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Tuesday Teaser


Hi Teaser Fans!  This week’s Teaser is a little bit different from the others…….instead of a photograph from a vacation trip, it’s an oil painting my Mother did of a lighthouse.    She painted it ages before she actually got to see it in person though.  She was taking painting classes about 30 years ago and painted it during class from a tiny little picture in an art magazine that was in the classroom on a shelf!   It’s a very well known painting, done in 1929 by a famous artist – one of my Mom’s favorites as it turned out.   Does it look familiar?

My Mom did a great job with it (even if I do say so myself :D).  It originally hung over the fireplace in the house she lived in when she married my Dad a million years ago  in 1990, and now it hangs outside our living room in this house.  

On a vacation many years ago they made a point of visiting it IN PERSON and sure enough, both the famous artist and my Mom captured it perfectly.  

So – what is the name of this lighthouse and where is it located?

Almost as swell as the original !

I have to say that this may be my EASIEST Teaser ever so I’m fairly certain I’ll be handing out a whole lot of BIG SAMMY HUGS to the winners who know the name of this lighthouse and where it is.

Guesses anyone?

Happy Tuesday Teaser…………