’m a POSITIVE person.    It was tough to hang on to positivity last year but it was still there – just being quiet in the back of my heart and head.    This year I’m ready to scream it out loud!    LET’S DO THIS!

Hugs, Pam

Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


The first fill-in-the-blanks fun of the new year! We are already looking forward to continuing to fill in blanks with our co-hosts. You should make a New Year’s Resolution to join in the fun – it’s easy – each of our co-hosts (Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing) gives us TWO sentences with blanks and we must fill those blanks in. Easy? Yes it is. And FUN! For today if you’d like to join us – just click the badge above and when you get to 15andMeowing, look for where to LINK UP with us.

The four sentences for this week are below!    My Mom is the star of the show today – I let her fill in all the blanks even though sometimes I fill them all in OR we share!    Mom’s words are in BLUE.


1. My focus word for 2021 is health.    (staying healthy, getting the vaccine, continuing to do what the experts say we MUST do!)
2. I didn’t get to travel this year, but I hope to in 2021.  (we missed our annual trip to Maine in October and had planned to go on a river cruise in Europe)
3. The year 2020 taught me NOT to expect life to be a bed of roses.   (we can’t assume we are always safe – we have to be responsible for our OWN health and safety)
4. STAYING positive is one of my biggest goals for 2021

OK Mom…………..I’m with ya.    I don’t know what I’d do without you and Dad so please do stay healthy.   I need you!!!     Now before we go, let’s make sure and wish all our friends a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.    


Love, Pam and Teddy too