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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


And another Thursday rolls around so it’s time to be VERY Thankful in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.     We also get to play around with poetry with Angel Sammy.   So it’s a GOOD DAY!    First our thankfuls again include the fact Mom is toodling around without any help after her hip surgery and it’s only been 3-1/2 weeks.   Also she is on the list for the Covid shot – they say it could be as much as six weeks before she even gets a “slot” on the list but at least she’s registered as INTERESTED.    Hopefully it won’t be a long wait but our area seems to be behind the ball on organization.    Anyway, I’m just thankful myself that Mom and Dad are home with me and letting me go outside when the weather isn’t TOO cold to get a little exercise (with their snoopervision of course).

If you’d like to join in Brian’s Hop, just click his badge up above – look for the spot to link up and DO IT!

Now for some poetic fun with Angel Sammy……….



Here we are again – meeting on a Thursday to talk poetry – or at least SHARE poetry.    Every week those of you who want to play along get a photo from me – something you will use as your inspiration for your poem.   Then the following Thursday we will SHARE the poems we wrote AND I will give you a new photo for the next Thursday.   I hope you have as much fun with this as I do. 

Here’s the photo I gave you LAST Thursday to use for today’s get-together…………………and after the photo you’ll find my humble poem for the photo.

“The Long Ride”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©February 10, 2021


Some people will do anything to be number one

Even if it’s ridiculous it can still be a lot of fun

“World’s longest limo” is a world record some aspire to beat

But I can assure you I wouldn’t want to be in the driver’s seat!

At this size I’m thinking the only rides that could be given

May be an airport runway, or over a long straight bridge you could be driven

One expensive ride it would be of that I’m pretty darn sure

Paying the fuel bill alone for that monster would be a QUICK cure!!


Amazing what some will do in order to get in the Guinness Book of World Records…………and imagine the expense?  Maybe whoever put this together had a sponsor – Imagine trying to transport that thing to shows?????    Perhaps it comes apart in sections???    Perhaps a fleet of synchronized helicopters lifts it and puts it wherever it needs to be?   Actually I couldn’t resist finding out the story of this particular limo as shown in the photo above – if you’d like to know the story of this limo (which is interesting!) just CLICK HERE.

Now – did you write a poem for the limo photo?  If so let us all know – we’d love to read it!    Put your link in comments………………..AND here’s your photo for NEXT week’s poetic fun:

EEEEK!     Well this ought to get your creative juices flowing………….or maybe RUNNING in the opposite direction?    Thought it was a cool mood photo and we could all have fun with this one!   We’ll find out next week when we get back together again.   Meanwhile – give it a try – poetry can be a whole lot of fun.


I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

LOVE and LIGHT, Angel Sammy


Wow Angel Sammy – that photo from next week makes me nervous.   Although I have to admit, I think it might be fun to go rummaging around in those woods looking for critters!  Maybe that’s just the cat in me speaking.  I know my Mom wouldn’t go in those woods alone if you paid her.   Tee Hee      Thanks for another fun Thursday.   See you  next week!

Love, Teddy


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


YIPPEEEE…………….Thursday – means we can be THANKFUL OUT LOUD on the Thankful Blog Hop courtesy of our host Brian.    You can join us – click the badge above and find the link.

Lots to be thankful for this past week.   First of all Mom gets her staples out tomorrow from her surgery almost 3 weeks ago.   She is doing SO WELL……she graduated from walker to cane to carefully hiking around the living room with no cane during this time.    We hope the doc says she’s doing so well she won’t need extensive outpatient therapy at the Ortho Clinic.    We’ll find out tomorrow.

We also got SNOW SNOW and SNOW………….not as much as lots of people but ours was beautiful and fluffy and stuck to all the limbs making things look beautiful.    I guess overall we might have had 4-5 inches.     I am not a “snow baby” like Angel Sammy was but I did go out on the front porch to watch it fall a couple of times.    TOO COLD!

I received Angel Sammy’s poem to share with you……………and a photo he found for next week’s Poetry Challenge………


“Poetry Time!”

Hi everyone.   Hope those of you who got snow don’t blame us at the Rainbow Bridge for forgetting to turn off the SNOW MACHINE this past week.     Some of you got WAY TOO MUCH and some got enough for snowmen and some got very little or none.     But we didn’t have a thing to do with it!    A higher (much) power did!     Anyway, plenty of time to write a poem in that time and I hope that you did.

Here’s the photo I gave you all LAST WEEK to write a poem for today………..and my poem after:

“Ready For Action”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©February 3, 2021

These two guys look ready for action

A full saloon would bring satisfaction

Rags at the ready to wipe up the mess

No sign in the photo of a “dolly” in a dress!

Keep the drinks comin’, keep the patrons in line

No bar fights to break up would be just fine!

Running a saloon was a risky endeavor

Avoiding a gunfight meant you HAD to be VERY clever!


No easy job I’m sure being owner of a saloon back in the wild west gunfighter days.    Rough places indeed.   These two guys look READY for action though don’t they.   I loved the look of this photo – and if you peek in the mirror behind the bar you see at least one or two customers are sitting at I assume tables across from the bar enjoying the ambiance (or whiskey) already!

Here’s your photo for NEXT Thursday!


Yikes……wonder what the petrol bill is????     Even bigger question is how do you turn a corner or park?    Anyway I thought this might be a fun one for a poem.    I hope you give it a try and share your poetry with us on your blog.  Leave us your link – we want to read it!!

Have a good week…………..stay safe………………and remember your Rainbow Bridge Angels are watching over you.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Love your saloon poem Angel Sammy and I can’t WAIT to see what people come up with for that limo photo…………………..this is a fun thing to do on Thursdays with you!    I miss you!

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful Thursday and Poetry


WOO HOO!   Thursday again and time to share our thankfuls with each other courtesy of our host Brian.    If you would like to join the Hop – click the badge above and link up with us.    I am totally thankful for all the kind people who have written to my Mom to wish her luck with her surgery tomorrow – she’s getting a brand new hip!   It’s just so nice that people take time to write and send her encouragement.  She’s had surgeries before but not a joint replacement.   At least she only has to be in the hospital overnight.  I will miss her (so will Dad).     I’m also thankful that so far so good with our health here at my house.   These days that’s definitely something to be thankful for.

I have Angel Sammy’s poem to share with you – I received it last night via RAINBOW BRIDGE EMAIL SERVICE!!


Hello Poetic Friends!

Thursdays seem to come around faster and faster don’t they.    It’s fine with me since I love sharing poetry with all of you but time FLIES these days.    I’ll encourage all of you to give writing a poem a try – we have several followers who do write a poem and share it but if you’re hesitating for some reason to try and write a poem – don’t!   YOU CAN DO IT!    There are so many forms of poetry too….doesn’t even have to rhyme or be a long poem.    It’s just fun to be creative.

Here’s the photo I gave you last week to use for writing this week’s poem to share………………………….followed by my poem:

“Wear Your Coat”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©January 13, 2021


We watched the house next door being built much to our surprise

We thought it was a hallucination or a problem with our eyes!

We wondered what would happen on the first day of summer

We thought watching your home melt would certainly be a bummer!


HA!    I actually wrote a VERY VERY long poem then whacked about 3/4 of it out when I realized it was becoming rather silly.   I mean it’s tempting to say two Eskimos were moving in – or people who owned trained seals – or something like that so I just left it SHORT and SWEET!   I’m sure you wrote something better……….and if you did – please share it with us!   Just tell us in comments and we’ll read it!

Here’s your photo for NEXT Thursday.   Now I have to say that I am hopeful that my Mom will be back at the computer by next Thursday – I think she will.   I guess if we have a blog post up for Thursday then you’ll know for sure right?

Love this!

Your job is to use this photo as a stepping stone to your poem…….what do you see/feel/think about when you see this photo…………..put it into words and voila – you have a poem!    We’ll share next Thursday OK?

Meanwhile please stay safe and healthy…………………………your Rainbow Bridge Angels are watching……………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Always, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy……………..I love Thursdays with you!

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


It’s New Year’s Eve……a great time to look back and think about all the things we have to be thankful for after this most difficult year we are saying goodbye to.     If you would like to join in this perfect HOP hosted by Brian, just click the badge above and link up.    I think it will be a BIG DAY for posts on the Hop.    

As I look back I really am so thankful that my Mom and Dad did just exactly what the doctors and experts recommended – STAY HOME…..WEAR MASKS……WASH HANDS……BE CAREFUL.    They never were big on flitting from store to store to shop, going out to eat often, going to parties where there were lots of people so really doing all the things that had been recommended for humans to do was easy for them.    They have missed their friends and missed occasionally going to their favorite restaurants but take-out has been available (even though they’ve rarely done that) and Mom loves cooking anyway.     They wear their masks and fortunately in this small town of ours almost everyone HAS done that consistently.    There are a few who just don’t think it’s necessary and that’s unfortunate and hasn’t done society any good that’s for sure.    People HAVE traveled out of town – across states – spend time in groups of people but that’s not my Mom and Dad.   They LOVE to travel but this past year just wasn’t the time to do it.    So what I’m saying is we in my house have a lot to be thankful for but doing the right things made it easier to stay safe.     My job has been to keep them happy and even if I do say so myself – I’ve done that quite well!    I get more play time, more walks outside, more hugs…….and dare I say it – more treats!

We did get an email from Angel Sammy with his poem for this week.   You may remember the photo he gave us last week had a New Year’s Eve celebration theme.   Let’s see what kind of poem he wrote – and if you wrote one for the photo – let us know – we want to read it!!!!


Happy New Year’s Eve Friends!

Time to save goodbye to 2020 and get ready to give a BIG HUG to 2021.    Hopefully all of you are healthy and happy and ready to have a BETTER year.    We Angels at the Bridge want that for all of you more than we can say!

Last week’s photo for this week was definitely one that made people smile……………a man and a woman enjoying a New Year’s Eve celebration – maybe it was just the two of them or maybe they were captured on film at a party.    I don’t think there will be a lot of huge parties this NY Eve but then who knows.   There are a lot of people who think they know better than the experts and they will gather together tonight and maybe spread the virus.    It’s tough to imagine it being any worse than it is but it can be.    

Let’s get on with poetry shall we?     Here’s the photo from last week and my poem to go with it.   

“Stroke of Midnight”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©December 30, 2020


C’mon baby give us a hug

Then we’ll dance and cut a rug!

Time to let loose and celebrate

You’re mighty cute but where’s my date??


Short and sweet…………….HAHAHA……………I have a feeling the poem will remind just about everyone of at least one New Year’s Eve party they’ve been to.    My Mom says most of the New Year’s Eve parties she went to were before she was married to my Dad.   She’s never been a night owl so rarely made it to midnight anyway.     Party animal?   Not my Mom.   My Dad may have been more of a party animal than my Mom but even so, these days they’ve finished their champagne toast and gone to sleep by 9PM.    Priorities change when you get older (so they say).

Now how about you?  Did you write a poem for the photo?   If if so, let us know in comments – give us a link to where we can read your masterpiece!     Make a New Year’s Resolution to begin writing a poem once a week with us if you don’t already do that……….it’s SO MUCH FUN.   Honest!

Here’s a photo for you to use as inspiration for NEXT week’s poetry sharing event…………………..

Sweet?    Yep – nothing like a “man and his dog” sort of photo right?    Well as they say SIZE DOESN’T MATTER…………….these two are probably destined to be best buddies for life.    Let’s see what you do with this one in the way of a poem to share.

So there’s nothing left to do but wish all of you the VERY BEST of New Years…………………let’s hope 2021 is a whole lot better than 2020 was………………………….

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Happy New Year………….Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks for watching out for me and Mom and Dad in 2020 Angel Sammy…………….I know you’ll be keeping an eye on us in the new year too!

See you next year!


Thankful Thanksgiving and Poetry


What better way to celebrate being THANKFUL than on THANKSGIVING! Brian has the perfect blog hop for everyone today and if you’d like to join in and express your thanks – please click on his badge and join in.

We are mostly thankful for our health at my house but also thankful for ALL OF YOU.    You are the people who keep us going.    We blog so we can enjoy your company and your sense of humor and your support and about a million other things.    The blogosphere is a HUGE world as you know…..some people try it and don’t like it and stop.    Angel Sammy and Mom started this blog in May of 2011 and after Angel Sammy left us, I took his place and we are still going strong.    That is a BIG THANKFUL.    

Angel Sammy STILL is involved in the blog though as you know – in several ways but the biggest of ways is his POETIC THURSDAY.    And I got his email last night so here’s what he has for all of us this week:


Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I spent a lot of Thanksgivings with my Mom and Dad and know how much they enjoyed the big feast with family.    This year they will be alone – with Teddy – for the feasting.    Mom is doing the whole turkey and trimmings thing and they will have a fire in the fireplace and Teddy will sleep through the whole thing – just like I did when I lived there!     

We hope that you took a little time this past week to use the photo I gave you last Thursday as inspiration in order to write a poem to share with us.    I wrote mine and below is the photo we all used and my poem.   

“Visible In Space!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©November 25, 2020


Look at those lights – they’re all over the place!

No doubt this home is visible up in space…………

Every inch of property is covered in lights

Their electric bill must truly be a fright

But they don’t mind this is a holiday fun

It’s not just for THEM but for EVERYONE!

The most popular house for a Christmas tour

You can hardly ignore it – that’s for sure!

The joy of the season shines from every inch

And overseeing it all is “himself” – the Grinch!

One thing for sure is that the night of Santa’s flight

He’ll definitely find this house – as follows the light!


HAHA.   Well, I am sure these folks don’t care what the electric bill is – they have fun and that’s what’s important.    They have spirit.    I’m sure the whole neighborhood gets caught up in it too.   

Now – did you write a poem?  Let us know in comments won’t you?  We’d love to read it.    Don’t say “I can’t write poetry” because trust me – YOU CAN DO THIS!    Give it a try……then share it with us.

Want to see the photo for NEXT Thursday’s poetic get-together?     Here it is:

My Mom said she always wanted to go in the Fun House or Haunted House, etc. at a carnival but that her memory of what was INSIDE was not always FUN – sometimes it was VERY SCARY!   I think this might make for some fun poetry don’t you?

Well my friends, our time has come and gone.    I want to wish all of you a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING if you celebrate it – if you don’t – I’ll just THANK YOU for being our friend.    See you next week and please continue to STAY SAFE.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy.    I sure am thankful that you are my Angel Brother.     You guide me every day.    I always think “what would Sammy do?” or “what would Sammy think?”…….that has helped me grow up to be a good cat (Mom says anyway!).

Hugs, Teddy