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Silent Sunday


It’s too danged hot to do anything but be QUIET today……so I’m sharing a photo of one of my Mom’s old oil paintings which is a great SUNDAY theme anyway!

STAY COOL………(if you’re hot)………..STAY WARM……….(if you’re cold)…………see you tomorrow!

Mom painted this about 25 years ago from a photo of an Eric Sloane painting.....

Mom painted this about 25 years ago from a photo of an Eric Sloane painting…..

Kitty Hugs, Silent Sam  😀 😀

PEE ESSSSS    Happy Blogaversary to The Cat On My Head today!    Happy Blogaversary tomorrow to Mollie and Alfie!    PAWTY TIME……………….

Semi-Silent Sunday


An OLD painting of an OLD cabin with an OLD chair on the OLD porch and if someone would move the plant on that OLD chair I know an OLD cat who’d nap on it !


Happy Semi-Silent Sunday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀


Lots of Teaser Winners!


Happy Wednesday everybody………..I might have known that SOME of you were going to be smarty pants and Google to find out WHERE that lighthouse is from yesterday’s Teaser!  I’m going to have to give fewer (or worse?) hints from now on because you are too smart for me………..!   But some of you just plain guessed right too with no Googling involved. 

So, YES many of you were absolutely right that it was the Lighthouse at Two Lights located at Cape Elizabeth Light Station in Cape Elizabeth, Maine!  If you’re curious about it, just click HERE

The painting Mom copied was by one of her favorite artists, Edward Hopper.   If you’d like to know more about Hopper’s painting and see the “original” click HERE.

So many of you got it right or parts of it right (like that it was in New England, etc.) and I’m glad it got you thinking or searching or even just scratching your heads (or your humans heads) to think where you’d seen it before!  And many of you were right on the money!

Here’s a list of folks who were good guessers!

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And my good friend Miss June who doesn’t have a blog but is a very loyal reader of One Spoiled Cat!

Next Tuesday I promise you won’t have it so easy everybody…..tee hee.  Here’s a last look at my Mom’s painting which, by the way, she titled “Homage to Hopper” :

Almost as swell as the original !


}}}}BIG SAMMY HUG!{{{{

P.S.   My friend Miss D said she thought Mom should maybe put her paintings on notecards for sale?  Well, all Mom’s paintings and photos and drawings are available for notecards – just visit my Mommy’s website HERE and click on “Affordable Art” and you’ll see all of them!

Tuesday Teaser


Hi Teaser Fans!  This week’s Teaser is a little bit different from the others…….instead of a photograph from a vacation trip, it’s an oil painting my Mother did of a lighthouse.    She painted it ages before she actually got to see it in person though.  She was taking painting classes about 30 years ago and painted it during class from a tiny little picture in an art magazine that was in the classroom on a shelf!   It’s a very well known painting, done in 1929 by a famous artist – one of my Mom’s favorites as it turned out.   Does it look familiar?

My Mom did a great job with it (even if I do say so myself :D).  It originally hung over the fireplace in the house she lived in when she married my Dad a million years ago  in 1990, and now it hangs outside our living room in this house.  

On a vacation many years ago they made a point of visiting it IN PERSON and sure enough, both the famous artist and my Mom captured it perfectly.  

So – what is the name of this lighthouse and where is it located?

Almost as swell as the original !

I have to say that this may be my EASIEST Teaser ever so I’m fairly certain I’ll be handing out a whole lot of BIG SAMMY HUGS to the winners who know the name of this lighthouse and where it is.

Guesses anyone?

Happy Tuesday Teaser…………