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Teaser Tell All Time



READY!!!!!   All is secure and ready to go Professors………

Good then we’ll start the Tell All show………………………..we sure were surprised how yesterday turned out…………..we’ll get down to all of that in just a moment but FIRST we want to tell you who beat all the rest of you to class yesterday – in time to be the FIRST COMMENTER!






Congratulations Miss Csilla and here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of April 28, 2020 – it was worth getting up early to beat everyone else!

Well done Miss Csilla…………..instead of sleeping at the beginning of class you were READY TO GO!

I was here early but at the last minute I had to use the bush at the school entrance……

Let’s show you the photo from yesterday again – the Graphics Department thought it might be a little bit of a toughie but know what?    I think we had more right guessers than EVER but that’s not as important as WHO was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………………here’s the photo:

This is a very pretty shot of Cove Point Lighthouse which is located on Solomon’s Island, in Maryland.    A pretty little spot with a beach, lightkeeper’s house and a small museum.   That’s swell but we want to tell you WHO the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was…………………




YEAH – GO Mr. Chuck GO!

AND here’s YOUR badge:

Know what? I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of April 28, 2020. Cool huh?

But we had a BIG BUNCH of you who guessed this right – was it the lighthouse that gave it away?   Maybe………………….we’re not sure but whatever it was, there are a pile of you who deserve and should grab a copy of the RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge this week – here it is:

I guessed the Teaser of April 28, 2020 RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST……I still got a badge!!

And of course those of you who guessed but were WRONG………..well……..you know you get a GREENIE right??????

I tried but my guess was WRONG for the Teaser of April 29, 2020….boo hooooo

Who knew Solomon’s Island was a well known spot?     My Mom and Dad have been there many times – it’s not all that far from here………………….it’s a wonderful place for fresh seafood and to take a boat ride/tour.    Anywho – we’ll do better next week with one of those Teasers that makes you tear out your hair with frustration………..wait……….maybe hair tearing out isn’t exactly the way we want to spend our time together!!!!

Cheer Team?   Would you care to celebrate the winners with a cheer???

Oh my goodness, I do declare
Here we are with time to spare
We thought we’d be late to give you a cheer
The pub had a special today on pretzels and beer!
Who was our First Commenter early this morning?
Miss Csilla crashed through the front door without a warning!
Then we waited to see who would guess the Teaser FIRST
It was CHUCK HESS who was so the rest of you were cursed!
Well that’s not really true because more of you guessed correctly
That’s why we have a bunch of badges to hand out to you directly!

Good job Cheer Team………….sorry your Teaser duties prevented you from hanging out at the Pub all day……………

“No worries – we’re regulars down there – we get priority service cuz they know we’re due back at class for cheering!!”

Well class, time for us to ramble over to the cafeteria and get a bite to eat…………………everyone follow us and have a nice lunch then on the bus for home.

Students time to get your “lunch on” !  

Today’s AMAZING Menu:

ALL ABOARD!   Next stop – home sweet home.   See you all in class Tuesday!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Good Morning Fans of Teasers!   Sorry you had to wait ALLLL night to get here this morning to find out if anyone guessed my Teaser correctly.   Wanna see the picture again???


In fact, it turns out that MANY of you guessed New England (without saying a state), and even MORE of you guessed Maine.  Then there were those of you who guessed a specific lighthouse in Maine.   However, early yesterday morning – almost the second my Teaser went live, there was one blogger who guessed Maine and he guessed it FIRST !!!!!   So, wanna know who it was?  NO it wasn’t Easy (yikes!)…..it was (drum roll please):

Doggy !

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

It’s all yours this week Doggy!!

Specifically, my parents were in Boothbay Harbor, Maine on a vacation when my Mom and Dad took a little boat ride around the harbor and Mom spotted this little lighthouse on Burnt Island in Boothbay Harbor.  It’s actually called “Burnt Island Light Station” and it’s a five acre island owned by the Maine Department of Marine Resources and it’s mostly an education center now.  It’s only a mile or so from Boothbay Harbor itself.  My Mom thought it was a really cute little lighthouse so snapped a photo not realizing that she’d wind up painting it one day.

Now the list of you who guessed Maine and New England is ENDLESS (hahahahaha)……so I will just trust that those of you who on that long list of Right Guessers who weren’t first, will take this humble offering to show that you were right!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And those of you who really blew it BIG TIME and didn’t know or didn’t guess right – even YOU get an award (because I’m a nice guy):



While I was looking online for some other lighthouse shots this morning from spots in Maine, I did find a couple of interesting things though…..check out this actual photo of a lighthouse in Maine…….

bass-harbor-0405t   AND, here’s my Mom’s painting of this same lighthouse smalltwilightcoveMaybe I should say it’s my Mom’s “artistic representation” of that particular lighthouse!!!!

She’s loved painting lighthouses like FOREVER……

So there you have it peeps – the results of a tricky BUT apparently fairly easy Teaser Tuesday.  Doggy was first but lots of you knew it was Maine.  CONCATULATIONS!!!

Happy Tell All Thursday Friends! 

Sammy (aka THE BIG TEASE)



Lots of Teaser Winners!


Happy Wednesday everybody………..I might have known that SOME of you were going to be smarty pants and Google to find out WHERE that lighthouse is from yesterday’s Teaser!  I’m going to have to give fewer (or worse?) hints from now on because you are too smart for me………..!   But some of you just plain guessed right too with no Googling involved. 

So, YES many of you were absolutely right that it was the Lighthouse at Two Lights located at Cape Elizabeth Light Station in Cape Elizabeth, Maine!  If you’re curious about it, just click HERE

The painting Mom copied was by one of her favorite artists, Edward Hopper.   If you’d like to know more about Hopper’s painting and see the “original” click HERE.

So many of you got it right or parts of it right (like that it was in New England, etc.) and I’m glad it got you thinking or searching or even just scratching your heads (or your humans heads) to think where you’d seen it before!  And many of you were right on the money!

Here’s a list of folks who were good guessers!

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Hutch A Good Life

And my good friend Miss June who doesn’t have a blog but is a very loyal reader of One Spoiled Cat!

Next Tuesday I promise you won’t have it so easy everybody…..tee hee.  Here’s a last look at my Mom’s painting which, by the way, she titled “Homage to Hopper” :

Almost as swell as the original !


}}}}BIG SAMMY HUG!{{{{

P.S.   My friend Miss D said she thought Mom should maybe put her paintings on notecards for sale?  Well, all Mom’s paintings and photos and drawings are available for notecards – just visit my Mommy’s website HERE and click on “Affordable Art” and you’ll see all of them!

Tuesday Teaser


Hi Teaser Fans!  This week’s Teaser is a little bit different from the others…….instead of a photograph from a vacation trip, it’s an oil painting my Mother did of a lighthouse.    She painted it ages before she actually got to see it in person though.  She was taking painting classes about 30 years ago and painted it during class from a tiny little picture in an art magazine that was in the classroom on a shelf!   It’s a very well known painting, done in 1929 by a famous artist – one of my Mom’s favorites as it turned out.   Does it look familiar?

My Mom did a great job with it (even if I do say so myself :D).  It originally hung over the fireplace in the house she lived in when she married my Dad a million years ago  in 1990, and now it hangs outside our living room in this house.  

On a vacation many years ago they made a point of visiting it IN PERSON and sure enough, both the famous artist and my Mom captured it perfectly.  

So – what is the name of this lighthouse and where is it located?

Almost as swell as the original !

I have to say that this may be my EASIEST Teaser ever so I’m fairly certain I’ll be handing out a whole lot of BIG SAMMY HUGS to the winners who know the name of this lighthouse and where it is.

Guesses anyone?

Happy Tuesday Teaser…………