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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


YAY!   Thursday and time to be thankful and let everyone know WHY.    Want to join in this great Hop Brian hosts?   Good – just click his badge above and link up!    Tell us what you’re thankful for.

As for me – I’m thankful that Mom chased the red fox away that was practically sitting on my front porch this morning WAITING for some tender morsel (like me for instance) to come outside.   Well, first of all I never go out alone – I’m with my Mom and Dad or both…..second of all I’m thinking it knew that we sometimes feed the wandering kitties in our neighborhood first thing in the morning and thought it would wait around.    NOPE!   Instead, Mom yelled at it and off it ran.    We rarely see them during the day – this was at 4AM so it was still dark out.    THANKFUL?  Oh yes indeed I am!

I’m also quite thankful that Angel Sammy sent me his email with his weekly poem AND a new photo to inspire us for NEXT week’s Poetry Day.


It’s POETRY time!!!

I love spending a little time with all of you on Thursdays sharing poetry based on a photograph.   Lovely to our our imaginations RUN isn’t it?   I hope you wrote a poem this week – did you?  If you did, let us know you wrote one and give us your link in our COMMENTS.   We will visit and read yours!     My Mom says she got a lot of email about the photo for this week – everyone thought it was really darling.    Well, I have to admit, even though I personally think baby kittens are adorable, I also think baby people are too.    These two little ballerinas inspired me.   My poem follows the photo:

“Tiny Dancers”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell   April 24, 2019©

Tippy toes on tiny feet

Tiny dancers oh so sweet

Maybe one day they’ll be ballerinas

Or play an instrument like a concertina!

Maybe they’ll be President or possibly Queen

Or any number of possibilities in between….

The world is their oyster as it was once ours

As long as they stay out of ivory towers

We start out our lives with endless choices

As long as we listen to the “right” voices.

Tippy toes girls have their whole lives ahead

But for now dance class is over and it’s time for bed!


These little girls are so darling.   My Mom remembers when she was “forced” to take ballet and tap dancing at the same time.    Her only gripe really was that she was the tallest girl in both of those classes.   That meant her teacher ALWYAS stuck her in front of everyone else when they had performances.   At least she didn’t stick out like she would in the middle of the back row (which is where she would prefer to have been!).    She was lanky, gawky, skinny as could be, but not a half bad dancer in either discipline.   The point is, it wasn’t HER idea to take the classes but her Mom’s.   It’s only in hindsight that she realized her Mom wanted her to have every opportunity to find her “bliss”……………the closest she came to finding it was when her Mom made her take riding lessons – but that didn’t last long – – – she enjoyed that a whole lot but they moved after less than a year of class and when they moved it was somewhere there were NO riding opportunities.    The point is, it’s important to TRY THINGS……….you have to find YOUR “bliss”.     These two little ballerinas in the photo look like they are having fun even if they have NO IDEA why their Moms dressed them up like tiny dancers!

Here’s your photo to use for NEXT week’s poetic inspiration……………………I hope you’ll join us in writing a poem about the photo!

Wow…..well, this ought to be a fun one to write a poem about………mother nature is awesome.    

I hope you all have a great week ahead and I’ll look forward to seeing you AND your poem next Thursday!    Come on – join  me – you’ll truly have fun if you let your imagination take over your fingers on the keyboard and write a poem!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love always, Angel Sammy


Thank you for visiting us Angel Sammy.    I will look forward to seeing you in my dreams AND to reading your poem next week……………………….I love you.

Hugs, Teddy

SPARKS on Monday


It’s Monday and time to start things off with an inspirational quote which was the original idea behind SPARKS.    It was the brain-child of Annie of McGuffy’s Reader to share something positive – light a light – bring some power to Mondays and we’re continuing to do that even though Annie has taken a break from the SPARKS Hop.

I was looking through some quotes to find something that would resonate with all of us who are preparing for the first big hurricane of the season along the East Coast – it’s coming – not sure WHERE it will land or WHAT it will bring but I saw this poster and it absolutely STRUCK me with its’ message, the little bird bravely holding on, and the HOPE it contains.    I hope it does that for you too even if you AREN’T waiting for the next “weather” event!     We have events all the time that feel like storms……and wait for the calm after.

We are lucky in that we are in Northern Virginia and not along the coast so we will most likely just get more rain………….but our wish is that for all of you who ARE more closely in the path of the storm stay safe – and stay positive…………..bow your head, say a prayer and know there are MANY of us who are doing just that FOR you!

Love, Pam and Teddy too

SPARKS on Monday


Monday again and time to share a little bit of inspiration for the week.    We all find it somewhere don’t we…..within our hearts, on our computer screens, in a book we’ve read or a movie we’ve seen…..something hits is “just right” and becomes our weekly mantra.    This whole idea of sharing something on Mondays to fire the spirit was the idea of Annie of McGuffy’s Reader who is no longer blogging – and while we hope she comes back one day we are keeping the idea of SPARKS going.   It’s important after all!

I was thinking this morning about bravery – maybe it was watching the news coverage of Senator McCain and his brave battle with cancer which he lost on Saturday – maybe it was seeing the bravery of those helping with victims of the hurricane in Hawaii……or the seemingly never-ending battle out West and in Canada with forest fires – but bravery is all around us.   Sometimes it’s “disguised” or at least QUIET enough that we don’t immediately notice it – but it’s there.

I like this quote……………’s all about moving along.   Some days are better than the next but we’re MOVING…….!   Some days we yell out loud and other days we barely roar but still it’s OUR DAY and we face it as we can.    Some days I’m a lion and other days I’m a mouse……but I will move forward.

Have a super week everyone!

Love, Pam (and Teddy too)


SPARK on Monday


Monday again?  Yep – seems impossible that a week has gone by but it has.   In MY case, two weeks has gone by as I didn’t post a SPARK last Monday.    I think you all know by now that the creator of SPARKS, Annie of McGuffy’s Reader, is no longer blogging – we hope she will return one day when she’s ready.   Meanwhile we’re carrying on sharing inspiration every Monday – something that inspires us and hopefully inspires YOU.

I love looking for the “perfect” quote to share on Mondays……………..I’ll show you my SPARK for today then explain it just a bit!


This is one of those “easy to say but not so easy to do” kinds of thoughts maybe but if you really TRULY think about it, isn’t this the “embodiment” of being positive?   Being grateful for our blessings allows us to be positive and keep open to MORE positivity in our lives.    I have so much to be grateful for.    I’ve had a rather spotty health history as many of us have.   Cancer is no stranger to me.    Dating back to the mid 80s…… various forms but most recently those days of sun worshipping BEFORE sunscreen are taking a toll.    From melanoma AND recurrent melanoma,  to basal cell and squamous cell…….and I really am staying on top of things with regular checks.   Still I’m about to have my second surgery in the short space of two weeks and I find my “well of positivity” sometimes  to be a little low.    When I feel that sneaking up on me I remember how GRATEFUL I am to be here.    To have been SUCCESSFUL in beating this so far through so many years and to have friends and family who have listened to my occasional whining, AND I’ve also been honored to hopefully have supported some dear friends of mine who are fighting their OWN battle with cancer now.    It’s a MEAN disease but it can’t take away our ability to stay positive.   AND grateful!

Hope you have a GRATEFUL Monday.    The blessings we all have are out there – recognize them when you see them, enjoy the feeling of having them………and hold them close to your heart.

Love, Pam

P.S.   While my health journey has been for the most part about cancer, YOURS may be something else and I don’t mean to diminish your situation by only talking about cancer.   There are so many things that can go wrong with our super complicated bodies – some we inherit and some we earn all on our own!   But whatever YOUR battle may be, may you face it with faith, hope and SUCCESS…………..

SPARK on Monday


Time for a little SPARK on Monday morning.    You know by now that SPARKS was created by our friend Annie at McGuffy’s Reader – Annie isn’t blogging for now but the SPARKS idea has a life of its’ own and those of us who think Monday is a great day to INSPIRE are still sharing our Monday “sparks” with each other.

I have a totally simple SPARK this morning.   I remember when I was working before I retired I dreaded Mondays.   I knew I’d have to finish up things I’d started on Friday and worried about all weekend and had to tackle “first thing on Monday”………I’d arrive at work and think it was just too overwhelming but once I started resolving issues and finishing projects of course I DID get through Monday.   I also felt like I’d accomplished a lot and it cleared the way for a good week.    In time I learned to face Mondays as a challenge and not a burden.   Now that I’m retired, Monday is STILL my day to start fresh.    I put on my positive pants (jeans!) and off I go…… step at a time.    Monday truly is a state of mind – make it a positive start to a positive week.   It works – trust me.



Love, Pam ♥

SPARK on Monday


Monday again?   Yes it sure is.   Time flies………….and so do SPARKS sometimes.    SPARKS was started by a friend and blogger who is no longer blogging – Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.  We hope Annie returns one day when she’s able and ready but until then, because so many of us enjoyed sharing some inspiration on Mondays, we are still posting our SPARKS.

This one is about many things – maybe you will interpret it in a way other than what it said to me – which is about choice, about relationships, choosing friends, choosing your battles in life – MANY things can be read into this one.   So I hope it brings SOMETHING to you!

See what I mean?    There are some great “messages” in this little rhyme.    Think about it!

Love, Pam


SPARKS on Monday


Happy Monday……………here we are again, sharing a bit of inspiration at the first of another week hoping maybe we can carry the message with us in our hearts all week and MAYBE forever AFTER that!    SPARKS was the brain-child of our friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader who is on an extended break but so many of us love the IDEA of Sparks, we continue with it each Monday.    Spreading a little light and a little inspiration is never a bad idea is it.

My Spark today is one that I can really identify with personally – worry.    Worrying is something I have come to learn maybe the hard way, is a total waste of time.   Worrying changes nothing.   It makes you miserable and keeps you on the edge of your seat and robs you of joy and peace.    The words “WHAT WILL BE, WILL BE” come to mind in fact.    When looking for a poster that “grabbed” be to use in my post today I found SO MANY that spoke to me but this one perhaps spoke the loudest.    I love it.    I hope it speaks to you too if you are a worry-prone person!

I absolutely DO NOT want to carry my umbrella around forever……………….I’m putting mine back in the closet – how about you?????????????

Happy, Worry-Free Monday

Love, Pam

SPARK on Monday


I love this graphic and always will.   Although the blogger who started the SPARKS Blog Hop is no longer blogging…….she certainly lit a spark when she inspired so many of us who followed her blog to begin each week with a bit of positive inspiration.    A thought, a graphic, a story – anything that might bring hope or LIGHT into each others’ life by sharing it.

Sometimes I spend a great deal of time looking at inspirational quotes – many of them speak to me – some of them loudly and others softly but every single time, my eyes will read something and it’s just “THE ONE”…….the thought I needed at that moment or that I felt would mean something to someone who reads it and thinks about it.    It might be just what someone ELSE needs to see………..if it rings true to me – maybe it will to you!

Yes – you are “in there” somewhere……………..let yourself out of that box, that corner, that life, that routine and find yourself again…………………

Love, Pam

SPARKS on Monday


Annie of McGuffy’s Reader has been on an extended break from blogging although her idea to spread some inspiration on Monday of every week goes on.   All of us who participated in her Blog Hop and found value in sharing a thought on Monday continue doing that to hopefully give each other a “Monday boost” – perhaps something to think about to inspire us in the week ahead OR help us deal with something that’s on our mind.

My Spark this morning is meant for all those who are going through something “difficult” in their lives………..Difficult means different things to different people but if you just remember that those times can be a learning experience or a step towards something better – well – perhaps it makes it easier to deal with?    Anyway, I saw this quote and immediately thought to myself “YES – THIS IS IT”………we just have to trust……..

Believe it!   Hugs, Pam

SPARK on Monday


Here we are on another Monday!   Where does time go?   I can clearly remember when I was a LOT younger that time seemed to DRAG by…….I was always “waiting forever” for something I was looking forward to doing.    These days – so many years later – I wish time would slow down.   But it doesn’t – and it won’t.    We just keep going!     Anyway, I hope this Monday will give us all something positive to pull us through this week, especially for those of us who need to feel inspired to carry on.

You all know by now that SPARKS was the idea of Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and while Annie is taking a much deserved and needed blog break, those of us who loved her idea of SPARKS and sharing a little “light” and inspiration are carrying on.    My SPARK today is for those who have big changes in their lives – maybe even ones they never expected – or ones they never would have wished for.    You’ll see what I mean…………..

Starting over is never easy…….moving on is never easy……..but our roads are RARELY smooth so we need to be able to handle those twists, turns, ups and downs so maybe – just maybe – we need to think of those changes as a chance to FLY……………

Here’s to new beginnings…. 

Love, Pam