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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Okee Dokee!   It’s Thursday so time to share some thankfuls with each other.   If you want to join in this Hop hosted by our buddy Brian, click his badge and fill out the linky form and you’re IN!

Well we had introooooders in the house this morning and it made me realize one thing for sure that I’m thankful for – and that is that we have a nice big three story house with a whole lot of hidey-holes and hidden spots so that when strangers are here, I can find a nice, quiet place to wait until they leave.    I’m not shy with people I recognize and even some strangers, but these guys had noisy work uniforms and noisy paper shoe covers and noisy toolboxes and they were coming and going from the front door a LOT.   SO I thought I’d forego the usual “WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE” greeting and pick a hidey hole.     Know where Mom and Dad found me?   INSIDE one of my “cubby holes” on my cat tree.    What’s the big deal about that?    I love my tree – a LOT – but I’ve never been inside the little boxes with entry holes because I’m TOO BIG.    When Mom and Dad came looking for me after the workers left I was stuffed inside one of the cubes with my head sticking out.    Dad said “I hope he can get out of there!” and they were pleased to see that while I took up every square inch of space in the cube part, I am wiry and agile enough to unfold myself and squeeze out like a wiggly worm with no problem!    They laughed!   Imagine that!      It’s nice to feel SAFE in my house though.

I’m also thankful Angel Sammy’s email came on time…………I’m sharing it with you below.

♥ ♥ ♥

Let’s Share Poetry!

Hello friends………….time for us to get together and share the poems we have written that were inspired by the photograph I gave you last week.    Oh I look forward to this every week and I hope you do too – AND of course if you’ve not participated before, please give it a try.    Short poem or long, any form you like, but you might find it’s a lot of fun to write one with a photo I’ve found as your inspiration!

Here’s last week’s photo – if you’ve written one, please tell us in comments and give us a link to it so we can come read it!!!    

“Hug Fest”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 5, 2020

“Hey don’t push or we’ll all fall down!”

This group of meerkats is full of clowns!

A bunch of meerkats is called a MOB

They squish up close like a hairy blob!

They’re in the same family as the cute mongoose

They stay in groups and are rarely on the loose

Many years ago I saw them in a zoo

Moving about in a clump – never fewer than two

They love each other’s company so three’s not a crowd

If they see an eagle they will growl and yell quite loud

All I know is I think they are quite cute

With their raccoon mask eyes and their hairy brown suits

If they are very careful and don’t become an eagle’s prey

They can live ten years full of fun and play.

My Mom has a crush on these little cuties……………from what I’ve read they have a very complex society and to me that means they are smart little animals.   Photos of their “babies” are beyond cute.    Of course kittens are pretty darn cute too – I know I was!

Now, here’s NEXT WEEK’s photo inspiration – you have a whole week to think of a poem to go with this photo – I think it might be a FUN one!

OK everyone – take your best shot………………..and be here next Thursday to share your poem OK?    GO FOR IT!     Until then, remember we Angels have our eyes on you 24/7 – you are never alone………we will watch over you always and forever.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy

♥ ♥ ♥


Thanks Angel Sammy – I look forward to your poetry every week…………..and just seeing your face………………….

Love, Teddy…..and please note below – we are looking for Tabbies at the Tabby Cat Club!!



Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thursday – time to HOP with Brian and be thankful “out loud”.     If you want to join in on the Hop – just click his badge above and link up with us.   We all have things we’re thankful for and we share them on Thursday every week thanks to our host Brian.    One of my thankfuls this week is that (truly) I’m happy I have a warm place to live.   We’ve had single digit nights and some days below 20 and I haven’t even been too interested in going outside myself – and I know all the homeless animals out there wish they didn’t have to be out there too.    It breaks our hearts knowing there are so many “roamers” looking for shelter or food.    I’m THANKFUL I’m not one of them and THANKFUL that we do what we can to help.

I’m always thankful that Angel Sammy’s poetic Thursday post gets to me in time to make it part of my Thursday post at Brian’s……………so here’s what he sent to me last night!


Let’s Share Poetry!!

Hello friends……….all is well at the Rainbow Bridge – we have new Angels arriving all the time – seems more in Winter than any other time of the year.   We even have a Poetry Group up here because everyone loves a good poem.     I hope that you wrote one to share this week – I gave you a photo and let’s just see what you did with it OK?    

Here’s the photo I gave you to inspire your poem for today followed by MY poem:

“Rough Seas”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©January 22, 2020


Life can be much like a boat on the sea

Facing rough water or smooth as can be

When things get overwhelming we just hang on tight

And hope for calm seas to return to make things right

Each storm that we face and each wave that we crest

Serves as a reminder that we are indeed blessed

We eventually reach shore and get back on solid ground

But never forget the reminder of our faith that we found……..

Boats in rough seas are tossed about like toys in a tub on a stormy day………and life has its’ share of stormy days too.    If we just hang on tight – don’t panic – and have faith in ourselves and our ability to persevere, we can get through any challenge we meet.    When I found this photo it was my first thought really……..life has its’ share of rough seas but we get through them to calm water again eventually.

There you have it – my poem for today and if you have a poem to share – let us know in comments – we want to read yours too!!     Here’s next Thursday’s poem……..I hope you find some inspiration in it and write a poem to share NEXT Thursday based on it:

I’ve used a lot of “old” vintage type photos lately but I find a lot of fun things in old photos.   A lot of “forgotten” things.    My Mom said she can’t remember the last time she saw kids playing jump rope but it was BIG in her day.    She said this two rope jumping was “double dutch” and not as easy as people thought!      

So I’ll look forward to seeing you next week again and hopefully reading a poem you’ve written.    YOU CAN WRITE ONE – don’t say you can’t………………..!!!!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy………………………..I liked it!   A lot………..but then I just love hearing from you PERIOD.

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Day of Hopping and Poetry!     First up is always our THANKFULS with our buddy Brian as host.    It’s a good idea to focus sometimes on all the things that we are thankful for so once a week Brian hosts a HOP and we express ourselves – if you want to join us, you can link up by clicking his badge above.

I’m thankful for a bunch of things this week and my first thankful is actually passing on a THANKFUL from others to my parents.    We have two very thankful kitties who stop by our house almost every morning (not together though) for breakfast.    Two mornings ago Mom got up and looked out the front door and saw a furry little head inside our outside heated cat shelter – one of our visitors had spent the night and was sound asleep – waiting for breakfast to arrive from this “B&B” he was using.    Both this little guy and the other kitty who is actually a neighbor’s cat who just prefers eating here in the morning are our “breakfast patrol”.     They tell me they’re thankful Mom gets up so early and feeds them AND the little guy is thrilled to have a spot to spend the night when it’s cold.    Isn’t that cool?     This is our heated shelter:

The heated bed for any visiting kitties on my porch!

When you’re hungry and cold, a warm spot for the night and some food are the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS.     We happily provide that at “Teddy’s B&B” !!

I’m also thankful we got Angel Sammy’s poem this week – ready to read it and to share YOURS??


Greetings Friends!  Time to share some poetry – are you ready?

I hope you wrote one this week – more of you are stretching your “writing genes” and giving poetry a try.    It’s fun to write a poem based on a particular photo and I try to find interesting photos to give you every week for that purpose.    Give it a try – you might enjoy it.    

Here’s the photo I gave you LAST WEEK to use as inspiration for posting your poem today……………..my poem follows it!

I love this photo – it’s so cute!     That’s the most “grown up” hairdo on a baby boy I’ve ever seen (although my Mom says she remembers all little boys who had this much hair looked like this “back when” ).     

“Little Man”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell    January 15, 2020

Mikey do you see how handsome you look?

Can you see what care the man who cut your hair took?

You were ever so patient as he clipped away

In the barber’s baby chair I wasn’t sure you’d stay!

Just wait until your Daddy sees you all grown up

Hair all trim and proper – not a scraggly little pup

Daddy’s little man looking just like him…………..

I should have asked the barber to give your mustache a trim!


HAHAHA……………I couldn’t resist being silly at the end of the poem – sorry about that.    It’s just such a cute photo and I expect there will be some adorable poems posted today – if you’re one of the ones who wrote a poem for this photo – please tell us in comments that you did and give us your link OR write your poem there for us to read.    It’s a lot of fun to read what others “SAW” in the photo.

How about next Thursday’s Poetic Sharing Day?     Well, I found a photo for you to use so get busy thinking about what you want to write so that next Thursday when it’s time to share, you have something based on this photo to let us read……………….how’s that??   

A little different from perhaps our usual subject matter but will be interesting to write a poem based on what you see here…………..storm?  Turmoil?   Hard working commercial boat?   Danger?    Whatever you see or feel – write a poem about it and share it with us next Thursday!

Meanwhile, have a great week and I’ll look forward to seeing you………………………..On behalf of all the Angels up at the Rainbow Bridge – just know that we MISS YOU and we look out for you every  minute of every day of every week of every month and year………….we are PART of you forever.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love always, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy for being with me – and us – every single Thursday to encourage everyone to write a poem.    Next week’s photo is scary but I bet you already have a poem in mind and I can’t wait to read it!

I love you Angel Sammy, your brother Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Here we go again – it’s THURSDAY and time for us to share our Thankfuls on Brian’s Hop (click above to visit and link up) AND then we’ll share some poetry that we wrote this past week based on Angel Sammy’s photo that he provided for our inspiration!

Thankful this past week for the fact that even though we got snow – 2 or 3 inches of it – Mom and Dad did NOT have to go anywhere so we all stayed home together and had a big fire in the fireplace and just relaxed instead of trying to get out and about.    Not many people did since they closed school and local businesses here.    I kept Mom and Dad company as much as I could between my OWN naps.    It was just nice family time.    I’m always thankful for that!

Now we’ll share the email we got from Angel Sammy with his poem AND another photo for NEXT week!


Hi Friends!  It’s me – from the Bridge!

Here we are on another Thursday sharing poetry.    Last week’s photo that I gave to you seemed to stir a lot of emotion in everyone – that guy climbing up that girder in the stratosphere (!) gave everyone a case of the dizzies but let’s see how it did to inspire some poetry shall we?    

Those of you who are new to Poetic Thursday need to know that we get together and share a poem based on a photo I’ve given you for inspiration – we have a whole week to write a poem then we share them and get a NEW photo from ME for the following Thursday.   Yep – a whole week to write something.   I think I give very reasonable deadlines unlike some editors do!  HAHAHA

So, here’s the photo from last week that I gave you followed by MY poem – if you wrote one let us know you did in our comments (or you can write the poem IN comments!) and tell us the link where we can read your poetry.  

“Only Birds”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©January 9, 2020

Up in the clouds high above the city

Falling from up there would NOT be pretty

Only birds should be up that high

Or satellites or planes in the sky

Imagine being up there doing some work

Hopefully good life insurance is one of his perks!

I know some people like to live on the edge

But don’t ask ME to go out on a ledge.

It’s not that I’m afraid of heights

Up in a high rise wouldn’t give me “the frights”

But hanging on a girder while working away

Would certainly cause me to pray, pray, pray!!


That photo kind of makes my Mom dizzy just looking at it……………I hear ya Mom………….when I was a little kitten I  know you and Dad remember that I was outside with you and a big dog came running into our back yard and chased me up a tree – I went WAY UP the tree and you tried to talk me into coming down while Dad put the big dog in our garage long enough to come out, get a ladder and climb up to SAVE ME!   He tucked me in his jacket and came down.    That was my last “UP IN THE SKY” adventure.    Teddy likes climbing up to the top of his cat tree but that’s not really HIGH.    I think it’s best that we kitties and pups stay “ground-bound” !!!

How about next week’s photo?    We will have a week to write a poem using this one then meet next Thursday to see how we did……….ready?

The little boy seems to totally not recognize who that little baby with the grownup haircut is in the mirror – or maybe it’s his first mirror experience PERIOD???    Anyway, I love this photo – let’s see what we can all do with it shall we!

Hope you have started your 2020 off with a bang.   Things are popping here at the Rainbow Bridge……………..we still have time to keep a close eye on all of you down there though……..you are missed…………….

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

I’ll look forward to seeing you here next week!!!    

Hugs, Angel Sammy



Thanks for visiting Angel Sammy……I miss you too!   Love, Teddy

Before we go today we want to say we lost a sweet and dear friend yesterday – Prancie – beloved kitty at 15andMeowing who had serious health issues, decided yesterday was her day to make the journey to the Rainbow Bridge.   Her Mom and Dad are very sad of course and won’t be blogging for a few days but you could visit and leave words of support if you want to HERE.   Safe journey Prancie – you spent your life with great love and left it with great love. 






Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy New Year and what a great year it was for being thankful.   I’m sure 2020 will bring a load of thankfuls too but right now I want to say I’m so thankful that things started out quietly in the world for the start of this new year.   We hope it stays peaceful – it’s a worry we all have.    I’m thankful that Brian has this wonderful Hop every week so we can share out loud the things we’re thankful for.    Like FRIENDS!

Angel Sammy’s poetry post got to me in time in spite of the fact the wi-fi connections up at the Rainbow Bridge aren’t always GOOD – This week they were!


Hello Poetry Fans – here we go with a new year of poetry!

Yes indeed – you all wrote some magnificent poems last year and there’s no reason to think this year will be any different – I am also hoping that more of our followers decide to give writing a poem a chance.   I think you’d like it if you tried it!    Don’t say “I can’t write a poem” because everyone truly can.   AND IT’S FUN!

Here’s last week’s photo and my poem follows:

“Future Biker”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©January 2, 2020

Vrooom Vroom give me some room

I’m on the move just watch me zoom!

My Daddy rides a great big bike

His motorcycle is lots faster than my trike!

He works on the highways where he sometimes chases

Crazy drivers going fast who think they’re in big races!

Mom and I worry about him when he’s on the road

I’m gonna help him when I’m all “growed” !

Until then I’ll be a policeman in my yard……

I might be little but I can work real hard!

This little boy sure looks happy on his bike – before his parents are ready for it, he will be asking for a bigger bike – and a BIGGER bike.    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he became a policeman like his Dad! 

Did you write a poem?   Are you going to share it with us?   Please do!  Just let us know in comments you wrote one – tell us your link and we’ll pop over to read it.    By all means too if you want to try your hand at poetry – please do that as well.    Two lines or ten – rhyming or not – poetry is a great form of expression!    

Here’s next week’s photo – you have a whole week to think about it and write your poem to share next Thursday.   Make a new year’s resolution to try writing a poem!    GO FOR IT.

All I can say about this photo is “YIKES” and I think it will be a fun photo to write a poem about…………………hope you think so too!    See you next week!


I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Hugs from the Bridge………..Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy.    Love your poem…..I wonder if I asked for a trike would Santa Paws bring it to me next year?

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful and Poetic Thursday!    First up is always thankfuls – after all, we should be thankful every day of the week but when Thursday rolls around we SHARE thankfuls.  This is a great hop hosted by our friend Brian at his blog – and if you want to join us just click his badge above and link up.   Today I am thankful that our stupid internet came back on JUST IN TIME for me to be at Cat Scouts for a class!   Sounds silly I know but I don’t like to miss classes when we have them.   I’m a good Cat Scout!    I’m also thankful that we’ve had snow in our forecast two times the past week and only got a TEENY bit which melted almost immediately – now that’s something to be thankful for!

I’m also thankful that Angel Sammy’s poem arrived in time for me to share it with you as we usually do on Thursdays.


Greetings poets!   I got out from behind my poetic podium to dress up for the holiday!

Let’s share some poetry shall we?    We get together once a week and share a poem that we’ve had a whole week to write – based on a photo I give you to use as inspiration for your poem.   You all are wonderful poets – the poems you come up with are great and if you’ve never tried writing one before – TRY.   We have such fun sharing our poems here and it’s even more fun when you write a poem from a photo.    At least I think so!    Here’s the photo I gave you LAST week to use for your poem.  I thought this photo was PERFECT for this time of year.   Millions of people are carrying millions of bags/boxes/containers of gifts around this time of year – Christmas is a week from today so this photo seemed like GOOD inspiration for this week’s poem.   Here’s mine:

“Can We Go Home Now?”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©December 18, 2019

Hours and hours on my feet

Mall benches full so I can’t have a seat

Lines long at restaurants so I can’t even eat!

A motorized cart would sure be a treat…..

The bakery is full of people or I’d get something sweet.

I guess I’ll give my Uber driver an email and a tweet

Then go home and rest because I am well and truly BEAT!


HAHA……a shorty poem but different and I imagine I’m channeling a whole lot of people’s feelings and thoughts about now.   The stores are packed with people doing what people do this time of year.   My Mom was not one of them – she did everything online.   My Dad sadly went to shops in our town and stood in many a line and made many a complaint when he came home.    He was my inspiration this week!!!    

Here’s the poem I found for us for next week.    I imagine everyone will be recovering from Christmas dinner and fun by this time next Thursday…………I know that’s what my Mom, Dad, and Teddy will be doing.   

Seems like a good post-Christmas, pre-New Year photo to me.    See what you can do with it as your inspiration for a poem to share with us next Thursday!   Meanwhile, if you wrote a poem for today based on the poor guy with 1000 bags photo from last week, let us know your link so we can read it!!   We want to see what you thought about when you saw the photo.    I hope you will be here next week even if you don’t write a poem – just to say hi…………………

Until we meet here again – Merry Christmas my friends……..from the Rainbow Bridge!   

Love, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy – I wish you could be here with me for Christmas…….we’d have a time!    Mom says you loved being under the Christmas tree – so do I.    We could snuggle and have naps together there…………….if only you were here.

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


HELLO THURSDAY!    Time for us to talk about our thankfuls for the week AND also time for us to see what Angel Sammy has written for his Thoroughly Poetic entry this week!    I always start with my thankfuls because they are SO IMPORTANT.    This morning when I woke up I was thankful because the snow we were to get amounted to a SMALL amount and it was only on the grass and not on MY sidewalk……I was able to get Mom to take me for a sidewalk walk although I did NOT walk on the grass because it was cold on my toesies.    Usually I don’t mind the snow but it was my first encounter of the season and I have to get my toes toughened up before I can walk on the snow without gasping !!!!

Now onward to Angel Sammy’s post from the Bridge!


It’s Poetry Time!!!

Another Thursday and you know what that means.  Time for us to share poetry.   If you wrote a poem for last week’s photo then please let us know in comments that you did – we want to read it!  It’s super that several of you have taken up the poetry challenge – keep it up…….you’ll be addicted in no time.

Here’s last week’s photo followed by my poem to go with it:

“Patiently Waiting”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©December 11, 2019

The ice grips my bow in its cold hand

As winter settles on the river and on the land

I long for sunny days to set me free 

As through the icy mist the bright sun I see

To be out with my master when he goes fishing

If a genie was here that’s just what I’d be wishing

The arctic freeze sends shivers down my keel

The ice becomes harder and so cold do I feel

Soon the weather will warm and I’ll get my wish

The open sea and salty air as my master and I fish………….


Just imagining how this boat – and his fellow boats – must feel when ice keeps them stuck in the water and they miss enjoying the warm waters of Spring and Summer.    Who’s to say they don’t have feelings too like we do?    I just had a feeling if I could ask the boat what it was thinking the moment this photo was taken – this is what I might have heard.

That was a fun photo and by the way – a beautiful one as well I thought.    Whoever took it had a real “eye” for great composition!

Are you ready for the photo you can use to write your poem for next Thursday when we get together again???     Good – here’s your “holiday appropriate” challenge for next week:

Look familiar?    Trying to get ALL the shopping done in one day – impossible!

Anyway, I hope you have fun coming up with a poem for this photo……………I know that I will.    I’ll be looking for you next week right here on my little brother Teddy’s blog.    I hope it’s a date?

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Lots of Hugs from the Rainbow Bridge – Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy………………….I got cold just looking at that photo for this week.    You loved going out in the snow and climbing through high snow piles but I don’t – We may both be gingers but I’m definitely not a SNOW CAT like you were!

Love, Teddy