Lots of Teaser Winners!


Happy Wednesday everybody………..I might have known that SOME of you were going to be smarty pants and Google to find out WHERE that lighthouse is from yesterday’s Teaser!  I’m going to have to give fewer (or worse?) hints from now on because you are too smart for me………..!   But some of you just plain guessed right too with no Googling involved. 

So, YES many of you were absolutely right that it was the Lighthouse at Two Lights located at Cape Elizabeth Light Station in Cape Elizabeth, Maine!  If you’re curious about it, just click HERE

The painting Mom copied was by one of her favorite artists, Edward Hopper.   If you’d like to know more about Hopper’s painting and see the “original” click HERE.

So many of you got it right or parts of it right (like that it was in New England, etc.) and I’m glad it got you thinking or searching or even just scratching your heads (or your humans heads) to think where you’d seen it before!  And many of you were right on the money!

Here’s a list of folks who were good guessers!

Sparta’s World


Cat Chat

Texas, A Cat In New York

The Road Awaits Me

Nerissa The Cats Life

Doggy’s Style

Hutch A Good Life

And my good friend Miss June who doesn’t have a blog but is a very loyal reader of One Spoiled Cat!

Next Tuesday I promise you won’t have it so easy everybody…..tee hee.  Here’s a last look at my Mom’s painting which, by the way, she titled “Homage to Hopper” :

Almost as swell as the original !


}}}}BIG SAMMY HUG!{{{{

P.S.   My friend Miss D said she thought Mom should maybe put her paintings on notecards for sale?  Well, all Mom’s paintings and photos and drawings are available for notecards – just visit my Mommy’s website HERE and click on “Affordable Art” and you’ll see all of them!

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  1. Goodness, you DID have lots of winners yesterday – including my Auntie June!! You’re going to have to take lots of naps to rejuvenate more Sammy hugs.
    Cloudy outside my window today, and a little rain during the night. Hoping for more today. Did you have scary storms last night?
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….we had some scary storms last night AND it’s cloudy right now but a whole lot cooler outside than it’s been….whew!….We sure did get a lot of right guesses this week for the Teaser but NEXT week Mom and I will come up with one that’s a whole lot tougher!

      Let’s hope we see the sun today…….
      Love, Sammy


    • Oh wow…thanks for visiting my Mom’s website and looking at her work. The Old Boat painting was another one she painted back during her classes – one of the first paintings she ever did. I love the colors myself but what do I know about art?!?!?! I’m just a cat!

      Concatulations for TWO WEEKS IN A ROW of BIG Sammy Hugs!


  2. Sammy, Thanks for the big Sammy hug even though I was only partially right about the location of your teaser. It’s a lovely painting and I’m going to look at your and your mom’s store so I can see more of her beautiful work.
    Hugs back atcha!!


    • Hi Miss June! Mom doesn’t have her notecards on our store yet BUT if you wanna see what she’s painted (or photographed) you can check them out on her website at http://pamelajunekimmell.com and click on the link called “AFFORDABLE ART”…..!!!

      I gave everybody a big Sammy Hug who came close – after all, even doing THAT isn’t always easy.

      YAY! Sammy


    • Hi D! Yes indeedy you have notecards coming – working on them now and they’ll be on their way to you tomorrow…thanks a bunch! Glad you like the paintings. The Boothbay one was from a photo I took when we were on a little tour boat out of the Harbor. Love that whole area.

      Hugs and thanks!
      Pam (oh and Sam says hugs from him too….:D )


  3. Oh my gosh, my goo… I can’t believe it! You mean I guessed right? WOW! Apparently, there IS a first time for everything. purrs
    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life
    PS. Thanks for the Sammy hug! It was excellent!!!


    • Hi Nerissa! Yes indeed – see? Persistence pays off my friend…..keep stopping by on Tuesdays and keep guessing. Besides, it’s FUN right? Happy to deliver a Sammy Hug to my friends whenever they need one…….or WIN one! 😉

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  4. Me was soo happy that it was a teaser me knew without having to even think about it! Must be all these cat years of reading art books over Mommy’s shoulder.


    • Oh Nellie, I was happy you knew the answer too…..your Mommy’s a wonderful artist so I wasn’t a BIT surprised that you knew it was a Hopper painting!

      Kitty Hugs to my Queen


    • LOL! Well, you know what? Every single Tuesday we have a new picture to “guess where” and I’m just PAWSITIVE you will get one right soon! Keep coming back to see…..and in the meantime, just because we’re friends – here’s a BIG SAMMY HUG anyway!

      }}}}}}}}}SAMMY HUG{{{{{{{{{


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