SPARK on Monday



And another week begins……………….maybe a little thought for the week is in order? That was the idea that Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader had when she began the SPARK posts a few years ago – before her blog was hacked and she stopped posting. We hope she will be back soon – we miss her but in her honor many of us have been carrying the SPARKS torch on Mondays.   Just something to make us stop and think – prepare us for facing a new day.

I hear from so many that they are feeling many things just slipping away.    Missing friends, feeling isolated as we stay home more, wondering when we’ll see the light in the end of this tunnel.   I guess for me anyway it’s more important than ever to have HOPE.    I love this quote.   Really.

Being a positive person I pretty much have hope in my heart every day but more so now than EVER before.     Try to keep it alive in your heart too.

I know it’s not easy – believe me I really do – but I think it’s important enough to make it my “mantra” for the week…………….HOPE.

Make it a GOOD and hopeful week!    Love, Pam


Hi everyone!  It’s me with a quickie message – TODAY is the last day to enter the Halloween Costume Contest!    Tomorrow we have Teaser Tuesday class and there will be a voting poll with all of you who have entered in it and people will be voting for their favorite.   Do you want to be in the poll?   Then get your photos to us TODAY!     Voting will be all day tomorrow………..with the winner/most votes being announced on Wednesday’s Teaser Tell All post!

Don’t forget – there’s a prize for the winner.  Hope to see you in a costume in our inbox TODAY otherwise it will be too late.

Hugs, Teddy


SPARK on Monday



Another Monday rolls around and we look for a little something – a thought, a message, a mantra to start off on the right food this week. SPARKS was started by Ann McGuffy whose blog (MCGuffy’s Reader) was hacked some time ago and Ann has not returned to regular blogging – BUT that hasn’t kept a lot of us from carrying on her idea.  Sharing a Spark to start off the week – a thought to keep us going on a positive road to the next weekend…….or maybe a message that we need to take to heart and learn from – it’s never too late to learn after all!

My SPARK for today and this week is a little different……………….It really is something that spoke to me when I found it and the more I thought about it the more I realized IT IS ME.   It really is ME……then I thought a little more and I realize that it’s not only ME but I’m thinking it’s a LOT of people but maybe they haven’t really THOUGHT about it before.    So it became my SPARK for today because I want you to think about it…………….!!  


I think when we get down the road of life and there’s probably less time ahead than we have behind us, these sorts of things pop into our head – we think about our past and what we learned or should have learned from it.    I admit to making a lot of mistakes but without them – I would NOT BE ME.    And honestly – I like ME!

Have a great week!

Hugs, Pam

SPARK on Monday



What? It’s MONDAY again? Already? Time is so messed up – don’t you think??    Well let’s just grab it by the horns and start a great week for ourselves shall we?   We’ll start with a SPARK – for ourselves and to share.     This was Annie of McGuffy’s Reader’s thought when she started the Monday SPARKS posts before her blog was hacked some time ago.    She is working on coming back but until she can we are carrying on the “Monday SPARKS” tradition.     It feels good to be a light at the first of the week!

I have a wonderful quote that is from Maya Angelou who has said more incredible things more eloquently in her life than anyone I know.    Almost every quote of hers I identify with it.     I’ve known this quote for YEARS and every time I read it – I get a tear in my eye – really.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I’d actually used this as my SPARK before but I didn’t find it in my SPARKS file.    I truly love it.    I hope it speaks to you too.     I have known a lot of people who quite obviously don’t give a darn HOW they make other people feel – I try to avoid them like the plague.

Have a special and positive week – we’ll get together again next Monday and put some SPARKS in the air OK?

Hugs and Smiles, Pam

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


These days I think we’re really thinking more about the things we are thankful for – at least I know me and my family are…………and what’s #1 on our list?    We’re very thankful to still have our health.    It definitely PAYS to do what we’ve been told to do to stay safe.   Masks, distancing, the whole “nine yards”.     Many who don’t will wind up paying the price by getting sick.    We’re also thankful lately for the gorgeous Fall weather.    We’ve had some really cold mornings but so far no hard frosts and the leaves are taking their time turning which is also nice.    Last year they all just turned brown and fell to the ground without giving us the beautiful show we’re used to here in Virginia.

I’m also very happy that we continue to get Angel Sammy’s poem every single week.    I DO look forward to that – I hope you do too!


Hello Poetry Pals!

Time for us to get together and share poems that we’ve written during the days since last Thursday when we met.    A whole week to come up with a poem that reflects what we see or feel when we look at a photo.    I love finding what I think will be a fun and inspiring photo for all of us to use each week – I sure hope you’ve having fun too!

Here’s the photo I gave you for poem-writing this week followed by my poem for this photo:


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©October 7, 2020


Birds of a feather we may not be

But we can still be pals – you and me

We both have the need for food and shelter

No roaming the streets living helter skelter

We found forever homes where love prevails

Smooth sailing through our lives with wind in our sails.

We may not have come from the same gene pool

But in our lives with our humans we know love rules

When we need a friend or a pal we know where to go

Our friendship is real – it’s not “just for show”!

Life can be tough for human guys and gals

But in the animal world cats and dogs can be pals!

I know lots of families who have cats and dogs (and birds and fish and guinea pigs and – well you get the picture!) and everyone gets along just fine.     The cat and dog in this photo seem to have a special relationship.    I know that as an “only cat” in my house for almost 18 years it probably would have been tough to introduce another cat or a dog into the house.  I was very used to ruling my roost!   But I think I would have tried to make friends – after all, we ALL need a friend.    My Mom and Dad were always there for me – like they are for Teddy now – but I think maybe another animal to “talk” to, snuggle with, grow up with – would also be very cool.   

Now I have another photo for you for next Thursday when we get together – so you have a whole week to write a poem for this photo – easy peasy huh?

Cool little dude huh?    Will make for a fun poem I think.   So start thinking about how this photo makes you feel – or what you see in the photo – that’s poetic material you know!   

Meanwhile, stay safe as you can……………stay home if you can…………..The Angels are watching and helping as much as we can but it’s up to YOU to do the right thing……………….

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

See you next Thursday Poetry Fans!   Love, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy……………………we’ll look forward to seeing you again next Thursday………………….

Love Forever, Teddy

SPARK on Monday



Time for us to share an “encouraging word” to start the week – Annie of McGuffys Reader blog started it and many of us are carrying the torch and hoping one day soon Annie will return to blogging after her original blog was hacked. The idea is to share a positive idea, thought or graphic to shine a light in the world. It needs all the help it can get!

What made me think of this as my SPARK today?   Well it all started when I had to tackle doing our blog with the new WordPress Editor……..I was getting cranky trying to figure it out……then I thought “maybe – just maybe – once I learn it, it will be BETTER!”………so instead of letting it drive me nuts, I’m tackling it with an open mind.   Everything DOES happen for a reason.   I will smile my way through learning this – yes I will – they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but I’ll prove them wrong!


 Happy Monday from us!