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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday.    Always things in our lives we can be thankful for – right?   Right!     Easter was nice – Mom got her second shot – both of those are thankfuls.   The weather has been spectacular the past few days – a BIG thankful as it meant I was outside a LOT with Mom and Dad.   Spring is prettier and prettier every day…..always thankful when Spring arrives.    Thankful to Brian for hosting this great Hop!

Also thankful that I received Angel Sammy’s poem to share with you…………AND his new photo for NEXT week’s poem as well………….always fun!


Let’s Share Poems!

Yes – let’s do that!    Did you write one for the photo I gave you last week?    I thought we’d all have some fun with that photograph.    We ALWAYS have fun with our poems don’t we?    I’m happy that some of you are as excited about Thursdays and poetry as I am.   Makes me feel like these little get-togethers are worth it.

Now, wanna see the photo I gave you last week to work with?    I’ll share my poem after I show you the photo………………..

“The Heart of the Home”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©April 7, 2021


This was where the action was back in “the day”

Where you’d generally find your Mom to have your “say”

Everyone gathered around the kitchen table

To spend time together as much as they were able

You had breakfast there, licked spoons with icing there 

And using her sewing shears Mom would even cut your hair!

No electronic gadgetry around – everything was easy to fix

There were lots of Mr. Fix-its in neighborhoods who knew all the tricks

The lemonade pitcher always ready in Mom’s old Kelvinator 

There were no garbage disposals then; our pets were leftovers eliminators!

They say in the electronic age life is so much better and free

But the good old days of meeting in the kitchen sound mighty good to me.


In many ways the good old days really were good old days.   Sure we didn’t have all the conveniences of electronic gadgetry but we really didn’t NEED them – they are just more convenience in these days of “instant gratification” and everybody working and not many hanging out at home.     We want everything NOW…..back in “the day” we paced ourselves.   Waiting for the cake to bake in the oven instead of getting a microwave for three minutes dessert.    Oh well………..that’s progress…………right?

My Mom remembers her Grandmother’s kitchen looking a bit like this one, and when she and her family lived on an Air Force base in Alabama a long time ago, this pretty much is exactly what the kitchen looked like.

Hope you had fun with this photo………….I have next week’s photo for you!   Ready?   You have a week to write something to go with this one – another FLASHBACK:

I’m going to guess SOME of you tuning in will have no idea what this is……………….!    But I also know that some will!    

SO – that’s your assignment for next week – write a poem about this photo, and if you wrote one this week – let us know you did, give us a link so we can read it, or just write the poem in my comments here on Teddy’s blog.    He doesn’t mind.   Trust me.   Just because I’m an Angel doesn’t mean we aren’t still close!

Have a good and safe week……………..I’m so happy my Mom is finished with her shots and that Dad will get his second one next week.    I will always look after them, but I won’t WORRY as much once they are vaccinated.   

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Loves of Angel Love, Angel Sammy


I like your poem a lot Angel Sammy.  I would like to have a floor like that in the kitchen to lie on now – I bet it’s nice and cool!    Our wood floors are nice too especially in the winter.    Have a good week at the Bridge and thank you for looking out for us.  I miss you.


I LOVE SPRING!    Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!    A big thank you always to our host – Brian at Brians Home Blog.    If you’d like to join this Hop and share what you’re thankful for with everyone else, just click the badge above and link up.    I have a huge thankful this week – my Dad FINALLY was called to come in to the CVS Clinic in town for his first COVID vaccination.   That’s tomorrow.    That means both Mom and Dad will have had their first shot.    Mom’s second is Easter Sunday and I guess Dad’s will be sometime later in April.    I’m glad my parents will be protected.     I’m also thankful that Spring bas begun to spring here.   There are a few shoots of actual grass coming up and I made sure to gnaw them down to size this morning when I was allowed out in the mist/fog with Mom and Dad.    Then it started to rain so we all came back inside but it was nice “family time”.

Thursday is also Angel Sammy’s Poetic Thursday so let’s see what he sent us THIS week shall we?


Hello Poetry Fans!   Let’s get poetic!

Another week has zoomed by and here we are again, sharing poetry!     If you are joining us for the first time – welcome – the more the merrier.  If you’re an old hand at our Thursday poetry get-togethers then YAY and hopefully you wrote a poem for last week’s photo so you can share it with us.    I of course wrote one – don’t I always?    HAHA

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to use for THIS week’s poetry sharing fun…………..followed by my own poem for the photo:

“Going My Way?”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©March 24, 2021


For years and years I’ve heard it said

People up north must be soft in the head

Loving to ski, ice fish, skate and play in the snow

While Floridians enjoy the sun’s HOT glow!

Well I’ve had enough of carrot noses and old sweaters

I’m sure life in Florida will be SO MUCH better……..

I can relax on the beach and check out the bikinis

While sipping away on cold peach bellinis !

Then a fellow snowman friend put my mind in a muddle

He said “Hey don’t you know – in the sun you’ll become a puddle!”



HA!    Some things look better on paper than they do in reality right?    I’m sure Mr. Snowman likes the IDEA of being in the sun all day but he’d soon find out that would be the END of him.   The life of a snowman is pretty transient anyway so maybe he’s on the right track – if you’ve gotta go – why not do it in the sun instead of on a semi-warm late winter day in the shade while you melt!!

Now I have another photo for you to use as inspiration for a poem that I hope you’ll share with us NEXT Thursday……………….and if you wrote one for today – make sure and tell us you did in comments and give us your link so we can read it.   

Yipes…………………….that’s about all I can say about this photo.    But I’m sure YOU can come up with something more to say in a poetic format by next Thursday right?    I’m going to do the same and we’ll meet back here same time and place………….meanwhile – GET POETIC!   Don’t say you can’t write a poem because you can.     Trust me.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Stay safe, stay happy, and come back next week for more poetic fun……..

Angelic Hugs, Angel Sammy


Good job on your poem this week Angel Sammy – as if that was unusual – your poems are great and I’m not just saying that because you’re my Angel brother either!     See you next week!

Hugs to all, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


THANKFUL THURSDAY is here!    We celebrate that thanks to Brian who gives us a chance to talk out loud about what we are thankful for.    Click his badge and link up with us.    After we are thankful we get POETIC with Angel Sammy’s Poetic Thursday.    So Thursday is busy around here!     We’re very thankful to say not only is our weather becoming more Spring-ish but we are still healthy here at my house.   Mom and Dad have been waiting/waiting/waiting for their vaccine but probably will be waiting quite a while longer so I’m happy they are remaining healthy.

Now, what do you say we take a look at the email Angel Sammy sent last night from his Rainbow Bridge laptop?


Let’s Get Poetic!

Happy Thursday everyone.   Our time to share poetry based on a photo.   Always a challenge.    I’m so happy that many of you have been joining in on this fun exercise in creativity and I hope man more of you decide to give it a whirl.   If you write a poem, you can tell us you did and give us your link in my COMMENTS.   We’ll visit and see what you came up with.   It’s a fun exercise using a photograph as our inspiration for a poem.    We all see the same photo but we come up with our OWN way to “look” at it!

Here’s last week’s photo and my poem:

“Fearless Sun Worshippers”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 24, 2021


Crowded beaches are a rare sight these days

Ignoring social distancing at the ocean and in other ways

The call of the sun and water is quite strong

But overdoing almost anything is terribly wrong

If you go to the beach to enjoy peace and quiet

The noise at a crowded beach is like attending a riot!

When I visit a beach it’s to walk along the sea at dawn

There are no people around – all the noise is gone

Or I might go at sunset at the end of the day

When sun worshippers are home nursing sunburn in some medicinal way

I like hearing seagulls and waves rushing to shore

I’ll enjoy each restful sound until peaceful beaches are no more…………..


First of all, I’m dedicating this to my Mom……in fact I wrote it like SHE would have written it.    

One day I’m sure beaches will all look like the one in this photo as people escape the heat in the summer – or they will become so polluted nobody will go to the beach any longer – and I hope I’m VERY VERY wrong about that!    The beach is there for everyone to enjoy but we must protect wildlife, not pollute our water, and hope that the beauty of our world will be around for all to enjoy for eons to come.

Here’s your photo for NEXT week’s photo and remember – tell us in COMMENTS if you wrote a poem you’d like to share.   

OH YES – I love this photo…………………….I bet there will be some super poems about this little (?) bundle of wagon-riding baby!     Remember, this is your inspiration for NEXT week’s Thursday poem to share so get to thinking NOW about what you could write!!    I know I’ve already got some ideas.

In the meantime, have a good week – keep safe – your Angels are watching……………………………….

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Love next week’s photo Angel Sammy and you really honored our Mom with your poem THIS week with the crowded beach – Mom has NEVER enjoyed crowded beaches.    I hope you and all our Angels at the Bridge will keep watch over us all…………………until we meet at the Gate.

YAY – the snow is gone!!!!   Love, Teddy




Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Time to be thankful – and we do have lots to be thankful for.    First up thanks to Brian for giving us a venue for voicing our thankfuls every week.   Join us if you like by clicking Brian’s badge above and linking up.   It feels GOOD to voice your thankfuls!     I’m thankful so far Mom and Dad are healthy.    Mom is totally recovered from her hip surgery and my Dad is ornery as ever (oops did I say that out loud???).

I’m also happy that I’m still hearing every single week from Angel Sammy – he sends me an email from his heavenly laptop which contains his poem of the week and a new photo for all of us to use when writing next week’s poem to share.    What fun!


Here we are again!   Every Thursday – sharing poetry!

As you can imagine, we at the Rainbow Bridge are super busy these days keeping all of our former families as happy as is in our power to do so.    We sneak into their dreams, give them little signs we are “around” and watching over them………..it’s what Angels do – human Angels and animal Angels alike!

Did you write a poem to share this week?    I gave you a photo LAST Thursday to use as inspiration for today and I hope it worked for you.    Some people last week said it was a SCARY photo and others said it was a MOODY photo but everyone seemed UP for the challenge so let’s do this.   First I’ll show you the photo we had for our poetry project followed by my poem, then I’ll show you the new photo for next week.   Ready?

“Chill In The Air”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 17, 2021


A carpet of leaves beneath my feet

My steps align with my heart’s swift beat

There is no sound in the fog so thick

I hold back a vine with my walking stick

Something or someone is up ahead

I approach with caution – and a sense of dread

A rotted tree trunk greets me as I approach

My wayward imagination I reproach!


Just goes to show that things are not always what they seem to be.     That shadowy figure wasn’t a figure at all – just an old tree trunk.     But it COULD have been almost anything and that’s what’s so wonderful about imagination AND what makes for fun poetry writing.

Here’s your photographic challenge for NEXT Thursday – you have a week to come up with something for this one…………………………

When my Mom saw this photo she said “when I used to go to the beach I would always look for a spot far away from throngs of noisy people – I loved the quiet”……..well I bet there’s no quiet around this place!     Imagine deciding to spend the day at the beach and joining THIS throng.    Now if meeting people is your thing, then a crowded beach might be a good idea.   But I kind of think my Mom has the right idea……….quiet……….peaceful………..somehow that seems a lot more inviting than this crowd.      Anyway it’s your inspiration for next week’s poem so have fun with it.

Until then, please stay safe, stay happy and WARM if you’re in a cold climate and COOL if you’re in a warm climate.    Here at Rainbow Bridge it’s perfect all the time!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy



I wondered what you’d write for this weeks’ photo Angel Sammy – and I think you did a super job (as always!).   I bet everyone else did too and hopefully they’ll leave their links or maybe write their poems in our comments.     I will see you next Thursday – thank you for watching out for me, Mom and Dad…………..We miss you every single day.

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thank goodness it’s Thursday – and we can all be thankful together again.    I’m very thankful that Brian hosts this Hop – we can share our thankfuls and be reminded how lucky we are every week.   This week I’m super thankful that my Mom is doing so well after her surgery – she will be discharged from home care on Monday then start outpatient therapy.    YAY MOM!  Of course I’ve been of significant help – rooting her on from the sidelines – staying out of her “lane of traffic” in the halls so she doesn’t step on me – and keeping her company when she’s napping thanks to pain meds.   I’m ALSO thankful Angel Sammy’s poem arrived in time for me to share it with you as I do every week!


Welcome to Poetry Day!

Hi everybody.    Time for us to share poetry with each other – hopefully you used the photo I gave you last week as inspiration and came up with something to share with us all today.   I wrote mine AND I also found a new photo to give you as inspiration for NEXT Thursday’s Poetry Day.   Ready to start?    

Here’s the photo from last week.   My Mom absolutely LOVED “I Love Lucy” and I’m sure there are some of you who have never even heard of it.    A truly crazy weekly comedy with Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz.     This photo was a shot from the adventure Lucy and Ethel (her “bestie”) had working in a candy company.    All they had to do was package up the chocolates as they came down the line………well…….the supervisor thought they were doing so well they could SPEED UP the line a bit……Lucy and Ethel had to resort to eating them, hiding them in their clothes, ANYTHING in order to keep up with the line.    Hilarious?   OH YES INDEED!

“Speed Things Up!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell        ©January 28, 2021

It seemed like a good idea at the time

A decision based not on reason or rhyme

Getting a job in a candy shop

Candy being produced practically non-stop!

Package them up in boxes lickity split

No time to think – no time to sit

If you did a good job, they’d speed up the line

If you could keep up with the candy you were doing just fine

The supervisor decided the line could move FASTER

If you weren’t able to keep up it could be a disaster!

Lucy and Ethel decided candy packaging was not “the life”

It was much less hectic – and more safe – to be a housewife!


That particular show about the candy shop was a classic.    Talk about a good excuse for a giggle…………………anyway, that was fun and I think you’ll enjoy the photo I have as inspiration for your poem for NEXT Thursday too!   Here it is and you have a whole week to work on your poem to share with us next week………….

Talk about the WILD WILD WEST.    Looks like the genuine article.   There’s even a “saloon dog” on the floor by the bar.   What tales he could tell!     So this is your inspiration for a poem for next Thursday – give it a try – you might have fun coming up with something to share!

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy and above all SMILE……………………..we have a lot more to smile about than we did a few weeks ago RIGHT?   RIGHT!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy………and thanks to you for helping me take care of Mom.   She’s behaving pretty well though I must admit!     See you next week……………..

Hugs, Teddy